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Hayley held the book in her hand as she read over the same sentence for the fith time
'We were far too old to settle an argument-'

There were people screaming from accross the street and a lot of security. She frowned and placed the book down but not before putting the book mark in.

"Celebrity's always have to make such a scene" Maura her best friend spoke walking to the table.

"Who is it this time?"

"Just some British boy" she answered picking up the book.

"Serious Hayley To kill a mockingbird?" she frowned looking straight at Hayley.

"Yeah M, Its kind of good."

Maura glared at Hayley before taking a sip of Hayley's tea.
Hayley looked to the side staring at the crowd of screaming girls... and a few boys, before smiling.

' How can u go so crazy over someone who does'nt even know you exist like really he propably doesnt even care about anyone but himself ' she thought to herself before turning her attension back to Maura who was about to punch her in the face.

"Hey what you wanna do that for?"

"Because u just like totally ignored me and I got mad-"

"-so as I was asking are you going to Mark's party this weekend?" Maura asked now playing with the sugar pot that is on the table.

"I don't think so might just stay in and read" Hayley answered truthfully

"Ugh you and your books i just hope you get someone who will love a book worm like you"

"I already have one" Hayley replied

"Who?" Maura questioned

"You" Hayley replied smirking

The bell from the cafe door opening caused them both to snap their heads towards the direction of the door.

Hayley didnt know she was staring he is handsome even more than he was in the mocie trailer she watched.

She looked down quickly as he turned his face. A light blushed washed over her face, shes a was a fan.

She looked up to see him staring, she turned away and grabbed her book "I have to go see you Maura" she spoke throwing money on the table before grabbing her bag and throwing it over her shoulder before exiting the cafe.

371 words




This story is really great, every chapter I'm wondering what will happen next!

My love for this story is so unreal...

I don't understand why you have no comments! I really like this story!