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Behind The Cover


I love reading a good fanfic, and here is a compilation of some of my favorites. Some are on Tumblr, but there are still many on this website. I'll be updating whenever I remember a good story.

I have much more to add, so subscribe if you want to know when I add more;) Vote if you like the stories I'm putting! Comment if you read/are currently reading any of the stories, I love talking about them! This is my guilty pleasure so I can't really talk to people whenever I find a good fanfic, that's why I decided to do this!

Happy Reading!

Author's Note: I'm a Harry's girl, so I apologize in advanced if many of these focus on Harry. However, if it's a good fanfic and not revolving around Harry, I will read it and post it on here if I loved it! I just tend to gravitate toward Harry fanfics.

Disclaimer: I do not claim to own any of these stories and am simply trying to spread awareness about stories that may get skimmed over. These authors deserve all the credit and that's why I make sure to tag them and state that this is their story. If you're a featured author that does not want to be mentioned on here, message me privately and I will remove your mentioned story. Thanks!

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    Behind The Cover

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    They just made the game of seduction a whole lot more sexy

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