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Chapter 11 – Another Side of Louis

Chapter 11 – Another Side of Louis

A couple of week passed since Niall’s eighteenth birthday party. I’ve been home for them two weeks since Louis went to New York with Troy. We talked about what happened at the party between us in Zayn’s dad office before he left. Louis told me his never dinking around me again, because he can’t control himself. I told him that he doesn’t have to, but he didn’t listen. Which lead to another argument and we didn’t resolve it before he left.

May still didn’t break up with her boyfriend which put Niall in a bad mood. She also didn’t hang around us until we had dance or football training. In football we managed to get the teams sorted without Louis since Niall took over for him. All the boys with Perrie, Sophia and May earned starting twelve in the team. Paul made sure that we didn’t pick favourites with them. I handed in my assignments that were due even my physics. Also Sophia and Liam went on a date by themselves.

Today I was looking after Theo while Niall went to football with his dad. It was also the day Louis came home from New York. I was planning to take Theo out since my mother was home, but to top it all off I got my period. I wasn’t in the mood for my mother at all today. Niall dropped Theo off with his baby bag and I was glad my mother didn’t see him, because she would have flirted with him.

As I was walking back to my room with Theo my mother stopped me. She looked at Theo, “that’s why his with you. He needs a dumb bitch to look after his son,” my mother spat. I shake my head, “this is my friend Niall nephew,” I tell her. I walked into my room to see my phone ringing. I saw Louis name on the screen, “hey,” I say as I answered it.

“Hey. How have you been? I would have called you when I was in New York, but times zones,” he tells me. I sat on my bed with Theo, “I understand and I have been fine. I have Theo today. We just about to go out since my mother home,” I tell him. Theo started wriggling around, “why don’t you come see me? I missed you,” he suggested. I smiled at Theo, “um but I have Theo,” I reminded him. Louis laughed a little bit, “I know. I’ll come and get you,” he says. I put Theo down on my bed, “I don’t have a car seat and if anything happens Niall will kill us,” I point out. I heard Louis groan, “I was going to go to the shops. I need to get stuff, so I was going to get the bus,” I started.

“I’ll meet you there,” Louis interrupted. I smiled as I told him what shops I was going to and that I’ll be leaving soon. I put on a pair of black skinny jeans with my baggy galaxy top. I put on my converse and grabbed my grey jacket with my black vest. I grabbed my phone, smokes and my purse to put in my black backpack.


I met Louis at the bus stop, “hey babe,” he smiled before he kissed me. He takes the baby bag off of me, “hey I smiled back. Louis pokes Theo nose and he smiled, “has he been good?” Louis asked. I nodded my head, “I’ve only had him for about an hour,” I replied.

We went into the shopping centre, “so what do you need to get?” Louis wondered. I felt awkward since I needed to get feminine products, “um stuff,” I mumbled. Louis looked at me, “what kind of stuff?” he questioned. I felt my cheeks burn, “so how was New York?” I asked to change the subject. Louis chuckled, “not bad, but I missed it here. I missed you,” he admitted. I smiled at him, “you know your going have to tell me why you need to go shopping. So you don’t forget,” he tells me. I looked down, “I need to get pads and tampons,” I mumbled. I noticed Louis face change, “don’t say anything please. It embarrassing,” I begged.

“Um have you um,” he stuttered. I nodded, “ok. I’m ok with it,” he says. He takes Theo off of me, “do you want to go get them and met me and Theo in Toy ‘R’ Us?” he wondered. I nodded my head before Louis kissed me.

I quickly got what I needed and headed for Toy ‘R’ Us. I found Louis and Theo in the baby toy aisle. Louis put Theo in a trolley as he was grabbing toys off the shelf. I noticed in the trolley were toys and a car seat. I smiled as Louis tickled and pulled faces at Theo. I took a picture before I walked up to them slowly, “having fun?” I teased. Louis smiled as he wrapped his arm me. He kissed me, “you got everything?” he asked. I nodded my head, “so what with all this stuff? I questioned as I pointed to the trolley. He smiled bigger as I tickled Theo, “he needs something to play with and he needs a car seat to get to my place,” he replied. I leaned into Louis, “you like babies and kids?” I wondered. Louis nodded his head, “so really all the tattoos and piercings are a cover up. You’re really a big softy underneath,” I teased. I saw Louis blush a little, “I better get him something to sleep in too,” he says to change the subject. I shake my head, “what? If you do a good job today. You will look after him again and I know you don’t want to do it at home. I also know Niall and his family can’t spoil Theo like I can. I just want to make them happy,” Louis admitted. I kissed him, “softy,” I say against his lips. Louis smiled against mine, “god I missed you,” he whispered as he turned away

We got everything for Theo and decided to get some lunch. I took Theo out of the trolley so I could give him his bottle, “is there anything else you want to do while we’re here?” Louis asked. I shake my head no, “you?” I asked back. He also shakes his head no, “so lunch then my house,” he says. I nodded my head, “Lou can we talk about what happed before you left?” I wondered. Louis sighed, “Babe I stand by it. I’m not going to drink when you’re around,” he tells me.

“What if I don’t drink and you can still party?” I suggested. Louis shakes his head, “babe what are you going to do if I come on to you? It not like you can push me away,” he questioned. Louis had a point, “then we both don’t drink than. If you won’t, I won’t. It seems fair,” I tell him. Louis smiled a little, “that does seem fair, but on the subject of this. Why did you tell Niall what we nearly done?” he asked. I shrugged my shoulders, “I was drunk and I was glad that him and May came in. Lou what would have happened if they didn’t come in and you took my virginity? Was you prepared?” I asked back. Louis looked around, “I wasn’t prepared and I would have hated myself a lot more. Because the first thing you told me was that you didn’t want to be drunk. I don’t even know what was going through my head,” he confessed. I grabbed his hand, “I’m glad that Niall and May stopped us too, because I don’t think we would be sitting here. I think you would hate me,” he added. I shake my head, “just for a little bit. Lou I have asked you so many times to take my virginity. We just got to wait two weeks,” I tell him. Louis squeezed my hand, “that my line,” he smiled. I smiled back, “and we’re sticking to it,” I say.

After we ate lunch Louis was putting the car seat in his car, “fuck,” he swore. I noticed he was having a hard time putting it in, “language. There a child present,” I tell him. Louis laughed, “babe you’re not a child,” he joked. I shake my head, “you’re the child,” I smiled. Louis looked at me, “you sure babe? Because what we do is adult things,” he smirked. I hit him in the shoulder, “you’re still a child most of the time,” I say. Louis finally got the car seat in, “why are you being mean? Is it because of your period?” he pouted. I hit him again, “I told you not to bring that up,” I snapped. Louis takes Theo off of me, “babe I’m joking,” he tells me. He put Theo in the car, “it not nice. My emotions are all over the place and I can’t help it. One moment I feel like crying and the next I want to jump you, but I can’t,” I admitted. Louis hugged me tight, “it be alright. We’re going to my house and we are taking a nap. Now no arguing with me, because I’m tired myself. I just got back from the US and I really want to spend time with you. I don’t care that you’re on your period. I just want to cuddle with you in my bed,” Louis tells me. I kissed him, “then let’s go,” I say against his lips.

On the way to Louis’s Theo fell asleep, so we put him Louis bed. Louis was trying to put up the portacot, “for fuck sakes,” Louis swore as he sat on the floor. I hugged him from behind as I kissed the top of his head, “get into bed. I’ll do this,” I tell him. Louis shakes his head, “please hunny. You’re tired and you’re going to hurt yourself,” I begged. Louis groaned as he got up, “I’m watching you,” he tells me. I kissed him as I pushed him to the bed. He got in next to Theo as I set up the portacot.

When I was done I turned around to see Louis asleep and Theo near him. I took a picture and saved it as my phone’s wallpaper. I made sure that Theo couldn’t fall out before I went to the other side of the Louis. I got in to cuddle him for a change. I wrapped my arm around him from behind as I placed my hand on his chest. Louis slowly grabbed it and kissed it, “I’m big spoon,” he mumbled. I smiled as I shook my head, “not today. You’re my little spoon,” I tell him. I could tell Louis was smiling, “go back to sleep babe,” I added. Louis went back to sleep and I was close behind him.

When I woke up Louis and Theo were gone. I looked around the room, “Lou?” I whispered. I decided to go to the bathroom before I went looking for them. I found them downstairs in the lounge room watching kids program. Louis had Theo on his lap leaning against him as they watched the TV. I sat down next to them, “you know I’m meant to be looking after Theo?” I wondered. Louis smiled at me as he wrapped his arm around me, “I know,” he replied. I smiled as he kissed my forehead. I put my head on his chest above Theo’s head. I kissed the top of Theo’s head, “Lou do you ever want kids?” I asked before I could stop myself. I felt Louis stiffen as I sat back up, “um you don’t have to answer that. I don’t even know why I asked it,” I tell him. Louis nodded his head, “I understand that you don’t want to answer,” I say.

“I do want kids,” he confessed. I was shocked, “it just I don’t think I would be a good father. I’m covered in meaningless tattoos. I get in trouble a lot. I’m fucked up. I’m scared that if I had a kid and they did something I would snap,” he added. I kissed him, “I don’t think so. You already know the problems and you can fix them. Kids don’t care that you got a bird or even Pac-man on your arm. All they want is love and safety. They just want a happy home,” I tell him. Louis placed his hand on the side of my face, “is that what you want? You just want love and safety from a parent,” he wondered. I nodded my head as Louis moved his thumb underneath my eye, “hey don’t cry,” he cooed. I didn’t realized that I was crying until he said it, “and don’t say it hormones, because it sounds like it was from the heart,” he tells me.

“Home wasn’t fun and I’m not just talking about my mother. My dad spent so much time with Harry and Marcel that I got left out. When he was not with them he was with Anne. At home he knew what my mother was doing to me, but he never stopped her. The first time I heard I love you was from Harry. He had to explain what love is to me. After that he told me all the time that he loved me, because everyone needs to hear it. Marcel was next to say it to me, but I never said it back to them. The first person I said I love you to was Anne and she said it straight back. When we moved away it only got a little bit better at home, but I hated my parents for taking me away. I had Harry, Marcel, Josh and Anne the only people that told me they loved me and the only people I said it back to. I knew I was a mistake. I’m the reason why my parents were together when they didn’t want to be,” I confessed. Louis pulled me close to him, “you got them back now. Everything going to work out for you,” he whispered. He kissed me, “I… know it will,” he added. Theo started crying, “I bet you’re hungry,” Louis says. He hands me Theo, “I’ll be back,” he added. He kissed my forehead before he went into the kitchen. I cuddled Theo, “he might have a point. Everything in my life is better right now,” I say. I kissed Theo forehead, “you know I don’t think Louis knows how to make a bottle. I think he just took the opportunity to run,” I tell him.

We walked into the kitchen. Louis had Theo’s bottle under the tap in a world of his own. I slowly walked over to him and put my hand on his back. He jumped a little, “hey don’t do that,” he snapped. I looked at him, “sorry,” he apologized. I rubbed circles with my thumb on his back, “Lou go back to bed,” I tell him. He shakes his head, “yes you’re tired and grumpy. So back to bed. Theo and I be alright for a bit,” I added. Louis shakes his head again, “I’m alright. I just want to spend time with you and even Theo. I just go to bed early. Please let me stay up,” he begged. I place my hand on the side of his face, “babe you need to go to sleep. You’re starting to sound like a child. I’ll make a deal with you. If you have a nap for a couple of hours and I mean a couple hours. I will give you a blowjob,” I tell him. Louis put his hands on my hips, “you wake me in two hours,” he tells me. I nodded my head, “you do anything for a blowjob,” I smirked. He kissed me, “not just a blowjob. Your blowjob,” he smiled. I shake my head as he kissed me again, “it sucks that you’re on your period tho,” he says. I looked at him, “bed,” I ordered. Louis kissed me and Theo hit him, “ow. What was that for?” Louis whined. I smiled, “because you need to go to bed and stop mentioning my period. It makes me uncomfortable,” I tell him. Louis kissed my forehead, “you have ten seconds to disappear from my sight or I’m taking back my deal,” I warned him. Louis ran out of the kitchen after he kissed me. I grabbed Theo bottle and made sure it was the right temperature.

After a couple of hours I was sitting on the floor with Theo in the lounge room. He was playing with his toys, “should I go wake him?” I wondered. Theo laughed, “I knew you weren’t going to wake me,” I heard Louis say. I turned around to see him behind the lounge just in his boxers, “I was so,” I argued. Louis raised an eyebrow at me, “sure babe. Then why did you ask Theo?” he questioned. I shrugged my shoulders, “because I didn’t want to wake you if you’re still grumpy,” I snapped. Louis moved closer to me, “I think you’re the grumpy one,” he points out. I shake my head, “I am not!” I yelled. Theo started crying, so I picked him up, “yes you are,” Louis argued. He took Theo off of me, “hey give him back,” I tell him as I stood up. Louis shakes his head no, “go have a nap or go outside babe, before you have a shit fit for no reason,” Louis tells me.

“No and if I have a shit fit it because of you,” I spat. Louis put his hand on my shoulder and I pushed it off. Louis put Theo down on the floor, before he grabbed my wrist. He dragged me out the back, “now stay here until I get you,” he ordered. I rolled my eyes and Louis saw, “I’m not a fucken child!” I shouted. Louis grabbed his smokes and puts one between my lips. He lights it for me, “well your acting like one. Maybe I should have just left you at home,” he snapped. I take the smoke out from between my lips, “maybe I should go home then!” I yelled. Louis groaned, “you’re such a bitch on your rags,” he spat. I pushed him, “babe just fucken stop. You’re not going to win this,” he tells me. I knew Louis was trying to keep calm even after I rolled my eyes, but I couldn’t help but fight with him. So I rolled my eyes again, “you always think that you’re going to win everything. That you’re always right. You’re just a cocky prick,” I spat. Louis grabbed my shoulders tight, “babe stop! I’m trying really fucken hard right now not to lose it since you rolled your eyes at me twice. You know that pisses me off real bad,” he yelled. I looked down, “I’m going back inside to Theo. You know the baby you’re meant to look after for Niall, but you want to fight with me instead. Come back in when you calmed down,” he tells me. He kissed my forehead before he went inside. I sat down on the ground and cried. I hated myself for fighting with Louis when he tried to stay calm.

After a while I calmed down and slowly went back inside. Louis was on the floor with Theo playing, “I’m sorry,” I apologized. Louis looked at me before he held his arms out to me. I walked over to him and sat down next to him. He pulled me to him as he hugged me tight “it alright,” he says. I shake my head as I rested it on his chest, “it not Lou. I was a bitch to you and you stayed calm as you could,” I tell him. Louis kissed the top of my head, “it something I’m going to have to get used to,” he smiled. I looked at him, “I’m not used to it ok? I never dealt with mood swings. Let alone dealt with a girl on her period,” he admitted.

“Not even with your sister or Perrie?” I asked. Louis shakes his head, “Georgia stays away from me and Zayn deals with Perrie,” he replied. I nodded my head, “but I now know how Zayn feels now tho. He always told us boys not to upset her or say something about it. I just can’t wait for Liam to deal with it,” he added. I laughed a little bit, “Liam going to be lucky for a little bit. Soph doesn’t stay with him like I do with you,” I tell him. Louis kissed me, “and I wouldn’t change it,” he smiled. I looked at Theo before I looked at the time, “where Niall?” I wondered. I grabbed my phone and had no miss calls or messages, “anything?” he asked. I shake my head, “should I message him?” I questioned. Louis looked at Theo, “well Theo needs to go down for a nap. So we can wait until he wakes up and give Niall some time,” he tells me. I nodded as Louis picked up Theo, “but first you need to change his bum. He sticks,” he added. I grabbed Theo bag as Louis put him back down on the floor. I knelt on the floor as Theo was in front of me. I undressed him as Louis kept poking him in the nose. I undid his nappy and started gagging. Louis laughed at me, “babe you alright?” he smiled. I shake my head as I covered my nose. I’ve done this before with my old friend Anastasia nephew. What surprised me was that Louis took over for me. I watched him as he done it quickly and he made sure he got everything. Louis started redressing him, “um babe where did you learn that?” I wondered. Louis smiled, “I used to help mum with my sisters,” he replied. He hands me a dressed Theo, “you put him to bed and I go get rid of this shitty nappy,” Louis says. I nodded as I got up with Theo.

When I was trying to put Theo to bed he kept screaming every time I tried to put him down. I sat down on Louis bed with him, “why won’t you go down?” I questioned. I laid back on Louis bed as Theo laid on my chest, “why can’t I do anything right with you today?” I cried. I rubbed his back, “you’ve done nothing wrong today babe. I’m guessing Niall didn’t tell you that there are two ways to get Theo to sleep?” he wondered. I shake my head, “well the first is you hold him until he falls asleep or you sing to him,” Louis explained. He laid down next to me and wiped my cheeks, “let’s try both together,” he says. Louis started singing a song I haven’t heard before, “I know that in the morning now, I’ll see us in the light upon the hill. Although I am broken my heart is untamed still,” he sang softly. I listen to him closely as he kept singing until he looked at me, “Theo asleep babe,” he smiled. He gets up and put Theo in the cot, “what was that song?” I asked. Louis looked down at Theo, “Story of my Life,” he replied. I remember him humming the tune to it when we went to the park a couple of weeks ago. I noticed Louis smiling as he tucked Theo in, “so is it finished then? I remember at the park you told me that it has to be finished before I hear it,” I wondered as I sat up.

“It still not finished, but you only heard a little bit, so it alright,” he says. He pulled me up from his bed, “how about we go downstairs and leave Theo up here to sleep?” he suggested. I nodded my head, “but how would we know when he wakes up?” I wondered. Louis smiled, “I got baby monitors,” he replied. I raised an eyebrow at him, “you really thought of everything,” I smiled.

He set up the baby monitor before we took the other one downstairs with us. I sat on the lounge as Louis set up the other baby monitor. He sat down next to me, “do you want to watch a movie?” he asked. I nodded my head as Louis picked a movie. He grabbed us two glasses of coke and a big block of chocolate. He sat back down next to me, “now I know one thing about periods and that is chocolate fixes everything,” he smiled. I shake my head, “not all the time, but right now yes,” I tell him. Louis laughed as he handed over the chocolate. He pulled me to him, “so what did you do in New York?” I wondered. Louis shakes his head, “nothing really,” he replied. I looked over him, “but I did get you something,” he added. He got up and ran off.

When he came back he had a little blue box in his hand. He gives it to me and I noticed it was a Tiffany’s box. I looked at him, “don’t you dare say no,” he tells me. I looked back at the box as I slowly opened it. It was a silver key necklace with a flower on the handle. I ran my thumb over it, “it beautiful Lou,” I say. I saw Louis smile, “then let’s put it on,” he says. I handed him the box as I stood up. I moved my hair out of the way before Louis put the necklace on. I turned around and kissed him, “thank you,” I say against his lips. Louis kissed me, “don’t worry about it,” he tells me. He ran his hands down my sides, “I did get you something else, but you’re going have to wait,” he added.

“Why do I have to wait?” I wondered. He smirked at me, “you’ll just have to wait,” he says. I shake my head, “yes, because I want to see you in it,” he tells me. I raised an eyebrow at him, “don’t give me that look,” Louis smiled. I ran my hands up his chest to his neck, “what look?” I questioned. I ran my hands down his body to the start of his boxers. I started kissing his neck as he dug his fingers into my sides, “I know what you’re doing babe and it not going to work. So just give up,” he groaned. I stepped back from him, “so you don’t want that blowjob that I promised you if you went for a nap?” I smirked. I stepped back again before Louis could pull me back to him. He pouted, “you told me to give up, so I am,” I tell him. Louis looked at me and I could see the lust in his eyes, “babe I take it back. You can do anything to me as long as I cum,” he begged. I smiled as I came closer to him. I ran my fingers down his chest, “now no kissing or touching me,” I tell him. I noticed Louis turned his hands into fist as he nodded his head. I started kissing his neck as my fingers played with the waistband of his boxers. I slipped my hand into his boxers and I started to rub his member. Louis closed his eyes when I started kissing down his chest. A moan slipped his lips as I kissed down the front of his boxers. I pulled his boxers all the way down to his feet. Louis kicked them off, “babe I have one request,” Louis started.

“And that is?” I questioned. Louis bit his bottom lip, “bra and top off please,” he begged. I took my top off with my bra as I knelt on the floor. I wrapped my fingers around his member. I traced my tongue around the tip of his member before I took the tip into my mouth. I sucked on it lightly, “fuck babe,” Louis groaned. I started put more of him in my mouth. Once I put enough of him in my mouth I slowly went backwards and forwards. I got a bit faster after a little bit, “fuck babe,” he repeated. He kept repeating it as I kept going. After a little bit I felt him twitch in my mouth. I knew he wanted to touch me since he dug his fingers into his thighs. He came into my mouth as I kept sucking him.

After he came back down from his high he sat on the lounge. I swallowed his cum in my mouth before I put my bra and top back on, “I think its shower time,” Louis says. I smiled at him as I stood up, “yeah by yourself. Can I have a shower in the other bathroom?” I asked. He shakes his head, “Louis I want a shower by myself and you know why,” I snapped. Louis smiled at me, “babe what I was going to say is that you can use mine and I’ll use the other one,” he tells me. I looked down, “it ok. I know we shower a lot together and I’m not going to lie, but I would love one with you right now. I also know you’re not comfortable with that” Louis added. He stood up in front of me, “of course I’m not comfortable with that. I’m bleeding,” I argued. Louis hugged me, “shower, dress in something comfortable, call Ni to see where the fuck he is and then dinner,” Louis ordered. He kissed my forehead before taking me up stairs.

After my shower I got changed into a pair of my black track pants and Louis black t-shirt. All my tops felt too small for me to wear and I also felt uncomfortable in them. When I came out of Louis bathroom he was next to Theo cot looking at him. I noticed he was already dressed in just dark blue track pants as I walked over to him, “you alright?” I wondered. Louis looked at me as he nodded his head, “I would love to be a baby again. All they do is eat, sleep, play and poop,” he smiled. I wrapped my arm around him, “you would miss being an adult too much with all the drinking and the sex,” I smiled back. Louis shakes his head, “if I was a baby I wouldn’t think about that type of stuff. All I’ll be thinking about is my next feed,” he says. I laughed a little bit, “come on let’s let him sleep,” he added.

We go down to the kitchen, “what do you want for dinner?” Louis asked. I shrugged my shoulders, “you pick while I call Ni,” I tell him. I grabbed my phone and called Niall. He picked up on my second try at calling him, “Lilly,” he slurred. I looked at Louis, “his drunk,” I tell him. Louis takes my phone off of me and started talking to Niall.

After a while Louis hangs up and looked at me, “ok we got Theo for the night, because they’re all drunk. So I need to cheek if we got enough stuff for him,” Louis explained to me. I nodded, “and I still haven’t decided what’s for dinner,” he added. I smiled as I shook my head. Louis cheeked Theo bag, “I need to go out,” he says. He quickly puts his shoes and jacket on, “I’ll get dinner while I’m out,” he tells me. He kissed me before he left.

Theo woke up not long after Louis left, so I changed and feed him. We waited for Louis to get back in the lounge room. There was a knock at the front door, so I thought it was Louis. When I opened it there was a middle aged man with brown hair and eyes. He looked me up and down with Theo in my arms, “is Mr Louis Tomlinson home?” he asked. I shake my head, “do you know where he is?” the man questioned. I moved Theo on me, “um he went to the shops,” I replied. The man nodded, “oh I’m Louis parole officer. The name is Officer Ben Cole,” he introduced himself. I nodded, “I’m Lilly Underwood. I’m Louis,” I started.

“My girlfriend,” Louis interrupted. He hugged Officer Cole, “what can I do you for?” Louis asked him. Officer Cole smiled at him, “you know what I’m here for Louis,” Officer Cole says. He hands Louis a small medical jar, “I know,” Louis smiled. They came inside and headed off down the hallway. I took Theo into the kitchen to be out of their way.

They came out and found me in the kitchen, “now Lilly can you tell me if Louis been doing schoolwork?” he questioned. Louis grabbed Theo from me, “his being doing work in physics, P.E and English. I don’t know about geography tho,” I replied. Officer Cole smiled at me, “told ya that I’ve been a good boy,” Louis smiled. Officer Cole nodded his head, “is your dad still in New York?” Officer Cole asked. Louis nodded his head, “you know he meant to be here Louis,” Officer Cole sighed. I looked at Louis, “can’t help it if he travels a lot,” Louis says. Officer Cole put his hand on Louis shoulder, “I know, but you know the rules. I’m afraid if I don’t see him soon. You’re going to have to think about living somewhere else,” he tell him. Louis nodded, “well I’m off to see Harry. Do you want me to tell him you said hi?” Officer Cole wondered.

“Yea and so would Lilly Belle,” he replied. Officer Cole looked at me as I took Theo back off of Louis, “I knew Harry before I met Louis,” I tell him. Officer Cole smiled at me, “well you two have a lovely night,” he says. Louis showed him out since he had to grab the shopping from his car.

When he came back in had five bags full of shopping. He put them down on the kitchen bench as I closed the front door. I went back into the kitchen with Theo, “you know it you keep carrying him around. He would never go down anymore and he don't have you at home,” Louis smiled. I smiled back, “I don’t care. Niall was meant to go to football and come back, but he went drinking instead. I know Theo not his responsibility. It just why does Niall think he is?” I rambled.

“Because Niall’s brother Greg is a fucken dick. He could care less about Theo or even Niall. Greg sees Theo and thinks of his ex, but Greg never stopped her from hurting Theo. He should be in jail like her,” Louis tells me. I looked over Louis, “what did she do to Theo?” I wondered. Louis sighed, “she abused him to the point where she was giving him rat poison. Theo nearly died,” Louis explained. I looked at Theo and he smiled at me. I started crying, “why?” I whispered. Louis came over, so he could hug me, “I don’t know,” he replied. He kissed my forehead, “Niall a big softy for this little guy. Niall could care less if his brother never came home. All he cares about is Theo and I completely understand if I was in Niall’s shoes, because in my books Theo is Niall’s. He the one that looks after him the most, worries about him the most. Niall really don’t want a social life, because he wants to go home to Theo,” Louis admitted. I placed my head under Louis chin, “but babe please don’t tell Niall about your mother. It will set him off and I don’t know what will happen,” Louis tells me. I nodded my head, “why are you boys so good when you look so bad?” I questioned. Louis laughed a little bit, “can’t judge a book by its cover,” he says. I smiled, “so what’s for dinner?” I asked as I looked at him.

“I was thinking we cook,” he replied. I raised an eyebrow at him, “you can cook?” I teased. He kissed my forehead, “I can try,” he pouted. I kissed him, “I’ll watch,” I smiled. I moved away from him, “hey I said we,” he pointed out. I nodded my head, “you cook and I watch. I’ll tell you if you’re doing it wrong. Plus where am I going to put Theo?” I questioned. Louis takes him off of me and walks into the dining room. He put Theo down on the floor before he went into the lounge room to get his toys. He placed them around him, “Theo done and now you can help me, “he smiled as he came back into the kitchen. He started going through the shopping bags, “I thought we make our own pizzas,” he tells me. He started to get out vegetables and stuff to make pizza. He put them all on the kitchen bench. He put Theo’s formula on a different bench before he put his nappies in the lounge room. I noticed he brought Theo some new bottles, “the lady at the checkout thought I was in my twenties, because all the baby stuff,” Louis tells me. He grabbed the bottles and set up a pot for them to boil, “now while they boil let’s make dinner,” he says. We walked over to all the food, “I thought about that we make our own. We both get a pizza base and we chose our own toppings,” Louis explained. I smiled as I nodded my head.

I decided that I wanted just a plain veggie pizza as Louis just wanted pepperoni. As I was chopping the mushroom up Louis wrapped his arms around me from behind, “see Theo don’t mind being on the floor,” Louis says. I looked at Theo as I leaned back into Louis, “I think I was the one that needed to hold him for some reason,” I admitted. Louis kissed the top of my head, “babe if you need cuddles all you have to do is ask me. I would drop anything to have you in my arms,” he tells me. I looked at him, “how about we quickly finish our pizzas, so we can put them in the oven. Then we can go cuddle on the lounge,” he suggested. I smiled as I kissed him, “that would be nice,” I tell him.

We quickly finished our pizzas and put them in the oven as Louis turned Theo’s bottles off. I picked up Theo up before going into the lounge room. I sat down on the lounge as Louis was refilling our drinks. When he came back in he shook his head at me, “I thought we were having cuddles,” he pouted as he put our drinks down.

“We can’t leave Theo in the dining room and it not fair on him,” I tell Louis. He sits down next to me, “you’re going to be one of these mums that don’t put there kid down. You know it be hard for you to do anything, because they always want to be held,” he points out. I shrugged my shoulders, “I never said I wanted kids,” I reminded him. Louis grabbed my legs and pulled them over his lap. He wrapped his arms around Theo and I, “do you want kids? You know you have to answer,” he wondered. I nodded my head, “I do want kids. It just,” I started.

“You don’t believe in love or relationships,” Louis finished. I nodded my head, “hey let’s have a baby together,” I joked. Louis looked at me with wide eyes, “babe we’re still in school and only know each other for a month,” he tells me. I smiled at him, “ok six years then if we haven’t met anyone,” I tell him. I don’t know if I was joking or being serious now. I didn’t even know if Louis was being serious. Louis smiled as he nodded his head, “you know you’re the only girl that I want to have my kids. All because I trust you. It just that if I knock up some random chick up I believe that they be mean to my child. Were with you I know you won’t,” Louis confessed. I was shocked, “I’m sorry if I scared you,” he apologized quickly. I shake my head, “strangely I feel the same way, because I know you would protect our child like you protect us,” I admitted.

“We are two strange people. We’re talking about kids and we haven’t even slept together or been together that long,” Louis smiled. He tickled Theo, “and I blame this little guy,” he added. Theo laughed, “I think this little guy needs a bath,” I cooed. Louis shakes his head, “it cuddles until dinner,” he tells me. I smiled, “I know and by the sound of it you’re the one that need cuddles,” I point out. Louis shrugged his shoulders, “I’ve been away for two weeks surrounded by business people playing happy family. I also really missed you. It killed me how I couldn’t call or curl up next to you,” he admitted. I kissed his cheek, “you better add something dirty or I’m going to call you a girl,” I warned him. Louis laughed, “I missed your bowjobs and how you scream my name when I make you cum,” he smiled. I kissed him, “I missed it too. When you were gone I thought about you going down on me a lot. I think I’m ready, but give me a couple of weeks,” I tell him. Louis seemed surprised, “you know you said the think word?” he wondered.

“I know. It just I’m on my period right now and the thought of you going down on me makes me uncomfortable,” I say. Louis nodded, “I understand. It just we are not going to have sex until I go down on you,” he tells me. I pouted, “what if I never want you to go down on me? Soph told me it took her a while,” I questioned.

“I’m standing by what I said. Babe it all about trust, but I know that your insecure about me going down. I have seen you naked and I really, really like what I see. So you have nothing to be ashamed of,” he reassured me. He kissed me, “I want all of you,” he added. I smiled as I kissed him, “you know I hate you sometimes?” I joked. Louis kissed my nose, “why do you hate me sometimes?” he wondered. I ran my finger down his cheek, “because you seem to say all the right things,” I smiled. I kissed him, “that not a reason to hate me. It a reason to love me,” he smiled back. I didn’t know how to reply to what he just said since he said it so easily. The timer went off for the pizzas, “pizza done, so stay here and I’ll go get them,” he tells me. I moved my legs so he could get up.

When he was gone I held Theo up in front of my face, “I’m scared. We been talking about kids and kinda about love too. He knows I don’t believe in love, but maybe I’m over thinking it. Maybe it a normal thing for him to say, but why does he say the right things at the right time?” I rambled to Theo. He just smiled at me, “maybe I should talk to someone or maybe I should wait for a little bit to see if it a one off thing,” I added. I kissed Theo, “now it still really hot,” Louis tells me as he came in. He put the pizzas down next to our drinks, “let’s watch a movie,” he smiled.

The rest of the night and the weekend went quick, so did two weeks. Louis changed into a more boyfriend material. He kept buying me flowers and leaving notes for me. I started to panic about this and decided that I need to talk to someone about this. I thought my best options were Zayn or Liam, because I felt the girls would make a big deal about it.

It was Monday morning and Louis and I were in physics reading a textbook. Louis told me that we going out for dinner tonight. I tried to tell him no, but he kept saying yes, so I gave in. In class I wasn’t really reading my textbook. I was more thinking about Louis and I. When the bell rang I packed up quickly and headed for history after I gave Louis a kiss goodbye.

I met Harry in class, “you alright Flower? You look like your somewhere else,” Harry wondered as we got our books out. I nodded my head, “what’s wrong?” he questioned. I sighed, “you know Louis better than I do right?” I asked. Harry nodded his head, “so would Louis tell you everything?” I added. Harry looked over my face, “what’s happened Flower?” he wondered. I shrugged my shoulders, “I’m probably over thinking it, but I think that Louis thinks that we are in a real relationship,” I admitted. Harry seemed surprised, “what makes you think that?” he questioned.

“He keeps bringing up how long we known each other and how much he missed me in New York. He also keeps getting me flowers and leaving me notes. I know we’re not fuck buddies, but we are not together. We keep doing things like we are, but we’re not,” I rambled. Harry puts his hands on my shoulders, “I know nothing about how Louis feels towards you since he doesn’t talk about you to me. But Flower are you scared that Louis wants more?” Harry wondered. I nodded my head, “why?” he asked, I can’t tell Harry the real reason why, “I just don’t want too. I don’t know why we have to find someone to share our lives with,” I say. Harry nodded, “but you’re ok with all the fucking and stuff. Flower you and Lou are attached to each other and that alright. You need to ask Louis himself what’s going on,” Harry tells me. I nodded my head, “Flower I really mean it. Talk to Louis about this. If he finds out that you’re feeling this way and talk to someone else about it. He not going to be happy with you,” Harry warned me. I nodded again as I started my work.

We met up with everyone at break. I kept looking over at Zayn and Liam as they were talking about something. I know Harry said to talk to Louis about this, but I feel like an idiot if I’m wrong. I don’t know what I want anymore, “Lil you doing anything Friday night?” Sophia asked me. I shake my head no, “good, because we are having a girls night,” she tells me. I smiled, “that sounds great,” I say. My phone went off, so I grabbed it out. I had a message from Zayn:

Zayn Malik

Why do you keep looking at me and Liam? Is something wrong?

Louis looked at me, “my mother,” I lied. I noticed Zayn raised an eyebrow as I messaged him back:

I need to talk to you two

“Lil can you help Liam and I at lunch today?” Zayn asked me. I nodded my head, “why do you need her?” Louis wondered. Zayn smiled, “I need help with art and Liam coming, because he can get what I need. I only need her for fifteen minutes. If that alright with you?” Zayn questioned. Louis looked at me before nodded his head.

The rest of break and English went quick. I found out in English that everyone was going to the carnival tonight. I knew that Louis knew which pissed me off. I haven’t really been hanging out with anyone since Louis got back from New York. He always made plans just for the two of us and I was getting annoyed with it.

Liam and I went to Zayn’s car to wait for him, “so what’s wrong?” Liam asked. I shake my head, “I’ll tell you when Zayn gets here,” I say. Liam nodded, “is this about your mother? Does she abuse you?” Liam questioned. I nodded my head, “but this is not about her,” I tell him.

“How bad is it?” he wondered. I looked down, “it just mental abuse and I’m used to it, so I’m fine,” I tell him. Liam shakes his head, “is that why Lou stays with you or you go to his place?” he asked. I nodded my head as Niall and Zayn came over, “well let’s go,” Zayn smiled. Liam and I got into the back as Niall and Zayn got into the front.

We drove to the park were Louis takes me to. We all got out and sat down at a table. We all got smokes out, “so what do you want to talk about?” Zayn asked. I looked at Niall, “I’m here, because you haven’t been the same since I dropped Theo off a couple weeks ago,” Niall tells me. I sighed, “Lou has noticed too,” he added. I take a drag of my smoke as I looked down, “so it about Lou,” Liam points out. I nodded my head, “does Louis want more?” I asked.

“What do you mean more?” Niall questioned. I took another drag of my smoke, “I get the feeling that he thinks we are in a real relationship,” I say. I noticed the boys looking at each other, “do you want more?” Liam wondered. I shake my head no, “you know it not much different then what you’re doing now. The only difference is love,” Zayn tells me. I screwed up my face up at the word love, “are you that screwed up that you don’t believe in love at all? Hell I believe in love and the girl I love is with someone else. You know how fucked up that is? It’s torture,” Niall admitted. I looked at him, “well I guess I am that screwed up then. I just don’t want to end up like my parents. My dad watched the woman he loved be with someone else and when he could have her. He chose to stay with my fucken mother. I have never seen love work out,” I snapped. Liam looked at Zayn, “but the thing is that you not your parents. You are not going to make their mistakes,” Niall argued back. I know Niall had a point, but I was scared to death, “there nothing there with me and Louis. I’m just the virgin he wants to fuck and then leave!” I shouted.

“Is that what you think of me?” I heard Louis say. I turned to see him, “you think I’m the root and boot guy?” he questioned. I nodded my head, “Louis you told me yourself that you are. The only relationship you had was with Eleanor. I’m going to be no difference, because I don’t want more from you,” I tell him. Louis looked down, “I told you over and over again that you are different, but you’re getting nothing from me now. You’re just like your mother,” he spat. I felt my chest get tight and my eyes get watery. I felt Zayn hand on my arm, but I pulled away from him. I stood up, “that really hurt Louis,” I cried.

I walked away from them and started walking around the park. I couldn’t stop crying, “Hey are you alright?” I heard a little girl ask. I turned around to see two little blonde girls that were twins. They looked me up and down before they started whispering to each other. I noticed an older woman coming over to us. She looked like the twin girls just with brown hair and pregnant belly, “girls what have I said about talking to strangers?” she scold them. The girls looked at her, “she crying and she not a stranger. It the pretty girl Lottie showed us,” one of them tells her. The woman looked me up and down, “your Louis girlfriend Lilly?” she questioned. I nodded my head as I realized that this was his mum and two of his sisters, “I’m Johanna, but call me Jo. These two are Daisy and Phoebe,” she introduced. I smiled at them, “why are you crying?” Johanna wondered. I wiped my face, “it nothing,” I tell her. Daisy and Phoebe hugged me tight, “did you hurt yourself? Because hugs and kisses make everything better,” Phoebe asked. I nodded my head and the girls puckered up their lips. I knelt down so they could kiss my cheeks, “feel better?” Phoebe wondered. I nodded my head as Johanna looked at me, “girls why don’t you go pick some flowers,” she tells them. The girls ran off, “did Louis hurt you?” she questioned.

“Um no, but I think I hurt him tho,” I started. Johanna wrapped her arm around me, “I’m new at this relationship thing and it scares me. So I pushed him away,” I confessed. I realized that I was talking about Louis and me to his mum, “and Louis snapped and said something that really hurt you, because you hurt him,” she added. I nodded as she hugged me tight, “mum?” I heard Louis wondered. We both looked at him and his eyes were red and puffy. He looked confused as he looked at us, “hey,” Johanna smiled. I didn’t know what to say to Louis, “I met your girlfriend Lilly and she a very nice girl,” Johanna continued. Louis looked at me, “I was just going to invite her to mine and the girl’s picnic. You’re more welcome to join us,” she says. Louis eyes never left mine as I nodded my head, “that be great,” Louis smiled.

Johanna dragged us over to a picnic blanket, “I’m going to find where the twins are, so you two stay here,” she tells us. She walked off, “what are you doing?” Louis snapped. I looked at him, “your sisters and your mum recognized me from the picture you sent Lottie,” I snapped back. Louis sighed, “don’t forget Louis I keep my promises,” I reminded him. Louis shakes his head, “you don’t have to anymore. We are done and we are not getting back together,” he tells me. I shake my head, “your place or mine?” I asked. Louis looked confused at me, “my other promise,” I say. Louis shakes his head, “you can forget about that. Lilly I want nothing to do with you,” he spat. I took a deep breath before I walked over to him. I really hoped Louis didn’t mean any of this. I just wanted it to go back to the way it was. I don’t want to be scared anymore, “Louis tell me what you really want from me,” I demanded. Louis pulled me to him and kissed me hard, “I want you. I don’t want that other crap we were in. I really want to call you mine. For fuck sake Lilly I love you,” Louis confessed. Louis grip around me got tighter, so I couldn’t run. I wanted to run, “I know you can’t say them words back. I’m shocked that I said them, but it how I feel about you. You’re the only person I want,” he says.

“I fell for you too. I’m just scared that we lose what we have together,” I admitted. Louis smiled as he kissed me, “we were going to lose what we had. It just for something better. I really should be on my knees begging for your forgiveness after what I said to you,” he tells me. I kissed him, “so should I for what I said. I was just scared that I fell for you, so I said those things. I knew you said what you said to hurt me, because I hurt you,” I tell him. Louis kissed me, “Lou get a room,” I heard a girl whine. We looked at two girls standing there. One was taller than the other and she also had brown hair. The other one had blonde hair, but they both looked like Johanna. They smiled at us, “Lottie and Fizzy,” Louis smiled. Louis hugged them, “now this must be Lilly,” the blonde one smiled. I nodded my head, “I’m Lottie,” she tells me. I smiled as she hugged me, “and this is my sister Fizzy,” she added as she pointed to her. Fizzy hugged me, “so she not fake,” Fizzy teased.

“Why would she be fake?” Louis questioned. Lottie got her phone out, “because the picture you sent us looks like she don’t know you took it,” Lottie tells him. Lottie shows me a picture of me working in P.E. I looked at Louis, “she won’t let me take one,” Louis says. I raised an eyebrow at him, “you never asked and Liam has those photos from Niall’s eighteenth,” I tell him. Louis smiled, “Lou!” I heard the twins shout. They ran up to him and hugged him, “we missed you,” Daisy says. Louis kissed the tops of their heads, “I missed you too,” he tells them. Johanna wrapped as arm around my waist, “everything alright now?” she whispered. I nodded my head, “Lilly we picked you some flowers,” Phoebe smiled. They both held up a bunch of flowers each, “thank you,” I smiled as I took them. I noticed Louis looking at Johanna, “how have you been Lou?” Johanna asked. Louis seemed nervous, “I’m a lot better now especially for over a month now. How have you been?” Louis asked back. Johanna smiled, “we been well,” she replied.

We all sat down on the picnic blanket and I sat down between Louis legs. He wrapped one of his arms around me as the other hand played with the key necklace he got me. I looked at him, “why did you get a key?” I wondered. Louis picked up my necklace, “because it looked cool,” he says. I raised my eyebrows at him, “you can tell the truth now,” I tell him. He shakes his head before he kissed my cheek, “not right now,” he tells me.

We had afternoon tea with Louis’s family and I enjoyed it. The girls told Louis what they have been doing and we told them what we have been doing. When we had to leave the girls hugged me and Louis. Johanna hugged Louis what seemed like forever before we left. Louis held my hand as we walked to the car. I smelt the flowers that the twins got me, “I’ve changed my mind about dinner. How about we go to the carnival with everyone else?” he suggested. I nodded my head, “you know it be funnier than dinner?” I wondered. Louis smiled as he nodded his head, “I know. It just I like having you to myself,” he says. He pulled me to him, “you have me a lot to yourself,” I point out. Louis kissed the side of my head, “yeah, but now you’re really mine, so I don’t have to worry as much,” he smiled. I kissed him, “you had nothing to worry about in the first place,” I smiled back.

We got back to Louis car and he pushed me up against it as he put my flowers on it, “you know everything we do now is going to be different?” he wondered. I shake my head, “Lou I fell for you a long time ago now,” I admitted. Louis kissed me, “I hate you sometimes,” he mumbled.

“Why?” I asked. He kissed my nose, “because you fell for me and I fell for you,” he tells me. I kissed him, “that not a reason to hate me. It a reason to love me,” I smiled. Louis smiled as he kissed me, “I love you,” he tells me against my lips. I kissed him, “I fell for you,” I say. I knew Louis was upset that I couldn’t say it back yet. When he can say it to me, “is that your I love you for now?” he questioned. I nodded my head before I kissed him, “I’m sorry,” I apologized. Louis kissed me, “don’t be babe. I understand. I know it going to be hard for you. I can wait,” he reassured me.

Louis and I started making out against his car for a bit, “um do you want a shower before we go out tonight?” Louis wondered. I shrugged my shoulders as I remembered that we had to get to school for extra lesson. Louis cupped my face, “what’s wrong?” he asked.

“Lou what time is it?” I questioned. Louis pulled his phone out, “four thirty. Shit I’m meant to be in music and you’re meant to be in dance. There only half an hour left,” Louis says. I smiled as I nodded my head, “looks like we missed,” I say. Louis was going through his messages, “um we need to call Harry and I think my vibrate is dead. I have about fifty messages from everyone. So um are we going to tell them?” he wondered. I played with Louis top, “um I don’t want to tell Harry over the phone. Can we tell them tonight when we see them?” I asked. Louis nodded as he called Harry.

Louis told him everything alright and that we met them at six’s. After he put his phone back in his pocket Louis looked at me with puppy dog eyes, “what do you want?” I asked. Louis licked his lips, “a make-out session back at my place. I don’t want anything more,” he tells me. I started to rub him through his jeans, “fuck babe we’re in public and their children around,” he groaned. I stopped, “the lets go,” I smirked as I grabbed my flowers.

Louis took me to his house and we just made it to his bedroom. Louis pin me down onto his bed and he started kissing my neck, “how about we have a shower?” he wondered. He started kissing down my neck to the top of my chest. One of his hands travelled down my side, “after Lou. I really want you right now. You can do whatever you want to me,” I tell him. Louis sat up as he straddled my thighs, “really anything babe?” he smirked. I nodded my head as he undid my jeans, “so you’re alright with me going down on you?” he questioned. I nodded my head, “not today babe since we have under an hour,” he tells me. I sat up and kissed him, “then stop teasing me,” I say against his lips. Louis pulled my top over my head and I did the same to him. He started kissing my neck as I ran my fingers down his chest. He took my bra off and threw it on the floor. Louis grabbed my breasts with both of his hands before he started to squeeze them. His touch felt needed, but loving at the same time. I moved his head so I could kiss him. He laid me back down on the bed as he started kissing down my body. He stuck his tongue in my belly button and moved it around. He pulled my jeans off and threw them on the floor. He started kissing across the tops of my knickers as he ran his hands up my thighs. He grabbed the sides of my knickers and they joined the rest of my clothes, “god I love you naked under me,” Louis mumbled.

“I feel the same about you,” I smiled as I sat up. I took his jeans and boxers off, so they join the rest of clothes. I pushed Louis down on the bed, “I wanna try something,” I tell him. I straddled his thighs, “and what that?” he wondered. I started to rub his member, “dry humping naked,” I replied. Louis sat up on his elbows, “babe I want too. It just,” he started.

“I trust you Lou and I get to start it. I looked it up,” I tell him. Louis seemed surprised, “is that why you jumped me the other day?” he smirked. I nodded as I moved to place his member between my legs. I started slowly grinding against him, “fuck babe,” Louis moaned as he grabbed my hips. I placed my hands on his chest when I got a bit faster. After a little bit Louis pushed me down onto him more, “fuck I can’t wait for two weeks to come,” he puffed. I smiled as I kissed him, “neither can I,” I tell him. Louis flipped us over and kept his member grinding against me. He started kissing my neck, “fuck this feels so good,” he moaned.

We kept going until we both came together. Louis laid next to me, “that was a good different, but can we not try that until we have sex?” Louis asked. I was confused, “why?” I wondered. Louis ran his fingers down my neck, “because it took a lot of will power not to enter you. It felt so good between you that I wanted to be in you,” he admitted. I kissed him, “just two weeks,” I say. Louis kept placing small kisses on my lips, “better go wash up, because the site of you with my cum on you is going to make me hard again,” he tells me. I looked down at myself as I rubbed his cum over me. He kissed me hard, “stop doing sexy things to me,” he groaned. He got off the bed before he picked me up. I wrapped my legs and arms around him, “you know I can’t wait for two weeks,” I smiled. We went into Louis bathroom, “same, but I still got to go down on you or two weeks become more,” he reminds me. Louis turned on the shower as he was still holding me, “I’m ready for that now. You just got to do it. Hold me tight,” I tell him. I moved my arms so I could take off my necklace, “I know, so I was thinking tomorrow night or we could wait for the weekend,” he suggested. Louis moved me so I could put my necklace down, “um tomorrow night,” I say. Louis kissed me as he stepped into the shower, “good, because you can wear what got you when I was in New York,” he smiled. I played with the back of his hair, “I fell for you,” I tell him. Louis kissed me, “I love you,” he smiled.

Louis held me for a bit until I reminded him that we had to go out. As I was putting on my red skinny jeans Louis watched me, “babe you need to start wearing dresses,” he tells me. I raised an eyebrow at him, “I’m just saying it easier to do some stuff. If you know what I mean,” he winked. I shake my head, “and where are these dresses coming from?” I asked. Louis smiled, “I can get them for you,” he replied.

“Really daddy?” I questioned. Both Louis and I screwed up our faces when I said daddy, “please don’t call me that,” he laughed. I agreed with him, “but I can get you some tho since I’m the one that wants you in them,” he tells me. I shake my head, “I don’t want you to buy me things Lou. It makes me feel like a whore,” I tell him. Louis hugged me, “but you’re not. You’re my girlfriend,” he smiled. I kissed him, “my actual girlfriend,” he added. I kissed him again, “you like saying that don’t you? Because you seem to tell people that I was your girlfriend before today,” I pointed out. I noticed Louis blushing as he nodded his head, “better finished getting dressed,” he says. I picked up my white t-shirt that said wild at heart and put it on, “crap I left my stuff in Zayn car with my jacket,” I remembered. Louis laughed a little bit, “it not funny. You have all your clothes here and most of mine are at home,” I pouted. Louis kissed me, “you can wear my jacket tonight and Zayn will bring your stuff tonight,” Louis tells me. Louis gave me his jacket that I wore when we went to the park that time. I smiled since the sleeves were still rolled up as Louis grabbed a jacket for himself. I sat on the edge of Louis bed as he went into the bathroom, “hunny can you grab my necklace before I forget it?” I asked him as I was putting my shoes and socks on.

Louis came back out after he done his hair, “babe your hair has gone curly,” he smiled. I tried to flatten it, “no I like it,” Louis tells me as he grabbed my hands. He put my hands on my lap before he put my necklace on, “can you tell me why you picked a key now?” I wondered. Louis smiled at me, “I told the lady at the store that I wanted to get my girlfriend something that meant something. Then she asked questions and I answered them. Then she showed me the key necklaces and I picked this one. I then thought that I could give you the key to my heart. I know it really corny,” he confessed. I kissed him hard, “it really sweet, but really corny at the same time,” I smiled. Louis came in close to my face, “you’re lucky I love you,” he says before he kissed me. I brushed my hair so that my curls would stay and I put on some eyeliner before we left.


We got to the carnival just after six, “can we tell Harry first before we tell the others?” I asked Louis as we got out of the car. He came around to me, “would you like to tell Marcel too? His coming tonight,” Louis wondered. I nodded my head, “good, because I told them to be here at six. When everyone else is getting here at six thirty,” Louis smiled. I kissed him, “you know me too well,” I smiled. Louis kissed my nose, “I think it right that we tell them first since they were the last ones to know about our other relationship,” Louis tells me.

We met Harry and Marcel at the front of the carnival. I noticed Marcel was not wearing his glasses as we hugged them. Harry grabbed Louis, “Zayn tells me I should hit you after what happened today,” Harry started. Harry looked at me, “I told you to talk to him and no one else, but you didn’t listen,” he snapped at me. Harry let Louis go, “but everything seems back to normal between you two,” he finished. Louis and I both nod our heads, “um about that we actually have something to tell you both,” Louis started. Harry and Marcel nodded for him to continue with smiles on their faces, “we are actually together now. None of this fake shit anymore,” Louis tells them. They hugged us, “you two were always together. You just didn’t have the balls to say it,” Harry says. I shake my head, “and everyone knew it,” he added. Louis wrapped his arm around me, “did you have bets going?” I joked. Harry nodded, “I think Niall won tho. I think he said six weeks. I said four months,” Harry says.

“I said eight months,” Marcel tells us. I was shocked, “you know I was joking right?” I questioned. Harry smiled big, “I’m not. Zayn said two months, Liam said six months, Perrie said a week and Sophia said nine months or when Louis knocked you up,” Harry tells us. I hid my face into Louis chest, “so Flower changed your mind about relationships or are you still scared as hell?” Harry asked. I looked at him, “I’m still scared,” I admitted. Louis kissed the top of my head, “good to see these two back together again,” I heard Perrie say. We all looked at them to see everyone including May, “alright everyone time to pay Niall,” Harry tells them. Everyone looked confused, “why do we got to pay Niall?” Liam wondered.

“Because Lou and Flower are really together now,” Marcel replied. Perrie and Sophia got excited as they tacked me for a hug, “about fucken time,” Perrie says. I laughed a little bit as I saw Zayn hit Louis in the back of the head before he hugged him. I noticed Niall was talking to May as she looked confused about what was happening. Zayn hugged me, “he better begged for forgiveness after what he said today,” Zayn whispered. I kissed Zayn cheek, “I did hurt him first tho,” I tell him. Zayn nodded, “I know Louis is my best friend, but if he upsets or hurts you. Please tell me,” Zayn tells me. I nodded my head, “I’m here for you,” he added. Liam hugged me next, “I have an idea for you,” he started. I looked at him, “my sister just moved out and we got a spare room. My parents would look after you. You don’t have to give me an answer right now, but think about it,” he tells me. I kissed his cheek, “thank you,” I say. Liam kissed my forehead, “hey why is my girlfriend giving you guys kisses?” Louis questioned.

“I didn’t get any kisses,” Niall pouted. Niall hugged me, “May kinda hurt that you didn’t tell her the truth, but she understands,” he tells me. I nodded before I kissed his cheek, “ok that enough kisses,” Louis says. He pulled me to him and I kissed him. Everyone was happy about Louis and I, “so have you said those three magic words yet?” Liam joked. I looked at Louis and he seemed nervous, “Liam they just made it official. Give them time to say I love you,” Sophia tells him. Liam nodded as Louis relaxed, “well let’s go have some fun,” Harry smiled.

We all went into the carnival after the boys paid for us. We decided to go get something to eat first before we walked around. We all got a hotdog and a drink of coke before we sat down on the grass. I noticed Niall dressed up and took his piercings out. I think it was for May since she hasn’t left his side. Louis noticed too, “I think there the next couple,” Louis tells me. I nodded, “but what about her boyfriend?” I wondered. Louis shrugged his shoulders, “I know Niall loves her. Maybe today with us he realized that he needs her,” I tell Louis. Louis seemed surprised, “how do you know that?” he asked. I wiped some sauce off his chin, “he told me today,” I replied. Louis smiled, “after he called me a screw up, because I was afraid of a real relationship with you,” I added. Louis frowned and I kissed him, “he had a point tho,” I say. Louis was still frowning, “still don’t give him the right to call my girlfriend a screw up,” Louis tells me. I kissed him again, “you say anything to him and you don’t go down on me ever,” I warned him. Louis smirked, “then we don’t get to have sex then,” Louis warned me. I shrugged my shoulders, “I don’t know what it feels like, so I won’t miss it,” I smiled. Louis kissed me, “fine I won’t say anything to him,” he gave in.

“Are you two still in the honeymoon stage that you forget your out with friends?” Liam wondered. We looked at him, “I thought the honeymoon stage is when you can’t stop having sex with each other?” I questioned. Everyone nodded, “but I’m still a virgin so we’re not in the honeymoon stage,” I tell them. Marcel covers his ears, “not listing,” he says. We laughed at him as Harry moved his hands away from his ears, “Marc you want her to say that. What we don’t want is the day when Flower tells us she not a virgin,” Harry tells him. Marcel nodded, “and that day be in two weeks,” Louis whispered in my ear. He kissed under it, “and I will kill the guy that takes it,” Marcel smiled. All eyes were on Louis, “but she my girlfriend. Harry help,” Louis says. Harry smiled, “ok we won’t kill you, but no sex until three months or before I love you,” Harry tells him. Louis nodded, “so what do you guys want to do first?” May asked us to change the subject. I shrugged my shoulders, “how about we walk around and if we want to do something we do it?” Zayn suggested. We all agreed with him as we threw our rubbish away.

We started walking around, “can we go on the rides?” Liam asked. We nodded our heads as Liam chose to go on a roller-coaster first. I sat down next to Louis, “babe you alright? You look scared,” he wondered. I bit my bottom lip, “um I’ve never been on a roller-coaster and I’m afraid of heights,” I admitted. Louis grabbed my hand, “you’ll be alright since I’m going to be there for you. So just squeeze my hand when you’re scared,” he reassured me. I gave him a small nod, “is someone scared?” Liam teased. He sat behind us with Sophia. I nodded my head, “this is going to be fun,” Liam smiled.

I was scared the whole time that I couldn’t scream and I squeezed Louis hand to death. When we got off Louis looked at his hand, “hunny I think you broke my hand,” he says. I looked at it, “I’m sorry,” I apologized. I kissed his hand, “all better now?” I wondered. Louis shakes his head as he puckered up his lips. I smiled as I kissed him, “love birds hurry up,” May smiled. I noticed she was holding Niall hand as we walked to the next ride. It was a spinning ride that went upside down. It sat four people together, “ok I know Lilly Belle is my girlfriend, but can someone else go on with her please. I don’t want my hand broken,” Louis begged. I stepped away from him, “I’ll go with her since her boyfriend don’t want to,” Perrie tells him. Perrie hugged me, “my boyfriend would never do that,” she added.

“Fine I’ll go on with her,” Louis tells her. I shake my head, “too late,” I tell him. Zayn and Liam put their hands on his shoulders, “you’re in trouble now,” they both tell him at the same time. Perrie, Sophia, May and I get on the ride together. Louis, Liam, Zayn and Niall got on together after they all pushed Louis. Harry and Marcel got on with two pretty girls and started talking to them.

The ride was scarer then the roller-coaster since I didn’t like going upside down. When I got off Louis grabbed me from behind, “I’m sorry about what I said before,” he apologized. He kissed my neck as we started walking, “you know you got to put up with shit like that with me?” I wondered. He nodded his head as he kissed my neck again, “I don’t want to go on anymore rides,” I tell him. I grabbed Louis hands, “I don’t like them,” I added. Louis smiled as he kissed my cheek, “not even if I went on with you?” he asked. I shake my head no, “I don’t like going upside down and I really hate heights,” I tell him. Louis looked around, “I think the next rides are simple,” he says. We all stopped in front of a ride, “this just spins really fast,” Louis tells me. I shake my head, “me and Lilly Belle not going on,” Louis tells the others. They all went on without us, “you alright babe?” Louis questioned.

“I’m fine. I just don’t want to go on anymore rides,” I replied. Louis kissed me, “I understand,” he smiled. I looked at his hand that squeezed to death on the roller-coaster. It was a bit swollen, “don’t worry about it. My hands are damaged from fighting,” he reassured me. I kissed his hand, “you haven’t been in a fight for a while,” I pointed out. Louis smiled, “that last one I got into was Ashton,” he says. I shake my head, “I don’t count Ashton as a fight since you were saving me,” I smiled.

Louis kissed me until everyone came off the ride, “I thought you two would have ran off,” Niall smirked. Louis shakes his head, “done that before we came out,” Louis tells him. Marcel glared at Louis, “she started it,” Louis says. Marcel shakes his head, “she too pure for that,” Marcel says. I started laughing, “I’m not that pure,” I smiled. Marcel was shocked, “do you want to hear his speech about touching?” May asked Marcel. He shakes his head, “Harry how can you let this happen?” Marcel asked him.

“They are nearly eighteen. They can do whatever they want. They have to live with consequences,” Harry replied. Louis and I both nodded, “I’m getting them a lifetime supply of condoms,” Marcel says. Everyone started laughing, “babe is Marcel alright with us being together?” he whispered in my ear. I shrugged my shoulders, “Marc calm down. There two very smart people. I don’t think Louis would knock up Flower,” Harry tells him.

“He better not. Flower can go a long way with her intelligence,” Marcel say. I looked at Louis, “Marc are you scared that I could knock up Lilly Belle and that the end of her? I could never do that to her. Hell if I knock her up I’ll give up everything, so she can still do what she wants too,” Louis tells him. Marcel nodded, “you better,” he tells him. I looked at Perrie, “well now that all cleared up. I want to go on another ride,” Perrie smiled.

They went on another ride as Louis and I waited for them. After that the boys wanted to go look at cars, so us girls decided to go sit down on the grass. Perrie put her arm around me, “what up with Marcel? I swear he was going to kill you and Louis,” Sophia wondered. I shrugged my shoulders, “I think he just wants the best for me and not to throw it all away on a boy,” I replied. Perrie kissed the side of my head, “would you throw it all away if Louis knocked you up?” May wondered. I looked down, “I really don’t know,” I say. Perrie pulled me closer to her, “I think that enough baby talk. They just got together properly,” Perrie tells them. May looked at me, “about that. Why didn’t you tell me you and Louis weren’t really together?” she asked.

“Um because we didn’t know how people would take it. Soph found out because of Niall,” I tell her. May nodded, “but what’s up with you and Niall? I saw you holding hands,” I questioned. May looked down, “I like Niall,” she started. I raised an eyebrow at her, “ok I love him. It just my parents would kill me if I gave up someone like Mark for someone like Niall,” she confessed. Sophia hugged her, “I thought the same about mine, but when they met Liam they loved him,” Sophia tells her.

“My family are very catholic, so bringing Niall home won’t change their minds about what he looks like. There more likely to lock me in a tower. So that why I haven’t broken up with Mark, because if I do he will tell my parents and they will ask why,” May tells us. We all gave her a small nod, “does Niall know?” I wondered. May nodded, “I really want to be with him all the time. We’re just waiting until I’m eighteen to tell my parents. I turn eighteen next month,” she replied.

“Is that just in case they kick you out?” Perrie wondered. May nodded again, “enough about me and Niall. Let’s talk about something else,” May smiled. I thought about tomorrow night, “I have something to ask,” I started. Sophia and May got closer to me and Perrie, “um it about oral sex,” I continued. I was trying to think how to say it, “has Lou gone down on you yet?” Perrie asked. I shake my head, “we’re doing it tomorrow night,” I tell them. They smiled at me, “it just how do I prepare for it?” I wondered.

They asked me a lot of questions and I answered them truthfully. So now on mine and Sophia free in the morning we’re going out. The boys came back talking about cars, “rules boys. You talk about cars when none of us girls are around,” Perrie reminds them. They all nodded as they stopped talking about cars, “so what now? Fireworks don’t start for another hour,” Sophia asked. Perrie got up as Louis stood between my legs as he looked down at me. He bit his bottom lip, “are you going to help your girlfriend up or just look at me?” I wondered. Louis helped me up, “I was just remembering what we did before we got here. When you were naked under me,” he whispered in my ear. He kissed under it, “are you trying to turn me on?” I whispered back. Louis nodded his head, “did looking at cars turn you on?” I questioned. Louis shakes his head no, “I was thinking of what we could do in cars together,” he replied. I shake my head, “you know the way you’re going I will go home tonight,” I warned him. Louis wrapped his arms around me tight, “no. you’re staying with me forever,” he tells me. I kissed his cheek, “guys lets go. Liam wants to show Zayn that he can win a big stuffed toy for Soph,” Harry tells us. We nodded our heads as we followed them

We got to the sideshows, “ok let me go first to show Payno how it done,” Zayn boasted. He paid the man for three balls to knock down a pyramid of bottles. Zayn got the first two balls to hit, but missed the last one. He got a little stuffed snowman for Perrie. Liam did the same as Zayn and got Sophia a little elephant. Louis tried but also failed, so I picked a little teddy bear with a blue bow. Niall tried and won. May picked out a big giraffe, “who showed you guys?” Niall boasted. Louis wrapped his arms around me, “sorry I couldn’t win you a big one,” he apologized. I kissed him, “I like how it small. It fits in my arms perfectly,” I smiled. Louis smiled back, “plus I don’t need a big one since I have you,” I added. Louis kissed me, “suck up,” he says. I nodded my head, “but I bet you would like me to suck something,” I whispered in his ear. Louis nodded quickly, “maybe when we get home tonight,” I teased. Louis kissed me, “who said we had to wait until we get home?” he questioned. I kissed him, “ok now lets go wait for the fireworks,” Marcel says.

We sat down on a hill, “ooo we didn’t tell you, but Marcel got that girls number from the ride we went on,” Harry tells us. We all congratulated Marcel, “now don’t start on me about finding someone. I’m happy the way I am. I’m also happy for you guys,” Harry tells us. We smiled at him, “six weeks into the school year and we all got someone part from Harry. I wonder what the rest of the school year will bring,” Perrie says. We all nodded, “well Zayn and Perrie were already together. Liam got the girl he has been stalking for a bit now. Niall and May already had a thing together before now. Marcel got a girl number and Harry happy with single life,” Louis says.

“And Louis got himself a girlfriend which is the biggest surprise of them all,” Niall added. Louis nodded, “well you can’t let the good ones go even if you’re fucked up,” Louis admitted. The boys nodded as Louis wrapped his arms around me tighter, “you’re not that fucked up,” I tell him. Louis kissed me, “that because I have you now,” he admitted.

We talked until the fireworks started. Harry, Marcel and I put our fingers in our ears as we watched. When it was all over Louis pulled my fingers out of my ears, “why did you do that?” he wondered. I shrugged my shoulders, “always have done,” I tell him. Louis smiled, “well now that over time to go home since we have school tomorrow,” May says. Louis shakes his head, “me and Lilly belle going to stay for a while,” Louis tells them. They all nodded, “not to late. Flower got history in the morning,” Harry tells him. Louis nodded before we said goodbye to everyone.

Louis and I walked around the carnival, “what do you want to do?” I asked him. Louis smirked at me, “you’ll see,” he says. We walked for a bit until we hit some trees with no one around, “what are you up to?” I questioned. Louis took his jacket off and threw it on the floor. He came over to me and took my teddy bear off me. He threw it on top of his jacket before he pushed me against a tree. He kissed me, “really you want to do this here?” I questioned. Louis nodded his head, “but we could get caught,” I tell him. Louis started kissing my neck, “that the whole point babe,” he tells me. He took off my jacket and threw in on the floor, “no more questions,” he ordered. I started kissing his neck, “I know,” I smiled. I bit down gently onto his sweet spot. Louis buckled his hips into mine as he moaned. He grabbed my chin and pulled it up so he could kiss me. I undid his jeans as I pulled away from him. I knelt down in front of him, “you ready?” I smirked as I pulled his jeans and boxers down a little bit. Louis nodded as I took his member into my hand. I gave him a couple of pumps before I put him into my mouth. I started sucking the tip, “babe you need to work quickly,” Louis groaned. I started going backwards and forwards on his member fast. Louis didn’t last as he came into my mouth. I swallowed his cum as he pulled his jeans and boxers back up. Louis helped me up before he started kissing me. We pulled apart as we heard someone coming, “I’ll finish you at home. I promise,” he tells me. We grabbed out stuff and ran off.

When we got to Louis house he pin me against the front door. He threw my teddy bear somewhere with my jacket. Louis lifted my leg up to take off my shoe and sock off. He did to my other foot before he undid my jeans and pulled them down. He knelt down to take them completely off, “I can’t wait until tomorrow night,” he says. He kissed up both of my legs to my hips, “how many times do you want to cum?” he asked me. He ran his hand under my t-shirt, “I think I owe you four,” he smirked. He slowly takes my t-shirt off, “Lou,” I say as I pulled on his jacket. Louis took his jacket and t-shit off as I undid his jeans. Louis stopped me from pulling his jeans and boxers down, “just jeans,” he tells me as he took them off himself.

“Why?” I asked. Louis kissed me, “because it your turn,” he replied. He kissed my neck as he took off my bra. Louis started sucking on one of my nipples as his other hand squeezed my other breast. I grabbed his hands, “please no foreplay. I want you,” I groaned. Louis smirked as he pulled my knickers down. I stepped out of them before Louis turned me around to face the door. Louis pulled my hips to his as he started rubbing my button. I put my hands against the door to steady myself as Louis got faster. I came and Louis kept going. He entered two fingers into me deep. My legs started to get weak, “hunny I don’t think I can stand much longer,” I tell him. Louis pulled his fingers out of me and picked me up. He took me up to his bathroom, “why in here?” I asked.

“Because I plan on making a mess,” he smirked as he put me down on the vanity. He entered his two fingers in me again and I moaned. He started moving them in and out making sure he hit the spot every time. I came again onto his fingers and he still kept going. I knew he wanted a repeat of what happened in the kitchen after I gave him my first blowjob. He made me cum again, but nothing happened. Louis used his other hand to play with my button and I came hard. This time I squirted and Louis seemed pleased with himself.

Louis cleaned up before we had a shower together. When we got out I just put on a t-shirt and a pair of knickers on as Louis just put a pair of boxers on. I walked over to his bed, “um hunny I’m going out with Soph in the morning on our free,” I tell him. Louis looked at me, “why?” he questioned. I got into bed, “she um needs to get something and wants me to go with her,” I lied. Louis gets in next to me, “your lying to me. Tell me the truth,” he tell me strictly. I sighed, “I’m going out with Soph to prepare for tomorrow night,” I tell him.

“Prepare?” he wondered. I nodded my head, “Lou I’m nervous about tomorrow night. I’m ready. It just,” I started. I felt embarrassed that I wanted to tell him that I wanted to look good for him. Louis pulled me to him, “if going out with Soph in the morning will help your nerves. Then go out with her, but you don’t have to lie to me about it. Remember today when you lied to me about going out with Zayn and how we got into that big fight. I don’t want a relationship were you lie to me babe. I want us to be able to talk to each other about anything,” Louis admitted. I nodded my head, “sorry that I’m not making a good start with us,” I apologized. Louis kissed me, “it something you’re going have to learn,” he smiled. I kissed him, “why do you need to prepare?” he asked.

“I’m going to see aunt Fey,” I replied. Louis raised an eyebrow, “you know I don’t care right?” he questioned. I nodded my head, “but it makes me feel better since it grew back,” I tell him. Louis licked his lips, “ok then, but I have a request tho,” he started. I nodded for him to continue, “leave a little bit. Like a strip please,” he begged. I nodded as I kissed him, “anything else?” I wondered. Louis shakes his head as we laid down together. He turned his bedside lamp off, “goodnight my girlfriend,” he says. He kissed me, “goodnight my boyfriend,” I smiled. I kissed him, “I love you,” he smiled. I kissed him again, “I fell for you,” I say.



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