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Note To Self

Mia’s P.O.V

“I’m sorry Mia!” Nicki rushes up to me “I don’t want to argue, I know I don’t know much about your relationship, you keep it sealed tight” She frowns

“It’s fine lets just forget about it” I smile at her and she pulls me in for a hug. I see Harry enter the room and my body warms up, he looks at me hugging Nicki and smirks before going to the rest of the boys.

“I’ll see you after your performance, you will be amazing!” She laughs loud and I roll my eyes, she always puts the most pressure on me. I want to do my best, not only for her but for my parents.

Nicki leaves and I realize it’s just me and one direction, they stand in the corner preoccupied by a hacky sack. I don’t know what to say or do, this is awkward and I need friends. I walk over to the opposite end of the room and sit on the couch, pulling out my MacBook from my bag. I open it and surf through my emails. I’m tempted to Google myself but I know nothing good with come with doing that. I go through my twitter, trying to follow and reply to as many people as possible. A certain tweet catches my eye

“I like Harry more than Hunter” I read it over before scrolling down.

“Are you concentrating?” Louis yells over to me

“Sort of, there’s nothing else to do” I smirk and slouch back.

“Lets go to the beach” Liam suggests and they all walk over to me. Oh boy.

“I love the beach” Niall chimes in

“But it will have tons of people” Harry frowns

“We cant let people stop us, look at us in here, we’re like caged up animals, I hate it” I laugh

“We have 5 hours till the show” Zayn looks at his watch.

“I’m down for the beach” Louis stretches his torso.

“The beach it is, should we tell security?” I ask

“Probably” Harry smiles

I look at him and then quickly look away. He looks down.

“I’m going to go get changed, I’ll meet you guys in front, wait, what about sound check?” I panic forgetting we have to start in 30 minutes.

“Fuck sound check seriously” Zayn’s laugh fills the room.

“We’ll meet you in front love go change” Louis shakes his head.

I walk back to the bus, the people have cleared completely by now. I open the door and grab my suit case, I open it quickly and take out my beach bag. I smile at how cute my bikini is, Hunter would die if he were here, but he’s not. I walk into the small bathroom of the bus and start to change. (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=121150268)

I put my cover up on and head out the door, I walk to the front of the stadium and see all the boys, shirtless with a towel in hand. I stare at Harry, and I’ve never been so happy my glasses are tinted. I stare at his torso, I didn’t know he had so many tattoos. Each one is more beautiful than the next. He catches me eyeing and smiles largely, his dimples pushing though, my cheeks go beet red.

“Coming love?” He asks and the rest of the boys eye him weirdly. Shit I hope they don’t know anything. Then again they did see me fall out of Harry’s bed. I walk up and follow them to the beach. It’s beautiful, but paps and fans crowd the parking lot. I don’t worry about them, security keeps a tight watch on us even if we cant see them, they always see us. We sign a few autographs and take a few pictures before we hit the water.

“Liam go long!” Zayn cocks back his hand ready to throw a football. Liam jumps in the water and Zayn throws.

I take off my cover, and I see Harry’s eyes run along my body. I smile and turn around, aware he’s still eyeing me. Shit what am doing. I mentally slap myself, don’t tease the poor guy. You have a boyfriend Mia. I shake my head and lay my towel on the sand. I sit on it and lather the sunscreen all over my arms and legs. I cant be burnt today.

“Mia come in the water!” Louis screams from the ocean, I laugh and stand up, the sand has attached to my feet and its hot. I jog into the water and swim to wear the boys are, they’re all standing feet touching the sand under the water but their all allot taller than myself, I’m treading water and struggling to stay above with all the waves.

“Here let me help you” Harry move in front of me and wraps my legs around his back, I put my arms around his neck to his front.

Harry Styles is giving me a water piggy back.

“You look like you were about to drown” He laughs. I wrap my arms around him tighter, I’m going to take advantage of this for as long as I can. His back is muscular and defined. Oh shit, the paps! Fuck how could I be so stupid.

“Shit Harry” I say and all the boys turn to look at me as well. I jump and jerk myself off of Harry’s back and my foot smashes against a rock under the water.

“Ow” I re surface and Harry grabs onto my arms keeping me up

“I can swim” I snap and pull my arms away, then I realize the pain in my foot is making swimming awfully hard.

“You can’t don’t fight with me” He grabs my arms again and this time I let him.

“What happened” Louis questions looking around the water

“I hit my foot on a rock” I whimper

“Oh yeah I see the rock” Niall looks down in the water and I can see his feet fidgeting on something

“It’s bleeding Mia” Zayn points out

“You need a band aid” Liam looks over at the paps

“I’ll take her” Harry offers himself up.

“We can all go” Liam suggests

“No we’ll be right back” Harry urges and pulls me through the water with him back to the beach. We reach a point where he cant pull me and I have to walk on my own.

“Ow Ow” I hop on one foot balancing myself on one of Harry’s hands.

“Shit your toe is really bleeding, here” Harry swoops down and in one quick motion picks me up from under my legs. I wrap my arms around his neck and shoulders and frown.

“The paps Harry” I whisper

“I’m not letting you walk” He answers stubbornly

He walks us back around the stadium and into a tiny office room.

“Pap’s cant get us here” He sets me down on the long birch table.

“Now let me see your foot”

I slide back and point my foot out, the nail on my big toe looks like it’s going to fall off, Harry’s eye brows crease and he disappears in the closet for a few seconds.

“First aid kit, bottle of water” He opens the water and pours it over my foot, the sand cascades off and the cut starts to sting

“Ahh” I lean back

“Sorry, I just need to clean it” He gently finishes cleaning the now swollenish cut.

“Almost finished love” He wraps the band aid around it and looks up at me with a smile. I slide back down to the edge of the table with my legs dangling off. Harry’s still on his knees cause he had to bend down to properly fix my toe.

He stands and I realize we’re super close together, his hipbones in-between my legs. He looks at me, eyes hooded. I stare at him back, breathless.

“Har-“ I’m cut off when he smashes his mouth against mine. Our lips move in sync and our tongues explore. He lifts me up, my legs around his waist. His hands resting on my bum. I lay my arms on his shoulders as he kisses my neck and chest.

“Harry” I moan in his ear when he kisses below my jaw. His wet shorts rub against my leg

“Mia” He whispers. And sets me down quickly.

“Sorry” He clears his throat and steps back.

“No it’s fine” I’m fast to say. I know it’s not fine. I feel like a bag of crap. But he’s so attractive and we’re attracted to each other. Hunter…. My poor Hunter… I love Hunter.

“It wont happen again” He spreads his hands out. I feel sad from that comment. I don’t want it to happen again but I do.

Fuck it, it already happened before today.

I walk up to him and go on my tippy toes, it hurts horribly for the injured foot but I suck it up. I press my lips softly against his. His hands resting on my bare waist.

“We should get back to the guys” I lean back in his arms and he smiles, revealing his dimples again and nods. His smile is tainted, I know he feels this is wrong too.

Okay, from now on, no more kissing Harry Styles.




I can't see an exact date for when this was first published, but I found it here: https://www.quotev.com/story/3818401/Storms/1 posted by someone who has plagiarized some of my work, and I can tell in two sentences that this fic isn't theirs so I suspect it is yours.

Lynse Lynse

I love love love this story.<3❤️❤️

You have to update. This is a great book.

Update please!!

Update soon! Loving it!