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Dangerous Love

47 - Planning a Murder


Easily, I can feel her stare burning through the back of my head. She requested to watch me, and that's exactly what she's done. Anna Lisa hasn't uttered a word since we walked through the front door. It was around six thirty when we got home, so I went upstairs to change - she followed me but remained silent. When I entered the kitchen, she found her a seat at the island and stayed mute.

I thought she would talk to me, ask me what I was doing, or how long it would take. Yet, she didn't make a peep. If a mouse ran through the other room, I do honestly believe I would be able to hear it. The silence is awful, dead and cold.

Finally finishing the lash quesadilla, I turn off the stove top and sit the skillet in the sink. I will tackle the dishes later on, for right now I want to sit down and have a nice, hopefully talkative, meal with my girl. I grab the plate and turn around, her eyes immediately grabbing a hold of my gaze. She gently curves the corners of her mouth as she stares back at me. I return the gesture to her, along with a nod of my head towards the table, quietly insisting that she come along with me.

Anna Lisa slides off the stool and makes her away ahead of me towards the table. She picks a chair and gladly sits down, probably starving. She hasn't ate much today, and besides she claimed she had a craving for quesadillas. I assume I will see if her statement is true or not. I sit the plate on the table and hurry over to the cabinet. I take two plates, not bothering with cups because Anna Lisa got her a bottle of water from the fridge earlier, and got me one as well.

Still holding onto the silence, I sit a plate in front of her and claim the seat directly across the table from her. By doing this, she won't be able to hide from my sight. She nervously reaches towards the plate between us and uses the fork to guide a quesadilla to her plate. Once she returns the fork to the plate, I do the same and add one to mine as well.

At first, I wanted to dive on in and try it out - I hadn't cooked one in what feels like ages. But I get distracted when I see her tear it in half with her fingers and examine the inside, I suppose to make sure it measures up to her liking. She brings one of the pieces to her nose and sniffs it. I furrow my brows slightly, she's the oddest little thing, I swear. But gosh, isn't she the cutest. She takes a bite of it and politely chews it up with her lips sealed. I can't help but to stare at her features as her senses react to it.

In an instant, her eyes roll back and her lids flutter shut. Her lips make a small smile and her shoulders slump over - she's completely pleased by the way it tastes. A satisfied hum comes from her, assuring me that I done well with the meal. I chuckle at her display of happiness, she's such a gem.

"I assume you like it, eh?" I say, holding back another laugh. Her eyes shoot open and she quickly covers her mouth with her hand, trying not to be rude while giggling at me. She swallows what she had in her mouth and finally, after all this time, speaks to me. "This is incredible. I love it." She takes another bite, no hesitation at all. I nod gently as I try it as well. The chicken seems to be cooked through, the cheese is nice and melted, and the sauce is on spot. I don't brag on myself though, not to her at least. If my friends were the ones eating it, I'd be sure to show them I was proud and indeed the best chef in the area.

"Harry.." Anna Lisa's voice trails out, she's being quite timid with me and I don't really like it all that much. "Yes, babe?" I ask, lifting my head so that I could look at her. Her eyes aren't focused on me, however, they are looking down at the plate. "Are you.. are you r-really.. taking me to.. to P-Paris?" Her words float like a feather, soft and gentle. I take a deep breath, I hope this isn't an issue with her. Surely not.

"Yes, I am. Why.. why do you ask? Do you, um, not want to go?" I won't lie, I am beginning to be worried. If she doesn't want to go then the entire trip would be a waste for me. I have one business meeting, the rest of the days are packed with things for her and I to do together. Obviously, if she doesn't accompany me then I'll have a lot of things to cancel, including reservations, tours, and even the hotel.

"No, I-I do. Trust me, I- I really want to. I just.. don't want to be in your way." Her words trip over themselves, proving to me that she's very anxious and unsure about this. The last thing I want her to believe if that she's a burden. "No, love. You won't be." I say, lightly trying to convince her. However, I know this simple statement won't change anything between us, or her thoughts about the trip. "You have business to do and work - and- and I shouldn't be there to distract you or-or be in the way." Anna Lisa once again shows me she's nervous. Her hands are shaking as she removes them from the table and lowers them to her lap.

"Darlin', you've got it all wrong. The trip is for us, I only have one business meeting. I.. I want to do something with you, and.. take you to places I know you'll love." I can immediately see that her entire being has relaxed. A sigh comes past her lips steadies her gaze down to her lap, seeming embarrassed. "Hey, what's the matter?" My voice remains gentle, not wanting to create any tension for us.

Silence engulfs us again, something I thought wouldn't occur. With a deep breath, I try my absolute best to cheer her up. "I guarantee you that you won't be a bother. Besides, why wouldn't I take you along with me? What's the purpose of going to one of the world's most romantic cities.. alone?" My words seem to have no effect on her this go around, unfortunately. Anna Lisa sits there, quiet but yet not very content. My efforts aren't good enough, obviously I need to work on that.

I stand up and slide my plate across the table. This doesn't grab her attention, at least not enough to make her look up at me. So, I carry on with my new plan. I walk over to where she sits and pull out the chair beside her. I sit down, adjust my plate in front of me, and continue to take bites of the food my plate holds. Anna still doesn't react to my presence beside her, of course I should have known this was going to be rather difficult.

"If you don't eat, it's going to get cold, love." This time when I talk, I change the topic. Perhaps that will ease her nerves, make her feel less worried about how things will play out in Paris. It's nothing to stress over, at least not to me - I know, however, she takes things a little more emotionally, more seriously. To my utter surprise, she continues to eat as if nothing ever happened between us. I watch from the corner of my eye as she finishes off one of the halves. It's very evident that she's hungry, and also that she's calmed herself some. Not as much as I would like her to, but enough.

"I have a schedule for us. We'll go see the Eiffel Tower, we're going to do a tour at the Louvre, we're gonna stop and see the Palace of Versailles, and a whole bunch of other things." Instantly, I can sense her tense up next to me. What is the problem? It's not like I'm fucking planning a murder. It's literally a trip to Paris.

"I can see you, um, don't want to talk about it right now." I'm not very sure why I said this, but I couldn't stop it from coming out of my mouth - the same thing goes for my next statement. "Whenever you decide to appreciate what I'm fuckin' doing for you.. let me know. We can discuss it then."

With an irritated huff pushing past my lips, I stand from my chair and make my way into the living room - not wanting to be around her right now. If she's going to act like a brat, then I can do the same. It makes no sense at all, I am taking her on a trip of a lifetime and she's not even willing to talk about our plans with me? Millions of people die before ever getting to see Paris, and yet I'm taking her - she's neglecting it. She better figure out what her damn problem is because I will not hesitate to chain her ass to the hotel bed once we're there. I'll do all the damn shit by myself if I have to.

As soon as my ass hits the cushion of the leather couch, I hear the patter of footsteps hitting against the floor. I slouch in my space, something about this has really irked my nerves. I know she's not ungrateful, I should never have put it that way - but yet there's something she's not telling me, something's wrong here. I just want to fucking know what that is, is that too much to ask?

"Ha-harry..." Her voice is gentle like a feather, so are her movements. If I hadn't been watching from my eye's corner, I wouldn't have known she sat down beside me, facing me with her knees laying on the couch. "I.. I do a-.. a-appreciate it.. and.. I .. I appreciate you and everything you do." Her small hand lifts from her lap and she places it on my shoulder. I don't react to her, I just continue to stare at the muted television above the fireplace. She really has some explaining to do, therefore, I am prepared to listen to her.

"The meeting today.. I-I thought it was.. for-for business.. and.. I thought the trip- I thought it was for business.. and I.. I just didn't want to.. to be.. in your way." Her hand grips my shoulder, almost as a comforting squeeze. I bite the inside of my cheek as I remain silent beside her, I bet she doesn't like this little game - I know I sure didn't when she done it to me earlier.

"Are-are you mad at me?" Anna Lisa's voice whispers close to my ear as she leans in, I can sense she's anxious, but yet she's brave enough to do this. I should give her some credit for having some courage for once, poor thing hardly ever does.

My quietness seems to annoy her, she's very impatient at the moment. Her little hand slides to my nape, where she twists the ends of her fingers into my hair. Even though I thought she wouldn't get any closer than she is, her other hand touches against my abdomen and her lips brush against my ear lobe as she speaks to me, proposing her thoughts. "C-can I make it.. make it up to you, sir?"

My dick twitches in my jeans, how can this naive, innocent little girl know how to get me aroused this way? The first time we had sex she barely touched me, being too afraid to at the time, but now here she is with her body pressed against mine, her chest - god her chest. And sir, god damn that one word - I've never heard it sound so beautiful coming from another's mouth before. She knows what I like, and that's a damn good thing.

"Lay across my lap." I demand in a low voice, still refusing to look her way. She hurries to do as I request. She throws herself over my thighs, making sure her butt is poking up and her back dipped. "You've been a bad girl, baby cakes." I straighten my posture, so that I could get in the perfect position to give her a punishment. I hear her gasp as I raise her skirt up, my hand instantly begins to knead her cheek. "Such a bad girl.. You ought to know what that means." I smirk mainly for my own pleasure as I yank the fabric of her underwear down her legs, not caring where it ended up - as long as that ass is bare for me, I don't care.

"Do I need to remind you of the rules, kitten, or do you remember from last time?" I question, trying to be somewhat nicer than I was before. This is more for my own entertainment than an actual consequence, this go around. "I-I remember, s-sir." She stammers, it appears that her bravery has vanished. Hm, I wonder why? She couldn't possibly have thought that I was going to please her, not after how she acted tonight.

"Tell me my rules. I want to her them come from your pretty lips, sugar." I use a majority of my strength to squeeze her ass cheek. She groans at the pain, but I know she likes it as well. "B-be still.. c-count.. and-and say thank you." Anna Lisa's voice travels in the room, anyone could easily tell she was both hurting and enjoying this all together. What a lovely, sweet little girl I have. Too bad I have to punish her for being bad, it's a shame, really.

"Harry." She chirps my name quick, the same second that I lifted my hand off her bum just to slam it back down. "What?" I ask coldly, giving her no more sympathy. She releases a few shaky breaths before saying, "W-why am I.. g-getting.. p-punished?" A chuckle passes through my lips, what a silly girl she is. "Baby doll, you aren't allowed to question me. But since you asked politely, I will answer." This better not become something she does regularly, because I refuse to put up with that. When I'm about to spank her, I don't need her interrupting me to ask a question, to which she is already aware of the answer. To be partially kind to her, I respond.

"You were silent all afternoon and into this evening. Then, you proceeded to argue with me about the trip. Therefore, you were disobeying me. I don't have to explain myself any further, sweetheart, now get ready to count." I give her ass one final caress of my hand before I begin to injure it. I feel her body tense up, her hand finds my relaxed one. She doesn't dare stall, she grabs it quickly and slots her fingers with mine. Now, I ought to deny her of any of my care, but I'll let it slide this time. She needs to be mindful of things next go around, however, I won't be this kind and generous to her. I give her small hand a nice grip.

I draw my hand back, biting my lip as I look down at her exposed behind, such beauty. Before I even realized it, my hand smacks the right side, and her frail voice enters the air. "One... t-th-thank you, s-sir." She stutters from the pain, that's a good sign on my part. She'll learn to behave one day, whether it takes more spankings or not.

My hand hits her soft skin for the second time, there is a slight delay of her voice though. I lift a brow as I count mentally, giving her five seconds to thank me before I make these ten turn into twenty. "T-two, thank you, s-sir." I decide not to praise her any, not yet at least - we've just begun. Once more, my palm slams onto her red skin - not shocking to me, she's already getting flustered. A chuckle gently creeps through my lips as I hear her whimper, her fingers tightly holding on for dear life. She's a tad dramatic, I'm sure it can't possibly hurt that bad.

"Thr-three, thank you, sir." Anna's free hand slides down the inner side of my leg, her nails dig into my calf, however, due to my jeans I can hardly feel it. I don't get angry about this move of hers, she done it last time - I see it as a way of anchoring herself, to keep still. I'm sure she doesn't want to upset me anymore than she already has, so being still - which is the number one rule - is a main priority to her. It didn't take very long for things to get moving rather quickly, and if I may mention, quite smoothly as well.

"Four, thank you, s-sir." Her stammering is easing up, perhaps she's lost feeling by now. I wouldn't doubt it. Or maybe she's just understanding how to behave for once, why that would be such a great thing if she did. I wouldn't have to punish her in ways that, in the end, hurt me just as much. "Five, thank you, s-sir." Her hold on my leg loosens suddenly, but it soon returns as I spank her for the sixth time, nice and hard. A shocked gasp comes from hers, proving the thought I had in mind - she must have figured I would only do five, but oh was she wrong about that. Good girls get punished, and she ought to remember what I warned her last time.

"S-six, th-thank you, sir." Her shaky voice assures me that she's recovering from that one - it was definitely a surprise to her. "I'm going to ten, don't you dare move a muscle." I tell her as I move to the other side. Despite the subtle change, I keep my strength and power the same, as well as my grip on her trembling hand. "S-seven, thank you, sir." Anna Lisa looks so good like this, thrown over my lap with her red ass in the air. A small portion of this is for my entertainment and pleasure, but the majority is for her benefit. She'll learn, one way or another, to behave and act like she has some sense. If spanking her every time she breaks a rule or does something disobedient helps her understand it, then I'll continue. If these sessions don't work, I'll be glad to use another form of punishment.

"Eight, t-thank you, sir." Her voice is still shaking, her body shivers lightly at the sting of my palm against her raw skin. For a moment, I thought about encouraging her to make it through the final two, but I mute my thoughts and don't allow anything to be said. She's doing fine, no need to disturb her in any way. Sadly, this is coming to an end. "Nine, thank you, s-sir." I never intended to be so rough, I assume I got a little carried away - not enough to actually harm her though, I'd never do that. I'm not that cruel, gosh.

For the final time tonight, my hand slaps down onto her sore bum. As a result, her body jolts forward and she whines softly. "T-ten, thank you, sir." She relaxes her back, as well as her butt, and I immediately smirk at her. She's cute, even when she's being punished. "You did well, baby. I'm very proud of you." I am quick to praise her for doing so good - she honestly did a great job at following the rules. There was a slight disturbance in her stillness, but she recovered quickly from that previous surprise and carried on with the good, still posture.

"You're a good girl when you want to be, baby." My hand gently rubs each cheek, trying my best to soothe her. I didn't intend to be so harsh, but she was getting her consequences so I can't entirely blame myself. I was giving her the punishment she deserved for how she behaved today, pretty fair if you ask me.

Her breathing is heavy as she recuperates from what she endured. Such a good girl for me, I couldn't ask for any better. With a smirk plastered over my lips, and my head filled with the dirtiest of thoughts, I allow my hand to slide down her ass until I'm touching her center. She shudders at the touch of my fingertips against her slit, hm - it appears that someone enjoyed their punishment.

"Is my girl wet, hm? Maybe I should help her." I ask aloud, not expecting an answer from her anyways. She moans slightly as I slip my middle finger into her center, her natural slickness welcomes me warmly, tightly. "H-harry!" My name leaves her mouth in a squeal, pleasure taking over her. "You're drenched, baby." I comment, smirking as I stare at her red ass. "Pl-please." She mutters out, both hands grab onto my thigh. She digs her nails into me, I respond by pushing my finger in harder, faster. "M-more, p-please." She moans to me, slightly rocking her body back into my finger to make things even better for her.

"Does my girl want another finger in? Hm, does she want two of my fingers deep in her pretty pussy?" Anna doesn't verbally reply to me, but she rapidly nods her head up and down. I give her what she wants by adding my index finger alongside my middle one. She grunts as I shove my fingers in and out of her sweet core. "Gonna taste so good, aren't you? Can't wait for my mouth to be down there."

I bring my free hand to her ass, where I pull one cheek away - opening her more for me. Such a beautiful bottom. "Ha-harry." She gasps for me - my fingers slam hard into her. I decide to pleasure her further by curling them. Her entire body shudders - a sign that I've indeed hit that spot. "Mm, such a wet little cunt." She throws her head over the side of my thigh, moans fill the air. She's very sensitive.

"Fu-fuck. Harry-please. More." Anna Lisa chokes out in between groans. I am quite shocked that she's asked for another finger, but I am gladly willing to give her what she wants. A third finger joins in the attack on her pretty hole. Such a sweet good she is. "Tell me what you want." I encourage her to speak again, to confess her desires to me. "H-harder.. pl-please." She grunts. "Do it.. ha-harder."

A devious grin plasters over my mouth, she wants it harder, hm? "As you wish, my dear." Just as she inhales deeply, I ram my fingers in and out at a much faster face, more force driving them in. She whines in pleasure, utterly enjoying this. "I shouldn't be pleasuring you at all, not after the way you've acted." I remind both her and myself of this, even though it's too late to act on it. I'm not evil, I won't just stop right before she releases.

"But I couldn't help myself.. you're soaked for me, princess. I want you to come on my fingers." I insist, biting my lip as I watch my hand - adoring the way my fingers are roughly sliding in and out of her glistening core. "Ha-harry, I'm.. m'close." She cries out, biting down on my thigh. i can feel her teeth through my pants, she's such a tease. "Yeah? Is my pretty girl gonna give me her cum?" I ask, leaning down closer to her ear. She nods to me, "Yes, sir. Pl-please make me.. c-come for.. you." Her dirty words surprise me, but I don't dare complain. It's rather sexy.

"My little princess wants to come for me, hm?" I grab a hold of her chin, forcing her head back to look at me. Her eyes are puffy from tears, her cheeks flushed from the hot movements, and those gorgeous lips swollen from where she's bitten them. "Come for me, baby." I say as I feel her walls rapidly clench around my fingers. Her eyes roll back, lids flutter shut - immediately I know she's on the edge.

I give her one last shove of my fingers into her heat - she releases. "Fuuuck.. Haarry." She groans out, her lower half shaking. I slow my hand down, gently letting it come to a stop. I pull my fingers out and bring them to my mouth. I notice they've wrinkled because of her wetness, fucking amazing I tell you. I stick them in my mouth, not hesitating to clean them of her juices. Her eyes watch me closely as I lick up all her wetness.

I sit my hand down on her bum, softly of course - no more punishments tonight. "Th-thank you, Ha-harry." She stammers, out of breath. "You're welcome, baby girl." I let her chin go, but she doesn't move her head. Her lust filled eyes are fighting to stay open, but I know that's because of the intense orgasm her body is currently recovering from. "Now, I think you need to do something for me. I'm sure you can feel how pleased I am with you right now."

Her pink tongue comes out to lick over her lips. "C-can I?" She slowly slides her hand to my crotch, squeezing slightly once she's over the bulge. "Of course."


things are getting dirtier! ;) Hope you like this chapter. I decided to give you a longer one since I've been gone for a while. Updates are coming!! Leave some comments for me xx


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JustineLolipop JustineLolipop

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