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What am I doing? The sunlight opens my eyes and I realize I’m still in Harry’s bed…shit… I look and see a sleeping Harry; he looks beautiful every four breathes he takes his lips part slightly. I scurry and slip out of his bunk as quietly as I can. My eyes pop open when I step out louder than I thought I freeze and see 4 pairs of eyes staring at me. The boys are awake…

“Oh boy” Zayn smirks

I open my mouth to talk but nothing comes out. Shit, Shit, Shit…

And I’m on a fucking bus so it’s not like I can go hide. I notice we aren’t moving.

“Where are we?” I cough,

“San Jose” Liam says blankly

“Oh perfect!” I say awkwardly and louder than I intended.

I mentally slap myself. I quickly walk to the other end of the bus to change. (http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=105897101)

I walk back to the other end and notice Harry has woken up.

I smile and exit the bus. “Where are you goi-“ I hear him start.

As I step out I am bombarded with people. Holy fuck there is so many people screaming. I can’t move, I feel fear rise through me. I try to get back to the bus but I’m being pushed further and further away from it. I see security burst its way through. Suddenly there is a tug at my hand, I try to pull my hand away but it happens a second time even stronger. I’m pulled backwards through the people and I slam straight into Harry’s chest.

“Hurry get back in the bus” He goes behind me, protecting me and walking me back to the bus. I feel like a child…

“Thanks” I say quickly.

“We aren’t suppose to leave the bus till 5 for sound check love” Louis explains to me. Well thanks… it would be great if you told me that before… I hold my tongue and give him a strange look.

Harry keeps his eyes on me as I move to my bunk, which is on top of his. I lie on my back and stare at the screen of my phone. I should call Hunter.

“Go fish” I hear Liam

“You have a two Liam I can see it” Niall argues with him.

“That’s a three Niall,” He protests

“Liam, look it’s a two” Harry says affirming

“Oh would you look at that it is a two” he responds amused

“Jesus Liam would you get glasses please” Louis bellows

I dial the number and instantly regret it.

“Hey baby” He sounds tired. I note that the boys can hear me talk so I jump down off the bunk.

“Hi how was your night” I ask him and see the boys frozen staring at me. I walk to the opposite end, which is a living room and close the doors.

Harry’s P.O.V

She’s talking to Hunter… The thought brings discomfort to me. What does he see in him? He’s an asshole.

“Sulk all you want Harold, she’s still going to be his at the end of the day” Louis sighs and throws down a pair of fives on the table.

“Why was she in your bed last night?” Zayn chimes in. I roll my eyes.

“Nothing happened, I just slept with her” I could have worded that better…

“Nothing happened, you just slept with her?” Niall sassed

“No we didn’t have sex we just slept beside each other, she just slept in my bunk that’s all”

“She slept with you and you slept with her but you didn’t sleep together” Liam chuckles

“Exactly” I mutter annoyed.

“Stop doing this with her, she has a boyfriend and she isn’t going to leave him for you like you think” Louis once again says annoyingly

“I get it,” I state sharply.

“Well whatever Hunter I’m not going to call you anymore if you’re just going to argue with me” Mia exits the room with fury in her eyes. Abruptly she hangs up the phone.

“Is everything alright love?” Louis beats me to asking

“Yeah, I can’t stay on this bus any longer I’m going insane” She paces back and forth three times.

Mia’s P.O.V
Leave it to Hunter to ruin my day with a single phone call…

Paul, head of security walks on to the bus.

“Paul!” The boys chime in

“The fans have cleared up a little, they went to the stage to wait for sound check, we can get you through to the arena now”

Thank fucking god. I say nothing and hop off the bus. Five more members of security accompany me to the arena. I walk fast not sure of where Harry and the boys went.

Once I enter the arena they take me back stage and I’m home free. I can do as I please.

I see Nicki speaking to the boys and I cannot be happier to see her. I run and practically jump onto her while she speaks.

“Hello Mia” She says surprised.

“I’ve spoken to your boyfriend this morning” She gives me a stern look.

“Oh god please don’t lecture me about Hunter” I walk away she follows.

“He’s nervous you traveling the world with out him! Give the poor man a break he loves you so much” She comes to his defense; mind you everyone takes his side over mine.

I see the boy especially Harry paying attention to Nicki and mine’s everything but private conversation.

“If he loves me, tell him to act like it” I snap irritated. I don’t want to talk about this any longer. Nicki looks shocked at my outburst, as does everyone else in the room.

“I’m not interested in having my relationship publicized so next time you want to talk to me about Hunter don’t. I’m a big girl I can deal with him without you taking his side on everything” I growl… Holy shit I need to calm down…

I march out of the room. I arrive at my dressing room. I see everything and quickly I move all the furniture into the bathroom. I let my bun fall down and my hair reaches bellow my breasts. I plug my phone into the outlet and a contemporary piece comes through the speakers. I start with some simple turns and conform into aerial front flips. I make up choreography for the piece. I try some tumbles and falls. It looks beautiful.

I do this for about an hour, I’m surprised no one has bothered me. I stash the choreography away, another one. I must know about 300 choreographed dances by now. Dancing is kind of a way I let everything go, all the problems from Hunter and Nicki and this tour not starting off great. I feel better now, sweaty but better.

I hear a knock at the door. “Come in” I say while bringing the couch back into the room.

“We’re starting sound check” Harry frowns. He looks quizzically around the room.

I shake my head “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing” He protests

“Liar” I whisper

Harry’s P.O.V

“You’re a beautiful dancer” Shit… she’s going to think I’m creepy.

“You saw me?” She smiles and it lights up her face, it makes me feel warm.

“Yeah I only watched for a minute though” I lie, I watched her dance the whole time.

There it is again, that magnetic pull that brings us together. She gasps slightly, parting her moist soft lips. What I’d do to feel them on mine again… I know she feels this too.

“W-We should get to sound check” She sounds scattered; I have an effect on her. The thought brings happiness throughout me. I might have a chance.

She rushes past me and I catch her sent. She smells of vanilla and cinnamon tainted with hours of dance. It’s lovely.

“I wish you were mine” I close my eyes and whisper to myself aware she can’t hear me.


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I can't see an exact date for when this was first published, but I found it here: https://www.quotev.com/story/3818401/Storms/1 posted by someone who has plagiarized some of my work, and I can tell in two sentences that this fic isn't theirs so I suspect it is yours.

Lynse Lynse

I love love love this story.<3❤️❤️

You have to update. This is a great book.

Update please!!

Update soon! Loving it!