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After I spent a good half an hour in the shower, which was like half an hour in pure blissful heaven, I stepped out and wrapped a towel around my waist. I felt refreshed and even lighter since the thick layer of dirt was finally gone from my skin.

I hummed as I blowdried my hair, trying to arrange my curls in a presentable manner. It took about ten minutes to get them fully dry. It was then that I had no idea what to do next.

Did I just step out with just a towel?

Well, there was only one way to find out…

I finally left the bathroom, a weird fluttering feeling in my stomach. It was either from my nerves or hunger. I saw Eleanor in the kitchen, and gave her an awkward wave. She smiled genuinely and pointed down the hall.

“Hi, Harry!” she said brightly. Louis must’ve told her my name. “I’m Eleanor, by the way. There are some clothes in the guest bedroom. Second door on the left, honey.”

I nodded and smiled. “Thank you,” I said before heading in that direction.

I found the room easily and adjusted my towel before entering. When I did, I was caught off guard. Louis was sitting on the bed, which was massive, and looked just as startled as I was.

“Oh!” he gasped, standing up quickly. “Sorry, I was just making sure the room was nice enough.”

I snorted. “If this room isn’t nice enough, I’d be a prick. Seriously though, thank you. You have no idea how much this means to me.”

He smiled, something that looked amazing on him. “Well, er, here are the clothes. Get dressed and come out. I think El made some soup for you.”

Before he left, I caught him staring at my body. I tried to cover up, knowing that he was probably thinking that I looked repulsive with my ribs showing. I hated my body more than anything. Or maybe he was looking at the bruises others had left, along with the love bites.

When I was alone, I dropped the towel and changed quickly. The t-shirt was big on me, but the smell was welcoming. The sweats were a bit too large around the waistband, but I managed. I couldn’t help but smile at the thought of me wearing Louis’s underwear. It was thrilling.

I took a few deep breaths before heading out.


It was growing close to three in the morning, yet people were still arriving in the shelter. It was open twenty-four hours during every day. Hannah was the one who thought of that, bless her soul.

Speaking of the devil, just as I finished serving an old woman, the door chimed and in she walked. She had insomnia, so she was always popping in around this time. Me? I was used to working late and usually fell asleep around then or even later. I didn’t mind.

“Grab an apron and gloves and help me,” I instructed her, seeing more people come into the shelter.

It really was a nice place to help out in. Hannah and I co-owned it, and though we didn’t get much money from it, we got paid in smiles and gratitude. We got to meet all kinds of different people, which was how I met Harry. He was in ways my little brother, friend, and sometimes son when he made it seem like he couldn’t take care of himself.

Hannah laughed, her voice bringing a sudden warmth in the building. She came around the counter and went around to the back, getting the necessary items while I checked on the soup.

“I hope Harry’s alright,” I mumbled to myself, picturing him sleeping under all that snow. Hopefully, he was sleeping and not… Oh god, I didn’t want to think about.

“Did Eleanor and Louis stop by?” Hannah called from the back.

I rolled my eyes at the mention of their names. Hannah used to date Louis way back when, but when he decided he had enough of her, he broke her heart and met Eleanor a few months later. Hannah’s family and I never really forgave him (or her, the little homewrecker) but apparently she did. The angel was even friends with Eleanor and remained “best” friends with Louis!

“Mhm,” I replied. “A while ago.”

“Were you nice?” Hannah asked, sounding as if she was rummaging through things in the back.

“As nice as I’ll ever be!” I sang back.

Before my cousin could scold me, I caught sight of a young man (or boy) from one of the new families come stumbling down the stairs that led to the rooms and cots.

“Hi, Niall,” I said kindly as he approached me, thankfully remembering the lad’s name.

He smiled, something that was always nice to see around here and especially around this time. His mum told me what their situation was: Both parents laid off right before the Christmas season, and they had lost everything. Their extended family wanted nothing to do with them.

“Hello, Abigail,” he said cheerfully. “I was wondering if… Oh my god.”

He seemed to be staring at something behind me. I raised an eyebrow and turned, rolling my eyes after a moment. Of course. Hannah was standing there, trying to fasten an apron on. Her blond hair was tied in a loose ponytail, yet she still looked radient. Most of the man were drawn to her whenever she was working, and it wasn’t much since she was also a teacher’s assistant.

“Abbii, could you help me?” she said with a pout, turning around so I could tie it for her.

“Allow me,” Niall said quickly.

I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. He could try, but he wasn’t going to get anywhere. Hannah loved the families and people around here, but she had a big No Dating policy. She came up with it around the time Louis broke up with her.

Niall tied the apron and Hannah turned around, nearly gasping at him. He blushed, probably embarrassed, but aw, it was cute.

“Thank you,” Hannah said with a blush matching his.

“Oh, uh, no problem!” he stuttered.

“Niall,” I called, after giving Hannah a knowing look. “Did you need something, dear? It’s nearly three in the morning.”

“I didn’t notice,” Niall said, distracted and still looking at Hannah. I snapped my fingers, causing him to look at me. “Oh! I, uh, yeah. Do you happen to have some tea?”

“I’ll make some,” I told him, giving Hannah another look. “It seems like nobody’s going to come in for a while. Why don’t you two talk? I’ll be right back.”

Before the both of them could say anything, I disappeared to the back, snickering.




This is a great story! Would you please update?

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omg, my friends and i love this story!! PLEASE UPDATE!

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You don't ask girls from around the corner to cuddle. Just. No matter How cute you are.