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Never Going Back( ON HOLD)


“This just didn’t happen to girls like me. This just didn’t happen to anyone.”
Jenna-Lynne Duncan, Hurricane

Isabelle is a beautiful girl with troubled parents.Harry is in a gang that kidnaps Isabelle. There the most wanted criminals in London but Isabelle doesn't know that so when they cross pass the worst thing happens.


Harry Styles

Harry Styles

(19) Cute,Funny,Bipolar,Dangerous.The leader in a gang called "Red Dragons" is a bad boy that you dont wanna mess with. Falls in love with Isabelle.

Isabelle Thirwall

Isabelle Thirwall

(18) Cute,Sweet,Outgoing.She is a girl that has been through alot and have no idea how much trouble she's gotten herself into.

Liam Payne

Liam Payne

Cute,Dangerous,Has Anger Issues,Controlling. In a gang called "Red Dragons" Does not like Isabelle at all

Louis Tomlison

Louis Tomlison

Cute,Funny,Dangerous. In a game called "Red Dragons" Later on feels like a brother to Isabelle

Niall Horan

Niall Horan

(19)Cute,Dangerous and Sweet when he wants to be. In a gang called "Red Dragons" becomes a brother like figure to Isabelle .

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik

Cute,Dangerous,Has Anger Issues,Funny. In a gang called"Red Dragons" Later on Isabelle and him are best friends


  1. Where it all began

    "Hurry the hell up and put her in the trunk"

  2. The Screams of Demand

    "Shut the fuck up bitch and do it!" he screamed. (Contains violence and sexual behavior).


nice ill be post tomorrow!

Hazeleyes13 Hazeleyes13

Amazing! M looking forward to the next chapter