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The Grammy

Standing out in the rain
Need to know if it's over
Cause I would leave you alone
I'm flooded with all this pain
Knowing that I'll never hold you
Like I did before the storm
Before the storm

I stare at the screen in front of me, watching myself as I move along the stage of the Staples Center for the Grammy awards last night. I hold my breath as the last notes of my song are sung.

“ That was without a doubt one of the best performances we’ve seen on the Grammys yet! And all from young new artist Mia Aparo, who not only preformed but took home two Grammy’s herself for best new artist and best song of the year” The reporter tells the camera enthusiastically

I let out my breath that I had previously held in and relief runs through me.

Claps fill the room as E News finishes.

“ I told you that you did amazing hun” Miley walks through the group of people clapping and sits down beside me, hugging me momentarily.

“ Thank you” I smile shyly at her, I’m still not use to always being praised.

“ Holy shit that was incredible babe!” Selena shouts and a huge smile tugs its way across her lips.

“ I’ve done good” Nicki pats my back and smiles down protectively at me.

I stare over at the table where my two Grammys are presented proudly and a grin cracks my mouth apart.

I stand and pick them up.

“ You guys are the reason for this” I hold one up over my head “ Without you none of this would have happened” I run my eyes over my stage crew, band, friends, and family. “ I love every single one of you immensely” The door creaks open and Hunter walks though. Without interrupting he leans on the doorframe, and crosses his arms into each other.

“ Thank you, for everything” They all clap as I finish my speech.

I set the awards down and make my way to the door.

“ Oooooh, look who’s here” Selena winks at me, and grabs onto Miley’s arm to turn her in Hunter’s direction. She clues in immediately and her face swirls into a mischievous grin.

“ Hey beautiful” He stirs and stands straight, placing his hand on my hip and lowering his head in for a kiss.

“ Hi” I mumble quickly before his lips find mine, I wrap my arms around his neck as he dips me backward.

He breaks the kiss and presses his forehead against mine.

“ You were amazing, and you looked incredible”

“ Why thank you Mister Hayes,” I giggle as he gleams down at me

“ Alright enough of this mushy stuff, where are we partying tonight!” Selena and Miley approach us; Miley has a disgusted look engraved in her face as Hunter kisses my lips repeatedly to annoy them.

“ Hunter!” I giggle and push him away he obliges steps back.

“ Lets go to Boardners!” Miley shuts her hands together and exclaims excitingly.

“ Mia, you have an interview tomorrow, so don’t be too late coming home” Nicki warns pointing one finger at us.

“We wont be late we promise” I tell her quickly

Her look lightens up “ Have fun” She pulls me into an embrace.

“ Your parents would be so proud” She says quietly, stroking the side of my head. I give her a weak smile.

“ I’ll call you, love you” I tell her as she starts walking towards the door. She waves.


“ What are we going to wear” I plop myself down on my bed beside Hunter, Selena and Miley. Hunter wraps his arm around my shoulders and I slowly cuddle myself into him.

“ Well” Miley gets up and walks over to mine and Hunter’s closet.

“ You could wear this” She throws a garment at me, I lift it up and laugh “ Miley, this is just a crop top” Hunter’s face drops “ You’re not going out in that” He throws it back at her “ Crop tops are very in!” She defends herself.

“ Here, I’ll solve this train wreck” Selena stands abruptly and marches over to the clothes.


“ Do you have to wear that” Hunter stares impassively at me, eyes skimming along my body (http://www.polyvore.com/untitled_12/set?id=82342551)

“ Oh come on, don’t pretend you don’t like it” I wink at him and cock my head to one side, his face lightens up and a chuckle produces from his throat.

“ I do like it, but I want to be the only one that likes it” He steps towards me and kisses my nose.

“ I have to go the girls are waiting” I hear a honk come from outside the house.

“ You can enjoy this outfit when I come back” I grin at him

“ Bye babe, love you” He turns and waves over his head as I close the door.


“ The paps are going to be crazy” I say cautiously as we pull up to the club. Flashes bounce off the car hitting the wall of the venue.

“ Not like we haven’t dealt with them before” Miley shrugs

“ Is Justin coming out?” I turn to Selena who also shrugs.

“ I don’t know, I told him to” she replies saddened.

I rub her shoulder soothingly “ We’ll have fun tonight” I give her a reassuring smile.

“ Holy fuck, you’d think these paps would move when they see a car coming” Miley yells from the drivers seat.

She parks the car and we slowly get out of it, aware that we are crowded with screaming fans and paparazzi’s we latch our arms together.

When we get inside the club the music radiates though out my body. The dim lights make it hard to recognize one another, which makes the feeling of being mobbed at any moment disappear.

“ I’ll get us drinks”, Selena shouts over the noise.

We head back into the private section of the club and sit around the shinny brown table.

“ Drink up bitches” Selena slides glasses of white liquor around us.

I take the first one down fast and a burning sensation replaces where it touches down my throat.


“ I wannnnaaa dance” I grab onto Miley’s arm and pull her up

I lead her onto the dance floor and we stumble to keep up with the song.

She pushes me backwards by accident and I fall into the arms of a stranger, I stand too quickly for my drunk brain and stumble again, hitting my head on the hard dance floor. The stranger quickly moves his arms around me.

“ Shit, love” His deep voice rings in my ears. He lifts me up and I hear Miley’s concerned voice “ Bring her over here Harry”

The stranger looks down at my shoes and curses to himself before lifting me up. I notice a small group follow from behind him.

“ What happened?!” Selena stands and rushes over to us. The music is just a faint sound in the background of the club, away from our V.I.P room.

“ She fell and hit her head” Miley explains

I get set into a chair and slowly I open my eyes, my vision is blurry, I blink a few times and it all becomes clear. There hovering over me is, Miley, Selena and the whole of One Direction.

“ Hey look she’s Alive!” Louis laughs and claps his hands together.


Hey guys, new story, I'm really excited for this one.

Check out my first story "Breathe" If you already havent :)

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thanks loves :)


I can't see an exact date for when this was first published, but I found it here: https://www.quotev.com/story/3818401/Storms/1 posted by someone who has plagiarized some of my work, and I can tell in two sentences that this fic isn't theirs so I suspect it is yours.

Lynse Lynse

I love love love this story.<3❤️❤️

You have to update. This is a great book.

Update please!!

Update soon! Loving it!