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Harry and Niall were seated at Harry's mum's place sipping on their coffee.

"So you're telling me you told her you're Edward Cox just so she doesnt know your a famous singer and actor?" Niall questioned putting his cup down.

"She doest like celebs"

"She likes me"

"Yea Ni your different she doesnt like me due to the stuff they say on the radio, I really like her"

"I can see it Harry " "Oh and by the way your tour is around the corner"

"I know Niall don't remind me" Harry sighed putting his head in his hands.

"I can'gt because you have to tell her Harry she has the right to know"

With that Harry's mum walked into the house with already wrapped up christmas presents and bags with chrismas decorations. Harry raised his eyebrow at his mom who only shot him a smile "Don't judge me the tree should already have been decorated its the eiighteenth Harry so shh and you boys can come help me while you done, and Niall i packed away some chrismas cookies for you that you can take home"

"Thats no fair i cant even get cookies and inm your son" Harry said pouting

"Thats because she likes me more and thank you Anne i bert their delicios like always"

"You gonna make him fat momm and then Tracy is going to be mad at me"

Anne just shook her head and walked to the chrismas tree "I putt come in a jar for Hayley too Hazz if you have time id appreciate it if you take it to her."

"Sure mom why not"

"Thanks love, your cookies azre in your bedroom" Harry smiled wide as his mum said those words and walked to her helping to put decorations on it

Hayley adn her mum was seated infront of the tv eating ice cream their traditional Sunday rutine after lunch when the doorbell went off.

Slowly Hayley got up and walked to the door opening it in one swift moment, she was met with the gorgeous green eyed boy she's known to love for these past couple of months "Hi Edbear"

"Hey babe" Harry spoke before leaning forward and kissing her softly which she kissed back "My mum made Chrismas cookies and made a jar for you" he held it out for her and she took it smilling "That's so nice of her" she spoke putting it on the kitchen counter "Remind me to send her a thank you letter" Harry raised an eyebrow at her "you still write thank you letters?"

"Yeah it holds more value than a text" she smiled kisssing his cheek.

"Hi Edward" Hayley's mum spoke walking into the kitchen

"Hello miss Williams" he smiled at him

"Um Edward my husband and I was wondering if you and your mum stepdad and sister would like to have dinner with Hayley, me and Jeremy on Christmas"

Harry frowned "What about Lilly?"

"Oh yea she's at her Grandma's only coming back before new years"

Harry smiled "I'll ask but I bet they will love meeting you"

"Just tell Hayley so she can let me know, I will leave you two alone I have some work that needs finishing" She spoke before walking off



This story is really great, every chapter I'm wondering what will happen next!

My love for this story is so unreal...

I don't understand why you have no comments! I really like this story!