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Dangerous Love

26 - Sophia

[Anna Lisa]

It’s quiet in the car, Harry hasn’t said much to me. He keeps both his hands on the wheel, but honestly I want him to reach over and touch my leg or hold my hand or something. The last thing he said was that this dress looked good on me. I chose one of the less expensive items, I just wanted to do something simple.

Harry is wearing a short sleeve button up shirt that had some sort of abstract pattern on it, but he left the top three buttons undone. On top of that was a black sports coat – paired with tight black jeans and black boots. He looks really handsome, his short hair was slightly messy on his head, but overall he’s extremely attractive.

He let me chose what car to go in – the Maserati is my favorite, for not at least. It’s just pretty. I just wish he’d talk to me, that would make me feel a billion times better. I’m not tired or sick, I’m bored that’s all really. Completely bored. I just want to hear his voice.


A sigh left my mouth as Harry shut his door, walking around the front of the car to my side. I don’t know if he’s mad about something or mad at me, but whatever the case I wish he’d just speak to me. Honestly I wouldn’t mind it being a yell. Any verbal response would please me.

He opens my door and extends his hand out to me. I place my hand in his palm as I stand up. Once I’m out of the way he shuts the car door and lets my hand go. Just when I thought he would continue tonight’s silence, his hands grab my waist and he pushes me against the side of his car.

Harry’s lips brush against my cheek as he leans on me. I gulp gently at the sudden rough things he was doing to me, despite the change of aggressiveness I liked it a lot – more than I should, I’m sure. My hands locate his sides and I keep them in place.

“Listen to me.’’ He says with a stern voice. Before I could reply in any way, which would have been a nod most likely, he starts his list of demands. “Don’t make eye contact with anyone. Don’t speak to anyone. When it comes to Sophia I want you to be honest, but if she asks where we met we’re sticking with this story.’’ He pauses for a second before eventually continuing.

“We met a bar a few weeks ago. Got it?” Harry says as he grips my waist tight. “Yes sir.’’ I say softly as his lips trail over my jawline. The lustful motions cause an uproar in the pit of my stomach. He reaches my ear and I feel his teeth on the edge of my lobe.

Harry doesn’t hesitate to nibble on the soft, sensitive skin of mine. I let a slight moan as I feel this fizzy feeling in my body. Just when I thought all of these weird, new, but wondrous feelings were the best I’ve oddest I’ve ever felt (but by far the very best) – there suddenly comes this new thing.

It wasn’t emotional, wasn’t going on inside my body, nor my heart or mind. It wasn’t really a feeling, but more of a lustful result. The new slickness between my legs wasn’t anything I didn’t know about, I’m not stupid or oblivious to the world – I know exactly what it is. For some reason, not really sure why, I enjoy it.

“It’s cold. We need to get inside, baby.’’ Harry mutters into my ear before giving my lobe a soft peck instead of a rough bite this time.


In the middle of the table sat a bottle of wine and a few empty glasses. Harry’s been quiet for the most part, a few coughs here and there, but no words spoken aloud to me. The only thing he said was something to the waiter, I didn’t even honestly hear it.

“Here you go, Ms. Smith.’’ I heard a voice say. I look up to see the hostess gesturing her hand towards the table. My eyes fall on a pretty girl, older than me I know. Her smile was bright as she saw Harry. He stood to greet her. I watched him put his arms around her, a friendly hug but something inside me started stinging.

I’m not quite sure if it’s what I think it is or not: jealousy. She’s just his friend, right?

“Anna Lisa.’’ Harry snaps me from my confused thoughts with the quick call of my name. I look over at him and he motions me with his hand to stand. So I do. I’d hate to embarrass him in front of his friend. “This is Sophia. Sophia, this is Anna Lisa. My.. girlfriend.’’ Harry says with a smile, looking at the dark haired girl.

My heart skips a beat at the sound of Harry’s raspy voice saying that word. Did he mean it? Or was he just saying that because he wanted to hide the fact he bought me from a sex trafficking auction? What the reason, I love the way it sounds..

She holds her hand out to me and I grab it respectively. She gives my hand a shake before releasing it. “It’s a pleasure to meet you love, Harry hasn’t shut up about you.” She smiles to me. I only smile slightly back, I can’t really find the words to speak to this woman.

“So how’s everything going, Harry?’’ Sophia asks after we’ve all sat back down. She sat across from Harry, I’m glad though – I just feel like she’s judging me in her mind, which she probably is. I don’t really like for people to stare at me anyways, so I’m rather pleased that she sat in front of him.

“Good. She’s getting settled in. Things have been.. out of hand, but for the most part it’s going well.” Harry tells her. I sort of figure that he’s told her I “moved in” with him, just based on their conversation.

I thought this dinner was just going to be the two of us – I thought I would be able to talk to Harry and let him know a little more about me, like he wanted to in the first place.

But I guess not.


♥happy Valentine's Day!♥
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JustineLolipop JustineLolipop

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