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Famous ☆5☆

Slowly Hayley walked to the beautiful carved out wooden doors palms sweaty. She looked down at her phone to make sure it was the address he sent her.

She reached out her hand to knock on the door but instead the door swung open to the gorgeous guy she knew by the name of Edward. Smiling she looked up at him.

"Hey Hayley come on in dinner is almost done." He smiled at her.

"Thank you " she spoke walking into the house.

She looked up when she heard a woman's voice. "who is t the door H- " she stopped and smiled at Hayley "Hi you must be Hayley the girl Edward can never stop talking about nice to finally meet you! I'm his mom Anne Cox " the woman spoke very exited.

"Nice to meet you too mam" she spoke reaching out her hand for the woman to shake but instead the woman pulled her in for a hug, the hug wasn't uncomfortable at all strangely she liked it.

"Ok then let's go eat shall we?" Harry spoke looking at the two hugging woman.

"Yes" Harry's mum answered walking back to the kitchen slowly Harry and Hayley followed behind her into the dining room where Hayley saw baby photos of Harry and a girl not much older than him

"oh yeah that's my big sis Gemma but shes currently in Switzerland " Harry smiled dimples showing.

Smiling Hayley watched at him as his eyes scanned the photo.

"I made my famous chicken ala King hope you don't mind" Anne spoke walking into the house.

"No mam it's actually my favorite" she answered while sitting down on the chair Harry pulled out for her. "thank you" she whispered to him and he nodded

"Nonsense darling call me Anne " she smiled handing everyone their plates

"Thank you Anne this looks really delicious"

"Good I hope you like it"

They started eating in silence Harry stealing a glimpse at Hayley every no and then causing her to blush amd smile like a crazy person.
"Mum do u mind if we have our ice cream in the back yard?" Harry asked staring at hisum green orbs almost making her melt away.

"I dont see why not" she smiled

Harry turned at Hayley smirking at her before walking to the swing couch that was outside.

"I hope you enjoyed dinner" Harry smiled at her

"I did it was amazing really" she smiled.

She watched as he leaned in rain droplets falling on their facea and ahe didn't mind as she started leaning in as well.

They were inches apart as Harry's mum's voice interrupted them.

"Huns you two should come in before u both get sick! " she screamed before closing the door

"Where were we? " Harry questioned

"i think you were about to place your lips on mine" she spoke blushing.

Slowly Harry placed his pink plump lips onto hers. He could swaer he felt fireworks going of in his stomach as their lips moved in sync. Gently Hayley let her hand travel into his hair amd tugged at it lightly to deepen the kiss.

She pulled away after what felt like forever to get some air "I-i need to go " she spoke quickly getting up and walking towards the gates.

"Ill see you soon Edward"she spoke before getting into her car.

"soon" Harry mumbled 567 words



This story is really great, every chapter I'm wondering what will happen next!

My love for this story is so unreal...

I don't understand why you have no comments! I really like this story!