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Dangerous Love

07 - Believe It


My hormones were beginning to drive me crazy, I need some friction against my dick, and Anna Lisa’s hand is exactly what I’ve had on my mind for ten minutes now. I snap my head towards the closed bathroom door as I hear the water shut off. My tongue licks over my lips at the thought of her naked body covered in water droplets as she got out of the shower.

No, Harry. Another maybe but not tonight, let her get comfortable with you. Be good to her so she will be good for you.

I sigh to myself, knowing I need to listen to my thoughts. This girl has never had sex before, she’s probably never even seen anyone naked either. So, therefore, I can’t just stick it in her and make her take it, I have to be easy with her. She deserves some respect, some care, some passionate love – all things I am willing to give to her. For some reason I can’t get the images of her out of my head, I bet she’s beautiful naked. I know she is, I don’t even have to doubt it honestly. The way that damn black dress showed off her body just assures me that her body is beautiful.

The door begins to creak as it’s slowly being opened. I sit up from my spot on the bed and throw my legs over the edge of the mattress. I bite my lip as I stare at the girl in my black bath robe, she looks so good like that – and knowing that there’s nothing but skin under there just turns me on even more.

Her cheeks become red as she notices my attire, her eyes darting from my lower body to my eyes a few times before she looks away, her arms crossed tight around chest. I was wearing on a black pair of briefs, there’s nothing I have to hide from her. She’d have to see me like this sooner or later, and I prefer sooner.

I stand from the bed and make the short walk to her. She looks down at her feet as I approach her, staring at her with my eyes wide, I just can’t believe she’s so damn beautiful. Anna Lisa’s face was cleansed from the heavy makeup and the fake eyelashes, but to me she looked more beautiful now. Her skin is pale and her eyes are still so blue. Her eyelashes are blonde and really long, her eyebrows just a shade darker. And those lips, god, I just want to kiss the life out of her right now – they’re a soft pink color, so plump and soft looking. Her bottom lip was full and pouted out a little, so cute.

“Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are?’’ I ask in a whisper as I grab her wrist and pull her arm from her chest, her other one falling from the lack of support. She shakes her head from side to side a little, her eyes avoiding my gaze upon her features. “Well,’’ I say as I use the pad of my index finger to tilt her chin up towards me, I need to see her eyes.

Those deep blue eyes lock with mine and a give her a little smile before finishing my statement, “Let me be the one to assure you that you’re beautiful. You’re so beautiful.’’ The words leave my mouth in a mumble, I lean down just a little closer to her. Her cheeks fluster at my sentence and she smiles just gently, barely moving the corner of her mouth. “Do you believe me? Because you really should.’’ I say, her eyes burning into mine, I refuse to lose this contact with her.

She parts her lips just a smidge, releasing a soft exhale. Her shoulder shrugs as a response to my question. I form a smile on my face, she’s so beautiful and she doesn’t even know it. “That’s okay if you don’t believe me right now.. but I promise you, I’ll make you believe it soon.’’ I assure her as I close the distance between us, pressing my lips against her ever so soft ones.

Her lips were sealed as I pushed mine against hers, I wanted to invade her pretty mouth but I don’t want to scare her just yet. I put my hands on her waist, bringing her body closer to mine, making sure she was touching me. Her shaking hands gently touch my forearms, barely grabbing me. I smirk gently against her lips, holding my eyes closed just so I can take in every little feeling right now.

I make a space between my lips, big enough for me to push my tongue through. The way her lips felt on my tongue is indescribable. She releases her hands from my arms, stepping back a little at the sudden new touch against her lips. I open my eyes to see her staring down at her feet, she’s afraid I know it.

“Anna Lisa, babe, everything alright?” I ask in a soft one as I let one hand fall from her side. She shrugs her shoulders at me again – I get it, she’s scared but damn, can’t the girl trust me a little more? “Just please, relax. Let me take care of you.’’ I mumble as I put my hands on her cheeks, leaning down to her beautiful lips again. Her face was cradled by my hands as I mushed our lips together again.

Her cheeks are burning against my skin, she’s doing some hardcore blushing right now. I let my tongue between my lips again, softly swiping over her top lip. Just when I thought she’d deny my access again, she gently parts her lips and allows me through. I take the advantage, not sure of how long it would really last. The sensation that shook my body as my tongue rubbed against hers was incredible, I don’t even know if I’m still in the real world anymore.

I’ve heard about these kind of feelings, but I’m just not sure right now if they are what I think they are, if they mean I’m in love..


>>another shorter one for tonight. As the story progresses along the chapters will gradually get longer.. Well anyways, updates soon! :):) Feedback is always welcome, I'd love some! Subscribe/Rate/Comment if you want♥♥<<

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Keep it comin!!!!! Love the update

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JustineLolipop JustineLolipop

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Please update soon, I love this story :)