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“ You’re a good dancer,” She giggles, looking down at our feet.

“ You’re honestly the first person to tell me that”

“ You guys don’t dance much hey?” She looks back up

“ No, you should see Zayn dance. He’s a train wreck”

“ Hey, I can hear you” Zayn shouts from behind us

She starts laughing and places her head on my chest momentarily. Sparks radiate all the way up to my clavicles.

The song ends and she pulls back away from me.

Come back…

Mia’s P.O.V

The light in his eyes fade as I step back, as if he was a child that had his favorite toy taken away.

“ Want a drink?” He says quickly before I turn

“ Sure” I nod

He smiles and I notice the dimples present on his cheeks, he walks past me and my insides dance un-expectantly.

He returns with a glass in both hands

“ Here” He hands me one, I take a sip and it runs down my throat unwelcomed

“ Rum?” I ask

He nods “ Is that alright?”

“ Yes”


“ Seelleeennaaaa” I trip on the first step leading back into the house

“ Omg look at Mia, she’s smashed” Miley laughs and stumbles to my rescue.

“ Hey no” I slap her hand “ You’re drunk too”

“ Do you guys need help?” Justin walks forward, assisting me into the house.

“ Eleaaanoorrr!” I slur as I notice her and Dani have arrived

“ Mia!” They both shout and run over to me

“ Hey, stop hogging my girlfriend” A very intoxicated Louis strides over to us, he grabs hold of her waist pulling her into a kiss.

I look around the room, Selena and Justin are making more drinks, Liam and Dani are playing beer pong with Zayn and Perrie, Miley’s taking shots with Niall. Where’s Harry?

I turn and walk down the long hallway that ends with the side patio.

I can feel my body getting heavy and if I look up the room spins.

“ Harry” I call out as I enter the deck

I see him sitting in the lounge chair, staring up at the stars.

“Whoa” I say as my foot steps down at a wrong angle and I feel myself going the other direction

“ Mia!” He shouts and I feel two arms around my waist

He pulls me up onto my feet, I ruffle down my shirt that has moved up to my bra line exposing my stomach.

“ Are you okay?!” He holds my shoulders, looking me up and down for injuries.

“ I- I think so” I laugh, drunken Nina takes over

“ You’re drunk” He states

“ I think so” I repeat a giggle rises through me then stops abruptly when his face is clear that he’s not amused.

I notice how were inches apart, the tips of our feet touching.

“ Harry” I breath

“ Mia” He copies me

Our faces move in what seems to be slow motion.

“ Mia” He whispers once more our lips so close that I can feel his warm breath on my mouth. I feel so sober all of the sudden. I lift my feet up a bit and his lips skim over mine gently. Electricity and tingles take the place of where he was.

“ I can- can-t Harry” I step back, taking big deep breaths, I feel like I’m going to pass out.

His face is hurt but understanding as I turn to walk back into the house.

“ What time is it?” I look to Selena

“ 2:46 why?”

A ghostly expression takes over my face

“ Hunter is going to kill me” I rush to find my belongings, I check my phone and I have 13 missed calls.

“ You’ve been drinking you can’t drive” Zayn says concerned

“ You’ve all been drinking” I reply

“Take a cab?” Miley suggests

“ Yeah right, no way I’m taking a cab alone, I’ll get kidnapped”

“ Harry’s sober” Liam points to the figure standing in the kitchen arch way, hands in his front pockets.

Quickly I take my eyes off him

“No” I shake my head

“ I can drive you Mia” He steps forward

“ No I’ll just call Hunter to pick me up” I walk further away from him.

They all shoot confused looks around the room but Harry’s expresses hurt.

I frown at my screen and dial Hunter’s number. He answers on the first ring.

“ What?” He growls and my stomach turns

“Can you come pick me up please?” I ask him nicely, I know he’s going to start a fight with me but I don’t want it to be over the phone.

“Why can’t you drive Mia?” He asks me like he’s my father, who already knows the answer.

“I’ve been drinking,” I say quietly

“Get yourself home” He says angrily. I feel the tears building up in my eyes and I try to swallow them down.

“ Please come get me Hunter” My voice cracks and I notice everyone moving closer to me.

He sighs, “ You’re at Selena’s?”
“ Yes”

“ I’m on my way” He hangs up.


“ Babe what was that about?” Dani places her hand on my shoulder.

I pinch my fingers on the bridge of my nose and turn around. Everyone is staring at me, worried looks vivid.

“ Nothing” I smile small and wave my hand dismissingly.

“Sound’s like Hunter’s being a dick again” Justin speaks, tone harsh.

“Again?” Harry’s eyebrows rise

“ Yeah he once-“ Justin starts

I cut him off “ Nothing, he did nothing. Quit it” I warn

“You could’ve just spent the night,” Selena say warmly

I shake my head “ No, it’s best if I just deal with him now, it’s late and he’ll be tired, wont make much of a fight”

I hear three honks from outside

“He’s not going to come in?” Zayn asks

I shake my head and frown while gathering my coat. I bend down to pick up my phone from the table when I realize it’s not there.

I look up “ Where’s my-“

Harry steps forward with the iPhone “ Text us if you need anything” His eyes are glossy with what looks to be a mixture of hurt and anger. I swallow “ Thank you”


Harry’s P.O.V

Selena shuts the door behind Mia and frowns “ Poor Mia”

“ Justin you said something before, what has Hunter done?” I sit on the couch beside him and the rest of the lads.

He hesitates and then takes a deep breath “ Before they lived together they got into a huge fight, Mia slept in his spare room for the night and in the morning Hunter came in with a bucket of cold water throwing it on her and then he kicked her out”

“She called Selena and I balling and I had to go pick her up, she was walking on the street drenched and alone”

My body fills with rage I narrow my eyes.

“What a prick” Louis says with disbelief

“He’s done worse” We hear Miley speak from behind the kitchen counter.

“Like what?” Zayn asked

“ He treats her like he owns her, like she’s some object, I mean I love Hunter and all but he isn’t very nice to her”

“ I watched him get so mad he pushed her against a wall” Selena objects.

“So why does she stay with him?” Niall says, running his hand along his opposite arm.

“ Mia is the nicest person I know” Selena smiles fondly “ She loves him, they’ve been together forever, she’s learnt to put up with it I guess”

“She deserves way better though” Miley debates
I run my hands though my hair, I could treat her so much better….


He could treat her so much better? oooohhh heatin up

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SO I love Hunter Hayes but in this story he is going to be more of the villian <3 Sorry if I offend any fans of his on this site.


I can't see an exact date for when this was first published, but I found it here: https://www.quotev.com/story/3818401/Storms/1 posted by someone who has plagiarized some of my work, and I can tell in two sentences that this fic isn't theirs so I suspect it is yours.

Lynse Lynse

I love love love this story.<3❤️❤️

You have to update. This is a great book.

Update please!!

Update soon! Loving it!