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// Denude // ~Styles Triplets AU


// Marcel gasped, tears burning behind his eyes. "Is that...?"

I swallowed back the lump in my throat, too appalled to say anything.

Edward took a shaky step forward, slowly outstretching a trembling hand as if he was approaching a deer. He crouched down. My heart pounded. When his fingers grazed her shoulder, they retracted back to himself as if he had touched a scalding, hot surface. I had already seen it, but it was apparent Ed hadn't. Turning his fingers over and lifting them in front of his face, he examined them. Blood. His face turned livid.

She seemed unfazed, and her actions did not cease. The scrubbing of the concrete was harsh on my ears. Her arms incessantly moved back and forth over the dried patch of dark red on the asphalt, the muscles in her back strenuously working. Water sloshing as she dipped the red sponge in the bucket of water, unsettled me deeply.

"Please stop," I whispered, my voice surprisingly audible. But, then again, it was silent. Dead silent, with the exception of our breathing and the painful scrubbing on the concrete. She did not stop. Instead, she dumped the bucket of water on the stained red asphalt. Her movements became more rigorous, more furious as she persisted at the asphalt.

I walked over clutching her arm, but it was as if I weren't there. As if
we weren't there.Then it suddenly dawned on me. For the first time this whole evening, this entire night, I realized the reality of the situation. They were murdered...


Anika Noni Rose~ Maybeline Terry Waters.

Anika Noni Rose~ Maybeline Terry Waters.

She works at a cafe Marcel goes to every morning.

Beyonce Knowles Carter ~ Yvonne Brown

Beyonce Knowles Carter ~ Yvonne Brown

Single mother with two teenage kids. Can't find work. Harry wants to help ease her burden.

Derora Elainey Dedman

Derora Elainey Dedman

She has two siblings. “My daddy promised me that I was going to be something one day, and I promised him I wouldn’t let myself be a nobody everyone had always been blind to and took for granted as another “black girl” being oppressed by the world. But, I found out it was easier to live as a nobody than to be a dead somebody.”

Edward Marcel Styles

Edward Marcel Styles

Drama/theater/dance teacher. Is the eldest out of the triplets. Strict and most of the time demanding. Arrogant at times but his brothers are their to put him in his place. Has a well intentioned heart. Can be a bit of an a-hole...never mind he is a huge a-hole.

Harry Edward Styles

Harry Edward Styles

School Counselor. The second eldest of the triplets. Sweet and loves to help others. Has a lot of meaningful tattoos. Loves his brothers dearly. Outgoing and worries about the well-being of others.

Marcel Harry Styles

Marcel Harry Styles

Math Teacher. Is the youngest out of the triplets. Very smart. Usually shy around other adults but not around his students. Very thoughtful and considerate of others and takes his job way too seriously.

Taraji P. Henson~ Sharon Black also known as "Fifi"

Taraji P. Henson~ Sharon Black also known as "Fifi"

The epitome of a strong, black, angry woman. Sassy. The only that can tell Edward off. Edward secretly admires and loves and respects her as a woman.


  1. // The Graceful Footsteps of a Dancer //

    / Closer and closer they became; in an intimidating manner almost. /

  2. // Hurled Into a Reality //

    / So still. So lifeless. So unnaturally quiet. Dead. That's what he looked like lying in a hospital bed with wires secured to his arms that were stiff by his sides. /

  3. // What Does the Eyes Perceive? //

    / The scars of being an outcast were a branded hot knife in my skin. It physically hurt to think about high school. And, it was because of people like him. The student currently standing outside my classroom door. /

  4. // A Show of Dominance //

    / Am I understood, puppet? /

  5. // The Privileged and the Unprivileged //

    / I was young back then, you know. Thinking I could save the world and help people. But, I know damn well better now /

  6. // Flow of Many Waters //

    / I was thinking about turning back... /

  7. // First Darkness, Then Comes the Silence //

    /... just as fast as it had started, it was completely quiet.../

  8. // Author's Note //

    // This is not an update //



Thank You So Much!

Can't wait to see what happens next in yours, too!

Editing is half the battle and a victory for the war. Can’t wait to see what’s next, good luck!

Don't worry, my precious angel will come to no harm...well, except for his feelings being hurt...poor baby. I already have the next chapter in preparation, I just need to edit it... a lot...

I wouldn't call it a lousy chapter - trying to figure out what the hell just happened, but other than crazy woman trying to take his blood - I'm def interested in what will happen next with this particular Styles. As they say, the most beautiful places hold the most danger and he got himself into a whale of trouble. The sacrifice people aren't wound too tight, that's for sure.

Thank you for your review, I really needed it!