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we are nothing more than friends

just a bit of fun

"FOR NARNIA!"niall screamed as he burst into my room. he had a red light saber in his grasp. "i've been waiting for you mr.horan" i said in my best british accent.i was sitting on the floor next to my bed with a plate of bacon in my lap. "YOU FEIND !!!" he screamed "now...FEEL THE WRATH OF MY LUCKY CHARMS!" he said he charged at me but before he got close i threw my purple heart pillow at him. "ow! WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!? fuck...whats in there and why did you do that?" he pleaded "love hurts?" i said not quite sure. " what does that even have to with the situation" he said while un-zipping the pillow. about 4 to 6 books fell out of the pillow he looked up at me "KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!!" i yelled with confidence. " no, IRISH IS POWER!!"he yelled.he started to chase me around the room when my bedroom door burst open it was liam,harry,and louis. "WHAT IS GOING ON IN HERE!?" questioned liam threw his bat man mask. "AND WHY WASN'T I INVITED!?" pleaded louis as he smoothed his superman shirt."i thought you wanted my meat" harry joked. i laughed a bit and then it hit me "um...wheres zayn" i asked a little scared,he could be waiting to ambush us as we spoke. "um,i dunno" said harry "well i dont think we should wait to find out"louis said we all agreed and with that we came up with a plan of action. "AAHHH" we all ran like maniacs into zayns room to find him calmly eating a sandwhichand chips on his bed."wait a second, ARE THOSE MY CHIPS?" niall yelled in an oh no she didn't tone. zayn grinned ear-to-ear. an evil chuckle escaped his lips. he got up and bolted out of the room laughing like a mad man the whole time leaving behind a plate covered in bread crumbs and an empty bag of chips." I'LL GET YOU FOR THIS MALIK!!" niall cried he fell to his knees and looked up to the ceiling shaking his fist at the ceiling fan. we all laughed at hisover dramatic reaction. "i'm a bit tired from all this hyper-activity" liam admitted "me too" i said as i stretched. we all walked down the stairs and into the living room. zayn was sprawled out on the couch watching jersey shore "hey mr.bradford bad boi you wanna watch a movie" i stated while patting his leg he took the hint and sat up "sure"he simply said as i plopped down next to him on the couch louis on my other side. "i vote harry picks the movie" said louis "fine but only cus you asked me boobear" harry sang as he went to the netflix. "we're watching warm bodies because it came out on my birthday" he siad sounding like a stuck up five year old girl. " alright princess styles" i said bluntly. "good one lissy" niall said with a heavy accent as he chuckled. "wait isn't that bacon still in your room" niall asked "yeah why?" niall quickly got up and bolted up the stairs toward my room "AND THE LEPRECHAUN WINS AGAIN" is all you heard before we assumed he was stuffing his face.yeah,all this happened and it wasn't even 3'o'clock yet...


hope it was to your liking ^-^


i updated this morning.i am happy u enjoyed it, i didnt really have much faith in it when i published it so ...um...thank you very much ^-^


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