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The Night It All Went Down


We all begin free.

We all start our lives as unmarked beings, blank paper waiting to be written upon, crafted into something great.

Nobody is evil - there is no reasonable evidence to suggest that we are born this way. But can we turn this way over time? Of course.

I didn't think I was a killer. I didn't think I would be caught up in a world so treacherous I couldn't even trust the people I loved the most. I didn't think I was a lot of things.

We all begin free. But not all of us end that way.


Kayleigh Michaels

Kayleigh Michaels

After being taken in by the very people that didn't want her, Kayleigh always knew life would be tough. Despite finding the comforting embrace of friendship, Kayleigh still walks on a tightrope, teetering between innocent and guilty. Just how tough can life become before you have to break?

One Direction

One Direction

Niall Horan: best friend of Kayleigh Michaels. He's about to discover that knowing just how strong a person is can be a tough burden to bear; some might even say it's back breaking.



@Niallmylove6oh my goodness! That means so so so much to me xxx Thank you so much for sticking with me and enjoying the updates - your comment means the world!

Thanks for updating I loved this story and I'm so glad you decided to add more and I'm so happy your confidence is back up! You're great!!

That's awesome! And I hope everything okay


Wow! Thank you!
I do intend to continue with it, but a lot has happened over the past year.
I'm hoping a chapter will be written and published before the end of this week but, at the moment, life has put it on hold. It will be continued though, I can promise that x

This story is amazing!!! Pls continue with it! <3