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i cant have another child


ally's pov

i got back from the doctors and he said im have a baby girl. im deciding a name right now but i cant think straight.did harry know me more then i know myself?
i got back to reality by my phone ringing.
"hello"i said.
"good you picked up your phone."harry said. dang i should look at the caller id next time.
"what is it harry."i said
"i was wondering if we could go on a lunch date later today. well not a date more like lunch with a friend. or if you wa-"
"yes harry i will go.but tomorrow im busy today."yea. doing nothing.'
"doing what?nothing?"he said. how the fuck? wow.
"no im going to the store. and the the mall."i said.
"ok well i see you tomorrow. oh and buy a dress."and with that he hung up.

why me?


ok i know its very very very very very short but im writing a new story right now and im trying to manage both. i already have a co-author for my other story. ANYONE THAT WANTS TO BE A CO-AUTHOR OF THIS STORY PLEASE MESSAGE ME AND ASK. THANK YOU. and read my other story
bye bitches!!!!xoxo


Update soon!
DirectionerLove DirectionerLove
i will!!!

Anytime love! update soon! please

aw thx!!!

I like it even though it is small and doesn't give alot of info it sounds like its going to be a great story!