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One Direction Fanfiction Exchange

Last Day For Sign Up!!

Hello everyone!!

Thank you to everyone who has signed up already for the exchange! This is an important reminder to get those last minutes sign ups rolling in since they close today. In case anyone missed it, here's what you have to do:

1.Use the form given below to sign up. Write the three prompts you want to read about. Those will be sent to another person with your name and username. They will choose one prompt out of those three and write the story.

(Note: Your prompt can be as detailed as a paragraph or simply a dialogue you want the other person to base your story upon. But remember, don't be too specific. Please leave some space for imagination.)

2.In return, you will receive the prompts along with the name and username of another person whom you’re going to be writing for.

3.You’ll only know the name of the person you’re writing for, not the person who’s writing for you till all fics have been submitted and uploaded.

4.Please indicate what you don’t want to read or write for preventing you from getting something you’re not comfortable writing.

5.As this is a One Direction Fan fiction exchange, your form must include one boy you want to the story to be written about.

6.Your email is where you’ll be receiving your prompts.




This idea is brilliant. I've given it some thought and I might sign up xx