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Dangerous Love

36 - Release

[Anna Lisa]

I don’t know if it’s been one minute, or three – either way, I don’t want him to ever stop. I thought it would hurt, and trust me it did – but now it’s all just a mix of amazing pleasure and Harry’s moans, it’s driving my body insane.

I like it a lot. I love it.

As each second passed by, Harry’s pounding got harder and rougher, but I’m certainly not the one to complain at the moment. “So fuckin’ tight, baby. So good.” Harry grumbles against my neck. My fingernails cut deeper into his skin, I drag them down his back just a few inches as a result of his latest powerful thrust. Harry’s isn’t going too fast – the speed he’s going is perfect for now. I’m almost certain that both of us are pleased with what’s happening right now.

Harry.” I whine out his name, the bubbling in my stomach returns and I can feel my abdomen begin to roll – I’m about to have an orgasm – and Harry Styles will be the reason. Let me remind myself that this will be my first one through intercourse – my real first one was just minutes ago.

Just when I thought he was going to pull back and give me yet another amazing shove of his hips into my body – he stops. Harry’s member is completely inside of me, and honestly I don’t know if I can lay here and take it. My body is going insane, my heart is speeding up by the second. Harry’s head lifts up from my neck and his eyes meet mine automatically. “When I pull out.. I want you to get on your knees on the floor. Understand?” Harry asks with a serious expression as he pulls himself out about halfway before thankfully pushing back in.

“Yes.. yes sir.” I breathe out, my eyes rolling back once again as he hits all the right spots. I can feel myself clench around his shaft, I don’t know if I’m doing that on purpose of if it’s just my body’s reaction? “Fuck, Anna.. so fuckin’ good.” Harry groans out as he raises himself up, his hands pushed hard into the mattress on either side of my head. My hands fall from his back, but I keep them on his body by placing them on his sides.

His hips rock harder into me, his muscles flexing and tensing more than before. My eyes travel to see his beautiful face, but all I can see are those green eyes staring down at me. “You’re so.. fuckin’.. tight.” He moans out as his eyes close tightly. I bite the inside of my cheek, that was so hot.

He slams his member into my body, and I can’t resist but to let out a string of moans and words. “Harry.. please...” My throat is starting to get sore from all the night’s events. Harry’s eyes burn into mine and he furrows his eyebrows tightly as his lips part. He lets out a heavy groan, like he’s about to release. I gulp gently – how will this really feel? “If you cum.. before me.. it’s.. it’s okay baby.” He mumbles out, his hips sharply snapping, his thrusts rougher now.

I gasp as I feel a heavy wavy of energy storm through my body, almost drowning me. My eyes widen as I feel my lower portion start to tingle. My legs lightly start to shake – from what I know about sex, this is the big part. “There you go.. cum for me baby.” Harry says with a proud smile on his gorgeous, perfectly chiseled face. “Be a good girl for me, princess.” Harry’s forehead falls on mine and I can’t stop my lips from forming a smile.

“Harry.. I’m.. I think.. I’m..” I stop myself, not really sure this feeling is exactly what I think it is. But yet what else could it be? “I know baby, let it all out on me. Cum for me, baby girl.” Harry whispers to me, his warm breath fanning my face as his look into mine at our odd, but rather passionate, angle. His words fill my heart and I can’t help but let the natural blush cover my face, and other parts of my body I’m sure.

Within seconds of Harry’s words, I feel myself clamp tight around him and all of a sudden my body is shaking and my back is arching up into his body. My eyes roll back as Harry’s lips find my neck once again tonight. My mouth drops and I let out a moan, followed by Harry’s beautiful name.

“Oh.. my.. g-god.. Harry.” I feel my body roll quite like it did earlier. “Such a good girl for me, baby.” Harry praises as he carries on with his hard, forceful thrusts. I close my eyes as I take in the feeling of him still going in and out of my body. My hands grasp his sides harshly, I don’t want to let him go – ever. “Fuck.” Harry grunts out, lifting his head from the crook of my neck. “So.. fuckin’ good.” He groans out to me, his eyes tightly sealed as he slams in and out – I don’t mind him continuing, he deserves his release as well.

“Fuck, Anna Lisa.” My eyes shoot open – not because of Harry’s words, but because he pulled all the way out. Before I had any time to think or do what he told me to do, I feel a new sticky warmth on my stomach. Harry’s on his knees in front of me, one of his large hands wrapped around his big shaft. He’s pumping himself hard and slow. I watch the last stream of his release land on my stomach and a bit on my thigh.

“I’m sorry.. I.. I couldn’t.. I couldn’t.. wait.” He says with a light smile as his eyes meet mine. My elbows dig into the mattress, my eyes leaving his and start to roam down my body. Harry’s hot liquid covered a lot of my abdomen and parts of my upper thighs too. “It’s.. it’s okay.” I breathe out, thankful he accomplished his promise to be and didn’t do that inside of my body.

Harry runs his index finger over my thigh, gathering the few drops of his cum on his finger – while his other hand still holds onto his member. He leans a little closer to me and puts his finger in front of my lips. “Open.” He demands in a normal tone. I open my mouth wide enough for him to put his finger in. He does just that and slides his finger along my tongue. “Stay open.” He says as he takes his finger out of my mouth.

The taste of his warm cum is bitter and salty, but yet sort of sweet at the same time. I watch as he runs the pad of his finger over my skin, collecting more of his release. His finger enters my mouth again but this time he changes things up. “Suck it.” Harry says with a sly smirk as he watches me closely. I close my lips tight and swirl my tongue around his finger. He licks his lips as I suck hard as he slowly pulls it out.

“Good girl.” He nods gently to me, winking when our eyes meet. I let my lips touch again as my eyes travel with his finger. “Not done yet, open your mouth.” He snaps at me suddenly, his eyebrows raised high and his lips in a straight line. “Sorry.. s-sir.” I mumble before letting my mouth open again. “It’s okay, baby. You’ve been such a good girl today, so a small mistake is alright.” He assures me with a gentle smile, his dimples barely showing.

Harry’s cum coated finger soon returns to my mouth and I don’t hesitate to close my lips around his finger. I slowly let my tongue trail all over his finger – I actually like the taste.. Is that a good thing? Harry’s eyes burn into mine as I stare at him. My mouth is full of his taste and it’s purely wonderful. He removes his finger sadly and brings it closer to his face to observe it.

“Fuck baby, such a good girl. Nothing left.” He bites his bottom lip hard as he witnesses his clean finger. I promised I’d be a good girl, and besides I’d hate to upset him by leaving some behind. He didn’t give it to me just so I could leave some. “That’s enough for tonight. Let me go get you a towel to clean you off real quick.” Harry strikes the side of my thigh with his hand. I gasp lightly at the sudden sting.

He throws yet another smirk before climbing off the bed and hurrying over to the bathroom door. I let my body full rest onto the mattress, my eyes staring up at the ceiling. Who would’ve known that what happened to be would be this great? Now that I sit and think of all the good that’s happened so far, I’m sort of glad I didn’t try to escape the sex traffic game. I like being here with Harry, I’m glad he found me..


The water is warm as it runs over my hand and the small wash cloth in my palm. I turn my head so I could see into the dimly lit bedroom. Anna Lisa is laying her almost completely still – her hands placed right below her breasts. The only reason I know that she’s actually alive is the steady rise and fall of her chest.

My attention turns back to the cloth in my hand as I turn off the water and ring it out some, I don’t want it soaking wet. I flick the light switch to off before heading into the bedroom, shutting the door behind me.Yo I reach the bed and those beautiful blue eyes dart to me. Anna Lisa gives me a cute little blushing smile.

“Are you okay?” I ask in a soft toned voice. “Yes.. s-sir. It’s just..” She stops herself as her cheeks fluster up even more than they already are. “What is it, baby?” I ask as I sit down on the edge of the bed looking down on her. “It.. it was.. really.. amazing.” She tells me in a whisper. “Well I’m pleased to know you liked it.” I say as I lean down and press my lips against hers. She smiles against my mouth and I can’t help but chuckle as I pull away. “You’re so cute, honey.” I say as I get between her knees.

Her hands fall from her body and land on either side of her. Her eyes peer down at me just slightly, enough so she could see at least. “Might be a tad cold.” I warn her as I press the wet cloth onto her mound. I squeeze it lightly, water dripping down into her slit. Anna Lisa lets out a sharp gasp and her head shoots up to see what I was doing.

“Relax, it’s just water, love.” I say with a light laugh as she holds herself up with her elbows. “It’s.. cold.” She mumbles back with her adorable smile. I slowly glide the cloth up her stomach, making sure I free her precious body of any of my cum left over. I go all the way to a little below her breasts. I place my hand on the inner portion of her left thigh. I push her legs apart and her milky white skin flusters up at my touch.

I sit the cloth just under her navel and let my fingers spread her open. “Harry.. you.. scared me.” She breathes out as her head drops on the pillow. “My apologies baby, just need to clean up the mess I made.” I smirk gently, even though she wasn’t looking at me. I lick my lips at the sight before me. Pink flesh, hairless skin, the beautiful region she was blessed with..

My cock twitches as I stare down at my paradise, despite being barely semi hard now. I use one hand to hold her open and the other takes a hold of the cloth. I begin to clean her off, not wanting to take too long because I’m sure it’s really cold against this part of her body.

Such a good girl. Such a beautiful girl.


sorry for any spelling errors. Officially back to regular updates! Not going to worry about subscribers, I know i have at least a few who still check in on the updates. Love you all though, thanks for reading!! Feedback please!!

--> What's to come? --- longer chapters!! :):) AND OF COURSE MORE UPDATES! ♥♥ xx


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