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we are nothing more than friends

present day

"oh so fluffy..." i mumbled into my pillow. it was so soft, and comfy, and velvety,and fluffy.. OH MY GOODNESS i love this bed.then a seductive eroma wafted to me...what's that smell? i questioned myself in my head...BACON! i poped up out of my sleep and face to face with a strip of bacon and louis tomlinson. he stood croutched over me on my bed with a bacon over my nose. a sly evil smirk spread across his face " you want the bacon lissy...then come and get it"he jumped off my bed and ran out of the room. "bacon!? is that bacon in your hand louis!?" i heard niall scream. crap. now i have to run and get my bacon before niall does.i galloped out of the room and bumrushed niall. he stumbled back before realising i was after the bacon too,but before he could do anything i jumped down the stairs and onto louis's back i covered his eye's and grabbed the bacon."worth *crunch crunch chew* everything *swallow*" i said while devouring the tasty strip. "someone likes my meat" harry was leaning on the hallway entrance with a greasy spatutla and an apron that said kiss the cook. "ha ha very funny, you know i love my bacon" i said with a small giggle. louis finally caught on and ripped my hands off his eyes "naughty naughty lissy you deserve punishment" he flipped me off his back and onto the floor and began feircly tickling me. my laughter began ringing throughout the house.he finally stopped after what felt like ages and stuck his tongue out at he stole a handful of bacon from harry and took off yelling"TO THE FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE" he may have an obsession with superman. "NO! LOUIS YOU KNOW I HAVE IT TODAY...AND TODAY IT'S THE BATCAVE" said liam. he ran out of the kitchen holding a small bottle of chocolate milk and a few strips of bacon. "you know bell i am alot more mature than these blokes" harry said trying to act cool "says you" said zayn he was behind harry and he apperantly had just dropped an ice cube down harrys boxer shorts. " AH OH COLD!!" harry sang as he hoped down the hallway. i looked over at zayn he was already looking at me. "bell it's your turn now" he said. he ran to me so quickly i barely saw, he dropped the ice cube down my shirt "H-H-HOLY H-HELL!! W-WHY Z-ZAYN WHY!!" i screamed while running back up the stairs. he began laughing hystericaly. "Marguerite Bellis Crete!! WHERE IS MY BACON!?" nialls heavy irish accent rung in my ears i scooped the ice out my shirt and threw it at him " IN MY BELLEH" i laughed "AND it was scrum-dilly-ump-tious!!" i skipped past him and into my room and quickly locking the door behind me. preparing for the war we were going to have.


i updated this morning.i am happy u enjoyed it, i didnt really have much faith in it when i published it so ...um...thank you very much ^-^


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