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I fling another bra across the room, this one won’t do either! This is impossible! I’ve got a black tie event in half and hour and every piece of underwear I put on shows through the dress. It was a last minute invitation to go with a friend so I rushed out and bough a cheap, slinky, satin number. Now back at home I realise the dress is so clingy, I’d need $50 Spanx or something to make it work. The door bell rings and my friend’s already here!

Fuck it! I think and decided to go without. The dress is ankle length so who's going to know? My breasts are firm but pretty big, I can see them jiggle under the fabric so I need to remember not to jump around…or get too cold! Anyway, its far too late to worry now!

We arrive really excited, this is our first ‘fancy’ event and its just me and Mia. We’d talked in the car about how to get a drink, (we’re both underage) turns out we needn't have bothered. A waiter passes with a tray of champagne and Mia grabs two glasses with a cheeky grin. Perfect!

I look around and see the place is packed with the London IT crowd. (apart from us of course!) We try hard to act cool and not run at famous people screaming - but its not easy! We’re in a ballroom in the Ritz Hotel. Large glass doors open out to a manicured garden. We walk slowly outside, taking everything it in.

Suddenly, a woman's voice calls out, “Mia!” Shit! “How lovely to see you!” It’s the headmistress from our primary school, she hasn’t seen me yet. Mia goes over as I snatch our glasses and disappear outside to hide them. Through the glass I can see Mia trapped into some boring conversation about what she's up to these days. I gulp down my champagne, wondering if I can get away with sitting this one out. I swig at Mia’s glass too, waste not want not.

“Are you wearing anything under that dress?” A man’s voice so close to my ear that I nearly jump right out of the damn thing right then and there! I turn and look up at a tall man smiling down at me. I stare at him totally stunned, “you’re Harry Styles!” I say. (what a prat) He grins, “Well I’d need to check the tag in my underwear but yes, I think so.” My jaw is still hanging wide open of course, he is so frigging gorgeous!

“Anyway, underwear,” he says, sweeping his eyes over my body. “Forget your’s tonight?”. Fucking hell is he flirting with me? “Yeah well, they showed and I didn’t have any of those suck you in pants, then the bra showed when I put the dress on and well…” On no Shut up! what am I doing?

“Let me show you something,” he says, cutting across my gabble. He takes my hand and leads me to another room off the garden. It’s a small booklined library, replete with leather sofas and armchairs. He shows me a large book open on a desk. “Oscar Wilde, Salome, its a first edition.” he says, carefully opening the book. Inside are incredible illustrations, just black and white flowing drawings. Naked women entwined in ivy and flowers. “Aubrey Beardsley,” he says running his finger across a drawing of a woman, her legs suggestively open.

Suddenly, I feel his thumb nail run down my side and stab of electricity penetrates my stomach. “No underwear at all!” he murmurs. “well!,” I start. Thankfully, this time he puts a hand over my mouth, so we’re both saved from the whole ‘hold you in pants’ monologue again.

Without moving his hand, he bends to my neck kissing me gently by the ear. A shiver crackles through me raising my flesh and hardening my nipples. He kisses again, sliding the other hand down my hip.

Releasing my mouth, he turns me to face him with a smile. “that didn’t take long!” he says, looking at my hard nipples pressing into the shiny fabric.

He slides both hands up to cup my breasts, tracing the outline with his thumbs. A kiss, soft on the lips. I kiss back gently, taking my lead from him, trying not to be too eager. As our lips part, he briefly licks my tongue, he tastes of champagne.

Suddenly he stops and fixes me with a serious stare. “How old are you?” he asks. Damn! “Old enough!” I counter, desperate not to lose this one on a technicality. “Old enough for what?” he asks starting to smile again.

“Old enough for…why? what…what are you going to do?” I finish. His eye’s have changed in the low light. See through, green through! watching me carefully.

“Not sure yet,” he says, as though considering my question. “Ask me again later.” With that he picks me up and walks over to the sofa…and I think maybe I should tell him I’m a virgin, but I’m not sure…

…ask me later.


I’m planning to update every day/other day so please subscribe! Things in the next chapter will heat up quickly so… F for fantasy! you have been warned…

Please check out my previous story ‘Trouble’ for a taster of my sex scene style.


Hmm…I’ve upset someone again! My ratings dropped from 10 to 9.6 with no change to my vote count! Magic? or naughtiness? You decide…

Anyway, this is the last chapter I promise. Nice to end of a round number. Hope you like it x

Sphinxwriter13 Sphinxwriter13

Sorry! Can't resist. Have an urge to summit the popular list! I reckon Harry deserves his final chapter. An XXX from Harrys POV coming next. x

Sphinxwriter13 Sphinxwriter13

I haven't logged on for ages, but did today and saw Underneath is on the popular list just below I'm still dreaming! Yay! if you like this story then please check out my first short story 'Trouble.' I wrote and uploaded it in one hit so its only 8k views or something, but I really enjoyed writing it. It's pretty dirty of course! but fun. New story coming when I've finished it. x

Sphinxwriter13 Sphinxwriter13

Har har! I've just seen that Underneath has overtaken 'Dirty Imagines' in the popular list. I feel kinda dirty myself now! Maybe its time I did some imagines of my own. hmmm...

Getting to the final few chapters of this story guys, thanks so much for reading! x