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Dangerous Love

40 - Everything Running Smoothly


I have never been so embarrassed before. My mother just caught me having sex with the girl she doesn’t even know I’m with – and on top of that we were in the pool. Fuck my life, I can’t do anything right. How am I supposed to expect my mother to love and approve Anna Lisa when the first saw her while we were having sex?

Honestly, my mother will most likely be upset with me not Anna Lisa, hopefully at least. I don’t want her to be blamed, she won’t be blamed for anything.

I’m brought out of my thoughts by the sudden touch on my back. I sigh gently, don’t flip out on her Harry, she didn’t cause any of this. I swallow, trying to keep myself together. “Put some clothes on, baby.” I say with a light shake of my head from side to side, ashamed in myself for letting his occur. But how could I stop it? My mother never told me she was going to be here today.

“I’m sorry, Harry.” Anna Lisa mumbles lightly as she slides her hand on my skin, her arm wrapping around my lower back. I roll my eyes, here we go again with this shit. “It’s not your fault. Now go get some clothes on.” I stand up from the edge of the bed, her arm falling onto the mattress. I didn’t intend for that to be mean, but I know it was. But what’s happened has happened and I can’t go back, no matter how bad I want to.

“Yes sir.” She breathes out as I turn to face her, only to make sure she was doing what I told her to do. She hurries over to the closet, probably afraid and nervous that I’ll hurt her again. I mentally slap myself for acting like such a dick to this beautiful girl. She deserves the world, and I haven’t given that to her.

I make my way to the closet, I want to help her pick something out and hopefully make up for my dumb mistake. I step inside the large room and smile gently when I hear her humming to herself, walking on her tiptoes as she goes down the several racks of clothes, her eyes searching every article of clothing. She’s so damn adorable, I can’t keep the smile from sticking on my face.

She spins on her heel in my direction and jumps lightly, throwing her hand over her chest. “You scared me.” She sighs out as she grabs a clothes hanger with a casual shirt on it. “Sorry, babe. Am I too late to assist you, or are you still looking?” I question as I sit down on the bench in the middle of the room. She twirls around to face me and smiles gently as she holds up the shirt to me.

“Is this okay?” She asks in a soft voice, raising her eyebrows at me. “I like it.. but.. how about a dress? Just a simple one.” I tell her with a shrug. She looks amazing in anything she puts on her body, but tonight needs to go as good as it can. Her expression changes, like she’s upset at my suggestion. She’ll learn to accept what I say, sooner or later.

“Oh-okay.” She mutters out, biting her lip lightly – but this time it wasn’t in a pleasurable way, more like a sad way. I gulp gently, please baby don’t get upset over this simple thing. She hangs the shirt back up and continues to look for a dress. “I’m not saying get all dressed up.. but we need to make a good impression.. especially after what happened.” I sigh out with an eye roll, I can’t believe my mother caught me in the act.

“Harry.” Anna says, her voice soft. I look over at her, her eyes lock with mine as she holds a light orange color dress against her body. I smirk gently to myself, that brings her eyes out. “I like it.” I say as I stand up from the bench. “Wear something nice underneath it.” I say as I go towards the door, opting to give her privacy.

“But your mother has already seen enough.. why would she want to see my underwear?” Anna Lisa says with a giggle in her tone. I look over my shoulder to see her with a smile on her pretty face. “Hurry up, love.” I couldn’t resist, I had to let out a laugh at her little joke, so cute and innocent – it’s mind blowing to me.

I adjust the cuffs of my shirt after making sure all of my buttons are buttoned – my mother despises seeing my shirt buttons undone. I roll my eyes at the thought, she gets on my nerves sometimes. But she’s the only mother I have, and I’m lucky to have her – some people, like Anna Lisa, don’t have a mother at all.

[Anna Lisa]

I pull the dress over my head just as I hear the bedroom door shut. Harry isn’t in the best mood, but I can’t blame him for being the way he is right now. His family showed up out of literally nowhere and it caught us all off guard. Harry’s angry at himself, and I just don’t like it.

I decided to get back in the pool and things went on from there, it’s all my fault. Harry won’t believe that though, he doesn’t want this to be thrown on me. I let out a sigh as I stand in front of the full length mirror hanging on the wall. I smile gently as I see how nice the dress really is on me, showing my curves well. Harry will like it, I just know, and that’s all that really matters to me..

It doesn’t take but about five minutes for me to throw on some makeup, enough to make me look presentable and nice in front of Harry’s mom. I have to be the perfect girlfriend tonight, and for the next few days, in order to make up for the horrible sight his mother witnessed.

My hair sort of just happened, I don’t really have time to straighten it or make it look nicer. I let out a frustrated groan as I step away from the bathroom mirror, tonight is going to be terrible – and it’s all because of me. I make my way back into closet and over to what resembles a book case. Each shelf is full of jewelry, all of which Harry either ordered for me or bought me already.

I grab a few things and add them to my attire, hoping that this is okay for his mother and she approves of me. What if she doesn’t like me? Will Harry make me leave? What if she hates me entirely, and never even gives me a chance to show her my true self? What if Harry hates me for ruining his night?


“I just started the pasta, should be ready in about thirty minutes.” I say as I sit down on the couch opposite of my sister and my mother. My mother’s eyes dart to mine and she gives me her disappointed face, her hands folded in her lap and her lips in a straight line. She just stares at me, as if she’s seeing a ghost instead of me.

“So where’s your friend?” Gemma chirps, giving me a smirk as I look over at her. “Getting ready. She’ll be down in a few minutes.” I reply, acting as if everything is running smoothly – even when it’s anything but that. “She’s pretty.” Gemma shrugs, laughing lightly at me.

“Yeah.. I know.” I sigh out, of course she’s pretty – she’s more than that, she’s gorgeous. My eyes land on my mother once again and she hasn’t even flinched or blinked. I gulp gently, she’s staring straight through me. I don’t have to question her anger, I know she’s pissed.

“Listen, M-” “Harry?” I’m cut off the sound of Anna Lisa’s beautiful voice. I stand from the couch and turn to face the opening leading to the foyer. There she stands, so beautiful in that dress. I smile at her as I head in her direction. Her cheeks fluster up as I quickly reach her, grabbing her hand and lacing our fingers.

“She looks mad.” Anna mutters out, her eyes falling to the floor. “Just relax, baby. I’ll handle everything.” I assure her with a kiss on her forehead, her skin so soft. “You look beautiful, don’t worry. They’ll both love you.” I add in with a smile as her eyes meet mine again, I wish they would permanently stay locked with mine.

“What if they don’t?” She questions, her bottom lip quivering lightly. She appears to be so nervous and afraid, poor thing. “How could they not? You’re amazing, love. Once they get to know you.. they’ll love you.” I say with a convincing smile. She nods lightly at me before I lean down and give her a fast peck on her lips, tasting her lipstick in my mouth just seconds later.

I turn on my heel and pull her behind me as I walk back to the couch. I sit down and release her hand as she gladly takes the spot beside me. She closes her legs to prevent anyone seeing any more than they already have. Anna places her hands in her lap and smiles lightly.

“Erm.. this is my mom, Anne, and my sister, Gemma.” I say as I gesture my hand towards them. Anna Lisa puts on a smile as her eyes trail to their direction. “Hi, love.” Gemma says, thankfully she’s more understanding – she totally gets the situation, it was an accident and none of us would have known that was going to happen.

“Mom, Gem.. this is Anna Lisa.. my.. girlfriend.” I say the word with a smile, glad to let someone know she’s in that position in my life. “Well it’s nice to meet you, Anna Lisa.” Gemma states with a smile, her eyes switching between me and Anna Lisa. “When did you guys meet?” She asks curiously, her eyes locked with mine as she smirks gently at me.

I let out a soft sigh, thanks a lot Gemma. “We met um.. a few weeks ago.” I say, shrugging my shoulders. It’s really none of their business how we met, or where or when or anything else, this is my girlfriend and it doesn’t matter how long we’ve been together.

“How old is she?” My mother’s voice enters the conversation suddenly. I gulp gently, she’s going to flip out when I tell her. “She’s eighteen.” I tell her, my heart racing – I’m extremely nervous and afraid of what my mother might say or do. “Eighteen?” She questions, cocking an eyebrow as she looks over at Anna Lisa. “No one would think that by the way she dresses.” She adds in, rolling her eyes.

“Mum, really?” Gemma sighs out as she leans against the back of the couch, slouching on the cushion. “And what does that suppose to mean? What’s wrong with how she dresses?” I proceed to ask, not really understanding my mother’s point. “She looks like a hooker, or a street walker. I mean, gosh, Harry.. she didn’t need to put all that on to come downstairs.” My mother’s eyebrows are furrowed as she stares at Anna as if she was a freak.

“She wanted to look nice. And she does look nice.” I say, glancing over to see Anna’s head is lowered and her lips are rolled in. “There’s nothing wrong with her dress.” Gemma chimes in, I’m thankful for her comment honestly. “Well I don’t like it.” Mum says, rolling her eyes yet again. “Well I like it.” I state as I grab Anna’s hand. I stand from the couch and pull her up with me.

“We’ll be back, gotta check the food.” I inform them as I head towards the kitchen door, Anna Lisa following beside me, her hand tightly gripping mine. “It doesn’t take both of you to do it.” My mother calls out. I let out a huff as we go through the door. I let it shut behind us, thankful that it’s blocking my mother’s opinions.

I let go of Anna’s hand, not wanting to drag her around the kitchen. I go over to the stove and lift the top off the pot. I sigh sharply as I notice the pasta isn’t cooking fast enough. I turn around to find Anna Lisa standing right behind me, her eyes on the floor. “Hey.. c’mere.” I say as I step closer, sliding my hands on her waist. “What’s wrong, baby?” I ask as I pull her body against mine.

Her head tilts up some, her eyes catching mine. “She hates me.” She whispers out, her lip shaking lightly. “She’s just being a bitch.” I mumble back, unsure of what really to say to her right now. That’s the truth, though, my mother is just being stuck up right now – like Anna Lisa isn’t good enough for me or something.

“I don’t know what.. what. Harry.. what did I do?” Anna Lisa asks, her head falling on my chest. I pull one of my arms away from her body and bring my hand up. I press it firmly against the back of her head, her hair soft under my touch. I hold her in place against me, her arms go around my torso and she squeezes me.

“You didn’t do anything, baby. She’s just.. probably upset over what she saw. None of this is because of you.” I assure her with a soft sigh as I rest my chin on top of her head. I close my eyes as I take in the smell of her hair and her skin, she’s so perfect.

“I told you.. she wouldn’t like me.” She mumbles against my chest, I can feel her warm breath through the thin material of my shirt. “Anna Lisa, baby.” That was all I could muster at the moment, I have no idea what to say about any of this, I don’t even have a lie I could convince her to believe. These next few days are going to be absolutely horrible.

[Anna Lisa]

Harry sat the plate down in front of me. It looks really good but I don’t know if I’m that hungry. “Thanks boo.” Gemma says as he hands her plate to her. He gives her a smile and a small laugh, he’s so cute. “Hope it’s good.” Harry states as he comes back around the table to my side. He grabs the chair and pulls it out before plopping down.

His hand brushes the side of my thigh, I didn’t realize we were sitting so close, before he grabbed my knee, learning his hand in place. His skin is so soft and warm, I can’t get over how amazing it feels on me.

I pick up the fork and start to poke the food on my plate, not really sure if I want to eat or not. But I know I need to eat, or Harry might say something or get worried. I sigh lightly as I bring the fork to my mouth. Everyone else is eating like normal people do, then there’s me – hesitating and shit.

“Are those scars?” Anna’s voice erupts in the room and I gulp gently at her question. I sit the fork down and put my arm out of her view. Harry looks over at me, sincere and apologetic. I look down at my lap, not certain on what to say or do, or even think.

“Mum, please.” Gemma says before Harry could open his mouth. He lets out a huff as his hand falls from my knee and he stands up from his chair. I watch him walk over to the island. He wraps his hand around the neck of a bottle of wine and starts the walk back to the table.

He fills his glass to the rim before sitting it down in the middle of the table. His lips touch the edge of the glass as he takes him a few slips – he’s probably hoping to get drunk off of it. “Well, are they?” Anne asks again, raising her eyebrows as she stares at me.

“Um..” I start a sentence, but I cut myself off when Harry’s hand slowly glides up my leg, pushing my dress up. I glance down to see his hand making its way between my legs. He rests his large hand on my inner thigh after pushing my legs apart some.

“Yes.. they are.” Harry finishes my statement for me. I bite the inside of my cheek, I hope this is the last of her questions. I look down at my arm, I didn’t know that were that noticeable, Harry hasn’t even said anything to me about them. But yet he might have said something to himself..

“Why are they there?” His mother asks, a curious look on her face. I shift my head so that I was looking the side of Harry’s gorgeous face. He was staring at her like she was a fool, and honestly she’s acting like one.. “Leave her alone, Mum.” Harry says sternly, but I have a feeling that his mother isn’t scared of him like I am. “What’s wrong with asking? I just want to know.” She shrugs lightly, acting as if she wasn’t doing anything bad.

I force myself to look up, trying to appear stronger than what I am right now. I just feel like curling up in the corner and crying my eyes out. How could someone be so rude? “Let me guess.. your mommy didn’t love you, honey?” Anne smirks gently at me.

Harry slams his hand on the table, his other one never leaving my leg. “I’m fuckin’ sick of this already. Leave her alone.” Harry yells, his mother flinching lightly at his loud voice. He stands from his chair and pulls me up with him. He starts towards the door leading to the living room and I gladly follow him, his hand gripping mine tightly.

We enter the leaving room within a few seconds. A gasp leaves my mouth as Harry pushes me against the wall, his hands holding my waist. “I should’ve known this would happen.” Harry mumbles as he leans his forehead against mine, his breath fanning my face.

“I’m sorry..” I mumble gently, not sure how to comfort him right now. He seems so mad, I don’t want him to lash out on me again. “Touch me baby.. I need you to calm me down.” Harry breathes out his demand, his eyes closing as his hands grip my sides a little tighter. “Put your hands on me.” He adds in a mumble.

I gulp gently as I raise one hand toward his head, placing it carefully on the side of his neck, my thumb rubbing over his ear lobe. My other one slides up his chest, feeling his heart beat underneath the shirt. I lean a little closer, lifting my body off the wall. I bury my face in his chest, breathing in the delicious smell of his skin, the warmth is amazing as well.

“Thank you baby girl.” He mumbles into my ear, his hands sliding around to rest in the small of my back. “You look so beautiful.. this color brings out your beautiful eyes, baby. God you make me go crazy.” Harry groans lightly, one of his hands sliding to my butt. I gasp lightly into his shirt when he kneads me through my dress.

“Look at me, gorgeous.” Harry whispers, I can hear the smirk in his deep, raspy voice. I lean back some, keeping my hands in place, he does the same. I look into his beautiful eyes, I swear I could get lost in them and never be able to find my way out..

“It’s getting late, why don’t you go on and go to bed? I’ll be up there in a few minutes.” Harry insists as he presses his lips against the corner of my mouth. “But Harry.. I-” I start to protest but he ends it quickly as his lips push into mine, his tongue quickly slipping through my lips to get into my mouth. I gladly let him explore every inch of my mouth, his hands gripping me tight, his body pushing into mine.

Sadly, he pulls away and lets out a deep breath. “I’ll just tell them your stomach felt bad..” Harry tells me with an eye roll before sealing them shut again. “I’ll give you a little treat for being good.” He tells me just seconds later as he opens his eyes, they start to stare into mine but I honestly don’t mind. “I.. I haven’t been good.” I say with a slight frown. He chuckles lightly, shaking his head from side to side as if it what I said was completely unbelievable.

“You’ve been extremely good, baby girl. Now go on, I’ll bring the wine with me and let you get a little taste of it, and maybe something to snack on.” He winks gently before he leans in to peck my cheek softly. “Go.” Harry says as he gestures me to go to the staircase, his hands off my body. I smile lightly as I walk past him, ready to get my treat..

His hand slaps against my butt and I gasp lightly at the slight stinging. “Go on, princess.” Harry says as I continue to walk as if he never spanked me. I blush to myself as I reach the foyer. I look over my shoulder to see he’s still standing there staring at me. “Ten minutes.” He says with a smirk. I nod a few times before starting the walk to the bedroom.


Anna Lisa disappears from my view, I hope she’s okay with everything. I sigh lightly as I turn to the door and go back into the kitchen. “Listen.” I start as I go over to the table, but I don’t sit down – I don’t think I can handle seeing my mother right now, I can barely stand speaking to her at the moment.

“Anna Lisa’s mother is dead, okay? She doesn’t speak to her father. She was.. was raised in a foster home.” I gulp gently, it’s rather hard for me to say it – it hurts me really bad that she grew up that way. I take a deep breath and continue, “So please, mum I’m begging you, please don’t say anything about her parents.” I warn her, I’m not in the mood to catch an attitude with her or start a fight, but if I have to then I will. “Well you act like I’m just supposed to know that?” My mother states with an eye roll.

“I understand, Mum. But her scars.. look, I don’t even talk about those with her. Please just be nice to her, it hurts her feelings that you don’t like her.” I admit, Anna is torn up over this issue and it’s bothering me. I don’t need my girl worrying over anything, especially something like this.

“Her feelings? Oh, please.” Mum says with a smirk, as if this was just some damn joke. “Maybe you should listen to Harry, Mum. Respect who he has in his house.” Gemma insists with a shrug, only trying to help. I mentally thank her for that.

“Respect? She’s eighteen.” Mum laughs lightly, still not getting my point at all. “She may be only eighteen, Mum, but she means the world to me. I.. I’m in love with this girl.” I pause as I feel my heart begin to pound, I can’t believe I admitted that out loud. “I don’t appreciate you showing up at random anyways. But now you’re treating my girlfriend like shit? She has a heart, Mum. She has feelings, it’s hurting her that you don’t like her.” I add in, I can feel my temperature rising, I’m so fucking pissed.

“Well I don’t appreciate the fact that you’re already screwing some little girl you just met!” She says, making sure emphasizes “little girl”. She stands up from the table, her eyebrows in a tight furrow as she stares at me. “You ought to have more respect for yourself!” She adds in, her voice raising to a yell. “You know better than to just use a girl for sex, Harry!”

“Don’t you fuckin’ worry about what I do with my girlfriend. And I don’t use her. I’ve fuckin’ bought her nice things, we’ve been on dates, and we know almost everything about each other!” I yell back, my throat burning from the lack of wetness, my mother is going to drive me insane.

“You better watch your damn mouth! I’m your mother and you will not speak to me like I’m some little bitch!” She slams her hands down the table, her eyes are wide and her face is red from anger. “Mum, just do what Harry asks and respect his girlfriend! And what they do is none of your business nor is it mine.” Gemma chimes in, her voice sounding annoyed – I know how she feels, trust me.

“And I don’t care if you’ve gotten her gifts, Harry. She’s a little girl, she hasn’t even had a chance to live, based on what you’ve told me. You ought to be ashamed of taking her innocence away.. you should treat her with a little more love. Sex isn’t everything.. I’ve told you that a million times, son.” She stops, I can sear the single tear roll down her cheek. My mother is so beautiful, such an amazing woman.. and I just realized she’s only trying to show me that she cares about Anna Lisa – the way she shows care can be odd sometimes.

“She’s my girlfriend.. and.. I.. I just want to give her better than what she had in her past. I didn’t force her into sex either. Her heart is so.. sweet and pure and.. I wanna be the only one.. who gets to hold her.. I love her.” I don’t know where I’m going with this, all I know is that I’m stuck in my feelings for real now.

“Baby, don’t cry.” My mother noticed before I even did. She hurries around the table and engulfs me in her arms. I rest my forehead on her shoulder, it’s been so long since she’s hugged me. “I know you love her, baby. But you need to realize she’s still little. Don’t take her out in slutty dresses.. don’t.. don’t mistreat her.” Mum reminds me, she’s always got a point behind her actions – even if they seem cruel, like tonight.

“I want what’s best for you and for her. Respect her and treat her well.” She presses her lips against my dimple, just like she used to when I was little. “I love you, pumpkin.” She says as she lets me go. She steps back some and looks up at me with that mom face – the better remember what I said face.

“Now go up there and tell her that I don’t hate her.. I’m just.. I don’t know her yet.” I know it will take time for my mother to get used to Anna Lisa, and to her age, and to what she saw..

But I also know that Anna’s up there all upset because she thinks my mother hates her.


sorry about the several pov changes... and the drama ((Dont worry it's not the last of it!)) Getting a little smutty soon so... yeah lol. ALSO... Feedback please

**sorry about the mom/mum thing.. American so idk! :) lol**

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Me and my lovely friend Bri (some of you may know her from her wondrous stories) are going to release a book together soon.... so stay tuned for more on that!!


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JustineLolipop JustineLolipop

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