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"You did what?" Harry questioned looking Niall straight in the eyes

"I invited all the boys for christmas" Niall spoke in all honesty"Like we do every Christmas its tradition"

"I know I can probably ask Hayley if its okay if they come" Harry spoke sighing

"you would do that?"

"Yes i would" Niall jumped up hugging him tightly

"Come Niall the game will begin soon and we still have to pick Hayley up" Niall nodded and walked outside to Harry's car


The game was over and they were now sat in a resturant eating a meal people kept staring at their table Hayley thought it was because of Niall but little did she know it was because of her boyfriend to.

"Hay babe I gotta ask you something"

"Okay" she smiled looking at him

"Um you see me and Niall have a group of friends that aree really close to us and were always together for christmas and Niall invited them over but we already have plans and i was wondering if they could spend christmas with us only if you want"

"Ofcourse baby my mum wont mind" she smiled and kissed his lips softly causing Niall to aww

"Bye ni" she spoke kissing Niall's cheek.

"We should go christmas shopping tomorrow" Niall spoke giving them his Irish smile

"You two can go i'll be busy tomorrow with other christmas stuff" Harry spoke kissing her head

"Okay" she spoke and unlocked the door "Night I love you" she spoke

"I love you too" Niall said and Harry started laughing.

"I love you to baby" Harry spoke placing his lips gently on hers "Go sleep now so u can be well rested for tomorrow"

With that she entered the room



This story is really great, every chapter I'm wondering what will happen next!

My love for this story is so unreal...

I don't understand why you have no comments! I really like this story!