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Falling for Harry Styles

Chapter 1

"So are you coming over or what?" Gemma asked. "Do I have to?" I asked with a whining tone. "Yes Jalena, yes you do." Gemma said sighing "I mean I know you hate my brother and all but I would like for you guys to get along." Gemma explained. "I know Gemma, I know but it seems impossibe!" I exclaimed. "Just please Jalena for me?" Gemma questioned. "Fine i'll be over in an hour." I groaned slightky not wanting to get up from the chase lounge I was comfortably laying in. "Great! See you in a bit love!" Gemma said exitedly. "Alright bye love ya!" I screamed into the phone. "Love you too!" Gemma exclaimed as I ended the call and got up in search of my over night bag. "Now where did I put that bag?" I questioned before walking into my sisters room seeing if I had left it in there. "Oh god.." I muttered to myself finding my sisters room filled with One Direction posters. "Jalena what are you doing in my room?" Carissa exclaimed loudly. "I'm just looking for my overnight bag have you seen it anywhere?" I questioned. "No but I heard you were going to Gemma's can I come with?" She asked. I had pondered at this question for a while. I mean she wouldn't be all that annoying since Carissa and I get on very well and we are both 19...."Yeah sure why not. Just don't flip when you see Harry okay." I said calmly. "Harry's there..Oh god i'm definatly not wearing my 1D shirt." She said jokingly. "Haha okay and the other boys might be there like Niall." I said winking at the end of the sentence. "Oh my god Niall's gonna be there. I'd better get ready!!" She yelled and quikly walked into the bathroom to take a shower and get ready. "Okay now where did I pur my gym bag?" I pondered. "Oh yeah!!" I thought out loud "It's down stairs!" I quickly grabbed my bag and made my way back upstairs into my room to grab some clothes. I grabbed a Hollister shirt, skinny jeans, and a pair of UGGS. For Pajamas I paked a pair of shorts and a tank top. I had walked into the bathroom to d my makeup and hair.Once I was done I walked up to Carissa's bathroom door and knocked ad she walked out her bleach blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail, she was wearing a green headband. Her green eyes were decorated with a thin layer of liquid eyeliner and some mascara. She was wearing an Aeropastale' shirt with a pair of neon green skinny jeans and a pair of UGGS. "Wow!" I exclaimed. "What?" Carissa questioned. "You look gorgeous!" I screamed. "Well I do wanna look good for Niall." She said calmly. "Haha why he's just a guy." I said jokingly to get on her nerves. "Not to me he's not!" she exclaimed. "I was just kidding calm your tits." I joked. "Alright well any ways lets go!" She screeched walking twords the car. When we got in Carissa had blasted The A team by Ed Sheeran and we both sang along till we got to Gemma's. "Hey Mrs.Horan." Gemma winked walking out of the house turning 3 shades of red . "You're blushing aww!" I pointed out knowing she would say I don't biush! We've been through that for the past 3 months. "I. Don't. Blush!" Carissa screamed as Niall jumped outside screaming. "What the hell was that?!" "Oh nothing that was just Carissa...or shall I say Mrs.Horan screaming about how she doesn't blush." I stated winking as Niall's face trned red the minute I said Mrs.Horan. "Awww! Seems like Nialler loves wittle Cawissa! That's so adorable!" Harry said with a little baby accent masking his deep british one as he walked outside. "Shut up." His face turning as red as a tomato..


Haha Cliff hanger. Hope you guys like it so far I'll be updating very soon!


Omg. Please keep going
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