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Monsters Inside Him

The Streets

I let my body move rhythmically to the beat of the base in the club. Unlike the other girls I had come here with, I didn’t let any alcohol through my mouth tonight. I was totally in control. My body was mine.

“FIRST NIGHT OUT! Wooohoo!” Miranda cheered as she downed another shot. I offered her an encouraging smile, but I couldn’t help but judge her. She was one of the few girls who had come from America with me.

We were supposed to be students who were acceding. We had this opportunity, to be transferred from an American University to the University of London. We got the chance to experience life in another country.

I took the opportunity to immerse myself in my studies; something that I have done all my life. On the other hand, Miranda took the opportunity to take advantage of the low drinking age and got drunk.

I don’t care where the hell we were; in America the drinking age is 21. I’m an American. That means another three years for me.

“Wow, you American girls can’t handle your liquor, clearly.” Claire joked with me as we watched Miranda dance on top of the bar. Claire smelled of alcohol, but being British and much more used to drinking, she seemed only slightly buzzed.

“Yeah, Miranda doesn’t have your tolerance, yet.” I laughed back. Claire smiled at me. She had been the one to help me get settled into life in London. I still had a lot to learn, though. I had been here less than a week.

“You’re not drinking, love?” She looked pointedly at my water bottle.

“Nah, partying isn’t my thing. In fact, I’m going to head back to the apartment.” I informed her as I stood up.

“Here, I’ll come with you.” She smiled and climbed off of the stool, following me outside.

“You don’t have to. I can find my way home.” I suggested. To be honest, I kind of wanted to be alone.

“No, I have an Econ test tomorrow too. Besides, you don’t know this area yet; we’re in the dangerous part of town, love. I need to come with you.” She insisted. I laughed and rolled my eyes at her; typical stubborn Claire.

We told Miranda and Natasha, the other British girl we shared an apartment with that we were leaving and then stepped out into the cool London air. I followed Claire down the long streets, through various twists and turns.

“Are we even going the right way?” I giggled as I struggled to keep up.

“Of course! I’m just trying to avoid certain streets that are known for, er, some stuff. Look, if any guys approach us, just distance yourself. Ok?” She called back to me, getting kind of nervous as we turn on to a dark street.

“Ok?” I mumble back. It was more of a question, but she ignored me. At the end of the street, five dark figures stood with their backs pressed to the brick walls.

“Shit,” Claire cursed under her breath.

“Maybe they didn’t see us.” She whispered to me as she stopped. She started to back away slowly, just when the five figures all looked up at us.

“Shit,” she cursed again.

“What is it, Claire?” My shaky voice asked quietly. Her reaction was scaring me.

“It’s too late, we can’t turn back. They’ve seen us. Just follow my lead.” She commanded.

“Who are they?” I ask nervously as I follow behind her slowly. She pretends not to see them and pulls me close so that we are walking with linked arms.

“They are the members of the gang that rule this town. They get what they want, when they want. Just, follow my lead, please.” She begs as we are standing right in front of them.

“What do we have here?” One of the guys approaches us. He has blond hair and shocking blue eyes. His accent sounds different than the typical British accent I have yet to grow accustomed to hearing.

“H-h-hi!” Claire giggled, pretending to be drunk. I looked at her curiously. I thought she said to play it cool?

“Drunk already? It’s barely midnight.” One with brown hair and eyes jokingly scolded. I watched as Claire stumbled around in the middle of the street. She was acting beyond piss drunk now. I glanced from each face of the boys. They were all watching Claire in amusement. All of them but one.

The one with dark hair styled up in a quiff and hazel eyes watched me. His eyes never once broke from my face. I felt my breath hitch in my throat.

“Would you like to come home with me tonight, babe?” The guy with the curly hair winked at Claire. He wrapped his toned arm around her petite waist and helped her stand straight. She giggled and nodded.

Wait, what was going on? I stared at her in disbelief.

“How about you, Darlin’? You got somewhere to be tonight?” The dark haired boy spoke finally. I narrowed my eyes at him.

“Yes, and sadly, it doesn’t involve you.” I hissed as I made my way towards Claire. The dark haired boy raised his eyebrows at my answer.

“An American- new to town? She clearly doesn’t know who we are.” He chuckled as he slowly pushed himself off of the wall. Claire pretended to stumble on to me just so she could bring her lips to my ear.

“Play their game, Hannah; have a one night stand. They’ll leave you alone after it’s over. Trust me. You have to give into them or things don’t end well.” She warned me before she returned to her drunk state. I watched as she stumbled down the street with the curly haired boy and turned the corner, leaving me alone with the four boys.

Who were these guys and what the hell was Claire talking about?

“Darlin’,” the exotic boy addressed me again, “you clearly don’t know how these streets work. Why don’t I show you?” He smiled at me and wrapped an arm around my waist. His smile wasn’t warm or amusing; it was wicked and cruel. It was as if he knew something that I didn’t.

“Thanks, but no thanks.” I responded as I pushed his arm off of me. He furrowed his brow as his eyes flashed in anger.

“You clearly don’t know who you’re dealing with.” He warned. He began coming closer to me. I stumbled backwards, trying to increase the space between us. That is, until I hit the brick wall of the building. The boy made his way up to me and stretched out his arms, leaving his hands on either side of my shoulders. I was trapped.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” I asked the mysterious boy as he leaned into me.

“I could ask you the same thing, Darlin’.” He smirked as he nuzzled his nose into the crook of my neck. I froze as I felt his lips against my skin. Mustering up as much strength as I could, I shoved the boy off of me and started to walk quickly down the street.

I heard footsteps pursuing me, but then they stopped.

“Leave her boys.” The one who had taken interest in me commanded.

“I’ll see you around, Darlin’!” He called to me as I turned the corner. I didn’t dare to look back.


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