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Step Brother, Best Friends,.....Lovers? (Larry Stylinson)


Harry’S pov
I got called down stairs by my parents i made my way down the steps and looked at my parents there faces looked guilty and apologetic plastered all over both of their faces. “Sit down sweety” my mother says. I just look at her skeptically and sit next to her. Looking at my dad i was not ready to hear what they just said. “We are getting a divorce” just keeps ringing through my head over and over again till i cant take it anymore and run out of the house away from them away from everything and go to my best mates house, Nick. I walk in to him getting his lip peirced and i want a new look and think why not. “Wanna pierce mine to?” I say once hes done and he jumps and turns around “ Oh its just you, yeah sure, Im thinking snake bites will suit you H.” He says. I just nod my head and sit down while he gets all the stuff. “Witch ones?” He asks and i pick black loop like ones with balls. “Good Choice” he says with a smile and I perpare miy self for the pain. Sure i have lots of tattoos but ive never pierced my face. Next thing I now Nick shoves my off the chair to the mirror. Wow that didnt even hurt a bit. I look in the mirror and ket me say DAM i didnt think it would look so cool! I smile and look at Nick it hurts a little but not to bad. “Thanks” then i remeber the the whole reason i came here. I sit down on his bed and say “MY parents are getting a divorce.” in a small voice. His eyes widden and i nod my head “Wanna stay the night?” he asks i nod my head and we lay down and go to sleep. I hope summer comes up fast. 2 more weeks and im good. Thats the last thing i remember thinking about.


Tell meh what you think.



@Malina Tomlinson
i found it YYYAAYYY!!!

Paris Mari Paris Mari

Thanks because this is good

@Malina Tomlinson
i lost my notebook i'm using to write it in but ill find it for you.:)

Paris Mari Paris Mari

i will.

Paris Mari Paris Mari