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“You the one that I think about all day, you the one that I think about always” I sing out the lyrics to Rihanna’s song on the way home from the rehearsal, Hunter ignores me impassively. What.The.Fuck. What is his problem now? He won’t even look at me as we enter the driveway to our home.

“Is anything bothering you?” I ask rudely as we enter the house. I seriously don’t understand why he’s mad at me… Wait… What if he knows I kissed Harry. I gulp and wait for him to answer me.

“I don’t know if I want you going on tour with those guys” he snaps and my face drops, really? We’re back onto this.

“Those guys you’re referring to have names, and I’m going on tour with them Hunter we’ve been over this!” I growl. It’s upsetting how no matter what I say he will never be okay with this. Oh well, he’s really going to have to suck it up because this is a prime opportunity for my career.

“You never spend time with me anymore” He snarls and charges into the kitchen throwing his keys rudely into a key bowl.

“I don’t see you rushing in line to spend time with me either” I yell as he walks into the bedroom. He’s being a child, but we’ve both been busy and things aren’t at their peak. I sit down on the couch and fold my arms.

He comes storming out and stands straight in front of me.

“Do you even love me anymore” He whispers, looking down at my feet.

I crinkle my eyes together “What a stupid question Hunter, of course I love you” I say quietly. The room goes silent. He presses his mouth firmly into a straight line and nods “I’m going to sleep in one of the spare rooms tonight” He walks off. I’m screaming on the inside what the fuck is the matter with him?! I love him, he’s my boyfriend. Why does he make things so complicated.

I rest my hands on my forehead as I hear shuffling coming from the bedroom. I take out my phone and notice a text from Harry, I swipe the screen and read it.

From: Harry Styles
How has your night been?

I smile small and write a quick response

To: Harry Styles
Could be better, stupid boyfriend problems.
What about yourself?

He texts back in seconds

From: Harry Styles
Are you all right? Is everything okay?
My night has been boring.

To: Harry Styles
Yes I’m all right, and I’m going to head to bed, see you tomorrow xoxo.

From: Harry Styles
Goodnight Beautiful.

I quickly delete the messages incase Hunter goes through my phone while I sleep.

I stand and walk down the hallway to the bedroom, not before poking my head in to see Hunter pretending to sleep in the spare room.

“You’re really going to sleep in there? My tour starts in two days and I’m leaving California, you’re going to spend our last nights together acting like a child” I snap, a bit harsher than I intended for, I’m really messing this up.

His eyes widen and quickly he turns away from me. I sigh and return to our bedroom.

I let out a frustrated scream in my mind and flop onto my bed. I quickly stand and change into my pajamas.

The next morning brings more hurt nothing has changed. Hunter is still mad and he remains sleeping, as I get ready to leave for the concert tonight. I change into something comfortable for, cause frankly I don’t want to be at this arena all day in something that isn’t comfortable, I really don’t care if I don’t look my best either. The paps have been bombarding me lately; I’ve had to call the police several times.

I grab my bag and a yogurt from the fridge and head for the door.

“Bye babe” I yell and get no response. Ugh. I walk to the spare room and see him sleeping on the corner of the large bed. I gently bend over and plant a small kiss on his cheek he stirs but doesn’t wake. Thank god.


Getting to the arena posed somewhat of a problem. Paps fucking everywhere… they should have rules cause I was literally stalked all the way to the venue.

I step out and speed walk to the entrance where security meets me. I’m proficient at dodging unwanted questions. Like if I’m secretly pregnant or married, stupid stuff like that you know?

“DAH-LING” Nicki calls out in her fake British accent. I walk up and give her a quick hug.

“Where’s Hunter?” she looks behind me.

“He’s not here, we got into an argument. I don’t want to talk about it” Its not that I don’t not want to talk about it, I’d much rather rehearse than discuss the events that took place last night.

“I’ll talk to you later than? The boys and everyone are in the arena” She kisses my left cheek and then follows security out.

When I enter the arena I’m shocked, Louis and Harry running around on scooters, Liam and Zayn on golf carts…. This is pure madness. I’ve never seen a rehearsal like this.

Our managers scramble to grab the boys but fail miserably.

I walk up an aisle, attempting to get to John James, my other manager and stage producer. I should of went back stage… Stupid Mia…

“Hey Mia!” Niall shouts… shit shit shit I’m spotted. I make a panicked face before smiling and waving. Harry instantly turns his head and almost runs him and the scooter straight into a wall.

I stifle my rising giggle as the group heads over to me.

“Exited about the tour?” Liam nudges my shoulder; I like how comfortable they’ve become with me.

“Yeah very, we should start rehearsing for tonight” I walk past Harry without making eye contact… Harsh…

I enter my dressing room and slowly unpack my home bag, which really only includes my charger and a package of gummies.

* knock knock * “Come in” I say while flopping on the couch.

It’s Harry.. My heart stops. I sit up as fast as I can. He doesn’t say anything; he just rushes across the room. He stares down at me with lit alert eyes. I look up at him confused… what is going on. He wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me into a hug, but not just a normal hug, its tender and loving yet strong and forceful. He takes a deep breath and inhales before burying his head in my neck. I wrap my arms around him and do the same… don’t ask me why… cause I have no idea what’s going on.

“Please don’t hate me” He whispers in my ear

“I don’t” I whisper back

He smells of expensive cologne, and I actually like being here, in his arms. This is not good. I break off the hug quickly. He gives me a weird look.

Stupidly I hold out my hand he remains puzzled but shakes it with his.

“I’ll see you in rehearsals” I say trying to sound like a friend

“Um” He pauses and traces his finger over his jaw “Yea” He turns the door shuts and I’m an idiot…




I can't see an exact date for when this was first published, but I found it here: https://www.quotev.com/story/3818401/Storms/1 posted by someone who has plagiarized some of my work, and I can tell in two sentences that this fic isn't theirs so I suspect it is yours.

Lynse Lynse

I love love love this story.<3❤️❤️

You have to update. This is a great book.

Update please!!

Update soon! Loving it!