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Dangerous Love

35 - Please


I keep my eyes wide open as I lower my face closer to her sex, I want to make sure I see every little move she makes when she feels my tongue on her. She’s soaking wet and a tad flustered. I swallow a gulp, I have to go easy and that will take all my damn strength. “Ha-harry.” Anna Lisa’s voice chirps out my name all of a sudden, right when I was about to go down on her.

“What is it, darlin’?” I ask, lifting my head up a little just in case. I see that her eyes are open and they’re staring up at the ceiling above us. “Will.. will it.. hurt?” She asks innocently, her voice soft and gentle. “No baby, you’ll love it. I promise.” I assure her with a light smirk, despite her not looking at me. “Okay.” She breathes out her reply as I lower myself back down. Her heaving breathing filled my ears and I only smiled at it – she’s so nervous, but it’s honestly so adorable.

Slowly I slide my tongue up her wet slit, not letting it slip into any holes yet though – one thing at a time. “Oh my god.” Anna Lisa whines, her hand slapping against mine. I repeat my actions, getting a sexy moan out of her. Her fingernails claw the top of my hand, but I don’t mind. I make sure my arms are locked tightly around her legs, I’d hate for my little girl to get away from me.

I start from the bottom again, my tongue slowing trailing over her folds. “Harr-rry.” She holds out my name a little longer than you’re supposed to – I smirk gently at the way she says it, quite lovely to my ears. My eyes roam up her center, freezing when I see her nub. I lick my lips, tasting her again.

“Remember what you promised.” I say. Before she could reply, I wrap my lips around her clit and begin working the magic on her. Anna Lisa lets out a loud moan, her nails digging deep into my skin. I close my eyes, wanting to take this all in. She tastes like pure paradise. I loosen grip a little, I don’t want to hurt her – by the sound of her moaning, I can tell she’s extremely sensitive.

“Harry.. please..” She gasps for air suddenly as I begin to flick my tongue over her clit, I glance up to see her head thrown back into the pillows, her back arching up as I increase the speed. “Don’t.. stop!” She whines out, her jaws parting wide as she leans up just a tad, enough for me to see her expression. Her eyes are tightly shut, her chest is rapidly rising and falling. I turn my attention to my mouth, she wants me to keep going so I need to focus on what I’m doing.

Anna Lisa groans out, her breathing unsteady and shaky. Her abdomen begins to roll, a sign she’s getting close to releasing. I pull one of my hands free from her tight grip, trailing it up her body to her breast. I take a hold of what I can fit in my hand, squeezing it tight and roughly. Anna Lisa’s hand wraps around my wrist, keeping my hand locked on her boob.

“Please, please, please.” Anna Lisa begs in a soft voice, her body lifting off the mattress as bolts of pleasure run through her gorgeous body. “I think… I’m gonna-” she stops her sentence with a loud moan, a trial of yes’s following the beautiful sound. My eyes take in the sight of her on the edge, all because of me. She’s moving her mouth, but no words or sounds are coming out. I nearly loose control as her hips rise off the bed, I’m about to bring this girl to her first orgasm.

I pull her closer to my face, despite me already being pushed far into her center. I take her clit in my mouth, hollowing my cheeks as I suck hard on the little, delicate nub. I excite her nerves, several moans slipping into the air. Just seconds later she yells out the sexiest thing yet. “Harry! Fuck.” Her voice fills my mind, god that was so hot.

It only took me one final suck for her orgasm to race through her body. Her hands released mine as her back arched high off the mattress, pressing her core even closer to my face than it had been. It’s like she knows exactly what to do without even doing it. Yet she’s so damn innocent.

Just a few more seconds passed before her body fell onto the mattress, her hands covering her face, and her breathing still unbalanced. I raise up from my spot and make my way up her magnificent body. I lay my body gently on top of hers almost completely. Her arms fall, her hands removed from her face. However, she keeps her eyes tight and parts her lips just a tad to get a few good, deep breaths in.

“Did you like it?” I ask in a mumble, licking my lips just to taste of her remaining on my lips. Paradise. “Y-yes.. s-sir.” She says with a wobbly voice, she’s still not fully down from that wondrous high yet. “Open your eyes, baby.” I demand in a soft tone, not intending to be harsh at all. Her eye lids slowly open, revealing those beautiful blue irises to me. I give her a sly smirk as her cheeks redden up.

“I was quite surprised when you cursed.. I didn’t expect that at all.” I admit with a chuckle, displaying a smile for her. “It.. felt.. really good.” She sighs out, her breath finally steadying in her lungs. She’s relaxed again, and that’s a good thing. “So you like that?” I ask just to make sure, I’d hate to be giving her something she doesn’t feel comfortable receiving.

“Yes sir.. a lot.” Anna Lisa’s mouth curves a little at the corner, just a hint of a smile on her face as her cheeks burn up more and more as the seconds pass on. I press my hand into the mattress beside her head, lifting myself off of her. I bring my other hand to my mouth and stick my index finger into my hand, making sure I get it wet enough. Her eyes lock with my mouth and she bites her lip just lightly.

I bring my spit coated finger out of my mouth, “You’ll like this, too.” I whisper to her, her eyes sparkling and her cheeks flustered – beautiful and innocent. I place my hand on her center, her legs still spread wide for me. Just when I was about to begin, her voice filled the air. “Will it hurt?” She blurts out nervously, her eyebrows furrowed and her beautiful lips are in a frown.

“At first.. but you’ll like it.” I assure her with a kiss on her forehead, I know she’ll love this – and of course I know I won’t hurt my girl, that would hurt me more. Slowly I drag my finger up and down her slit a few times, just to get her prepared for this next step. “Ha-harry.” Anna Lisa’s voice is shaky and soft, she’s so nervous right now.

“What’s wrong baby?” I ask, staring into those mesmerizing blue eyes. “I’m scared.” She mumbles, a pout on those precious lips. “Don’t be scared babe, I won’t hurt you.” I tell her, hoping she will understand this time. She gives me a nod and lets out a deep breath. Just as she goes to take another inhale, I slide my finger into her tight entrance. Her eyes widen and her lips part at the new feeling.

“I don’t like it Harry.” Anna Lisa whimpers out, her eyes watering up – tears begin to form in those beautiful eyes of hers. “Baby.. calm down, it’s alright. I’ll stop for a bit.” I say as I carefully extract my finger from her virgin hole – I don’t want her to feel uncomfortable about this. I fall gently on the bed beside her, getting a good position facing her. I lay my head on the pillow as my arm wraps around her waist and my hand grabs her hip. With one easy pull I have her turning over and facing me now.

Her hands cover her embarrassed face and I hear her sniffle a little. “Darlin’.. don’t cry.” I mumble to her, pulling her closer to me. My arm goes around her and I keep her close to me. I slide my other arm under her, letting her rest her head on my bicep. Poor thing’s falling apart right here beside me all because I had rush into this. I should’ve given her a few more days to get used to this place, to get used to me.

“I’m sorry.” She says underneath her hands, her voice muffled by them. I press my lips against her forehead, her pale skin so soft against my lips. Anna Lisa slides her body down a tad, burying her face in my chest, her hands leaving that gorgeous face. “You didn’t do anything, baby. Just relax.” I whisper out, not wanting to risk a loud voice slipping out – it’d kill me if I scared her even more right now.

I firmly place my hand on the small of her back, my other on the back of her head. I gently move my fingers, allowing them to tangle up in her angelic hair – it’s so soft under my touch, fragile. She smells like a mix of my shampoo and perfume – but yet I like it a lot, more than I probably should.

“How about this.. tonight we just relax, and tomorrow night.. maybe we can go a little further. Does that sound okay with you?” I ask, my voice soft as I suggest my idea – perhaps she will feel better about everything by then. I need to keep myself reminded that she hasn’t been here long, this poor girl knows nothing about sex – well she knows, she’s just never experienced. That makes me believe she’s really just nervous. I gulp gently to myself as I feel wetness against my skin – her tears.

“I’m sorry.” Her voice spills out into the room in just a feathery sound, so soft and easy. “Baby.. why do you keep saying that? You didn’t do anything wrong. I told you to tell me if it ever hurts you and you did. You did exactly what I asked.” I let out a sigh, my tone beginning to sound annoyed – that’s because I honestly am. Why can’t she just see she’s not to blame here? No one’s to blame really.

“I wasn’t..” Her voice is cut off by the fact she’s nuzzled so close to my body, her warm breath is sending shivers up my spine – and God, the way her lips brush against my skin just makes me want her even more now. Stop sexualizing everything, she’s feeling bad and you need to comfort her – I know, I know.

“What’d you say, Anna Lisa?” I ask in a soft mumble, I don’t want to frighten her at all. “I.. wasn’t a.. good girl.” This time I hear the words fall from her lips, her voice wasn’t loud, rather gently actually, but I heard it clear. “That’s not true.” I state simply in a normal tone, she has got to be kidding me right now.

I slide my body down some, so my face is level with hers. Her eyes open at the change in position and I see how red and puffy they are. I wipe my thumb under her right eye, trying to get rid of those damn tears. I don’t like to see a girl cry, and I honestly fucking hate it when I see her cry – my girl.

“Stop this mess, now. Listen to me.” I say, furrowing my eyebrows as her eyes meet mine. Despite their redness I can still the beautiful, sparkling blue irises I get lost in so easily. I press my hand against the side of her face, feeling how warm her skin is from the flustering and crying. “You were amazing, baby girl. I know it hurt, that’s why I stopped. You didn’t do anything wrong. It was perfect.” I admit to her, she’ll never do anything completely wrong in my eyes.

“I.. I just-” Anna Lisa cuts herself off as she closes her eyes tight. “What? What is it, honey?” I ask, my hand falling from her face to her shoulder. I slowly drag it down her body, stopping as I hit her waist. I grip it tight, loving the little pudginess on the side – it’s quite adorable to me. “I.. I don’t.. wanna tell.. you.” She pouts her bottom lip out, her eyes still sealed from my gaze.

“You can tell me anything darlin’.” I remind her in a whisper, I’d hate for her to think she can’t trust me. She gives me a light nod before fluttering her eyes open. She blinks away a few tears, which don’t take too long to travel down her face and drip onto the blankets beneath the two of us. “I.. just wanted.. to.. to do.. it.. with.. you.” She stammers out, her voice cracking from the crying. “I know baby, I really want to do it with you, too. But it’s okay if you want to wait-” Quick to my surprise, Anna Lisa cuts me off with a whiny toned voice, “No. I don’t wanna wait. I.. I.. Harry.” She stops herself in a huff, just as fast as she started. Her eyes close again, like she’s ashamed to say something to me.

I lean in closer to her mouth, if she wants me then she’ll have me. I press my lips against hers and it doesn’t take her long to realize what’s going on. She parts her lips for me and I get full access to that wondrous heaven. I stick my tongue in a few times, taking it out every now and then to allow her to breathe. I pull away just slightly so that I could speak to her. “Do you want me.. to keep going?” My voice is soft against her lips. The back of my eyelids are pitch black, but my mind is full of images of her beautiful body, that gorgeous face, and her perfect soul.

“Please.” She mutters out, her breathing invaded my mouth. I curve the corner of my mouth, if she only knew what she did to me. “Anything for my princess.” A squeal leaves her mouth suddenly as I flip us over, my body hovering over hers – a place it gladly belongs. “So precious.” I mumble out as I navigate by body down hers. I place a kiss in the spot between her breasts before heading back up to her lips.

“Let me know if I go too fast.” I remind her of this vital thing, the very last thing I want to do is hurt her on her first time. Anna Lisa gives me a nod – I take it as a sign of approval to continue. I shower her lips with several little pecks as my hand glides down the center of her body. My lips move from her mouth and softly press against her jawline until I reach the side of her neck. All I want is her body – her heart.

[Anna Lisa]

Harry nuzzles his face into my neck – it starts to make me wonder if he can hear how fast my heart is racing in my chest? His soft lips glaze over my skin a few times before his lips finally take a hold of my skin. All I can focus on really is his hand as it slides between my open legs. I gasp as I feel the pad of his finger ghost over my nub – how can something as gentle as a touch feel so damn good?

My body shivers a tad as he spreads my slit open and lets his index finger softly run up and down my sex. I don’t hold back the moans, only because I know that’s what he likes – that’s what he wants to hear. I lift my hand off the mattress and I reach for his bicep, but my nervous take over and I only allow my fingertips to barely touch against his tanned skin. My hand falls just as quick as it rose up. Harry’s lips release my skin and his warm breath hits my cold skin. “Don’t be shy, baby.” He mumbles into my ear, his lips brushing against my lope. I take in a shaky inhale, hoping I will be able to comply with his words.

All of a sudden, Harry pauses the movement of that one finger and he raises up just enough so I could see his beautiful face. “Don’t be afraid to touch me.. I’m all yours, Anna.” Harry says with that deep, raspy voice of his and my heart nearly melts at the words leaving his mouth. “Understand, darlin’?” He asks, the corner of his mouth curving just slightly. “Yes.. yes sir.” I whisper back, not able to hold back the small smile I give him.

Without any other words, Harry’s head dips back down to my neck and starts back working on that same spot, and his finger continues to slide through my folds. “You smell so good.” Harry utters against my skin, his lips losing contact with my neck for just a few seconds before he’s back at it once more.

Quick to remember what he just said, I bring me hand off the mattress again. The only thing different this go around is that I actually press my hand against his skin. Harry’s bicep is muscled and toned, his skin so damn hot against my palm. A whine slips from my lips as Harry’s teeth nip at my skin, the feeling quite pleasurable though. He lets my skin go after a few seconds of holding it, his tongue flicks over the same spot a few times. I squeeze his arm tight at the feeling, my fingernails digging into his perfect skin.

“Ready?” he mumbles against my neck. Before I could even take a breath or blink, Harry shoves his finger inside of me. My eyes roll back at the sudden feeling. I dig my nails into his skin, my hand can’t even wrap all the around his arm. He holds it in thankfully and leans up, his other hand holding him a few inches above me. “You okay?” He asks in a whisper, his eyebrows raised at me. “Yes.. s-sir.” I barely am able to get any words out at the moment, so I let out all I could.

Those beautiful green eyes lock with mine as he slowly slides his finger out of my entrance. Harry doesn’t even blink, it’s like his eyes are forever froze on mine – if only. My lips part as his finger goes back in, quicker than it came out though. His mouth curves into a half smirk, his left dimple on display as he removes his finger once again. He goes in again, but this time it was a little much.

I couldn’t stop the whimper that gets past my lips. Harry’s eyebrows fall into a furrow – his entire expression changes from pleased to worried. “Too fast? Too hard?” He’s voice is soft as he wonders what’s wrong with me. “Too.. too hard.” I mutter back, almost completely sure he wanted to know that – besides, he said tell him if anything was wrong and that certainly did sting a little. “I’m sorry, baby. I’ll be easy.” Harry says with a light nod. He leans his head down, pressing his lips against mine.

The kiss was only a mere peck, a sign of assurance for the most part I assume. Harry continues the movement of his finger, slow and steady just like he said he would. As another minute passes, I find myself with my eyes closed, my bottom lip caught between my teeth, and soft moans forming in my throat – easily slipping out of my mouth though. Harry’s lips have found my neck again, a different spot this. His teeth nip at my skin every now and then between the sucking and the kissing.

How in the world am I going to survive all of this? I swear Harry is in love with my body – it’s like he’ll never let me get out from under him, literally. Yet, honestly, I wouldn’t mind staying underneath him for the rest of my days. It seems like such a wondrous place to be. I adore being lost in the feelings and the vibes he’s giving me.

Harry brings me out of my trance as his finger completely exits my body. My eyes open a tad too quickly, like I was desperate to have his finger back inside of me – but the thing is I really want it back in me. As my eyes adjust to the light blaring down from the ceiling, I realize that Harry’s lips are off of my skin as well. Whatever he’s doing I don’t like it. I want him back on me..

“You alright, darlin’?” Harry asks as his hand holds him up once again. I nod to him, not sure if I can muster any words at the moment. “It’s getting late.. and we don’t need.. need to take so long. I know.. I know it’s your first time.. but.. how ‘bout we.. go to the next step? That okay with you?” Harry’s voice sounds concerned, like he’s not even up for his idea. “I.. I guess.” I shrug my shoulders lightly, I’ll do whatever he wants me to do – and whatever he thinks is best for me to do.

“Alright.” Harry says with a soft smile. He gives me a wink and within seconds he’s on his knees between my legs. “Give me just a second.” He says as he slaps his hand against the side of my thigh. I flinch at the slight pain, but at the same time my heart skipped a beat at the amazing feeling it gave me. Harry gets off the bed and goes to the bathroom door. I close my legs once he’s in the bathroom, it’s really cold in here – more even now that Harry’s body heat isn’t warming me up.

It doesn’t take but a few seconds for him to come out, shutting the door behind him. He has a plastic bag in his hand and it has something in it, but honestly I can’t tell from the distance. Harry reaches the side of the bed and sides down on the edge. “Glad I remembered to get these today.” He mumbles mainly to himself I suppose. I lean up with my elbows digging in the mattress for support. I stretch out my neck as I far as I could so I my eyes could see past his muscled arm.

I watch him fiddle with the bag before finally getting it untied. He reaches it and grabs what appears to be a box. Just as he stands up I let my body hit the bed, I didn’t want him to catch me snooping in his business. I turn my head so that I could see him though, I’m just curious to what he has. Harry wads the bag up and sticks it down in the small trash bin beside the night stand.

As he turns to face the small two drawer table, I finally get to see what he has in his hand. He tears open the top of the box and sticks two fingers down in it to grab one of the packets. He removes his fingers and tosses the box in the top drawer of the nightstand. Harry lets out a sigh as he runs his hand through his messy short hair – despite the mess of hair, he’s so fricking attractive. Sexy is the best term for him though.

Harry sits back on the edge of the bed, but this time he turns some so that he was looking down on me. His eyes scan over my chest a few times before he brings them back to my gaze. He gives me a half smile before speaking, “Do you trust me?” He asks in an exhale. “Yes sir.” I mumble back, of course I trust you – for one, you literally saved my life, who knows what else could have happened to me, something extremely worse than this. But really.. I find nothing wrong with being here. Not one thing.

Without a reply given to me, Harry climbs on the bed and lowers himself on me, his elbows holding him up. The lower portion his body drops between my legs and it didn’t take the butterflies but a few seconds to explode again. His lips brush against mine, his eyes close as he takes a deep breath. “I promise.. I swear.. I’ll pull out.” He whispers against my lips, his breath invaded my mouth. I gulp gently, I’m not too certain if this will go right.

“I’ll take you to the doctor and get you some pills.. but for now.. just please, please trust me. Okay?” Harry’s words sound trustworthy, and besides I know he wouldn’t intentionally lie to me – and a possible consequence of what we’re about to do, well I’m sure he doesn’t want that right now, so I know he’s serious about this. “I trust you, Harry.. I do.” I respond in a soft voice, not sure if he was okay with me addressing him by his name, but at the same time I know he doesn’t really mind. Right?

“Good.” His eyes open and he’s met with my stare of course. I shift my head a little, looking past him and up at the ceiling now. I’ve realized that it’s embarrassing when he catches me staring. “Hey, why’d you look away?” He says with a chuckle. His index finger and thumb grab my chin and he tilts my head back to where it was – my eyes meet his once more, but this time I don’t look away.

“You become shy too easily, honey.” Harry gives me a smirk and a soft wink. “You keep..” I stop myself from finishing my sentence, I don’t want it to sound rude. “I keep what?” Harry asks with a grin, his eyebrows raised eye as he stares into my eyes. I let out a soft sigh and present him with a light smile as well, it’s not that big of a deal just tell him geez. “You keep.. catching me.. every time I.. look at you.” I admit with a small voice, I don’t want to make such a big deal out of it.

“Let me tell you something, baby girl.” Harry starts, his voice slow and just so smooth. It’s perfect, just like the rest of him. “There will always be millions of girls staring at me in this world.. but I want you to know something.” He stops and presses his lips against mine for just a few seconds. “You are the only one I stare back at. So please, by all means, don’t be afraid to look at me or touch me or anything. Alright?” He asks with a gentle smile.

“Yes.. yes sir.” I say, my words a little stuttered for a moment. “I’m yours, don’t be scared of me.” Harry adds in with a wink. My heart picks up speed as I hear those words again – it sure is a wonderful feeling to hear him say that himself, it feels much better than when I just think it in my head.

“Do you really want me to take your innocence from you?” Harry asks with a sigh, his entire demeanor changes within seconds. He went from lovely-dovey to serious and legit. “Yes sir.. I.. I’m sure.” I nod a few times, only to make sure I get my point across the short distance we share. “Tell me. Tell me I can have it.” He demands as his eyebrows lower, a smirk returns to that handsome face.

I hesitate at first, but then I remind myself of what I promised both him and myself: be a good girl. “Please Harry, please take it from me.” I feel my cheeks burning up at those words leaving my mouth and going into his ears – he’s about to take away the greatest thing I own. But honestly I don’t mind. “Baby, give me what no other has ever gotten.” Harry lifts himself up off me of and hovers above me. His arms flex with every little move he makes. His lips mold with mine, and it doesn’t take but a couple of seconds for us to begin moving in sync. His left hand grabs my waist and he firmly holds on to me.

My hand gently touches his and automatically my heart bolts – I’m experiencing a tad bit of courage, something I have never had before. I slide my hand over Harry’s and up his forearm. His grip tightens just as I let my hand wrap around his elbow, somewhat of course because my hand can’t completely go around it. His tongue pushes past my lips and I smile lightly at the feeling of him exploring my mouth. I feel his smile press back against my mouth and my heart skips another unsteady beat. He does wondrous things to me.

His fingers jab hard into my side as his tongue comes out of my out. I take a deep breath, trying to regain air I lost during the kiss. “I’ll give you what others try to get.” Harry leaves a peck on my lips before he leans up on his knees between my legs, my hand falls back on the mattress and I feel that my smile is still on my face.

“I just want to tell you, Anna Lisa.” Harry’s voice captures my attention and the butterflies seem to have settled a little now. I smile gently at him, not wanting to make a fool of myself of course. “I know I haven’t had you long.. but baby.. you mean the absolute world to me. And tonight I’m going to promise you.. from this point forward.. you will be the only, and I truly mean the only woman that gets to hold my hand, and kiss me, and touch me, and be with me.” Harry’s hand glides down my leg, his hand wrapping around my ankle.

“Harry.” I gulp as I quickly realize I said something to him without even thinking it through. “Yeah baby?” He asks in a gentle voice. “Thank you.” I whisper out, not sure if I could blurt it out like I did his name just moments ago. “For what?” He gives me a smile, his dimples deep in his cheeks. “Everything.” I mumble to him, giving him a soft smile with it. “My pleasure.”

Harry licks his lips as his eyes fall to my center. He grabs my inner thighs and parts my legs even further than they already are. His eyes are staring holes straight through me, but I don’t mind one bit.


I extend my hand out so that it was near Anna Lisa’s mouth. “Spit.” I demand in a simple tone. She furrows her eyebrows lightly at me, probably confused on what I want her to spit in my hand. “Just do what I said, love.” I give her a soft smile only so she knows I’m not mad or anything. She complies and gives me a gentle nod. Seconds later my palm is filled with her spit and we’re finally ready to officially do this.

I grab my shaft and spread the wetness over it so I can easily go in. Her eyes follow the movement of my hand, like she’s amazed by watching me. It doesn’t bother me though, she can look all she wants – in the end, she’ll still be getting it. After a few good pumps, I’m coated in her spit and it’s really turning me on more, if that’s even possible. My eyes land on her center again – flustered, just like the rest of her body. Anna drops her head on the pillows and lets out a deep sigh, she looks as if she’s trying to relax, which is perfectly fine with me.

“Will it.. hurt?” Her voice suddenly fills the air and I look to see her eyes are still tightly shut. “For a bit, yeah. But.. it’ll get better.” I say with a light smile, even though she isn’t looking at me. I trail my hand down her inner thigh, having her cold, pale skin touch against my fingertips is just magnificent – one of the best feelings in the world to me.

I let out a deep sigh, I wish it wasn’t going to hurt her, I would be much better off with things if it was easy the first time. She’s never touched herself, she’s never done anything sexual – and now it’s up to me to make sure she lives through the pain she’s about to get, it’s my responsibility to take care of her. And I will do just that.

I hold my cock in one hand and bring the other to my mouth. I spit on my fingers and bring my hand down to her core. She’s already wet – both from just the natural effects and from my tongue all over her earlier. I run my fingers up and down her slit a few times, making sure she’s nice and soaked so I don’t hurt her. Right when I glance up at her beautiful face, those blue eyes open up and she gazes at the ceiling.

“On three.” I say loud enough so she could hear me. I line my tip up with her entrance, the feeling of her wetness against the end of nerves sends chills up my spine – I’m about to have sex with this girl, I don’t know if I will be able to pull out or not. Don’t say that, Harry, you know good and well you have to so you have no option. Right, calm down.. Just relax.

“One.” I mumble the number under my breath. Anna Lisa’s hand grabs a fistful of the cover beneath her. I gulp slightly, I hope she’s okay. “Two.” I continue the short countdown. My eyes roam back to her the paradise between her legs. I need to focus on getting it – even though all I want to do is stare at her beautiful face.

“Three.” I push myself in just a tad bit, feeling her tightness already. Anna Lisa lets out a whine, and it doesn’t sound like a sign of pleasure either. “I know baby girl, just bear with me.” I tell her – if she only knew how much I want to take the pain away and give it to myself, maybe I would be okay with doing this then. I’m still not completely happy with myself for taking this beautiful young girl’s virginity – but at the same damn time, I don’t want anyone else to get it. I move my hips half an inch, watching my shaft slide further into her core – not by much, but by enough for now.

Harry.” Anna Lisa whimpers, her teeth biting down on her bottom lip so hard that it might just start bleeding soon. “I know, I’m almost half way in.” I let her know this so that she knows how much longer it will take. “Almost?” She questions in a soft voice. I smirk gently, I guess she didn’t realize how big I am. “It’s alright baby, once it’s in all the way.. it’ll feel much better.” My eyes flicker back and forth – between Anna Lisa’s face and her tight entrance. I’m waiting for the blood to come, that is of course if there is any.

“Just.. hurry, please.” She pleads as her hands grip the covers tight. My heart aches for her as I watch her try to get through the suffering feeling. I push a little further, allowing half of my shaft to go in. I feeling of her walls wrapped tight around my cock is just so fucking amazing. “I can’t go fast right now, baby. I.. I need to be gentle.” I tell her – first she doesn’t want to and now she wants to go fast, this girl needs to make up her silly little mind. It’s cute though, well hot – I enjoy the fact she wants me to go fast, but right now is not the time for speed.

I lean down, my hands pressing in the mattress on both sides of her head. Her eyes meet mine and she sucks in a quick breath. I let my body thrust forward – my cock sliding deeper and deeper into her tight heat. Anna’s mouth opens and she lets out a moan, her eyes lock with mine and I give her a smirk. Her eyes roll back as I continue to invade her body. “You okay?” I ask in a whisper, I’d hate to hurt my girl. She goes to say something, but only a shaky breath comes out of her mouth.

Anna Lisa opens her eyes and they meet my stare. She gives me a light smile as her hand touches my side. Her fingernails dig into my skin just as I find myself stuffed all the way into her. “I’m going to.. stay like this for a little bit.. let you adjust, okay baby?” I say in a whisper. She nods to me and slides her hand further around me. “Do you feel okay?” I ask, hearing the nervousness in my voice. “Yes.. s-sir.. feels.. g-good, Harry.” She tells me, her cheeks redden up at her statement.

I lower myself down some, pressing my chest into hers. I feel my cock twitch at the feeling of her hard nipples pressed into my skin. Anna Lisa gasps at that same moment. “Relax, baby.” I remind her in a mumble, my lips hit hers and within seconds I felt her tongue touching mine. Her other hand finds its way to the side of my neck and she keeps it there, holding me in place as well. While I syncopate my lips with hers, I pull myself out about an inch. I don’t waste any time, within seconds I push myself back in.

Her lips break free from mine and she lets out a beautiful moan. “You like?” I mumble with a smirk, she’s so damn gorgeous. “Do it again, please.” Her voice requests in a whisper. “How about.. this instead.” I reply just as soft as I pull myself out almost all the way. I lean up some just so I can give her the most power with my hips. Her eyes widen as she stares up at me, curious and impatience. Without any words, I thrust forward and let myself go all the way in her tightness, feeling her walls clasp around my violently.

“So good, baby.” I murmur as I place a slobby kiss on her lips. Such a good girl.

[Anna Lisa]

Harry’s praising words bring the blush to my cheeks once again, I’m still not used to other people seeing me get all flustered, so I try my best to hide it by turning my head to the side and closing my eyes. Just when I thought he was going to command for me to look back at him, those soft lips connect with my shoulder. His body lowers down onto mine, his hand still digging hard into the mattress to support the wondrous power his hips are giving off.

My nerves are running wild, my heart is racing at the speed of lightning, and my mind is gone – all I can see, hear, taste, think is Harry Styles, every single thing.

I allow my hand to trail around to the back of his neck,my fingers get to fiddling with his hair within seconds. My other hand, however, doesn’t move in any direction – instead, my fingers push further against Harry’s tanned, smooth skin. I need to hold on to him, or else I might just go insane.

“So tight, babe.” Harry’s voice mumbles in my ear as his lips leave my body, a feeling I surely don’t like that much. I let out a deep moan straight from my throat as Harry’s member lunges into my body even harder than the last time. Harry’s hand trails down between us, slowly and gently. My eyes shoot open as I feel his index finger cover my nub – he begins to do figure eights on the small bundle of nerves and I can’t help but let the groans fall out of my mouth. Harry’s head rises and his eyes catch mine again. This time, though, I don’t try to hide or stop anything – it feels so fucking good, and I don’t want him to stop anything.

He gives me a sly smirk as his forehead leans against mine. “Do you like it, or is it too much baby?” Harry asks as my eyes close and so do his – I suppose we both need to focus on the wonderful feelings he’s giving to my body – feelings I’ve never felt before, and most of them are some I never even imagined to be possible.


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