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Gotta Be You

action speaks louder than words

How can something unspeakable - something so hated – turn into something magical?


Zayn Malik had made a huge mistake in his life – he cheated on his girlfriend with a simple one night stand. This one night stand had ruined all plans he had set with Perrie Edwards. They had bought a flat together, they had talked late into the night about children and the possibility of starting a family and they even adopted a Charles Spaniel called Cola. He honestly thought that everything was perfect in the bubble the couple had formed.

That bubble was popped by one sharp night.

Zayn tried to forget his unfaithful hours of darkness in the cosy hotel room but the harder he tried – the tougher it became for him to forget Naomi Johnson.

His heart stopped while his stomach pulsed whenever he thought of Miss Johnson. She was a beautiful brunette with sea green eyes that sparkled even in the shadows. Her pearly whites smirked at every cheesy line Zayn threw at her and she occasionally giggled one back. The tattoo of a lion was scarred on the back of her neck where butterfly kisses once were planted by Zayn’s lips. Her moans echoed through his dreams and caused him extreme desire.

Their night became a dark secret that spilled twice every month. Zayn would ring her up while his veins were intoxicated by alcohol yet Miss Johnson didn't care. She knew these nights were a burden on Mr Maliks’s life yet she didn't give a damn – she had fallen in love with him.

Oh how dangerous the rosebud of love can be when the thorns of reality edged ever close.


“Hey baby,” Zayn slurred down the phone after a deafening gig in central London, “wanna have some fun?”

Naomi clutched her fingers tightly round the iPhone with desperation at his words. Her teeth bit hard into her bottom lip at the very sound of Zayn Malik’s voice.

“Definitely.” She whispered back while tears unexpectedly formed in her eyes. Her hormones were raging with yearning but her heart slapped it down in disgrace. Naomi Johnson you stupid girl – the boy only wants you for one thing. You need to stand up for yourself and tell him ‘No’.

Of course she wanted to tell him this but at the sight of the chocolate eyed, sleek haired fool her legs turned to jelly. Love was a hell of a drug!

“Meet me in the Mayfair Plaza lobby in 10 minutes. Don’t be seen.”

Don’t be seen, that was the rule when sleeping with Zayn Malik. No one is allowed to know and no one is allowed to see. Secrets were currently tearing Naomi apart so badly that she wanted to scream at Zayn that she loved him. He certainly didn't love her, he loved Perrie, but something always bugged Naomi... if he loved Perrie – why is he still seeing Naomi?

She slipped on her platform heels, a slick of lipstick and an extra squirt of perfume before disappearing into London’s night-life. She wasn't as alert about her surroundings this night because she swore this would be the last time. It was the last time she would be the mistress in Zayn’s life. She wanted an open and loving relationship with a boy who was head over heels in love with her and in this moment in time Zayn was at the bottom of the list.

The words ‘Mayfair Plaza’ shone blindingly down the road as Naomi rushed up the street. Cars and vans were lining the cobbled street yet something was different than usual – there was more people filing in the street than normal for half 11 at night.

“...tell us about your affair? Why are you cheating on Perrie?” Those words were screamed in every direction as bright flashing lights went off here and there. Naomi stopped and gasped at the sight of a gigantic crowd of reporters following a certain small group towards the hotel.

“Just leave him alone!” The angered Irish tone shouted at the paparazzi but Niall Horan’s words were drowned from persistent questions. Naomi wanted to run away before Zayn spotted her. She wanted to claw her way out of this mess that she had caused. Her heart was beating viciously, threatening to burst from her chest in terror. This was bad.

Naomi’s sea green eyes connected with Zayn’s troubled and surprisingly sobered ones and he froze. All attention was drawn to his stare and everyone turned to face a frozen and rather petrified Naomi.

“That’s her!” Someone shouted loudly then all hell broke loose. Flashes obscured any means of escaping. Hands grabbed her limbs as if in a tight battle to claim the required prize. She cried meekly for them to stop but they never gave up until more shouts joined her own.

“Leave her alone!” A curly haired guy broke the circle, pushing through to grab Naomi. Her trembling fingers gripped Harry Styles’ shirt while he kept a reporter at arm’s length. A surprisingly determined Louis Tomlinson joined the pair as they struggled to walk up the hotel’s front stairs. Tears were falling rapidly down Naomi’s cheeks but she halted at Zayn’s warm embrace.

“I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry.” He cooed into her ears as their bodies rocked side to side. She sobbed loudly as the salty tears stained his blue shirt. Comforting phrases never reached Naomi’s ears because she didn't want to hear them – she didn't deserve it.

“No, I’m sorry. I’m the one that caused all this. I’m the one that tore you and Perrie apart... I’m the stupid, idiotic girl who f-fell in l-love with y-you!”

Her sobs were completely uncontrollable now as she said those very words. Zayn squeezed his mistress tighter but she was having none of it. Naomi pushed against his chest in protest as the rest of One Direction tried to contain the surrounding crowds yet they didn't care about the privacy of the couple. They just wanted juicy gossip.

“No... No Naomi you are not a stupid and idiotic girl. You are a remarkable beauty who captured my heart with few words. You did not cause all of this – it’s mostly my ignorance that made this huge mess. You never tore Perrie and I apart and...” Zayn had no other words on the whole ‘love’ situation. He didn't want to discuss this in front of hundreds of nosy bastards.

“So you’re the whore that broke Zayn and I apart?” A tundra of fury hit Naomi right in the face as Perrie Edwards yanked her around. More excitement travelled through the on-lookers but Perrie didn't care – she wanted to make a scene.

“I didn't mean – no!” Naomi stuttered, her mind went blank with any defence but before another well-deserved slapped hit her icy cheek, Zayn stepped forward casting himself between the two of them.

“Perrie - stop!” He screamed as a single tear fell. Shouts were hushed and flashes blinked cautiously.

“No! This bitch tore us apart! How could you sleep with this hoe? Why did you cheat on me?!” She screamed as her hands pulled his shirt but he caught her wrists. Zayn looked her in the eyes and sighed deeply.

“I prefer brunettes.”

The One Direction boys laughed suddenly but this made Perrie madder.

“That’s it! Its me or her Malik!” She stood there with the tattered dignity she had left. Her posture was bold and fierce. Naomi was cowering from the attention, eyes wide in agony while her brown curls blew in the wind. Zayn looked at both girls but Naomi knew who he would choose...

Perrie was beautiful and perfect. She wouldn't take any crap from anyone and looked good doing it too. She was the girl Zayn Malik was in love with and it broke Naomi’s heart.

“Nay,” Naomi looked up in shock to see Zayn gazing down at her. He held her hands gently while their fingers intertwined and he smiled.

“Its gotta be you.”


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