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Dangerous Love

09 - Blessed

[Anna Lisa]

Mr. Styles grabs my waist and brings me forward, away from the bed. I breathe in nice and slow, trying to relax my body and stop myself from being so tense. He goes behind me and I feel his body heat radiating off his skin as he pressed his body against mine, his hands grasping my waist tight with their strong hold.

“Now tell me, baby, why have you been so shy? I know it’s your first night with me.. but tell me.’’ He mutters against my ear, his warm breath making goose bumps rise on my skin, in a good way. I know I have to tell him, there’s no getting around it. But the thing is, how do I tell him? “Do I frighten you, babe?” He adds in. My head nods lightly to him, I didn’t even realize I did it until his response to the movement.

“Oh baby girl, don’t be scared of me. I’m not going to hurt you. Why are you scared?’’ Mr. Styles says, his voice spilling into my ears. I love the way every word leaves his perfect mouth, his rich accent making his words feel more special to me. Just when I was about to gather some words in my mind to say to him, he closes the tiny distance between us by yanking me back by my hips.

A gasp leaves my mouth suddenly when I felt something hard against the small of my back – I know exactly what it is. Mr. Styles chuckles in my ear, his hands squeezing my sides tight as I feel his lips behind my ear. “Is that what’s scaring you, baby? Hm?” He asks, his hands roaming under the shirt to grip my bare skin. His large hands were soft on my body, his harsh grip made me feel protected, made me feel like I was finally safe.

“I know you were staring in the car, tell me baby.. are you scared?’’ He asks with a light chuckle leaving his mouth. I already know I can’t lie to this man, he can see right through me, and he hardly even knows me yet. I find myself giving him a soft nod, not able to find the power to open my mouth and speak to him. Mr. Styles hums into my ear before snaking his arms around my body, sliding them under the shirt.

“You should’ve kept these clothes off.’’ He sighs out as I feel a shiver run down my spine, his fingertips rubbing against my stomach slowly and softly. But just as quick as it came, it left – he unwraps his arms from me and backs up, his hands leaving with him. “Don’t move.’’ He says in a mumble. I don’t respond to him, I don’t even know what he’s doing right now. But I don't dare to disobey his wants.

“Turn around.’’ Mr. Styles says in a normal tone. I do as he asks, easily turning on my heel to face him. He takes a few steps to close the distance again and within the next second his hands are on my waist again. His strong hands grip me tight as he drags me toward, my body slamming into his because of his force. A smirk comes to his face, and instantly I know why – his crotch is pushed against me.

Mr. Styles is several inches taller than me, so I strain my neck to look up him, his broad body towering over. “Why are you scared? Tell me.’’ He says with a little stern power to his voice, his eyebrows raised to emphasize his seriousness in the request. I take in an unsteady breath, releasing it slowly as I glance down before meeting the intense stare his eyes were giving me.

“It.. it’s..’’ I stop myself, what if I sound stupid? He might think I’m just a silly little child with a pathetic mind, that’s what a lot of people have thought about me before so it would honestly be nothing new to me. “It’s what?” He asks, sticking his tongue through the little gap he makes between his lips, those eyes staring down at me as if he was blind his entire life and finally was able to see. He gazed at me like he was about to eat me alive.

“Just say the word.. it’s on the tip of you tongue, babe.’’ He gives me a little smirk, still waiting for my reasoning on why I’m so afraid of everything right now. I just wish he could read my mind, things would be so much easier honestly, but I have a pretty strong feeling that that’s not ever going to happen. “I said, say it.” Mr. Styles snarled, his eyebrows furrowed angrily at me.

“Big.’’ I murmur to him, looking away from those jade green eyes of his, it was hard since they’re so damn mesmerizing.His expression changes to a smirk and a cocked eyebrow, his right hand leaves my waist and gently touches against my cheek. “Don’t worry, baby, I won’t make you take it tonight.’’ He winks faintly at me before continuing, “I don’t want to hurt you.’’ He gave me a cocky grin before grasping my chin and jaw with his large hand, his thumb digging into my skin.

I let out a whimper at the slight pain he was inflicting on me. Mr. Styles tilts my head up back to where it was before. My eyes watch his closely as he keeps our contact locked tight. He leans down, his lips just a few centimeters from my face. “Don’t think we won’t be doing anything tonight though, babe, because we certainly are.’’ He whispers, his warm breath fanning my face.

Mr. Styles gives my jaw a squeeze. I gulp at the rough handling, which was something I didn’t even expect to happen at all. His index finger slides softly over my bottom lip before he propels it through my lips. “I believe that you’re so scared.. because you haven’t ever had sex, and you’ve never seen one. But trust me baby, you’ll see one tonight.’’ Mr. Styles’ voice was deep and raspy as it has been all night, his smirk got a little bigger as I nervously stood there with my body in his hands.

He brings his finger out of my mouth and off my lips as he shifts his head down closer to me, not much space left anymore. “Such a good girl.’’ He mutters to me, his lips brushing against mine as he moves his hand to the side of my neck, still holding my waist tight with his other hand. I close my eyes as he does the same – not wasting any time, he sticks his tongue between my lips. The wonderful uproar of sparks flowed through my body, this man is already driving my hormones up the wall.

Sadly, the kiss we shared doesn’t last long. Mr. Styles lets me go, his hand dropping from my side. “Sit down.’’ He says as he climbs onto the bed, his muscles flexing with every move he made. I could hardly prevent myself from drooling at the sight of him, but I knew I had to act like I had some sense even if it’s just a little. I sit down on the edge of the bed after he gets himself situated with his legs stretched out as he leaned his back against the headboard once he pushed the pillows away.

“No, Anna Lisa. Face me.’’ He gives out a light laugh. I release a shaky breath as I turn on the bed, crossing my legs as I faced him. I sat beside his knees, very close to his crotch.

“You know what, c’mere.’’ He says, gesturing me with his hand. I let out a soft sigh, barely audible to my own ears so I doubt he even heard it. I stand up off the bed to make it easier for me to move and not disturb his position.

He pats the spot beside him in the middle of the large bed. I sit down and slide over, leaving a few inches between us. “I don’t think so, a little closer babe.’’ He says, his eyes on me as I scooch over beside him. “Good, I like this a lot more.’’ He mumbles to himself. I cross my legs again, feeling more comfortable like this.

“Now.. I want you to watch me, got it? Don’t say anything unless I ask you something.’’ He informs me of the rules for right now. I give him a nod as I clear my throat with a slight cough in my throat. Mr. Styles’ hand glides over the huge bulge in his boxers a few times, giving himself a few good grasps. I keep my eyes on what he’s doing, he’s right I’ve never seen one.. so now’s a good time I guess?

He grabs the waist band of his boxer briefs and he tugs them down enough to reveal the most frightening thing I’ve ever seen. My lips part at what my eyes were taking in. “You were right baby, it’s big.’’ He says with a raspy chuckle. No, Mr. Styles I didn’t know it was going to be that big.

It was quite obvious to me that Mr. Styles keeps his body maintained – especially his hair. He had tamed pubic hair, it wasn’t too much you know. He snaps me from my thoughts literally with a snap of his fingers. I look over at me and he’s smirking at me again, that damn smirk has me blushing again I just know it.

“Paying attention I see, good girl.’’ He says as he sits his free hand on my thigh. I flinch lightly at the sudden touch, not expecting it and not too sure what it could possibly lead to. “Relax baby. Just watch.’’ He mumbles to me, the pad of his thumb rubbing soft circles into my skin. I nod slightly, looking back at his other hand where he holds himself tight.

Slowly he starts to move his hand up and down after wrapping it around his shaft. He repeats the process over and over again, clearly pleased by the way it feels. His breathing becomes heavy after a minute and maybe a half of the same motion. I hear him let out a soft moan as he squeezed himself just a tad tighter. An unexpected tingle runs down my spine as I hear the little noise.

“Mmm, fuck.’’ Mr. Styles groans as he increases his speed. He was blessed, that’s for sure. I can’t estimate the exact size but it was completely mind blowing, there is no way this is real right now or that that’s real. It just can’t be possible. His breathing was harder, faster as he continued to pump his hand up and down the gift he received at birth. A very big gift.


//So this one was a little longer. :):) \\

Thanks so much for the comments guys, they really do help my self-esteem and all that, kind of like gives me a reason for writing this. I hope you like the update, more to come soon!!! ♥♥ //

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