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Secrets Within


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♡♡Trust can be broken in the blink of an eye, but one would never in a million years think a secret this big could be kept from them. Emerson will soon find out what kind of a war zone is about to break loose, the life she thought was paradise will surely be turned upside down...♡♡

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Wanted: Hunter Hayes
Happily: One Direction
Decode: Paramore
Grow young with you: Andy Griggs/Coley McCabe
I want crazy: Hunter Hayes
Storm warning: Hunter Hayes
That's the beat of a heart: Warren Brothers
There you are: Martina McBride
Ain't it fun: Paramore
More than this: One Direction
Only you [and you alone]: Lonestar
Somebody's heartbreak: Hunter Hayes
18: One Direction
That's what you get: Paramore
What'd I say: Lyle Lovett

 photo 7F867620-A9DF-4C6C-88E9-42FB52C9061C_zps7mwwvlbx.jpg


Dominick Westin

Dominick Westin

Gang banger and friends with Jace associated with Emerson's Family

Emerson Hering

Emerson Hering

Tessa's Best Friend... finds herself in trouble with her parents secret

Harry Styles

Harry Styles

Friends of Nialll

Jace Mills

Jace Mills

Gang banger and friends with Dominick

Liam Payne

Liam Payne

Officer and good family friend of the Herings

Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson

Emerson Ex, doesn't like Harry, friends with Dominick and Jace

Niall Horan

Niall Horan

Friends of Harry

Rosalyn Hering

Rosalyn Hering

Emerson's grandmother and mother to Wesley

Tessa Carrea

Tessa Carrea

Emerson's best friend, Keeps a secret from her friend which could cost her life

Veronika Hering aka Roni

Veronika Hering aka Roni

Emerson's mom

Wesley Hering

Wesley Hering

Emerson's dad


  1. Prologue

    Secrets Within

  2. Chapter One

    The Other Boy Next Door

  3. Chapter Two

    Stranger Danger

  4. Chapter Three


  5. Important AN

  6. Chapter Four

    Is It Even a Party

  7. Chapter Five

    Out Like A Light

  8. Chapter Six

    Playing Hooky

  9. Chapter Seven


  10. AN

  11. Chapter Eight

    In The Meantime

  12. Chapter Nine

    Party On

  13. Chapter Ten


  14. Chapter Eleven

    About That

  15. Chapter Twelve


  16. Chapter Thirteen

    I Care

  17. Chapter Fourteen

    The Visit

  18. Chapter Fifteen


  19. Chapter Sixteen

    What to do

  20. A/N

    We had a fireworks accident

  21. Chapter Seventeen


  22. Chapter Eighteen

    The Plan

  23. Chapter Nineteen


  24. Chapter Twenty

    Help Needed

  25. A/N

  26. Chapter Twenty One


  27. Chapter Twenty Two


  28. Chapter Twenty Three

    The Plan

  29. Chapter Twenty Four

    Cuttin' It Close

  30. Chapter Twenty Five

    More Secrets

  31. Chapter Twenty Six

    Keeping Secrets

  32. Chapter Twenty Seven

    Over Worked

  33. Chapter Twenty- Eight

    World Cup Pt. 1

  34. Chapter Twenty Nine

    World Cup Pt. 2

  35. A/N

    Not important but thank you :)

  36. Chapter Thirty

    I Promise

  37. Sequel to Secrets Within



No problem :) hope you enjoy it

@Allie Miller
Thank you so much! :)

Secrets within is first then its sequel is His Best Kept Secret


Secrets within is first then its sequel is His Best Kept Secret

Should I read this book first or its there a specific order?