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She Talks To Angels


Most people think of Holmes Chapel as a small little town known for it's great people, but there is one thing that the locals know about. Generations have told legends of a bright white light that fell from the sky and landed in a field outside of town. Some said it was just a meteorite, while others claimed it was something otherworldly. All they knew was that it wasn’t normal. People came from all over to try to witness the phenomenon again and conspiracy theorists blew up the internet with their own explanations for it: UFOs, Meteorite, Heavenly Beings, etc. Charlie Grey had tried to escape the now popular town by moving to London after her father was driving drunk and killing three people and himself in a crash. But when she got a call about her drug addict mother being hospitalized after an overdose she has no choice but to return home where it’s only a matter of time before she discovers what really happened that night back in 1682.


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