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A Bit of A Mix


It was a perfect night. Niall and I we're curled up next to each other under our favorite tree, looking at the stars. When suddenly Niall put his arm around my shoulders and pulled me close to him, then he quietly whispered in my ear.

"Bri we'll always be friends no matter what right?"
"Course Nialler. Why wouldn't we be?" I asked with a bit of curiosity and concern.
"Just making sure!" He said with a slight smile.
"Okay Then." I mumbled while laying my head on his chest.

I sighed then looked at my phone.
"Shit. Sorry Ni I have to go home." I started to get up but felt him grab my wrist tightly.
"Do you have to? Maybe you can stay at my house." He said with a slight bit of dissapointment.
"Sorry Ni I can't. Have school tommorow."
"Okay Bri, see ya soon!" He said with his accent sticking out.
"Bye Ni!" I said while grabbing my bag.
"Wait!" He shouted
"Yes'um?" I turned and looked at him.
"You forgot your hug!" He said while getting up.
"Oh Right!" I said while smiling and running back to his arms.
"Exactly! Love Ya Bri!" He said while pulling me into a Horan Hug.
"Love Ya Too Ni!" I Said smiling as I started walking to my house.
We exchanged byes until we could no longer see each other.

He yelled some inaudible thing as I was nearing my house. And that was the last time I ever seen or heard from Niall...


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