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What About Everything We Had ? ( A Larry Stylinson Fanfiction )

Chapter 2

What About Everything We Had ( A Larry Stylinson Fanfiction ) Chapter 2
" Louis? " Eleanor called as she dragged her suitcases into a small blue house.
Earlier that day they sat through meetings about their new rules. The basic rules were that Louis and Eleanor must stay together in a little house in Manchester. They must act like a happy couple, and the wedding would take place in 5 months. There were also some complicated ones. They involved Harry and the other band members. Although the management representative didn't go full into detail Louis felt as though they were going to stop all contact with Harry. Eleanor had to calm him, telling him that they couldn't do that to them, before the man could continue speaking. The meeting ended at noon, Louis and Eleanor were given a chance to go to their current homes and pick up all their personally belongings.
" I'm in here " Louis called back. Eleanor walked into a room hoping that is where Louis's voice came from. The room was colored green, and was already furnished. What was weird was the pictures of Eleanor and Louis everywhere like the media was going to be exploring their home. She didn't even remember taking some of them.
" hey " Eleanor said sitting down next to Louis on the bed
" Hi " he said not looking up. He was looking at pictures, they were of him and Harry.
" Louis , " she replied becoming worried, " you shouldn't be looking at those, your only going to hurt yourself more, " she grabbed them from him and stuffed them in her purse.
Louis only nodded before leaning back on the bed. Joining him Eleanor wondered how Harry was doing, if he was better or worse than Louis.
After a few minutes of laying in silence, a man walked into the bedroom.
" uh Louis Tomlinson ? " the man asked staring at the couple.
" yeah that's me " he responded standing up
" well I got a package for you and uh the man at the door said to just take it in " he said nervously
" um man? " he said turning to Eleanor who had the same look on her face as he did.
" yeah he's right there " the man pointed to another man standing in the doorway, before walking out of the house.
Eleanor expression quickly changed as she ran to the door.
" dad ! " she screamed jumping up to hug him.
" Hi sweetie, I came to speak with Louis " he said turning at Louis who was now opening a package. The package didn't say who it was from. After unwrapping all the tap of the box, he opening the flaps. He felt both Eleanor and her fathers eyes on him as he pulled out the package.
" a picture frame? " Eleanor questioned walking to him to get closer look.
" isn't it beautiful ? " Louis smiled. She looked at him and then at the frame. Beautiful? but it was empty and broken, Eleanor thought. Louis smiled at the picture frame again before putting it back in the box and sliding it under the bed. There was a silence before Louis approached Eleanor's father.
" you wanted to see me? " Louis asked glancing at Eleanor who was now dragging her bags into the bedroom to unpack.
" yes , come this way, will you? " he said sitting on a sofa in the living room.
Louis sat on the opposite sofa, chewing on the side of his cheek. He had only met Eleanor's father once and that was only to learn the rules of being in a fake relationship.
" so Louis, how are you ? " he said smiling wide.
" I've been better. " he replied sitting up straighter.
" well I was sent her to tell you more rules. "
Louis rolled his eyes. He was tired of rules, all he wanted was to be with Harry. Eleanor's father went off for about another half hour before he let Louis be alone. As soon he left, Louis went around the house looking for a phone. At one of the meetings earlier someone had taken his phone away when he tried to call his mum. He finally decided to ask Eleanor.
" uh Hi , " he whispered , she was sitting on the floor putting clothes in a dresser.
" hey " she began to smile before noticing the worried look on his face " what did he say ? " She asked standing up and walking closer to him.
" nothing really, it's just " he sighed " do you have your phone? "
She looked down at the bed and nodded.
" yeah here " she said handing him her phone " just be quiet I think there's still a representative outside "
" thank you so much ill just, um , stay in the bathroom" he smiled before hurrying down the hall to the bathroom
As soon as the bathroom door was closed he decided to sit in the bathtub , it was small and comfortable. He first dialed Harry's number.
The phone rang, and rang and rang.
" Please answer, please Harry just answer the phone " he whispered.
No answer. Louis sat back against the tub wall. He closed his eyes before decided to try Liam.
" hello? " Liam said shushing at the other people in the room.
" Liam ! Oh my gosh, thank god you answered "
" Louis ? Who's phone is this ? and why are you calling I thought you were not allowed to call " he said, just as Louis began to answer him, he heard another voice.
" Liam get off the phone we are eating dinner! " Louis stomach dropped hearing his voice.
" Harry? " Louis asked, sitting up quickly " Liam give the phone to Harry ! " Liam looked at Harry who was sitting in between Niall and Zayn. He was pouring wine into everyone's cups.
" Louis, " he sighed " I don't know if I can do that now "
" why Liam, why ? " he replied voice full of hurt
" Louis, you hurt him, and were not talking about making him cry, " Liam began, stepping outside to his patio. " he tried to kill himself Louis "
The line was silent, Louis laid back his mind racing. He felt horrible, and the worst part he had no ones shoulder to cry on, no one to hold him and tell him everything was going to be alright.
" Louis? "
" I'm here" he whispered
" Louis, I need to go, " he said looking back at the other boys waiting for him through the glass door.
" wait Liam, tell him that I love him, and that I'm sorry I didn't tell him, tell him I was nervous and scared, and they gave me a choice to tell him, but I said no , and I'm sorry that it ended up like this, I never meant to hurt you. "
" louis, it won't be easy, " he replied walking back into the house.
" just tell me you'll do it, please, " louis begged, " partners for life? "
" partners for life " Liam smiled.
Talking to Harry wasn't going to be easy but he had to try. As Liam sat down for dinner Harry gave him and evil glare.
" and who was that , Liam " he announced
Liam looked up from his plate of roast beef , still contemplating on telling him or not, it only takes 20 seconds of courage right? He thought, " Louis " he said before shoving another bite of mashed potatoes in his mouth.
Harry's heart sank at the sound of his name. None of those boys have mentioned Louis yet.
" Louis? " he said softly, Liam could feel the emotion in his voice. It was almost as if Louis was dead.
" yeah, he wanted to talk to you " he said regretting it the second he said it.
" he wanted to talk to me " Harry chuckled, " why the hell would that twat want to talk to me " the other boys could feel the emotion in his voice and no matter how hard he held back his tears they could all see the pain in his face.
" c'mon man you don't mean that " Niall replied interrupting something Liam was saying.
Niall and Harry went on arguing. Zayn, who was quite annoyed with everyone, decided to head home. As soon as Zayn drove away Liam came back to find Niall sitting on the couch with his head in his hands.
" Liam , I'm sorry mate , you were really excited to have a nice dinner, and we ruined it "
" you guys didn't ruin it Niall, " he replied patting his back, " where's Harry? " he said looking around the room.
Lifting his head Niall pointed to Liam's bedroom.
" Harry? " Liam said knocking loudly on the door.
" go away " he replied sniffling.
" go away? Harry you're in my room " Liam chuckled opening the bedroom door.
" what do you want ? "
" for you to listen to me, " he said, sitting on the floor next to him, " Harry, he wanted me to tell you something "
" fine, say it, if it's really that important. "
" here , I wrote a down a few minutes ago, I think it would be easier if you read it alone " Liam handed him a napkin with a letter written on it, he stood up left the room. It felt weird writing it down instead of telling him, but he knew he couldn't survive that conversation with him.
Niall went home an hour later leaving Liam alone in his living room. All he could think about was Louis and Harry. They fight sometimes but they've never been gone this long without talking to each other. Liam finally cleared his head. He'll just have to go on with life, his life doesn't revolve around their relationship.
The next day Liam woke up on his sofa, he went to his room to find Harry missing. There was a note on the nightstand
Hey Liam I've headed back to my place, ill see ya later Harry
Liam tossed the note in the garbage, before jumping into the shower.
Back in Manchester, Eleanor woke up to find Louis still in bed. She usually slept alone or with her boyfriend, Max , so it was strange to have Louis there. Eleanor only stayed with Louis back in 2012, for a couple of days at a time, and usually they didn't sleep together. Being the first one awake she got up and dressed, putting on skinny jeans and a flowy top. Although she personally enjoyed eating alone she woke Louis up to eat. He ate a piece of toast and drank some tea then got in the shower.
After showering Louis found Eleanor's phone again and dialed Liam's number.
" hello? "
" hey Liam, it's Louis again , " he said sitting on the edge of the bed, hair dripping all over his clothes.
" Louis , hey what's up? "
" I just called to see what Harry said, you told him right? "
" yes , well I wrote it down, I don't really know what he said but he left my flat either this morning or last night. "
" where did he go? " Louis asked standing up to get a towel for his hair.
" his place , why? " Liam said sounding confused.
" I know this is a lot to ask but if I somehow convince the representative outside to let us go by ourselves on a uh , well call it a date will you convince Harry to stay home? " he said biting his lip.
" I don't know Louis, I had plans with Tom, "
" right, right ," he started " I just , I need to see him " he said closing his eyes.
" sorry mate, why don't we try in a couple of days ? " Louis heart sunk and the thought of days but he had to try.
" alright "
" ok, bye mate " Liam said hanging up the phone.
Louis returned the phone to Eleanor who was too busy online looking at clothes to notice her missing phone.
" hey , " she said closing her laptop and turning to face Louis. " so what's up with you and Harry "
Louis looked at his feet, " I honestly don't know, he doesn't want to talk to me, and Liam won't let me see him "
" Louis, it's probably just going to be a couple of days like this, you just go to keep your head up "
" but I can't, I can't do anything, but sit here and watch both of our worlds fall apart " Louis said looking up at her eyes full of hurt.
" Louis you have to try, and hope for the best "
" I guess that's my only plan " he said flopping onto the couch.
That night Eleanor volunteered to sleep on the couch, but Louis refused.
" I already feel alone , I don't need to be even more alone, your still my friend right ? "

" always " she replied climbing into bed.


i think it is a good story so far!!
This is great!!! Please write more!!!! Update!
@Bullshippinglovatic yup
Kirsten Horan Kirsten Horan

@EatingAtNialldo's really ? Ohh well, thanks anyways :)

@Bullshippinglovatic oh no. you've got it wrong. I'm a shipper of both!
Kirsten Horan Kirsten Horan