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Dangerous Love

19 - Only The Beginning


That adorable smile on her face only made my pants tighten more than they already were. She’s so damn beautiful, and she doesn’t even realize what she’s doing to me just by sitting there. “I.. I can’t believe.. you want me.. to.. try on.. everything.’’ She says, her words a little spaced as her nervousness kicks in. Her eyes look over the racks of dresses I picked out for her.

“This is only the beginning, love. We have several more places to go. And yes, I want to make sure you like them.” I say as I stand up from the bench in the large dressing room and cross over to her. I hold my hand down to her level and she gladly takes it, my support pulling her up to her feet.

“Just go down the rack.” I say as I grab the first dress, it was a dark maroon color and I strongly believe it’s going to be absolutely sexy on her. I also get the lingerie set that was on the rack too and I hand them both to her.

I go back over to the bench and sit down, cross my ankles as I leaned against the wall, ready for this amazing show to begin. Anna Lisa’s eyes find mine and she blushes a tad, a slight smile on her face. “Go on.” I nod my head in her direction, indicating that she needed to go on and start changing into the first dress.

She gives me a few gentle nods of her head and I watch closely as she bends down to grab the boot off of each foot, sitting them on her bench before she goes on any further. I rest my hands in my lap, my eyes roaming over her beautiful body as she begins to free herself o those annoying clothes – even though they look wonderful on her, I would rather see her naked in front of me. Either way, she’s beautiful.

Anna Lisa slides her arms out of the sweater, she got cold earlier as we looking around the store. It surprised me but she actually found a few things on her own that she liked, and I of course gladly allowed her to add them to the collection we were gathering.

Her shirt is next to be removed, she does it quickly and tosses it on the bench. A sly smirk comes to my face as her shaky fingers run over the button of her jeans. She seems very timid right now, like she doesn’t want me to see what’s under there, despite me already seeing it, well most of it..

“Babe.’’ I mumble. Her head shoots up and she gulps so loud I could hear it clearly in my seat. “Don’t be so nervous baby, pretend I’m not here.’’ I insist, trying to give her something to calm her nerves. She nods a rapidly for a few seconds, she’s overwhelmed again. She goes back at it, attempting to unbutton the jeans again.

A small chuckles leaves my mouth as I see her struggle her again, and again. My cock twitches in my jeans as she lets out a whine and a stomp of her bare foot against the ground – a heavy huff following. “It’s stuck.’’ She mutters to herself, her eyes meeting mine again.

“Come over here.’’ I say with a gesture of my hand. She doesn’t hesitate at all, she doesn’t want to disobey me and I enjoy that very much. “Yes.. sir?’’ She whispers as she reaches me, only halfway undressed. “Stop stressing out Anna Lisa, there’s nothing to be worried about.’’ I tell her as I lean off the wall and reach my fingers towards the jeans.

With a quick snap, the pants are undone – I grab the zipper and finish out the process for her. “I’m.. stupid.’’ She utters to me, a sigh leaving her mouth again. “You’re not stupid baby, you’re just a little nervous and that’s okay.’’ I say as I run my hands down the side of her thighs, so thick and tensed.

“Now, go finish.’’ I give her a smile and a pat on her butt. She lets out the cutest giggle and turns on her heel. It doesn’t take long for her to slip out of the jeans and place them in the pile on the bench with everything else. There she stands in her bra and panties, her pale skin is flustered as she catches my stare again. She looks away and continues to remove the clothes.

Anna Lisa reaches behind her back and unclasps her bra. She brings her arms back to the front of her body quickly, her hands cupping around her boobs – making sure the bra doesn’t uncover her body’s gems. “Don’t be shy.’’ I remind her, raising my eyebrows at her in a stern way. She gives me a soft nod and drops her hands, letting the straps slide off her arms and the garment hits the floor.

Now her simple black cotton underwear are the last thing to be taken off. “Turn around. I want to see your ass.” I demand with a snap of my fingers. She rotates around and hooks her fingers under the waist band. Anna Lisa starts to pull the fabric down her gorgeous legs, her hands shaking as she knows I’m witnessing this wondrous side.

As the waistband glides over her butt, revealing more and more to me by the second, I give my crotch a squeeze, I needed some sort of friction on it before I explode. The item slips off her fingers and falls to the ground. Seconds after stepping her feet out of the underwear, she bends over to pick it up and I nearly moan at the sight before me. The position gives me a glimpse of her core – just a little sneak peak of what I’ll see tonight. Sadly though, she leans up and turns to face me.

My eyes her watch intensively, enjoying her bare body in front of me. She ends the joy by stepping her feet into the panties belonging to the lingerie set. But yet I can’t be mad at her, she’s so beautiful. Next comes the matching bra, and honestly I think she looks perfect like that. She turns, her side facing me, so she can look at the full size mirror hanging on the wall.

Anna Lisa slowly glides one hand down her stomach, from the edge of the bra to the waistband of the underwear. Her face looked ashamed, her frown was bothering me. Why is she doing that? “Babe.’’ I let out. She looks over at me, her hand dropping from her body.

“Why’d you do that?’’ I ask as I stand up, I hope she’s not embarrassed. Her shoulders shrug at me, she knows the reason I don’t know why she’s pretending like she doesn’t. “Tell me.’’ I sigh out as I stand behind her, staring at her wondrous reflection, ignoring my own.

My hands press against her waist, bringing her body against mine. “I don’t.. want you to.. to.’’ Her words stop in a quick second. “Just tell me.” I breathe out, sliding my arms around her waist. “..to not like the.. the way… I .. the way I look.” She whispers out, her eyes closing as she let her shame filled words escape.

“Anna Lisa, please stop worrying, love. You’re perfect to me.” I say into her ear, leaving a kiss against her lobe. “Please trust me.” I add, gulp gently to myself, this girl needs to believe me – she needs to realize she’s amazing in every single way. Especially in my eyes.

“I can’t.”


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Keep it comin!!!!! Love the update

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JustineLolipop JustineLolipop

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