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Dangerous Love

27 - Anything


The evening was going well so far, however I don’t know how long the good will last. Anna Lisa has been talking to Sophia some but for the most part she’s been holding my hand under the table and staring at her lap.

I believe she’s either tired or nervous. I don’t want her to be uncomfortable around Sophia though so I hope everything’s alright.

“So, Anna Lisa, do your parents know about you and Harry?” Sophia asks with a kind smile. My heart nearly stops as I process the question in my mind. “Soph.” I mumble but apparently she didn’t bear me. Anna Lisa gulps loud enough for me to hear.

“I’m sure they’re happy for you. Harry’s quite a good guy if you ask me.” Sophia laughs slightly as she awaits the reply. “I um.. Excuse me for a moment, please.” She stutters out as stands up, giving me a glance.

Her beautiful eyes were covered in a layer of tears. The sight made me want to cry with her, I don’t want to see my girl in tear.

“Babe-” I could barely get out any words of protest before she stormed towards the restroom. “Is she alright?” Sophia asks with a light frown. I stand up from my chair and grab my phone from the table. I shove it in my pocket quickly, I need to check on her.

“Harry, was it something I said?” Soph says, her voice shaky. I know she fears the worst. Sophia has a big heart and knowing she made Anna Lisa cry will kill her. “Sophia..” I sigh as I look down at her. Her eyes are wide as she shares up at me.

I lick my lips, this isn’t something you have to tell somebody everyday. I’ve never had to break news like this. “She doesn’t really know her father. And.. Her mom's dead.” I inform her. Sophia gasps, her hand flying over her mouth.

“I’m going to talk to her.” I tell her as I let out a deep breath. “Harry I’m so sorry, I didn’t know.” Sophia blurts out, her voice in panic.

“I know. It's okay, just give me a few minutes.” An exhale leaves my mouth as I give her one last gentle, understanding smile. I thank God that the restrooms weren’t far away from our table. I need to get to Anna Lisa before she cries her pretty eyes out in the stall.

Unfortunately I can’t just barge into the women’s bathroom, and plus I have some respect for the female population too.

The hostess was at her podium and I figure she’s a good person to ask. I approach her with a smile and she gives me a simple hello.

“Is there an issue with your meal, Mr. Styles?” she asks with furrowed eyebrows. “No, no. I just placed my order a few minutes ago. But uh.. I need to step into the ladies room to get my girlfriend, shed a tad upset.” I tell her, hoping my request isn’t so odd.

“Alright, I’ll escort you in and make sure no one else is in there.” She stated and motions me with her hand to follow her, so I gladly do.

She leads me back to the restrooms and I stop outside the door, allowing her to go on in ahead of me. “What’s her name?” the hostess asks me. “Anna Lisa.” I mumble to her.

She nods to me before opening the door and handling this issue. “Bathroom check!” I hear her announce. “Anna Lisa.. Are you in here?” The woman doesn’t get a reply. Oh god please, where is she?

The lady steps out of the bathroom and turns to face me. “Only one stall is closed. You can go on in, I’ll stand at the door and wait for you guys. Take your time.” She tells me with a soft smile. “Thank you.” I say in reply. She gives me another smile and a nod. “No problem.”

The bathroom walls are a light pink color. The whitish marble counter top lined one full wall. I tried not to get caught up in the room’s design, I need to focus on Anna Lisa and handling this misunderstanding. It's my fault for not informing Sophia on the information.

My hand was a bit shaky as I brought it up in front of me to knock on the closed stall door. I knock my knuckles against the door a few times, oh God please let her be okay behind this damn door.

“Baby.. Open the door please, let me talk to you.” I say with a heavy sigh after realizing she wasn’t going to open the door for me.

After half a minute I still have no response. “Babe please. She didn’t know about your parents. I’m sorry.” I admit to her, I feel horrible for letting Sophia continue with that conversation. Now there’s nothing I can do to go back and change that though, so my remorse won’t do me any good really.

“An-” my words get cut off by the sound of her beautiful voice. “I’m not upset.” She says in a soft voice. Just when I was about to reply to her claim, I hear the clicking noise of the lock and the door slowly opens, revealing her to me finally after all this time.

“You’re not upset babe?” I ask, my eyebrows lowered as I focus on her. Her eyes meet mine and she gives me a half smile.

“No. It's just.. When I think about my mom I get lost in the memories and.. And sometimes you know things get so good that.. that it hurts a little.” Anna Lisa tells me, a sigh following her words.

“Sophia feels horrible. We both thought you were upset. And I see.. that you were crying. Love, are you sure you’re okay?” I knew this would bother me, but I didn’t know it would make my heart ache for her. I’d do anything to keep that smile on her beautiful face.





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JustineLolipop JustineLolipop

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