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Dangerous Love

08 - Insecure

[Anna Lisa]

Mr. Styles removed his mouth from mine and stepped back, his hands falling from my side. Did I do something wrong? I’ve never kissed anymore before, I hope I didn’t upset him too bad. My eyes land on his crotch as his hand grips his large bulge. I gulp gently to myself, my eyes finding his once again. He gave me a sly smirk before motioning me with his hand.

“Sit on the bed while I find you some clothes for the night.’’ He says, his hand never leaving its spot. I nod to him as I go over to the edge of the bed, the cover was wrinkled so I assume he has already lied down, perhaps when I was in the shower? I sit down on the soft mattress and forced myself to look away from his body. His skin was tan and his muscles were sculpted perfectly.

“Here’s a shirt and a pair of my boxers, sorry about the inconvenience.” Mr. Styles’ voice made me jump slightly in my skin as he appeared in front of me again. In his other hand, not the one still clutching his crotch, was a white shirt and a pair of black boxer briefs with Calvin Klein plastered all over the waist band, identical to the pair he has on right now, which my eyes couldn’t resist to look at.

He passes the two items to me and I stand up from the bed about to step back to the bathroom when he comes in front of me, his eyebrows furrowed lightly at me, “Where are you going?’’ He asks as if he had no clue what was going on. “T-to.. To c-change.’’ I mumble, my words a little unsteady still. I won’t lie, I’m a little tense.

“No.’’ He states simply, his expression drawing a blank on his face, “You’ll change right here.” He informs with his lips in a straight line. “You will not go in that bathroom to change, you’ll do it in here every single time. Do you understand me, Anna Lisa?’’ Mr. Styles asks, I highly adore the way his voice says my name, the way it easily flows off his tongue – the same tongue that touched mine for just a few seconds earlier, a short few seconds though.

My mouth doesn’t open, I try but I can’t find the strength to answer him – my mind is jumbled from the thought of him and my words can’t be found. “Anna Lisa, I’m asking one more time. Do you understand me?’’ Mr. Styles spoke his words through gritted teeth. This time, all of a sudden, I found my words and I answered him respectfully. “Yes s-sir. I.. I understand.’’ I added a slight nod as a response. Maybe it was because I feared him, or maybe because I feared what he would do.

“Good, now drop the robe.’’ He orders, his finger pointed at my chest then at the ground, indicating that’s where he wanted the piece of clothing. Nervously, with my trembling fingers, I untie the knot of the rope and let the robe open by itself a little as I took a deep breath.

No one’s ever seen me all bare before, not even Angie had me strip down completely when she evaluated me, she had me in a bra and underwear. I’ve never been so afraid before, and I’m been through a lot of shit. What if he doesn’t like the way I look? What if I’m not good enough for him? Will he send me back? Will he sale me to someone else? Or would he leave me on the street?

“Anna Lisa.’’ Mr. Styles snaps, his voice stern. Our eyes meet and he lowers his eyebrows at me. “S-sorry.. I.’’ Taking a pause, I look away from him again. Mr. Styles took a step closer, making my body tense up even more now at the small space between us. “Baby, are you okay?’’ He asks in a concerned matter, his eyes studying my face as I find some courage to look at him again – however, I refuse to look directly into his emerald eyes.

My reply is just a shake of my head. He lets out a sigh as he reaches his behind his head, scratching his neck before speaking out loud to me. “I assume you’re a little insecure, yeah?’’ He suggests with a sly smile as he licks his lips, looking me up and down slowly. “Yes.. yes sir.’’ I mumble out to him, I just wanted to make sure I made him happy and I was behaving myself – I don’t want to be punished.

“Let me see what you’re so insecure about.’’ Mr. Styles told me, another sigh slipping through his lips. I close my eyes for a few seconds, I just can’t do this. My heart winces as I let out my simple response to him, “No.” It was a risk, but I had to – my body has never been seen my any other eyes but mine, and I don’t want him to be mad. Because I just know he wasted a lot of money on nothing, on me.

“Excuse me?’’ He asks, cocking an eyebrow at me. I hold my breath, too scared to let it out. He laughs lightly in shock as he steps closer to me, leaning down to be closer to me. His warm breath blew on my face as he sighed to me, as if he was ashamed by the way I reacted. “Do not tell me no. Now take the fucking robe off.’’ He demands, his voice low and deep as he stares into my eyes. He didn’t appear to be happy, not even a little.

Finally I stop being stubborn and follow his commands, the last thing I want to do is make him mad honestly. I slide my arms slowly out of the robe, intentionally stopping when it reached my elbows, when I move my arms from my chest the upper part of my body will be displayed to the man in front of me. I release a deep breath as I stare at the tattoo on Mr. Styles’ abdomen as I continue removing the piece of clothing, I needed something to distract me.

Within seconds, I felt the cool air hit my skin. I glance up to Mr. Styles just to see a smirk on his face.

A raspy moan fills my ears as Mr. Styles stares at me with lust filled eyes. “What.. could you possibly be insecure about. Babe.. you’re beautiful.’’ He mumbles to me, our eyes meet again and just like every time before I get this little spark in my chest. “Get dressed.’’ Mr. Styles gives me a wink before backing up from his spot, giving me a little more room.

I grab the shirt from the edge of the bed and pull it over my head, sliding my arms through the holes quickly. Even though he said I have nothing to worry about, I still have this insecure feeling that won’t ever leave. Sadly I just can’t see myself the way I should, I should be proud of how I look but really I’m ashamed of everything I am.

After grabbing the band of the boxers, I lean over and step into the piece of clothing. As I bring it up to my waist I realize it’s very oversized on me, so I pull them up as far as I can without giving myself a wedgie, which I would then most likely die from all the embarrassment. That’s the last thing that needs to happen to me in front of this man.


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JustineLolipop JustineLolipop

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