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Dangerous Love

45 - Uncomfortable


A week has passed since my darling’s little stunt she pulled at the restaurant. She’s been such a good girl for me, I haven’t had to give her a spanking since then. The hard stares given to us by strangers are ticking me off more and more by the second.

Some of these idiots act as if they have never seen a man help his woman pick out lingerie. Obviously I know they are staring because of who I am but honestly my celebrity status means nothing to me. I can’t even shop in peace.

“I like this one.” Anna Lisa states as she twirls around, her skirt flaring up in the process. My hand drops to the swell of her bum, making sure the fabric stays over her behind. Her cheeks turn a rosy color due to my public display of such sexual affection. I smirk gently as an older woman turns her daughter away from us. In my opinion, fourteen year olds shouldn’t be in here anyways - but that’s none of my business.

“Mm, I like it, too.” I say as I finally look at the piece she’s holding. It’s soft pink and nothing but thin lace. She drapes it over my forearm before turning back around, more slowly this go around though. I lick my lips as I observe her movements, her fingertips trailing over the items as she slowly walks beside the display. “You don't like this one?” I mumble to her as I pick up the thin fabric. She turns to face me and does the cutest thing.

Anna Lisa lifts her hand and begins to tap the pad of her index finger against her chin while her eyes judge the item in my hand. She narrows her eyes and slightly cocks her head. I roll my lips in as I stare at the gorgeous woman in front of me. “No, not really. It looks uncomfortable.” she shakes her head at me before turning around and carrying on with her search. I just give her a light laugh as I sit the piece back on the pile with the identical ones. “But.. I like this.” She stops suddenly, too quickly. I walk right into her frozen body and she lets out a gasp.

“Sorry, love.” I chuckle lightly as my hand pushes into the small of her back. I keep myself pressed against the side of her body, causing blush to form on her cheeks. “You're too close.” She giggles out, giving me a quick glance before snatching up the pair of underwear. “Can never be too close to you, sugar.” I lean down so my lips could graze the shell of her ear. “Harry, someone is watching you.” Anna warns me in a soft tone. I ignore her words and carefully take her lobe into my mouth. She squeals as I nibble on the soft flesh.

Harry!” She yells to me in a whisper, attempting to move away from me. My hold on her prevents the motion though. A smirk grows on my face as I hear someone smack their lips close by. “They could save it for their bedroom.” A woman's voice spoke out resulting in a deep laugh from me. People really like to believe that other people give a damn about what they say.

I take a few steps back as I pull my ringing phone from my back pocket. I answer it with a sigh, not in the mood to speak to anyone at the moment.

“Harry, we really need you in the studio today.” I hear one of my music producers. I roll my eyes, clearly I am in the middle of something and it doesn’t need to be interrupted. “No, I can't today.” I admit the truth, I already have plans and I’m definitely not throwing them to the side. They continue to speak to me as if I were listening when in reality my eyes and attention are glued to Anna Lisa as she trailed her fingertips over a sexy little pair of underwear - ones to match the bra she already picked up. “I’ve gotta go.” I say without any further warning. I hang up the phone and slide it back into my pocket, I have no time for them today.

“Are they going home today?” Anna Lisa questions as she passes me the set she had been admiring while I was on the phone. “I hope so, love.” I shrug to her because I really don’t know the answer to that. My mother said three days, it’s now been a week. I enjoy having them over but I’d really like to pleasure my girl without having to cover her mouth with my hand. I adore hearing her scream, but she can’t when my mother is right down the hall with ears like a hawk.

“I have a meeting at three, dear. Forgot to mention that.” I say as I roughly pinch the bridge of my nose. How could I be so foolish and forget that? Anna Lisa throws her hands in the air, clearly pissed off now since our day will be cut short. “I should've known.” She mumbles as she shakes her head to me, in pure disbelief. “I’m sorry, honey. I can’t get out of this one.” I remind her - it’s quite an important one this time. “I’m sorry, doll. I can’t get out of it.” A huff came through my lips as she started to walk away from me, ignoring my repetition. I reach out and grab her elbow, she isn’t very fast.

I roughly yank her back, her body slamming into mine. She winces at the pain I’m inflicting on her arm but I don’t care right now, she’s behaving like a child and she knows I don’t like that. A few people glance our way and give weird faces as if I was an alien or something. This is my girl, I can punish her if I want. “Lose the attitude.” I say with through gritted teeth as I lean down to her ear. She nods to me, her fingers reaching up to scrap at my hand but I don’t let her go, she’s not getting away that easily.

“Behave or I’ll throw you over my lap and spank you in front of all these people. Don’t test me, love.” I drop her arm and turn away from her, heading towards the cash register. I don’t have to worry about her walking off because I know she’s too afraid to do that. I hear her footsteps behind me, making a smirk grow on my face. We pass a mirror and I glance over to catch her reflection.

She looks like a small child who just got scolded by their mother - her head hangs low, her blonde locks curtaining that pretty face, and her lips are set in a pout. “Did you find everything okay, sir?” The young girl asks with a smile as she looks up at before beginning to scan the many items I lay on the counter.

“Yes, we did.” I say as Anna Lisa appears at my side, her hand brushing mine due to our closeness. “Would you like to join the rewards club?” The girl asks with a tone that told me she didn’t really care either way. “No.” I simply state as I feel Anna Lisa’s cold little fingers rub against my palm. She takes the opportunity to lace our fingers and press our palms together.

“Harry.” My adorable nymphet mutters beside me, making my head turn to look down at her big blue orbs. “Yes, baby?” I raise my eyebrows as emphasis as she gazes up at me with those slightly fear coated eyes. “That’s a lot of money.” She glances to the screen on the cash register, making me just sigh to her because she already knows not to worry about the money. “Darling, what I have I told you?” I ask kindly, noticing that the cashier gives me a glance. “Not to mind the cost.” Anna Lisa answers with a slight pout still placed on her plump lips. “Mmhm, so what should you do now?” I continue on with the slightly higher pitched voice.

Her eyes trail back to mine and she gives me a soft smile. “I’m sorry.” She apologizes with a hopeful look in her precious eyes. “Good girl.” I wink gently and her cheeks burn up in flames of pink and red - public affection is definitely something I like now. I look back to the cashier and even she is blushing, but hers is mostly likely from the fact that she actually heard that. “Your total is three hundred dollars and seven cents.” She says as she prints off the receipt and sticks it into the large plastic bag. I pass her my card and she slides it through the machine quickly before handing it back. I take the bag as she extends it to me and I give her a kind smile. “Have a good day.” She says, still confused on what she witnessed moments ago I’m sure. “You too.”

A few heads turn our way as we exit the store, people notice me and start to mumble but I just shrug them off. Today I am not worrying about paparazzi or fans or tabloids - today it is just about me and my darling girl. “She looked horrified.” Anna Lisa sighs as she throws her hand over her flushed forehead. “Who did, baby?” I ask with a slight smirk as I look for another store to enter.

“That girl, Harry, you.. you said those things in front of her.” She scoffs at me, I can see her stare from the corner of my eye. “And?” I cock a brow as I look over at her, her mouth agape as if she couldn’t believe me right now. I just keep the smirk stuck on my lips and turn my attention back in front of us, my eyes looking for another store to go to.


[Anna Lisa]

Never did I think that a human could withstand this insane amount of boredom I am going through right now. Harry is sitting at the end of the long table in a big leather chair, people fill each side of the table as well. He’s pinching the bridge of his nose, he does that when he’s annoyed and right now I don’t blame him. These people are giving me a headache - they all want to speak at the same time and it’s not working. At first, they didn’t want me in the room because it was important business stuff but Harry was fast to deny their needs. He told them that if they wanted to see him, then they’d let me in the room. So, he left me in the rather comfortable couch in the corner of the room with a boring magazine selection on the table in front of me.

Two of them start to discuss something Harry mentioned nearly twenty minutes ago, something about a private jet and a trip to somewhere - hell, I don’t even know anymore, I can’t keep up. Curiosity began to boil in my veins when I see Harry take his phone from his pocket and lean his elbow on the table, his forehead resting on his hand as he stares down at his lap. He’s typing rather fast with just one thumb and I wonder if it’s something important.

“What do you prefer, Harry?” One of the women ask him. He looks up and sighs before answering them quickly, “Plane. My girl doesn’t like water, so no ships.” He states and I have a feeling they will do what he prefers. I smile gently to myself, he actually put some consideration in - he remembered my fear of water and drowning.

"So cruises wouldn't be an option for any future trips." A man presumes and he is certainly correct about that. Harry may do as he pleases but I am never stepping foot on a cruise ship. "Yeah, no cruises. No boats." Harry laughs just ever so slightly, making my nerves tingle. My heart jumps as my phone suddenly vibrates in my lap nearly four or five times, literally scaring the life out of me. I look down to see that it was a few messages from Harry. I furrow my brows, why is he texting me now? I decide to stop wondering and just see what he said. I open the messages and read over them.

From Harry: (3:57 pm)
You look so lonely love, I wish I could come join you.

From Harry: (3:57 pm)
That skirt looks beautiful on you, doll. Can’t wait to rip it off xx

From Harry: (3:57 pm)
Remind me to not allow you to wear that shirt again, it's tight against your tits babe. I don’t want anyone else to see those, they’re all mine xx

My eyes widen at his choice of words, but I know he would have verbally said them anyways so a text shouldn’t really shock me. My cheeks are heating up though, he’s very flirtatious at the moment and he needs to be focused on their conversation. He claimed he couldn’t miss this major meeting, yet here he is sending me sexual texts.

To Harry: (3:59 pm)
I am lonely and I wish you were over here toooo. You need to pay attention to your meeting…. not to my breasts, Harry.

I send the message with a small smile on my lips - it was nothing dirty, I’m still trying to recover from what he said. I sigh out with a shake of my head as I watch him quickly open his phone and look down at what I sent him. He does what I didn’t expect him to do - he turned his head and slowly licked his lips, and I could clearly tell his eyes aren't trained on my face, but instead on my chest. He smirked before dropping his head again and typing up a message for me. I begin to chew on the inside of my cheek, I have no clue why I’m so nervous about this. It’s just Harry.

From Harry: (4:00 pm)
I can’t help but to think about your lovely boobies my dear. Can’t wait to shove my cock between them. Sounds lovely, yeah?

My hand covers my mouth and I calmly sit my phone down. I hear Harry chuckle from across the room and I want to seriously slap him right now. I can not believe he actually done that. Someone asks if he is okay and he just says he thought of something and they went on with their conversation, Harry is supposed to be listening but of course he’s not.

To Harry: (4:01 pm)

He gives me a glance before tapping his thumbs on the phone screen. I don’t know if my heart can take his reply, it might be entirely too inappropriate for the setting and time. The phone vibrates in my phone and I nervously look down to read his message. Oh. My. Goodness.

From Harry: (4:01 pm)
Oh, very positive, my love. I can’t wait to bend you over this table and fuck the life out of your pretty little pussy. You’ve been a good girl today, you deserve a little bit from me, hm?

He wouldn’t. Oh, but he certainly would. I take a deep breath as I begin to type up a response. He has such a dirty mind, and I know good and well he will go through with his idea. Harry gets what he wants, no matter the risk or the consequences. Someone sparks up a new topic, forcing Harry to join in so I know he won’t have time to reply to me. That’s probably a good thing for sure.

To Harry: (4:02 pm)
That table looks dusty. Besides.. I prefer your bed. :)

“Oh, yeah. That sounds nice. I think we’ll both be able to enjoy that one.” Harry says, hands folded on the table as he leans a little closer, listening in on the subject. A smirk plays on his pink lips as he nonchalantly rubs the back of his neck and glances in my direction. He turns his attention away from me and speaks once again. “Yes, Paris. Lovely idea.” Harry nods with a growing grin on his handsome face. He is talking about a trip to Paris again, I can’t believe he’s actually considering this and is willing to carry me along the way - or at least I hope he plans on taking me with him.

I began to get anxious as Harry was dropped from the conversation and his team spoke on something else, while his eyes went to his phone and he leaned back in the chair to get comfortable. A devious smirk stuck to his plump lips as he typed away on the screen. My head drops just as the phone vibrates in my hand. I take a huge inhale before opening the message, well messages.

From Harry: (4:07 pm)
OUR bed, darling. And I can wipe it off ;)

From Harry: (4:07 pm)
I know you think I’m playing but I’m not, sugar. Get ready for my cock. Meeting’s almost over.

After reading those, I take in a few slow, deep inhales in order to tame my rapidly beating heart. I cannot comprehend this right now. He is such a sneaky man, it has to be evident to the people at the table that he isn’t concerned with their conversation. I gather up my courage and type him a few replies.

To Harry: (4:08 pm)
Stop texting me and pay attention! You said this meeting was important.

My attempt at reminding him of this is a failure entirely. I look up just in time to see him checking the screen and quickly tapping his fingers on it to type up his response, which will probably be very explicit. That smirk is glued to his face. I have no idea what to expect at this point and I really hope he's not legitimate about what he said.

From Harry: (4:09 pm)
You're way more important baby xx and besides I can't stop thinking about how wet your pussy is for me. Can't wait to taste it xx

A small, almost breathless gasp escapes my mouth as I read over his words once more to make sure it said what I thought it did - and it definitely does say that. My head lifts and my heart rapidly begins to pound in my chest as I notice what Harry's doing. He's shaking some man’s hand as the rest of the file out of the room quietly. A huge lump forms in my throat as I see Harry walking alongside the man towards the exit. His eyebrows are knitted together as he nods firmly to the man a few times before grabbing his hand once again. “It should be a lovely trip, Mr. Styles.” The man assures him with a hefty smile. “Oh, I hope so. She’s always wanted to go.” Harry says, referring to me. The man gives me a quick glance before leaning closer to Harry.

Harry’s bright eyes peer past the man and straight to me. I don’t know what the man is whispering to him but honestly I don’t really care. The one and only thing I can think about right now is what Harry has planned for me in the very near future. “You have a good evening.” The man tells Harry in which he just nods back and returns the same words. The door shuts to with a click of the lock. It isn’t until this moment that I realize how impatient, and frankly terrified, I am.

A smirk covers the lips I have longed to feel against my own. “Please tell me you have realized that I’m not joking.” Harry said with a deep, rumbling chuckle that had the area between my legs tingling. I feel the heavy blush arise to my cheeks as Harry approaches me with an extended hand. I gladly rest my shaky hand in his welcoming palm while my eyes trail up his height to reach the glorious gaze of his green orbs. “You are joking.” I say with a serious lift of my brows. Harry pulls me to my feet, which immediately become numb. I fumble forward but thankfully his free hand grabs onto my waist to steady me.

“Mm, I’m afraid ‘m not joking, darling.” His devious smile is assisted by a wink. I shake my head lightly as I look away from him, he can’t be serious about this. “Is my girl being shy, hmm?” Harry asks as his lips brush against my temple. I don't respond to him mainly because I am trying to cope with what is about to come. An unexpected shriek leaves my body as Harry sweeps me off the ground. I throw my arms around his neck as he starts the walk to the meeting table.

"Harry, no." I whine to him as he uses his foot to push the chair he had been sitting in away, leaving no obstacles in his way. "Anna Lisa, yes!" He mocks my previous tone and I just roll my bottom lip out, hoping that he'd notice my vibe. "Don't pout, love." Harry mumbles as he sits me down on the edge of the table. I scoot myself back due to the fear of slipping off, and he doesn't seem to mind it. His rough hands grasp my waist on either side and gives me a light wink.

I watch him lift his knee up so he could part mine, stepping right between them once the space had shown up. "I'm going to Paris next week." He tells me with a gentle sigh as his hands squeeze me tightly. My eyes find his and I drop my brows at his words, "Just you?" My words are nervously spoken in a whisper to him. A smile grows on his plump lips and he shakes his head at me, a laugh rolling past his lips. "No baby, you and me. I wouldn't leave you behind." His mouth presses against mine before I could hardly process the sentence he let out.

The kiss is subtle and sweet, he leans back up just a moment later. "You're going to love it." He assures me as he releases my body from his strong hold. I don't not reply to him, I simply just watch as he begins to unbutton his black shirt the rest of the way, since he hardly ever fastens the top buttons the upper portion of his chest is already exposed. "I've been hard all fuckin' day." The bluntly admits, causing my cheeks heat up. He just says whatever is on his mind, and I kind of like it. I'm glad he's honest, even if I wish he'd use other words at times.

"Wh-what if someone walks in?" I murmur while watching the beautiful man in front of me undo his pants. He pushes them down to the middle of his muscled thighs before looking my way. "The door's locked baby, relax." Harry breathes out, trying to calm my nerves down but I doubt it will work. Without another word, Harry lays me back and grabs a hold of my thighs, yanking me closer to the edge of the table. My crotch is now against his and I immediately feel the hardness hiding behind the fabric of his boxers. "Gonna fuck you so good, baby." Harry's voice rushes straight to my core, he has a way of making me melt - in more ways than just one.

His fingers carefully grabs the hem of my shirt and he pulls it up my body, letting it rest above my chest. "So glad you wore this, sweetheart." Harry licks his lips slowly as he unzips the strapless bra. He stares down with wide eyes to watch my breasts spill out. A pleasured groan exits his mouth and I nearly do the same. " 'm just gonna push this up." Harry informs me while grabbing the fabric of my skirt. He shoves it up my body so that its piled around my stomach. His hands work together to bring my legs up in the air. An unsure smile came to my mouth as I watched him do so. My suspicion was ended when he hooked a few long fingers around the waist band of my panties. "And these.. off." That provocative smirk forms on to his lips when his fingers begin to drag the item up my legs.

Harry keeps my legs in the air but this go around he parts them, letting them rest on his shoulders. "Mmm." I jump from fright as his index finger suddenly taps against my nub, something I didn't see coming. Harry hums again as he trails his finger down my slit, letting it slip into my entrance. The sensation of his finger sliding in and out of my body ended only after a few quick seconds. I can feel myself getting even more slick down there as I witness Harry shoving his finger into his mouth, cleaning it of me. He releases it with a 'pop' and that damn smirk returns to his face. His eyes meet mine after trailing up my body and I know he notices the blushing on my cheeks and the flustered skin covering my chest.

"You taste amazing." Harry spoke out just a moment before he hit his knees below me and began to hungrily devour my center. A moan left my mouth as he automatically began to multi-task, putting that same finger back inside of me. Harry chuckles against my bundle of nerves just as I bury my hand into his hair, pulling and tugging at his roots.

As usual, things go down a bad road and it suddenly comes to a halt - fear struck both of us.



I am officially back from my exhausting and complicated break! Personal things - that's what had me away for so looongg. Anyways.. Please give me some love and feedback in the comments below! I would really like to keep this story going so let me know if you want more chapters!!! :)


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