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Payne of the Past


 photo F1CDEEFB-A05F-4612-A620-5F2CB5BC8281_zps49k2zkhp.jpg
Banners by: Louis_Bae

Liam and Bailey had been friends since preschool. They became closer than friends and decided to date for a year when they were 17. At that time Liam got a chance to try out for a singing show and went off to become a huge, mega, super star and forgot all about Bailey. That's when she discovers Niall. Bails has always loved Liam so when he leaves she becomes depressed, even considered suicide but she knows one person who can make it all go away.

Her parents though have a different idea, so they move to Lucerne, Switzerland. Liam comes to Switzerland while on tour and ends up staying at Bailey's parent's hotel. Now that he comes back into her life.. how long will he stay this time??

This Town- Niall Horan
Through the Dark- 1D
Hurt- Johnny Cash
I could not ask for more- Sara Evans
Believe- Justin Bieber
You and I- 1D
Trouble- Taylor Swift
No Air- Jordin Sparks
Strong- 1D
A little bit stronger- Sara Evans
Sorry- Justin Bieber
Second Chance- Shinedown
One Call Away- Charlie Puth
Pillowtalk- Zayn
Photograph- Ed Sheeran
I'm A Survivor- Reba McEntire
I Would- Zayn
Lighters- Bruno Mars
Don't forget where you belong- 1D
Wildest Dreams- Taylor Swift


Anakova Jakobsson

Anakova Jakobsson

Bailey best friend in Switzerland

Bailey  LaShae Fitzgerald

Bailey LaShae Fitzgerald

age 17, normal girl

Harry Styles

Harry Styles

age 16, superstar

Liam Payne

Liam Payne

Age 17, superstar

Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson

Age 18, superstar

Mr. Balter

Mr. Balter

Hotel's in house handy man, Friend of the Fitzgerald's

Mrs. Goodwin

Mrs. Goodwin

Hotel's Front Desk Manager

Niall Horan

Niall Horan

Age 17, superstar

Summer Reign Fitzgerald

Summer Reign Fitzgerald

Bailey's little sister, 9 years old

Tamryn Fitzgerald

Tamryn Fitzgerald

Bailey and Summer's mother

Thomas Fitzgerald

Thomas Fitzgerald

Bailey and Summer


  1. Prologue

    Preview age 4 to age 15

  2. Chapter One


  3. Chapter Two


  4. A/N

    About the Author

  5. Chapter Three


  6. Chapter Four

    Rising Up

  7. Chapter Five **Trigger Warning**

    I Knew IT

  8. Chapter Six


  9. Chapter Seven

    You Make Me Strong

  10. Chapter Eight

    You're Back?

  11. Chapter Nine

    Don't Ask; Don't Tell

  12. A/N

  13. Chapter Ten


  14. Chapter Eleven

    You'll Never Be Alone

  15. A/N

  16. Chapter Twelve

    Stay The Night

  17. Chapter Thirteen


  18. Chapter Fourteen

    Secrets and Lies

  19. Chapter Fifteen

    Little Bad Ass

  20. Chapter Sixteen


  21. Chapter Seventeen


  22. Chapter Eighteen

    This Town

  23. Chapter Nineteen

    Figure It Out

  24. Chapter Twenty


  25. Chapter Twenty One

    But He's Mine

  26. Chapter twenty two

    The feeling of uncertainty

  27. Chapter Twenty Three

    Change My Ticket

  28. Chapter Twenty Four

    Welcome To Sao Palo

  29. A/N

    Blehhh not a chapter

  30. Chapter Twenty Five

    Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

  31. A/N


  32. Chapter Twenty Six

    Best Of Me

  33. Chapter twenty six

    Best Of Me

  34. Chapter Twenty Seven

    The Run In

  35. Chapter twenty eight

    But It Did Happen

  36. Chapter Twenty Nine

    Hot Mess

  37. Chapter thirty

    New things

  38. Have to share this

    Shawn and Niall... I just had a stroke I think....

  39. chapter thirty one

    Deep Breaths

  40. Chapter Thirty Two

    Love Never Fails

  41. Chapter Thirty three

    Through the glass

  42. Chapter Thirty Four

    Permanent Scars *Trigger Warning*

  43. Happy 2017


  44. Chapter Thirty Five


  45. Chapter Thirty Six

    Just a Kiss

  46. Chapter Thirty Seven


  47. Chapter Thirty Eight


  48. A/N

  49. Chapter Thirty Nine

    That Went Well

  50. A/N

  51. Forty One

    Sleep Over

  52. Chapter Forty

    Sex and Surprises

  53. Chapter Forty Two

    Stressed Out

  54. Fanfic awards

  55. Chapter Forty Three

    We Need to Talk

  56. Chapter Forty Four


  57. Chapter Forty Five

    What is going on

  58. Chapter Fifty

    Trouble Ahead

  59. Chapter Fifty One

    Heart's Despair

  60. Chapter Fifty Two

    Decisions **May be a trigger**

  61. Book 2 Poster Preview

  62. Chapter Fifty Three

    Tuesday May 25th

  63. Chapter Fifty Four

    Summer Time

  64. Chapter Fifty Five



    Payne of the Past: Book Two

  66. New Story coming soon

    Prequel to Brave

  67. The story is done and has been published now!!!

    Yay!!! Characters names have been changed and some of the content has been changed


I know right. U found that one on Google. I was searching for Liam Payne holding baby and was scrolling through and found that one.

That is actually the cutest picture i have ever seen....how tf do you always find them?!?!

Thank you.. I have the last two chapters done and will post them soon then on the 13th POTP2 will be out

I love this story I can't wait for the second one :)