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It was midnight when Hayley heard a noise of peddals hitting against her window. Slowly she got out of her bed and walked towards her window, when she looked down she was met with Harry standing in the snow staring up at her room she smiled before opening the window and whisper shouting at him

"Meet me in the back yard!"

She met him in the back yard "I'm sorry I came here so late i just mussed you so so much" he said staring at her face that shined lightly under the moonlight. Softly she blushed and he grabbed her cheeks kissing her hard and she kissed him back.

"Will you go to the new years oarty with me, and ofcourse the boys?" His smile visable in the moonlight.

"I'd love to Edward" She spoke before he pulled her onto the couch that was outside

Slowly he started to sing Yellow to her softly as he rubbed her arm till she was asleep before whispering "I wish I could just tell you everything"

When Hayley woke up the next day she was wrapped up in Harry's arms amiling she nuzzled her face more into his chest smiling not wanting to get out of his warm embrace. She leaned up and kissed his sleeping lips only to find out he wasnt sleeping as he kissed back "Hi baby doll" He spoke and kissed her forehead

Blushing she slowly got out of bed before walking down the stairs to be met with her parents.

"We did nothing I promise" she spoke looking her parents square in the eyes.

"We didn't say you did hun we trust you" She nodded at her mum and walked to the fridge to start with breakfast



This story is really great, every chapter I'm wondering what will happen next!

My love for this story is so unreal...

I don't understand why you have no comments! I really like this story!