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What About Everything We Had ? ( A Larry Stylinson Fanfiction )

Chapter 1

" Good morning mate ! " Niall greets Louis as he approaches him in the cafe around the corner from his flat. Louis nods and continue on to the back of the room, looking for the toilets. As he enters the toilets he checks to see if the stalls are occupied. Empty. In the mirror he sees a man, he looks lost, a wreck. " come on Tomlinson you can't do this, you'll never forgive yourself, neither will Har- " his voice croaks. He can't even say his name. Louis looks up at his reflection again. He looks at the tattoos, and counts them all, he gets to the one of Harry's handwriting. Tracing over it he chuckles, " oops. " He glanced once more at his now soaked face, a complete mess, he can't even recognize himself. He's not himself anymore, not after today. " Goodbye Louis, I will miss you. " he whispers. Louis hears the door open and turns his head, Niall's standing in the doorway, " come on lad, what are ya doin' " Quickly wiping his tears he exits the room. As he enters the dining area of the cafe he spots all the boys are sitting at the same table, Zayn and Liam are laughing about something Harry just said. Harry turns his head smiling at him, but his expression quickly changes. The other boys look Louis's way. They give each other a nervous glance and try to distract Harry for him. When he arrives at the table Harry invites him to sit next to him. After a couple minutes of pointless banter, Harry whispers in Louis's ear " Lou ? What's wrong ? " After a few seconds of silence harry stands up and grabs his arm. As harry pulls him over to the back of the room, Louis's heart speeds up.
" tell me " he says gazing into Louis's eyes
" Harry," he replies quietly, " I can't , " Suddenly the cafe shop opens, Louis looks up, but Harry's eyes stay fixed on Louis. Eleanor walks in and spots the other boys. He tells Harry he's just a bit tired and approaches Eleanor with a fake smile. " hello love " he announces as she gets up and hugs him. They both sit and listen to the boys talk.

Harry watches Louis as he sits with Eleanor and the boys, they are all laughing. He knows he's not just tired, something's really wrong, but he can't quite figure it out. Harry make an excuse about having to go do something, and heads back to their flat. When he opens the door he notices how clean the place is. Wow, he was gone for one night and Louis actually cleaned up. Except it was too clean, there was nothing of Louis except for pictures, He walks to his side of the bed and his things were gone, even the bear he got him for valentines day. Harry texts him and asks him why his things were gone. " I just moved them love x " He nods at the message and goes over to the living room to power on his laptop sitting on the sofa. When it's on Harry heads to twitter and see what's new. He begins to read a few tweets from fans.
@harryloveslouis: @harry_styles are you ok harry ?
@niallwhoran: @harry_styles it's ok harry you'll find someone like him again.
He replys " what are you talking about " Continuing down his feed he sees tweets from celebrities.
@pink: Congrats to @Louis_Tomlinson and @Eleanorjcalder!
@SimonCowell: congratulations @Louis_Tomlinson I hope to see an invite ! #Mr&Mrs.Tomlinson
No. This cant be.
He shakes his head, smashed the laptop closed as his eyes poured. He stands up and punches the wall causing a massive hole . Sitting back on the sofa.
he tells himself " calm down harry, maybe there just rumors or a joke " He unlocked his phone and searched ' Louis Tomlinson '. This first result was a video. He clicked it
* video *
" Louis ! " Eleanor shrieked as he lifted her up and set her small body on a bench. There was paps everywhere but Louis had a smile on his face. He kissed her cheek and backed up. He lowered to one knee and took a black box out of his back pocket. " Eleanor Calder, " he said looking up at her, " will you do me the honor of being Mrs. Tomlinson. " she covered her mouth, blushed and looked around her. She then nodded as a small tear rolled down her lit up face. He got up and looked at the cameras. He mumbled something under his breath and leaned in to kiss his new fiancé.

After the video had been released no one had heard from Harry. Zayn decided to go check on him. He approached the door to Harry's flat, expecting to have harry come at the sound of his feet echoing in the hallway. As he got closer he noticed how quiet it was, he rang the door bell. Silence. Becoming worried, zayn reached for the door knob. Unlocked. He walked inside the house, finding it a mass. Harry laptop on the floor, a massive hole in the wall, a broken tele, but harry was no where in sight.
Zayn spent a few minutes searching for harry.
" Harry! " he screamed. He felt like he was going to throw up. His heart banging against his chest. Zayn suddenly felt dizzy, as he ran past the closet in the hallway. Hearing a light knock, he ran back to the living room, hoping to find harry sitting on the sofa, feet up, knocking on the arm rest on the couch. When he got there it was just a bird hitting the glass door to the patio. Just as he was about to give up, he remembered the closet. Sprinting to the hallway his eyes are focused ahead until he looks down and notices the blood on the carpet, a fair amount. He pulled on the closet, it was locked.

After a few seconds of silence he heard his breathing, he was calm.
" why should I ? " he asked, harry had found some sort of pill bottle, and it sounded like he was trying to open it.
" harry, please , don't do this, open the door " zayn said tears filling his eyes.
" why does it matter, Louis doesn't love me, why should I even be here anymore, I need him Zayn, if I can't have him, then I don't want to live anymore. " he says, now breathing harder, and making even more noise with that bottle.
" because we need you harry " he pressed his face against the door as tears streamed down his face. " I need you harry "
Once again silence.
" harry please, " zayn cried.
After more silence , zayns stomach dropped as he heard the bottle crack open, before being emptied and dropped to the ground. The only noise after that was Zayns faint crying as he fell asleep in the hallway.


Hii guys this is my first fanfic please be nice. I originaly posted it on my IG but deleted it t post it on wattpad and here :) thanks for reading :) <3


i think it is a good story so far!!
This is great!!! Please write more!!!! Update!
@Bullshippinglovatic yup
Kirsten Horan Kirsten Horan

@EatingAtNialldo's really ? Ohh well, thanks anyways :)

@Bullshippinglovatic oh no. you've got it wrong. I'm a shipper of both!
Kirsten Horan Kirsten Horan