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It didn’t matter that I had known him for only about a week or so. People always told me I had a keen eye, and I guess it was just me picking up on his small habits, for example, or just simple things like his features.

I could tell you how he always did this cute little twitch with his nose before he was about to sneeze or even as he was about to orgasm. His lashes would always flutter as he spoke about something he deeply cared about. His eyes would just light up instantly at the mention of his family.

Or I could start at the beginning, when I first set sight on him.

Winter was my least favorite season, always had been. Ask any other homeless person out on the street, they’d give you the same answer. It was time for endless shopping, endless cold, endless shortages of food… Endless shopping for people with actual money, of course.

It was a busy season for the homeless shelter as well. Suddenly portions were a whole lot smaller as food became more scarce. My usual seat in the corner by the roaring fire had been occupied by a family of six, and I wasn’t about to go fight for it.

I had just come in from a “meeting” with a middle aged man, hunger evident in my eyes and ribs. I had more than enough money to go across the street to the new restaurant and order a five course meal, but I couldn’t. Every last penny was going to my Uni fund, and I was determined to meet the deadline in April.

“Harry,” Abigail said fondly from behind the counters, where they were serving chowder.

I smiled tiredly, unraveling my ratty scarf from my neck. “Hello, Abigail,” I said softly, coughing into my arm afterwards.

I didn’t really like talking. Well, it was more like, I feared that what I could say would change what people thought of me. One bad sentence and the whole world could be against someone. That, and I didn’t really like my voice.

“You’re just in time for dinner,” she informed me, quickly scooping some chowder into a foam cup for me.

I nodded, my hands slightly shaking. It had started snowing again, and I didn’t have the proper outerwear. Nor had I had the preferred vaccines.

After thanking her, I found a seat by a family of four. I had never seen them before, so they must have been new. They didn’t look like they had been on the streets for long, so I predicted that the parents must have gotten laid off or something along the lines of that. There were two boys, one around my age and the other looking older.

“Hi,” the younger lad said to me, his Irish accent startling me. “I’m Niall.”

I blinked a few times, surprised by his friendliness. Most people here just kept to themselves. Abigail was an exception, because she was the one who had introduced me to this place way back when. We had a special bond. She was like a mother figure.

“Hello,” I replied, barely looking at the cup in my hands. I wasn’t in the mood for eating, despite the cry in my stomach. “My name is Harry.”

I took a good look at the boy, noticing brown roots among his knotted bleach blond hair. His blue eyes looked tired, with purple bags hanging below them. He was wearing an emerald jumper and some trousers with boots, but that was it. His family was dressed in a similar fashion. I noticed that his nose was red, and he looked like he had a cold.

Before Niall could say something, the bells started chiming, signalling the arrival of somebody. I looked up, immediately confused.

It was a young couple, probably in their early twenties or even younger. The man was bundled up in a thick wool sweater with a heavy coat on top. Even his trousers looked like a heater of their own. He was wearing earmuffs that made him look slightly ridiculous, but they looked good. Even then he was shivering.

The woman was in a similar state, clad in a long black coat. Her hair was plaited down her back and she had a hat on. It was her facial expression that I noticed first. Not that she looked cold… Well, her heart certainly was cold, if you knew what I meant.

I watched as Abigail greeted them as if they were old friends (but that was just Abigail for you) and led them into the kitchen.

Ah, volunteers.

“Did you see that man’s arse?”

My thoughts were interrupted by Niall. He continued to startle me, especially with his latest comment.

My eyes widened. “A-Are you…?”

“Gay?” he asked, his laugh sounding like sleigh bells in the shelter. “Kind of. I mean, I've had boyfriends and girlfriends. I know you're gay though. I have a great gaydar. No straight man stares at another man the way you stared at him.”

I had been staring? “I wasn’t,” I denied, my eyes glued to the uneaten chowder in my hands.

“Well, he’s coming this way so we’ll see,” Niall all but sang.

I gasped, looking up to see if he was right. Sure enough, the man was coming this way, a look of interest in his eyes. He had taken off his coat and was modelling a rather fitting jumper. He had steaming mugs in his hands, not to mention a pretty smile.

When he stopped in front of me, I took in his features. He had really nice caramel colored hair and a near-matching skin tone that glowed, even in the dim and musky lighting. His eyes were a deep blue, different than Niall’s bright ones. He had a chiseled jaw and a dainty nose. Everything about him looking so delicate… Apart from his lips.

Before I could continue with my daydream, Niall jabbed me in the ribs. Hard.

“Ow,” I whimpered, shoving him to the side in return.

The man laughed, causing me to blush. Niall rolled his eyes and said, “Harry, would you like some hot chocolate?”

My lips formed an o as I took this in. I looked up and saw that the man was looking at me oddly, his eyes… curious?

“Oh, erm, sure,” I mumbled, taking the mug from the man’s hand. “Thanks.”

He smiled at me, something that made my heartrate speed up. “You’re welcome,” he spoke for the first time.

His voice sounded lovely.

Then he turned around and started heading back to the kitchen, but before he could reach the counter, he turned around and locked eyes with me.

“You better drink that before it gets cold, mate!” he called, then disappeared.


This can also be found on Tumblr, where there are 20 chapters, but I figured I post it here as well! Feedback is the only way you're getting the other chapters. xx
-Sarah x


This is a great story! Would you please update?

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You don't ask girls from around the corner to cuddle. Just. No matter How cute you are.