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All Hidden Away 2


When Harry and his friends first formed the group on XFactor, I wasn’t there with the entire family supporting him… I knew that if he lost I wouldn’t be able to look into our similar jade-green eyes without crying. I couldn’t read their reactions on the TV, yet I knew that they - even when they didn’t win - would always be famous… One Direction, the name Harry came up with would always be big name. As soon as I knew they had formed, I called mum and told her to tell Harry what I had decided to do.
I was to never be mentioned as his sister. As far as the media and public knew, Natasha Louise Styles never existed or ever will exist.
I made this decision when I was 12. Yes it seems very young to make a decision like this, but as I say, I knew they were going to be famous for a long time, and yes… I supported my brother and his friends. But I did not want to be in the spotlight 6 years ago and I still don’t want to be in the spot light now.
But suddenly it has become a lot harder to keep me a secret from the world.

My previous account was having issues so I had to make a new one and get motivation from my friends to continue writing... and so here is to another 60 chapters and more scandalous and exciting stories.

Please do not continue with Chapter 67 until Chapters 1 through 66 have been read.



Hey, chapters 1 to 66 are under All Hidden Away, which consists of part one of the story x


Where are chapters 1 through 66?

jewelian jewelian

YOU ARE BACK!!! I’ve missed you!!

Okay. Wow. Thank you for coming back.

Thank you so much for the update I missed reading this story.