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Falling for Harry Styles

Chapter 2

"Hey Styles." I said grouchily as he stood next to me. "Hey Zufall." He said angrily looking at me in disgust. "What I don't look that bad do I?" I questioned but he didn't answer..

--------------------------------Harry's POV---------------------------------------------

God she ws gorgeous her curly brown hair falling perfectly across her shoulders, her beautiful bown eyes decorated with a bit of eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara.....Snap out of it Styles! I thought to myself. I can't be giving her or anyone signs that I like her. The only people who know are my bandmates Niall, Liam, Louis, and Zayn my best mates. But her smile lights up just about every room in the house....STOP IT STYLES focus on your plan with her today...."Alright well lets all go inside!" I yelled and clapped my hands together. Today was going to be the day....We all had walked inside and just as I was about to finish peicing my plan together Jalena had asked if she could put her stuff in my room since there wasn't enough room in Gemma's. This was my chance I thought to myself....She had started walking up the stairs and I followed closley behind she had just put her stuff down and I walked up behind her. "Hey." I said and it seemed to startle her cos she had slightly jumped. "Jesus christ Harry!" She screamed. I had chuckled a bit at how much I had scared her. "Don't you find it funny how we've always hated each other?" I said walking closer to her closing the door behind me. "N-no not really." She said baking into a wall making a small thud. "Well I do." I said getting closer and looking her in the eye. "You wanna know why I find it funny?" I asked. "Yeah." She said her voice trembling. "Harry?" Gemma called up the stairs. "Damnit Gemma" I whispered under my breath.


Haha, left you guys another cliffhanger. I will be updating as often as I can but i'm having some serious writers block. Sorry for the short chapter..:/


Omg. Please keep going
Mary_Louise32 Mary_Louise32