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Dangerous Love

44 - Count For Me

[Anna Lisa]

There is no hope for me. Anne and Gemma decided to go to the movie theater, saying they’ll catch a taxi back to the house. As for Harry and I, well, the car ride home has been completely silent. The radio is shut off, the only sounds are from outside of the car. I’m keeping myself hushed, the only movements I’m making are my fingers, which are fiddling with each other out of pure nervousness.

"Tsk. Tsk." Harry lets out the little sounds all of a sudden, my eyes widening as I realize he’s going to either scold me in a yell, or sarcastically praise me for the way I behaved.

“You disappointed me tonight, Anna Lisa.” Harry starts with a sigh of shame. I hold my breath still in my lungs, not daring myself to make a sound, at least not while he’s talking. “I can’t believe you acted that way in front of my family.. acting as if you couldn’t speak. Such a shame, you know, you were such a good girl before.. but tonight has obviously changed that.” Harry snickers lightly to himself, I know he finds all humor in this situation.

I find nothing but shame – horrible, pathetic shame.

“My little kitten used to be such a good girl. Whatever happened to that, hm? Why did you disobey me tonight?” Harry questions curiously, his hand reaching over to grab one of mine. I jump in my skin as he laces his fingers with mine, acting all lovey-dovey with me now. “Answer me, doll. Don’t make this any worse for you.” Harry warns with a squeeze of my fingers. I swallow the large lump in my throat, be good. Be good. Just be good.

“I.. I really don’t know.” I whisper back to him – due to the silence, I know he can perfectly understand me. “Yes you do, now tell me. No playing around, baby.” Harry insists, I literally can hear the smirk tied to his deep tone. I gather my thoughts and nervously put together a sentence. “I.. um.. I.. didn’t feel.. com-comfortable.. talking a-about.. some of those th-things.. with your.. m-mother.” I stammer out, my voice is soft and feathery.

“That’s no reason to sit there and ignore people when they’re talking to you. And that also isn’t a good explanation to why you thought you have permission to push me away. I will touch you how I want, when I want, and where I want. Understand me?” Harry asks harshly, his hand gripping mine tighter than before. Despite the tight hold, I adore the feeling of his hand clutching mine – even when he’s mean I feel loved.

“I’m.. I’m so s-sorry, H-harry. I’m.. so.. so.. st-stupid.” I bite my quivering lip, this is going to terrible. I threw this upon myself, I acted up and I will get what I deserve. “Baby, you’re not stupid. I know you’re tummy hurts but sweetie.. you still have to do as I say. Rules are rules, babe.” Harry reminds me, the pad of his thumb rubbing over my skin so perfectly.

“Maybe after I teach you a lesson tonight, you won’t do it again.” Harry sighs out as if he couldn’t care any less. He kept the grip on my hand as silence reemerged into the car. I thank myself for shutting up, I couldn’t handle speaking anymore, at least not to him.

I stare down at our joined hands, his long fingers and big knuckles – he’s beautiful and perfect, even when he’s threatening me.


Harry’s hand grabbed a firm hold of mine as he slammed the door shut. My entire body flinched at the loud sound echoing in the house. He tugs me behind me as he goes up the staircase. I’m only a few minutes away from my punishment and I have never been more nervous, not even when I was thrown on a stage in front of a bunch of sex-hungry men – Harry being one of them.

He keeps the air silent as we continue up the staircase. My eyes lock with his feet, I don’t want to get distracted by his back or his behind or even his arms, I just want to keep my eyes off of him.

We reach the bedroom quicker than I expected we would. My heart is racing, my lungs are dry, and my mind is all over the place. He’s going to hurt me, really bad. Harry opens the door and brings me in behind him. Within seconds he slams the door shut and turns the lock. He leads me to the bed and lets my hand go.

My throat begins to close up as he turns to face me, his green eyes clad with frustration stare down at me. He shakes his head lightly from left to ride as his eyes begin to trail up and down my body. “Such a bad little girl.” He murmurs as he roughly takes the sweater from my hand and the purse off my shoulder. I watch him cross the room to the huge closet. He goes in the open doors and I assume he put the things away for me, he disappeared from my view.

Moments later he returns to the bedroom with a sly smirk on his handsome face. “I don’t want to punish you, my pretty little kitten. But I have to.” He sighs out as he unbuttons the cuffs of his sleeves. I watch him push the sleeves up to his elbows. Harry plops down on the edge of the bed and he gestures with his pointer finger for me to come to him. I nervously stand in front of him and look down, those beautiful eyes observing my body.

“Take your dress off, now.” Harry demands, pointing his finger to the floor. I nod rapidly, I’d hate to upset him anymore than I already have. I grab the bottom of the dress and tug it up my body – there was no zipper and the material wasn’t very tight. I drop it by my feet as I feel the cool bedroom air hit my clammy skin, I’m only sweating because I’m so damn nervous.

“Shoes.” He sighs lightly, I can’t tell if he’s tired or pissed at the moment. I lean down and unbuckle my sandals. I quickly step out of them and push them to the side near my dress.

“Such a tease.. wearing these cute panties for me.” Harry mumbles as his hands grab my hips, his eyes admiring the simple pink cotton underwear that kind of match the bra I have on. He pulls me forward, leaving a very tiny distance between us now.

“Lay across my lap, kitten.” He says, patting his thigh lightly as his hands fall from my body. I gulp gently and lean my body down, hovering over his lap. “Don’t be acting all shy now.” Harry says as his hand pushes down on my back, making me fall on his legs.

My hand nervously touches against his clothed calf muscle as he adjusts my body on his thighs. My hair fell over my face and my butt was arched into the air. Harry kept one hand on the upper portion of my back while the other rubbed over my butt.

“Such a pretty little bottom, hm. Pretty pale skin.” Harry said to himself as his hand caressed over my skin. “Too bad I have to make it red.” I bite the inside of my cheek at his words, he has never been rough with me – but let me remind myself, I have never been bad before. He yanks my panties down far enough so that my entire back side is revealed to his eyes.

“Count for me darlin’.” Harry demands with a deep chuckle as his hand lifts from my skin. I brace myself for the impact, I just know it’s going to hurt like Hell.

Harry’s hand connects with my butt and I feel a stinging pain shoot through my body, the sound of his hand smacking my skin fills the room. “One.” I whine out, squeezing my eyes shut, trying to reduce the pain but I know it won’t work. “Thank me.” Harry insists with another devious laugh. I take a deep breath before doing as I was told, be good for him.

“Thank you, sir.” I breathe out, my eyes seeing nothing but pure darkness. “Good girl. Keep going until I decide you’ve had enough.” Harry commands me, his other hand rubbing into my back – it was like he was soothing me, despite the spankings.

His hand slams down again. “Two, thank you, s-sir.” I jerk lightly but I come to find out he won’t allow that to happen. “Nuh-uh, now. Keep still for me, kitten.” Harry sighs. I nod a few times, hoping he will be accepting when it came to my answer.

Before I could even take in a breath, his hand strikes my swollen skin once again. “Th-three, thank you.. s-sir.” I feel my eyes watering at the pain. He’s not letting up on me, only making each hit worse.

His large hand crashes down onto the same side of butt, I wish he’d move to other side – it wasn’t hurting. “Four.. thank you.. s-sir.” I find myself with my fingernails digging into his pants, trying to feel his skin but I couldn’t feel it at all.

His hand smacks down onto my butt within seconds, the timing between the slaps is getting very short. “Five.. thank you sir.” I whimper lightly as the smacking sound refills the room for the fifth sound. My heart is pounding and my butt is stinging and burning.

“Good girl. Now c’mere, baby.” Harry says with an amused tone. I let a breathy sigh leave my mouth as he grabs me by my sides, pulling me off of him.

He stands me up for a few short seconds before dragging me onto his lap once again, but this time my butt was pressed into his thigh. His large hands grab my legs and wrap them around his waist, his hands soon returning to my hips.

“Next time it will be ten, so behave for me baby, okay?” Harry informs me with raised eyebrows. I nod lightly to him, I only want to feel his kiss against my lips, or his hands on my body – something.. to calm me down.. anything.

“I hated it baby, I don’t wanna have to spank you, but if you’re bad you get the consequences.” Harry huffs lightly as he realizes what he done to me. I feel a few tears glide down my face. “Anna Lisa, baby, what’s the matter, doll?” Harry asks, his hand against the side of my neck, his thumb rubbing my ear lobe. The same hand that just laid five spankings onto my bottom.

“It hurts, Harry.” I pout lightly as the words softly leave my mouth. “I know, kitten, but you have to be a good girl for me. I can’t fix it.” His other hand gently takes a hold of the side he beat moments ago.

I wince lightly in pain, I want the nice Harry back forever, I don’t like the one I met a few minutes ago. “Does your tummy still hurt, angel?” Harry changes the subject of conversation and I let a small sigh slip past my lips.

My head falls, my forehead landing on his shoulder. He pulls my body closer, both of his hands pressing into the small of my back now. He’s rubbing patterns into my skin with his palms, trying to soothe me.

“How about you go take a nice shower, calm your nerves and relax. How does sound that?” Harry suggests, his lips brushing the shell of my ear. I give him a nod and lean my body off of his enough so that I could see those pretty eyes.

“I’ll be a good girl from now on.” I mumble softly to him, my lips finding their ways to his. “Well, I hope so baby. I hate punishing you.” He mutters back before molding his lips with mine. So perfect.



Twenty minutes – she’s still in the bathroom and the water is still running. I lazily throw my legs off the bed, a huff leaving my mouth as I stand up. I allow my legs to carry me over to the open bathroom door, the scent of sweet strawberries and cream fill my nose, her shampoo.

I step into the bathroom and seal the door shut behind me, just in case. My eyes linger to the glass shower – her body perfectly visible to my eyes, despite a very thin layer of dog on the door.

Now I’m only a few feet away from her and I can’t help but smile as the sound of her humming a tune invades my ears. So adorable.

My smile soon fades as I let my eyes drop to the lower portion of her body. The left side of her butt is glowing and red, poor girl. I probably hit her sensitive skin too hard. No – don’t go there! She was bad and she got her consequences.

I grab the handle to the shower door and I slowly slide it open, resulting in a slight squeaking sound to erupt in the silent room. Seconds later, a sharp gasp occurs and a pleased smile plays on my lips. “You scared me.” Anna Lisa sighs out as she steps from under the water, her hair still covered with shampoo.

“Sorry darlin’.” I breathe out as I unbutton my pants, I discarded my shirt a few minutes after she went into the bathroom. “Wh-what are you doin’?” She asks nervously, biting her lip as she watches me drop my pants to my ankles, my boxers soon to follow.

“I’m joining you, silly girl. What else would I be doing?” I say with a soft chuckle as I step over the threshold, the cool water cascading down my body. I shut the door back and step a little closer to the beautiful girl. “Cold showers, hm?” I shiver lightly at the cool temperature of the water.

She gives me a soft smile before nodding at me. “Turn around, baby. Let me get a look at your bum.” I say and rotate my index finger around in the air. She takes notice of my gesture and carefully turns so that her back is now facing me. I kneel down so I could get a good view of her raw skin.

“Oh baby, I hope I didn’t hurt you too bad.” I sigh out as I press my lips against her warm skin – the rest of her body is pale and cold, but not this part. “It’s.. oh-okay.. I d-deserved it.” She stutters lightly as I begin to pepper her bottom with little pecks. I reach one hand up to grab hers. She hesitates at first, but it didn’t take but a few seconds for her to lace her fingers with mine. Such a sweet little girl, such a good little girl for me.

My other hand presses against the other side of her bottom, the skin there is much more normal and it isn’t red at all. I continue with the kisses, trying my best to make her feel better. “Harry.. I’m okay.” She giggles lightly as I make over dramatic kissing sounds with every little peck. I smile against her redden skin, too beautiful to be spanked.

“No baby, I need to apologize to you.” I whisper out as I continue the little trails of kisses all over her rather large bottom – I adore it though, I’m glad she isn’t a stick.

So she has a little belly. So her hips are wider than normal girls and there's no space between her thighs. So her breasts are fuller, her lips are bigger, her bottom is larger. What’s the big deal? More for me to kiss.

I release a soft sigh as I remove my lips from her swollen behind, poor thing. I hate that I had to do that to her, but at least now she knows I’m serious when I demand for her to behave. I stand up straight now, letting her little hand go so I could I grab her waist. She giggles lightly as I run my fingertips over her skin. I smile to myself, I love hearing that adorable laugh of hers.

My hands pull her back against me, pressing my everything into hers. Anna Lisa gasps lightly and her hand flies to my wrist, her fingernails digging deep into my skin. “What’s wrong baby?” I ask as if I had no clue why she was flipping out all of a sudden. “You know what.. I’m.. reacting to.” She tells me, her other hand covering one of mine, running her fingertips over my knuckles.

“No, I don’t think I do. Enlighten, babe.” I insist with a smirk, glad she couldn’t see my expression. She giggles lightly again, but this time at my words not at my fingers touching her beautiful skin. “You’re.. c-.” She stops herself with a sigh, there’s no way she’ll force herself to say that word. No way. “You’re.. excited..” Anna Lisa assumes, her hands never leaving mine.

“I’m feeling fine, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I release a gentle laugh as I lean to the shell of her ear, the soap in her hair smells good but I wish it wasn’t there so I could bury my face in her beautiful angelic locks.

“Harry.. stop being silly.” She whines lightly, throwing her head back against my chest. “Whatever do you mean, darlin’?” I ask in a slow, smooth voice. I press my lips to the back of her ear, pecking it a few times as I await her reply.

“You’re h-hard.” She mutters out as if it was a sin to say. A grin plasters on my face and I can’t help but let out a chuckle, I honestly can’t believe she said that. “Oh, you noticed.” I sigh out, a smirk covering my lips as I push my body further against hers.

“Yes, I noticed.” She laughs a little as her nails let go of my wrist. Both of her small hands are now focused on my left hand, playing with my fingers and rubbing my knuckles. I take this as a clear chance to let my other hand slide down closer to her core.

Just as I was about to slide my fingers over her nub, she stops me with another nervous gasp leaving that beautiful mouth of hers. “Harry.. I’m..” She stops her sentence midway and lets out a shaky breath. “You’re in the shower, baby.” I remind her but she still doesn’t comprehend. She takes a few steps up, her body removing itself from being pressed to mine.

“Stop it, babe.” I huff as I yank her back to me. She groans lightly, as if she didn’t want to do this with me right now. “I’m on my period, Harry.” She sighs out, her hands pushing mine down roughly.

Does she not remember the spanking she received not that long ago? I snake my arms around her waist and bring her body back to meet mine. My cock gets squeezed between us and I let out a soft moan, damn I need her so bad. Her nails claw at my skin, trying her best to push me away. Not this time, baby.

“Anna Lisa, stop fighting me.” I mumble into her ear, gripping my arms tight around her. “Ow, Harry! Stop, it hurts.” She whines out all of a sudden.

My heart quickly takes over and I realize I’m hurting her. “I’m sorry.. I’m sorry, baby.” I say as I let her go. She steps as far away as the shower will let her, her arms clutching her stomach and her forehead against the wall.

I hear small sniffles coming from her, no please don’t cry. “Baby, I’m sorry. I forgot about your tummy, please look at me.” I whisper softly, my hand pressing into the small of her back. She shakes her head violently from side to side, a sign that she doesn’t want me near her right now.

“C’mon darlin’, let me wash the soap out of your hair.” I insist as I gently take a hold of her hips. She obviously doesn’t mind as she allows me to guide her to the water.

“I can do it.” She mumbles before I even got the chance to put my hands in her hair. “Alright, sweetheart.” I say with a soft smile as I press my lips against her cheek. She doesn’t respond in any way to my actions. I step past so that I was facing her, about a foot away from where the water falls over her body. I lean my back against the wall, my eyes glued to her.

Anna Lisa’s fingers are massaging her scalp, the water trailing through her beautiful, long hair. Her head is tilted back and her arms are in the air. Those beautiful eyes are sealed shut. Her soft rosy lips are parted as she lets out a few soft moans, the sensations from the relaxing shower taking over her precious body. The cold water glides over her breasts, making her little pink nubs hard. My cock is still standing, waiting to be touched by anything, and that includes my hand.

My hand wraps around my needy shaft, a groan leaving my mouth in complete pleasure. I start to pump my hand up and down my member, it feels nice but I’d prefer to have either her hand, her mouth, or her tight heat around it instead. My thumb and my index finger work together to squeeze the tip, fuck I need her now. I release another throaty moan, this time catching her attention.

Anna Lisa’s eyes open and I give her a lustful smirk as she witnesses me jerking myself off, all for her. “I need you so bad, baby.” I breathe out, the words smoothly filling the air. She drops her hands from her hair and closely watches me. My hand glides up and down my rock hard shaft, wishing it was her doing it though. “Please baby.. let me.” I moan out in ecstasy as I bring my body off the wall.

“Harry.. it.. no, that’s.. nasty.. No, I’m-” I push my index finger against her lips, shushing her. She bites her bottom lip once my finger is gone from her mouth.

“You don’t tell me no, little girl.” I say through gritted teeth, staring down at her beauty. She may be my girl but she will obey. “I thought you learned a lesson today, but I guess not.” I smirk gently as I let my shaft go. I grab her wrist and bring her hand to my hard member.

“Take care of it, kitten." She quickly obliges to my command and she drops to her knees under the water, her small hands wrapped perfectly around my shaft. “That’s it, good girl.” I say as I pet the top of her head before running my fingers through her wet hair.

She tightens her grip and I can’t resist to give her hair a tug. She winces at the slight pain before continuing, she’s making up for her actions from earlier.

“Hold on, let me adjust the showerhead.” I say as I press my hand to the side of her neck, keeping her still as I lean forward some. I reach up to the showerhead and move it so that it wasn’t pouring right on her. Once that was done, I stood straight up again and nodded for her to carry on.

Anna Lisa’s hands pump up and down my shaft, squeezing me tight as she reaches the base every time. “There you go, baby. You know what I like, hmm?” I sigh with a smile, damn she’s so good at this. “I’m sorry for being.. such a bad girl, today.” Her sweet voice speaks.

My eyes drop down to meet hers staring straight up at me. I give her a kind smile, such a pretty little girl. “I know, baby. Show me how good you can be.” I say as I drop my hand from her body, I want her to do whatever she wants to in order to prove she’s good for me.

“Prove it to me, darlin’, show me how good you are.” My words make her nod and blush extremely. I give her a wink just moments before she makes a bold move. Her lips press against the tip of my cock, leaving a soft little kiss. “Mm, baby. So good.” I mumble lightly as I watch her closely, she’s so precious. She gives me a soft smile before she engulfs my tip – sending me on the verge already.

“Fuck, baby. So good.” I moan loudly, throwing my head back in pure pleasure. She adjusts me in her mouth so that her teeth don’t scrap me, thank God she already knows what to do – she’s such a good girl and I’m so lucky to have her. I slide slowly over her tongue, feeling the warmth of her mouth closing around me is making my cock twitch – damn she’ll have me shooting my load in seconds.

“There you go, baby. Show me how good you can be.” I grunt lightly as her hand starts to massage the length she couldn’t fit in her mouth – which is a lot but I don’t blame her, she’s new at this and she’s doing her best for me. So good.

A loud pop noise fills the bathroom suddenly – I don’t feel her warm tongue on me anymore. My eyes drop to her location to see her coughing hard, her hand on her chest while the other keeps a hold of cock.

“Anna Lisa, are you okay baby?” I ask, pushing her hand away from my shaft. She hesitates to let me go but she gets the gist that I’m more concerned for her health than my needy member now. I kneel down, my hands grabbing her pretty face. I tilt her head up she was looking directly at me, those baby blue eyes brimming with tears. “I’m s-sorry, Harry. I.. I ch-choked a little.” She mumbles, her sadden eyes are fighting to stay open, I think she’s had enough.

“Let me take care of my kitten, yeah?” I rhetorically ask as I press my lips against her forehead, leaving her an assuring kiss. I stand up, grabbing her hand and bringing her with me in a quick move. Her knees are wobbly, her body hits mine and she hides her face in my chest out of utter embarrassment.

“Hey baby girl, it’s alright. Let me see my girl's pretty face." I whisper into her ear. She leans back enough to lift her eyes and look up at me. "You did such a good job, my love." I gently run my fingertips over her blushing cheek.

"But you.. you didn't.." Anna stops herself, obviously not wanting to point out what didn't occur. I glance down, the small space between us allows me to see my member pressed against her stomach. "It's fine, honey. I can handle it." I assure her with a wink as I wrap my hand around my dick.

Her eyes linger down to watch me, her lip is being chewed on and those cheeks are glowing red. "You like watching me, hmm?" I say as I keep my stare on her expression. Her face only reddens more because of my words.

"My hand is good but your mouth is better." I groan out, the flicking of my wrist is speeding up. "Harry.." Her pretty voice trails off, clearly she's a tad nervous about whatever she's planning on saying. "Yeah baby?"

A throaty moan leaves my body as I let my mind drift to the thought of her tight heat, I swear the taste of her still lurks on my tongue. "Can I.." Her index finger points down to where my hand pumps my member. My heart beat increases when my brain pricesses her unspoken request.

"Go ahead babe." I vigorously nod to her. Anna Lisa drops to her knees once again and wraps her lips around my tip - fuck she is such a good girl for me

So good.


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JustineLolipop JustineLolipop

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