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Dangerous Love

33 - Perfect


I allowed a laugh to leave my mouth as I felt Anna Lisa’s fingertips brushing my side. I hear her giggle in response to me as I bury my face in her neck, she smells so good. “Harry!” She squeals as I sink my teeth into her soft skin. Her fingernails scratched across my skin and a groan slipped past my lips.

“Can.. can I tell you something?” The tone of her voice distracted me from my giving of affection. She sounds rather confused, and I don’t want her to be worried about anything. I lean up from my spot and lower my eyebrows as I focus on her expression.

“Anything baby. Are you okay?” I ask, becoming worried myself. “I.. I have this.. question.. that I need to ask you.’’ She says, her eyes staring deeply into mine. I nod to her, indicating that she can go ahead and ask me. Her beautiful eyes break away from my gaze and they fall on something somewhere behind me.

“I’ve been.. having this.. feeling.. in my stomach.. and.. I don’t know.. why it won’t.. go away.” She informs me of this thing that’s been bothering her. “Well babe,” I start with a sigh, a slight smile – I think I know the reason behind this feeling of hers.

“When.. when do you get this feeling?” I ask. Her eyes return to stare into mine, her cheeks reddening at my question. I slide my tongue over my bottom lip as I stare into her irises. Her shoulders shrug and a huff leaves her mouth. “Do you get it.. when I touch you?’’ I blurt out the question with no hesitation – somebody had to say it and I knew she wouldn’t tell me that.

Anna Lisa’s hands grip my sides as she keeps our eye contact tight and locked. Her head rises and falls a few times, giving me her answer. “I’ve been getting that feeling too.. whenever I look at you, or touch you, or even just think about you.” I admit to the beautiful girl sitting on my lap.

“It feels like.. billions of little butterflies.’’ She mumbles out, the corner of her mouth gently curving into a partial smile. “Trillions.” I whisper out the number, my lips getting closer to hers as I lean in towards her gorgeous face, every single feature is perfect.

“Stand up.” I demand in a mutter, even though I like the sweet talk and the cute little things she’s been doing for the past ten minutes while sitting on my lap, I still have other things to show her, to teach her. Once I’m at my feet, I turn on my heel and walk towards the end of the bed. We have some unfinished business.

I sit down on the end of the bed and give Anna Lisa a gesture of my hand to come over here to me. She only takes a few seconds to complete the space between us. “Knees.” I mumble to her, pointing down to the floor. She hits her knees fast, those eyes trailing up to meet mine.

“So good.’’ I whisper out, my hand pressed to the side of her neck. Those cheeks of hers fluster up and I can’t help but smirk at the adorable, innocent, beautiful sight before me – Anna Lisa. “Come closer.’’ I say just as I part my legs for her. She scoots closer to me and sits her hands gently on top of my feet.

“Get my cock out, and do what you think you should do.” I demand as I press my hands in the mattress a few inches behind me. I lean back some, but not so far – I want to witness her actions, her eyes, her everything. “What.. what if I.. mess up?” She asks nervously, resting her hand on my knee.

“You won’t.” I assure her with a smirk. She lets out a sigh and gives me a shy smile. Anna Lisa’s fingers slip under the waist band of my boxers and she begins to slide them down. I lift my body off the mattress some so she can get them past my hips.

I watch myself spring free of the tight hold, her eyes widen as she comes face to face with my cock again. I love the way she looks at it – she’s scared, but yet so amazed by it. Her innocence is very appealing and sexy – I can’t resist to smile at it.

“Gentle strokes.” I blurt out as she grabs it a little too firmly. She pulls her hand back, a huff leaving her mouth. “Anna Lisa.. just listen to me.” I insist as I lean forward just a tad, pressing my hand against her cold, flustered cheek. “Don’t be scared.” I remind her of this with a smile, but I get nothing in return but another sigh.

I drop my hand and wait for her to continue. She doesn’t take but a few seconds to get back in the game, her hands wrapping around my cock slowly and easily, just like I showed her last night. “There you go, baby. So good.” I mumble out, a light moan following my words as she starts.

She takes away one of her hands and sits it in her lap, the other completing the job. With each pump she gives me, I let more and more moans slip out. She needs to know she’s doing well – so I try my best to give her a good response. Right when I was going to request her speed to go a little faster, her hand rapidly starting to move up and down my shaft, her eyes focused on it as she works that innocent magic.

“Yeah, ooh. There you go, so good baby girl.” I groan out, throwing my head back as she squeezes extra tight at the tip. She’s already mastering this and it’s just her second night. “Am I.. doing it right, sir?” She asks me, nervousness and a lack of confidence in her voice.

I lift my head and our eyes meet – so beautiful. “Perfect.. you’re doing everything right, baby.” I assure her with a wink before she looks away from me, steadying her eyes on what her hand is holding. “I’m not scared.. anymore.” She mumbles out as she uses her other hand to hold the base.

“I told you not to be, baby. There’s nothing scary about – fuck.” I stop my sentence with a heavy moan, she’s honestly doing everything perfectly. “Did I mess-” I push my index finger against her lips, this insecurity is getting on my nerves. “Don’t fucking say anything, you’re doing perfect.” I sternly say, furrowing my eyebrows as I look down at her. Her bottom lip is pouting out a tad bit more than normal.

“You’ve been a good girl all day, don’t ruin it.” I remind her through gritted teeth – I just want to feel her hand moving on my cock again instead of just holding it.


sorry about the wait guys.. Hopefully I can get back to my normal self soon ♥ and I know you want the legit sex scene, it's coming I promise for real this time! Longer chapters as well! Feedback please??..


Keep it comin!!!!! Love the update

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JustineLolipop JustineLolipop

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Please update soon, I love this story :)