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Hayley drove in a taxi to the new years party the boys were going in a limo and she insisted Harry go with them. Hayley knew there was going to be a lot of famous people. When they got to the party there was a lot of paparazzi screaming everyone's names Hayley spotted Selena Gomez, Justin Timberlake and Rihanna even if she doesnt follow celebritys she knows who they are who doesn't?

When she turned around she saw the boys walking toward her and as quick as they got to her you could hear a corus of 'Harry' just when she was about to turn around to see where this Harry guy was Niall linked his arm with hers and as he did the paparazzi went crazy with questions

"Niall who is this?"

"Niall what happened to Tracy?"

"Did you cheat on her?"

Niall ignored the questions and walked into the doors. She couldnt find out Harry's secret nobody can.

As soon as all of them were inside Harry pulled Hayley aside and kissed her full on "I talked to your mum and she agread that you could stay the night with me at a hotel I only got the best for my love" "And may i say you look breath taking" he whispered against her head











"HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!" Everyone screamed

"Happy new year babylove" Harry spoke kissing her deeply not giving her time to reply.

Photos were taken of them kissing.

Little did pour Hayley know that she was going to be all over the television and internet the next day.

"Let's go to the hotel"


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This story is really great, every chapter I'm wondering what will happen next!

My love for this story is so unreal...

I don't understand why you have no comments! I really like this story!