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Dangerous Love

46 - Explicitly Amazing


With my arm securely around her back, I lift Anna Lisa off the table and bring her to her feet. "Here love, put your panties back on." A frustrated sigh comes through my lips as I pass my love the bundle of fabric. Her cheeks blush almost instantly as she takes them from my grasp. The knocking gets louder this go around, and the jiggle of the knob is also added to the interruption.

"Hold on, will ya!" I yell out over my shoulder, care not to scream in Anna Lisa's pretty little face. I button my shirt up after fastening my jeans. Swear on my life, I can't get a moment of peace. "Mr. Styles! It's urgent, sir!" I recognize the voice from the meeting, but I can't exactly place who it belongs to. I shake my head in silence, not caring how important this is. "It might be important, Harry." Anna Lisa mumbles softly as I touch her waist, which is now covered by her shirt.

"Nothing is more important to me than you are, so he can wait until you're dressed." I tell her, letting my lips fall on her forehead. Her small hand touches against my chest, just barely. Her fist grabs onto my shirt while she tilts her head back, those gorgeous eyes meet mine. "Will we finish?" She asks shyly, her voice barely audible. I feel my lips turn to a smirk, "Why of course, my dear."

I place one final kiss to her forehead before I turn towards the door, prepared to scold whoever had the nerve to ruin my perfect moment with my girl. How dare they just bang on the door as if they couldn't hold their god damn horses steady? Don't we all deserve some privacy here and there?

With anger building inside of me, I yank the door open only to come face to face with one of the attendants of the meeting. "Mr. Styles, there's an issue involving your car." He says uneasily, I can tell that it bothered him to say that to me, perhaps he is involved as well. "My car, hm? What's the, uh, issue?" I ask, having every intention to be an ass about it. "It appears that someone has ran into the rear end. We all witnessed it as we were leaving." He informs me of this, still containing that nervous vibe.

"Interesting." I say in a low voice. He stands quietly, awaiting my response. I lick my lips, debating in my head on what to say, as I turn my head to glare over my shoulder. Anna Lisa is sitting in the chair I possessed not long ago, with her eyes on the phone in her hands. I look back to the man, not caring to think of his name, "Let's go have a look, shall we?"

"I do believe you'll be highly upset, sir." He tells me with an unfortunate tone. "Oh, I'm certain of it. You people never cease to disappoint me." My words sound harsh, and that's because I meant for them to. "Go on, I'll be down there in a moment." I huff lightly, the regards of my girl are more important than those of my car. He gives me a respectful nod before walking away, back down to the parking garage where my allegedly wrecked car sits. When I'm positive he's gone, and has no idea of returning to the door, I shut it and lock it back just as a precaution.

"So what happened?" Anna Lisa curiously questions me as I approach her. She stands from the chair, her hand reaching for mine. I don't hesitate, I slot our fingers together and pull her a little closer to me. "Someone hit my car, apparently." I sigh at the thought of this, our actions were cut short all because of one idiot who obviously can't drive correctly. How do you hit a fucking parked car?

"Aren't you going down there?" She asks, her eyebrows dropping to a furrow. I smile gently as I use my free hand to grab her waist. "Yeah, I just wanted another minute with you. So I could kiss you, babe." I shrug as if it was no big deal, it really isn't. I can have the car repaired in no time, but I don't want to waste a minute that I could spend with our mouths in sync. I do exactly that and place my lips against hers. "You're crazy." She giggles to me, lifting her palm so it can rest in the bend my arm.

"Mmhm, crazy about you." I whisper into her mouth as I start our kiss. Her lips are so soft, her movements so gentle. It's a crying shame I didn't get to reward her for being so good during my meeting. I won't stress about it too much, though, once we return home I will graciously please my lovely girl and I will most definitely make up for our lost time.


[Anna Lisa]

The irritation is clearly written across Harry's face. The last place he wants to be is standing here listening to the woman apologize over and over for slamming the rear of her SUV into his car. I, however, am annoyed for another reason. This woman caused someone to practically barge in on Harry and I during what could have been something explicitly amazing.

"This exasperates me, you know. I was.. busy handling some business.. and I get interrupted because someone doesn't know how to drive their god damn car. I don't care how sorry you are, I am beyond pissed." Harry's tone, along with his choice of words, are harsh on all ears - including mine. "Harry." I mumble his name as I step closer beside him, trying my best to calm his inflamed nerves. He gives me a glance, but no words leave his mouth.

"I hope the fucking fine you receive is heavy. How ignorant do you have to be to hit a fucking motionless object!" Harry theatrically throws his hands in the air, the amount of craziness he holds is unbelievable at the moment. "Be nice." I whisper to him as I grab his hand and wrap my arms around his arm, trying my best to show my affection - hoping that that will ease his nerves some. He huffs at my action, but turns slightly to look at me from a better angle.

My eyes cut over to the woman, who is basically holding back her tears at this point. I pull him away from the small crowd consisting of the woman, a few policemen, and a couple of people from the meeting that saw it happen. "Don't tell me I'm overreacting." He jumps to conclusions quickly, already knowing exactly what I'm going to say to him. I release a long exhale, which can easily be mistaken for a sigh.

"I know you're upset, but you need to calm down. You're really red and you're acting like a jerk." I keep things quite honest with him. I know if it were my personal car I would be upset to, but not like this - I wouldn't insult the woman, degrade her like that - especially not to her face. "No, babe. I'm fucking pissed off." Harry says, much louder than I wish he had. "Shhh.. I know, I know." I try my best to speak softly so maybe he would get the point and do the same, but so far it hasn't worked well.

Harry spins us so that his back to the group of observers. He leans forward, his face not too far from my own. "I could have you shaking and numb right now on that table, but no, we are here dealing with his bullshit instead. My cock could be so deep inside of you right now, but yet here we are." The vulgar claims he's making are causing me to tingle in areas that shouldn't be of focus at this time. "You can't possibly tell me you aren't pissed off right now." He adds, assuming that I feel the same way about the intrusion.

"Harry," I use my serious tone to speak now, praying that he finally understands what I'm trying to say to him, "I know you're mad.. I know what could have happened.. But it's okay. It's not like we aren't going to go home and finish it anyways, so why be upset?" I lift my brows high, trying to emphasis this as much as I can. Why is he so damn mad? It's not like the lady murdered his pet - she just hit his car, he can afford to fix it.

"Because I fuckin' want you so bad.. and.. and I-" Harry abruptly pauses, squeezing his eyes shut in all attempts to control his anger. I drop his hand and place my palm against his warm cheek, he's so infuriated that his skin is on fire. "Be nice.. please." I mumble this one last time, there is only so much I can do to help this situation. Obviously, I can't make it to where it didn't occur, but the least I can possibly do is get him to act like he has manners. He can either be the sweetest person in the universe, or a complete ass hole.

Harry gives me a nod, ultimately comprehending what I have been trying to shove through his thick skull. I use my tip toes to push myself closer to his height. He notices my struggle and smiles softly, closing the distance I couldn't reach. Our lips hold together for a few long moments before I decide to depart. My feet lie flat on the ground now, and my hands are off of his body. "Go apologize, and be nice." I insist as I shew him away from me. He throws me a simper, in which I reply with the roll of my eyes.

Sometimes I wonder what goes on that mind of his.

Closely, I watch him as if he was the result of my final experiment. He goes up to the woman and, almost apologetically, speaks to her. "I, uh, I apologize for lashing out. I, um, it's just I.. You know, it's my car so.. just a tad upset that I, um, have found it in this condition." Harry's words aren't as nice as I would have put them - but at least he didn't curse at her. "Once again, I am deeply sorry about this. I was distracted by my boyfriend.. he was on the phone and I just.. I thought I had cleared your car, obviously not." The woman sighs, shaking her head in disbelief at the mistaken thought she had.

Harry's face softens just a tad, barely enough for me to notice. "It's alright. I was having a, uh.. important conversation with my girlfriend when I was.. told the news. I guess I.. over reacted." He shrugs lightly, not really sure what to say. I'm proud of him, he actually apologized and decided to speak to the woman as if she was human, instead of an animal. It's also rather nice to know that my words and motions have an impact on how he behaves. I will surely remember this for future situations.


The car ride has been mostly on the silent side. There's music softly buzzing, but I can hardly hear it. Harry had to make a few stops and do some errands before we were able to head home. Thankfully, though, we are almost there. He hasn't said much regarding the incident with his car. It was picked up and took to an automotive shop, and a few of Harry's body guards dropped off another one from his house. I'm not sure what it is, Harry didn't mention the model or the make. He did, however, introduce me to the two guys and told me they would be accompanying us in Paris soon, for our protection obviously.

"Do you want me to cook tonight or would you rather have take out?" Harry's voice frightens me as he unexpectedly speaks. I recover quickly from the jolt, "Um.. you can cook I guess." I answer his question in a light voice, sometimes I can be very nervous around him - but yet others, I'm completely comfortable.

"What would you like? I can make one of my classics, or I can try something new. Anything for you, love." Harry's hand reaches over and finds its way to my thigh. He squeezes it a few times before adding, "or if you would rather have take out, that works for me, too." I swallow the lump that suddenly began to form in my throat. Why am I getting so worked over nothing? He just asked what I wanted for dinner, it's not like he insisted I defuse a bomb.

"I've been craving quesadillas.. if you can manage that." I snicker lightly, not intending to sound so doubtful. "Of course, I adore the Mexican cuisine." He surprisingly chuckles at what I said, glancing over my way for just a moment. "C-can I watch you cook?" I stammer at first, but I am fast to overcome it and just stay brave. It's just Harry, be calm, be good. "Sure, baby, I don't mind."

My focus shifts from the conversation to our current location. Harry's gates open after he enters the sacred code. I take a deep inhale, I hope tonight goes well. I can't help but wonder if he will wait until after dinner to finish what we were doing earlier, or if he'll do it as soon as we step foot inside. I guess only time will tell.

"I, um, I apologize for the way I acted earlier. I guess you can say it was, um, a little uncalled for." Harry swiftly moved to another topic, as if the previous never occurred. I am taken by his confession. The end of my index finger begins to circle over each of his knuckles as I stare down at his excessively large hand - I can't hold back the desire to have it somewhere else on my body. My mind is quite engaged in a subject of its own. "You just.. yeah.. it was uncalled for." My mouth can't resist the smile that tugs on my lips, he indeed acting horrible but at least he is aware of it now.

"I feel like I embarrassed you more than myself." He admits with a slight chuckle, trying not to make the conversation seem so tense. "Your face was thirty shades of red. S'like you were ashamed of me. I, uh, can't blame you though. You ought to be." He carries on, throwing these things out into the air - things of which are partially true. Yes, I was embarrassed but only because he was being so harsh. If he had used lesser insulting words, then his anger would have been more understandable. Instead of verbally replying to him, I give him a dart of my eyes and a small, barely there giggle - just to assure him I'm not upset.

Fact of the matter is.. I am very ashamed, he should not have spoke to her that way. However, there was nothing I could actually do to prevent it. He will do as he pleases, just like anyone else.


// so if you missed the previously posted, no deleted, A/N... I would like to announce that I am going to be updating again. Life has been really hard in the past few months, and school is so annoying -- that's my reason for being gone so long -- anyways... I just got into a writing mood and I just started to spit out ideas. So, here you go! Chapter 46!

Not many too important things happen, but as usual pay attention! Some things may be foreshadowing something else ya never know!

--Feedback PLEASE I would love to see how you guys like this update! I hope you're looking forward to future updates because they are coming! Very soon xxxxxxxoooooo


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