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Change (Liam Payne)

Chapter 1 – Week One

Chapter 1 – Week One

My name is Amelia Hope Hunter, but my friends call me Milly. I’m five foot four with long brown hair and blue eyes. I got a scar on my collarbone from my older brother Alex pushing me out of a tree. I got another scar on the side of my hip from a car crush I was in when I was fifteen. I know I’m not perfect, but I wouldn’t be me if I was.

Today I was moving into my dorm at college with my best friend Perrie. The college was in the Los Angeles in the USA and I’m from London. The college specialised in the arts and sports. My major was drama while my minor was creative writing. I know I got a slim chance on becoming an actor or even getting a book published. But I had a backup plan to work at my dad’s business if it didn’t work out.

All my friends from school got into the same college as me which I was so happy about. I get to see them without going back home. Perrie and I’ve been friends since kindy and we’re just like sisters. We fight with each other and then make up like nothing happened. Then there is Liam I met in my first year of high school after he put a boy in the bin for picking on me. He not a bad person he just hates it when people bully. There also Louis my drama buddy and the class clown. He always making people laugh with his jokes and pranks, but he also has a sweet side.

I was putting my last box onto my bed, “I can’t believe were here,” Perrie smiled. I smiled, “I know I feel like an adult now,” I say. Perrie laughed, “but at the same time I still feel like a kid, because we still got to go to school,” I added. I started to unpack my boxes, “yeah, but are parents are far away from us. So we can do what we want and they never know,” she points out. I laughed a little bit, “like parties with drinking and hot guys,” she smirked. I looked at her, “and we can skip classes,” I added. She shakes her head, “already thinking about skipping class,” she giggled. I nodded as I kept unpacking.

After Perrie and I finished unpacking and set up our room. I looked around are small room which had two single beds, two desks with chairs and two wardrobes that barely fitted Perrie clothes in it. We sat down on my bed, “we start classes tomorrow,” she says.

“I know. I have drama, music, dance, creative writing and maths,” I tell her. She shakes her head, “I noticed maths is the only normal subject you got. The rest are performing arts stuff,” she points out. I poked her, “were I have drama, design, English, music and dance. I also noticed that you didn’t pick design,” she pouted. I kissed her cheek, “I know, but at least we have music, dance and drama together,” I smiled. She smiled, “do you know what the boys got?” she wondered. I shake my head no, “but I bet they got football,” I say. Perrie laughed, “that how they got into this place,” she tells me.

For the rest of the night Perrie and I talked about what we think school going to be like. We also did girly things like painting our nails and put on face masks. We went to the shared bathroom down the hall. We both had long showers as we kept talking about random stuff. When we got back to our dorm we got dressed for bed, “I can’t believe we start college tomorrow,” I say. I got under the covers, “I know,” Perrie yawned. Not long after that she was asleep. So I messaged the boys:

How your room? :D

I only got a message back from Liam:


Small and Lou already asleep. What about you? Xo

That why Louis didn’t reply:

Small and Perrie already asleep lol


Wanna go cheek the place out then? Meet you down stairs in ten ;)


I got up and got dress into some track pants and picked up my Little Mermaid hoddie. I put on my sneakers before running down the stairs. Liam was waiting for me in his track pants and hoddie, “oh wow you were quicker than ten minutes for once,” he teased. I poked my tongue at him, “it Perrie that makes me late,” I tell him. He laughed, “she tells me it you,” he says. I shrugged my shoulders, “ok it both of us,” I sighed. Liam hugged me, “it ok. So you all unpacked?” he asked me as we started walking.

“Yep. What about you and Lou?” I asked back. Liam looked around, “well we got the TV and the PlayStation set up,” he smiled. I laughed as I shook my head, “how did you fit a TV?” I wondered. He laughed a little bit, “well let’s say Louis and I are sharing a desk,” he replied. I laughed, “that going to be fun for the both of you,” I smiled. Liam pulled me to him, “I’ll just use yours if he needs it,” he tells me.

“What if I’m using it?” I questioned. I poked his chest, “than you have to sit on my lap,” he smirked. I pushed him, “then get Louis sit on your lap,” I teased. Liam always flirted with me, “you know he be a pain in the arse,” he laughed. I shake my head at his bad joke, “you love it when Lou touches you,” I joked. Liam grabbed me, “I know you like it when he touches you. I’ve seen you two in drama,” Liam says. I shake my head, “you know that called acting?” I questioned. Liam threw me over his shoulder, “I’m not that stupid,” he laughed.

“You sure? Because I think you had too many balls hit your head,” I teased. I started laughing because I thought dirty. Liam smacked me on the arse, “I hope you talking about footballs,” he tells me. I shake my head no as I tried to stop laughing. Liam put me down, “fine find your own way back,” he playfully snapped. I looked around and noticed I didn’t know where we were, “you know I love you right,” I smiled. Liam started to walk away from me, “Liam,” I pouted. He stopped and turned around. I ran up to him and jumped on him, “I’m sorry,” I apologized. Liam started laughing as he wrapped his arms around me. I wrapped my legs around him, “you know you can be mean sometimes and it hurts my feelings,” Liam faked sobbed. I kissed his cheek, “I know. Blame Lou,” I tell him. He shakes his head, “you can’t always blame someone else for the way you are,” he smiled. He started walking as I was still wrapped around him, “I know,” I sighed.

We stopped at a courtyard in the middle of the school as I got off of Liam. I sat down on a bench, “so what lessons did you pick?” I wondered. Liam sat down next to me, “I have music, maths, geography, health and business studies. Football try outs are this Friday,” Liam tells me. I smiled, “Lou has drama, music, health, English and geography. What do you have?” he questioned. I told him mine and Perrie’s lessons, “so we got maths and music together,” Liam beamed. I smiled, “Perrie upset that I didn’t pick design,” I tell him. Liam wrapped an arm around me, “that might be a good thing since you share a dorm with her,” he smiled. He kissed the top of my head, “we don’t fight that much,” I tell him. Liam raised an eyebrow at me, “it been weeks since we had a fight,” I added.

Liam and I sat there talking about random stuff about college until it was past midnight. We walked back to the dorms and bumped into a guy smelling like paint. I had a quick look at him before he ran off inside. He had black hair and his eyes were a hazel coloured, “I wonder what he was doing?” Liam questioned. I shrugged my shoulders, “he smells like paint tho,” I pointed out.

Liam walked me to my dorm so I wouldn’t get lost, “so I’ll see you in the morning,” he smiled. I kissed his cheek, “yep. Goodnight,” I say. Liam said goodnight as he kissed my forehead. I walked into my dorm and Perrie was still asleep. So I took off my shoes and hoddie and jumped back into bed. I fell asleep straight away dreaming about what college had in store for me.

Then next morning Perrie woke me up early so we could get ready for the first day of school. She kept telling me that I got to put some sort of effort into what I wear today since I’ll be meeting people. I got out my bright red shorts and my blue superman top. I also got out one blue and one red converse. Perrie shakes her head, “you said dress up. I am, but I’m going to do it my way,” I tell her. Perrie just shrugged her shoulders as she went through her wardrobe. I did my hair and applied a little bit of make up since Perrie told me too.


When we were finished getting ready I grabbed my school bag, my phone and my red Ray-Ban’s. We met Liam and Louis down stairs outside the dorms. I hugged them both, “so this is it our first day of college,” Louis says. I smiled as we started walking, “and many more to come,” Liam smiled. I sighed, “you know for someone that has a lot of performing arts on their timetable. You seem not too happy to be going to school,” Perrie pointed out. I looked down, “that because I have to meet new people,” I admitted. I’m really bad at making new friends. Liam, Louis and Perrie came up to me first. I’m shy as hell when I met new people for the first time, however after a while and I come comfortable around them. I start to be my true crazy self which sometimes scares people off. I’m not over the top crazy like stalk people. It just I like to have fun, “you’ll be alright,” Liam reassured me as he put his arm around me.

We decide to go to the college café to get some breakfast before we went to class. I ordered just a blueberry muffin and a cup of tea. We sat down near the window, “I wonder who we going to meet today?” Perrie smiled. I picked at my muffin, “teachers and other students,” I sarcastically said. Perrie glared at me, “yeah and some of those people could be new friends or even the love of your life,” she tells me. Perrie loved to meet new people and find out there stories, “I just want to get my first lesson over and done with,” Louis says. I nodded, “then we have music all afternoon,” I smiled.

After we finished eating we went off to our classes. I had maths with Liam and it was on the other side of the school, “is everything alright sweetie?” Liam wondered. I nodded my head, “I know you hate meeting new people, so you don’t have to lie to me,” he added. I gave him a weak smile, “but that something I have to get over. Don’t get me wrong I love Perrie to bits, but why does she want me to be someone I’m not?” I questioned. Liam shrugged his shoulders, “like she woke me up early just so we could get ready for our first day. Then she complained what I picked out to wear,” I rambled. Liam puts his hand on my shoulder, “what wrong with superman?” he smiled.

“You’re just saying that because you got me this top,” I pointed out. Liam laughed a little bit, “and I have good taste,” he smiled. I shake my head as we walked into the classroom. Liam and I sat in the middled together next to this blonde boy. I looked over the blonde boy and noticed that blonde was not his natural hair colour. He had dark brown roots, “Milly can I borrow a pen? I forgot mine or I didn’t unpack them,” Liam asked. I smiled as I shook my head, “well maybe if you didn't play the PlayStation last night and unpacked your room like you’re meant too. You could find your stuff,” I tell him. I handed Liam my spare pen as I got my math stuff out of my bag, “but you know I always borrowed your stuff anyway,” he smiled.

“And that why I pack extra,” I smiled back. The teacher came in and started the lesson by telling us what we be doing for the year. Then he ask to introduce ourselves to the class. The people in the front went before Liam. He stood up, “my name is Liam Payne. I'm eighteen and I'm from England. I came over here to play football, but you guys call it soccer. That all I got,” he tells everyone. The teacher looked at me to get up. I slowly got up, “my name is Amelia Hunter, but my friends call me Milly. I’m also eighteen and from England. I’m a drama major and my minor is creative writing,” I introduced myself. I sat back down and the blonde boy stood up and I noticed he had these really nice blue eyes. As he started talking I also noticed that he had an Irish accent, “my name is Niall Horan and I’m from Ireland. My major is music and my minor is health. I also play football or whatever you guys call it,” he says. He sat straight back down, “so you’re from Ireland?” I asked Niall as the next person started talking.

“Yep and your from England,” he smiled. I nodded my head, “you know were not the only foreigners here. I met a group of Australians and couple other people from England,” he tells me. I smiled, “but I think that it tho,” he added. He looked at Liam, “so is this your boyfriend?” Niall wondered. I looked at Liam and shake my head no, “he’s my best friend,” I tell him. Niall smirked at me, “nice to meet you,” Liam says. He holds his hand out for Niall and Niall shakes it, “so you play football too,” Niall remembered. Liam nodded his head, “that how I got into this place,” Liam tells him.

“Same, but I also got in for music too,” Niall tells him. I sat back as Liam and Niall talked about football. I looked at the teacher as everyone finished introduced themselves, “get you text books out and start on chapter one please,” the teacher tells us. I opened my text book up and started my work. I always found math easy for some reason, so I was flying through the chapter.

At the end of the lesson Liam and I decided to go get a drink from the school café. Perrie and Louis were still in English together for another hour. Liam and I decided to go sit down in the courtyard where we walked last night. I sat there with my sunglasses on looking around, “I’m proud of you,” Liam says unexpectedly. I looked at him, “for what?” I questioned. He smiled as he poked my shoulder, “for talking to someone first,” he tells me. I shake my head, “I had a funny feeling Niall is a bit like me. Plus he from Ireland,” I pointed out.

“He also plays football,” Liam added. I shake my head, “you will see your new boy crush at the end of the day in music,” I teased. Liam pushed me a little bit, “I think he your new crush,” Liam teased back. I smiled, “he is a cute and hot at the same time,” I say. He shakes his head, “and those blue eyes,” I moaned. Liam looks at me weird as I started laughing, “I don’t think Niall is my type,” I giggled. Liam smiled, “I think you two would get along,” I added.

“Why? Because we both like football,” Liam questioned. I nodded my head, “don’t guys bond over that?” I wondered. Liam laughed, “we do bond over that stuff, but you it takes more to be friends with me,” he replied. I nodded, “so are you wear your lucky underwear?” Liam asked. I smiled, “yep,” I laughed. I showed him the tops of my knickers, “that why you talked to Niall,” he laughed. I shake my head, “so my lucky undies made me talk to Niall,” I said sarcastically.

We talked about random stuff until Perrie and Louis came out of class. I noticed as they were walking over to us the same guy from last night was behind them. I point him out to Liam and he watched him as he walked away. I noticed he had tattoos up his arms, “how was maths?” Perrie asked as she sat down next to me. She takes my drink off of me and starts drinking it, “Milly talked to this Irish guy,” Liam tells them. Perrie looks shocked at me, “was he hot?” she asked. I smiled, “he hot and cute,” I tell her. Perrie raised her eyebrows, “that great. So what his name?” she questioned.

“Niall Horan,” I replied. She leans into me, “I heard about him from a guy in English. He is a straight A student and he was captain of his school’s football team,” Louis tells us. I looked at Liam, “is you boy crush getting bigger for him?” I joked. Liam shook his head, “still the same as before,” he says as he pushed me a little bit. I did a kissy face at him and he gave me a quick peck. I pulled back and looked at him, “if you keep going. I’ll keep kissing you,” Liam teased. I turned to Perrie, “hunny Liam kissed me,” I whined. Perrie kissed me, “happy?” she smiled. I nodded my head, “can we get lunch now?” Louis asked.

After lunch we all went to music together. We walked into the music building, “now this is only half of the music students since there were too many to have in one class,” Louis tells us. I looked around and noticed Niall talking to a curly haired boy, “don’t you dare say it Milly,” Liam warned. I smiled at him, “told you have a boy crush on him,” I teased. Louis and Perrie started to laugh a bit loud and everyone was looking at us. Liam and I looked at them to shut up, before someone thinks there on drugs. They stopped laughing, “hi,” Louis says to everyone. I shake my head as started walking to the front of the class. Niall waved us over, “guys this is Harry,” he introduced. Liam shook his hand, “Liam,” he smiled. I held my hand out, but Harry grabbed it to kiss the back of it. I felt my cheeks blush a little, “Amelia, but people call me Milly,” I tell him. He did the same to Perrie as she mumbled her name. Louis shook his hand and then Niall’s, “Louis,” he says.

The boys talked about football until the teacher came in. He stood in front of the class, “well welcome to music. I’m Mr Pat Roth,” he started. I looked around the class of fifteen and noticed there where only six girls including me here. I looked at Liam and Louis and they were looking at the teacher as he explained what we be doing. I looked down as he finished telling us what we would be doing for the year, “now I’m going to split you up into groups of three. They will be at least one girl in each,” he tells us. I looked around as he started to read people’s names out, “group one: Harry Styles, Michael Clifford and Leigh-Anne Pinnock,” he started. Harry left and walked over to a boy with light blue hair dressed in a punk/rock style. Then the girl walked over I noticed she had really curly hair, “group two: Amelia Hunter, Niall Horan and Ashton Irwin,” the teacher continued. Niall pulled me over to a boy with dirty blonde hair and hazel eye, “I’m Ashton,” he tells me. I noticed he had an Australian accent, “Milly. Are you from Australia?” I wondered. He nodded, “so is Michael, Calum and Luke,” he says as he pointed to them.

“Were all foreigners in this music class. I think they wanted to keep us away from the others,” Niall tells me. I smiled, “group three: Liam Payne, Luke Hemmings and Jade Thirwall,” Mr Roth called. Liam walks over to a tall blonde haired boy and a girl with dark slightly curly hair. I wondered where everyone else came from, “group four: Louis Tomlinson, Calum Hood and Jesy Nelson,” he continued. An Asian looking guy with brown hair and a girl with really long brown hair walked over to Louis. Ashton tapped me on the shoulder, “don’t call Calum Asian, because he not. His mum is from New Zealand,” Ashton tells me. I nodded, “and the last group is group five: Zayn Malik, Laura Watson and Perrie Edwards. You a lucky boy Zayn,” Mr Roth smiled. Perrie walked over to the guy that Liam and I saw last night. Then a girl with blonde hair joined them, “now get to know your group and give me a song,” he added. I looked at Niall and Aston, “what can you two do?” I asked.

“I play the drums and backup vocals,” Ashton tells us. I looked at Niall, “I can sing and play the guitar. What about you?” Niall asked back. I smiled, “I sing and I can play a little bit of the piano and guitar,” I replied. They both smiled at me, “so what song do we do?” Niall questioned. We all sat down on the floor going through songs that we know until we found one that we all knew.

We went into one of the music’s practice rooms, “ok now since we all know drunk by Ed Sheeran. I think we should practise together to see how good we are. We just start with the instruments first. Then we work out who singing,” Niall explained to us.

After a while practicing with the instruments and I was kind of glad, since it been awhile since I played the piano. We got stuck into who was singing what, “well I’m just backup,” Ashton reminded Niall and I. Niall looked at me, “well how about we each sing a verse and we all can sing the chorus together?” Niall suggested. Ashton ran off to go print the lyrics off for us, “what with the odd shoes? I wanted to ask you in maths,” Niall wondered. I looked at my shoes, “I don’t know. I just like being different. I know it strange. Perrie tells me all the time,” I smiled. Niall smiled back, “different suits you,” he tells me.

“So why did you dye you hair?” I asked as I pointed to his hair. He laughed a little bit, “I’ve been doing it since I was twelve and I don’t know why I dye it tho,” he admitted. I laughed a little bit, “just thought it looked cool,” he added. I shake my head, “it like when I was twelve and I thought it was a good idea to cut my hair really short. Everyone called me a boy, because I hardly wore skirts or dressed,” I confessed. He laughed, “I can see it,” he says as he tried to stop laughing. I glared at him, “careful you major is music. I could screw this up for you,” I playfully warned. Niall comes closer to me, “I don’t think you would. I think you like to give it your all,” he says. I pushed him, “it just one song,” I reminded him.

“I still don’t think you would. I saw you in maths today,” he smirked. Ashton came back in, “ready?” he questioned. Niall and I nodded our head as we took the pieces of paper off of him. We highlighted our parts and started practicing with time and pitch.

After a while the teacher came in and got us, so we could watch everyone else and perform ourselves. The teacher called group five up first and Perrie looked nervous. She sang a duet with Zayn as Laura played the piano. They were great together and they looked like they put there all in it. Next group Mr Roth called was Harry’s group. Michael, Leigh and Harry got up and performed a simple song as Michael played the guitar. Liam group was after that and Jade was the only one that sang as Liam played the piano and Luke played the guitar. I knew are group was last since Louis’s group went next. When they were done Niall, Ashton and I got up and walked over to the instruments. I took a deep breath since I was nervous, “remember princess I know you would do your best,” Niall winked at me. I smiled at him as we started playing.

After we finished our song we sat back down, “that was great class,” Mr Roth began. He started pacing in front of us, “if you didn’t realize that you all don’t come from the US. Also you are the only ones in the whole school that don’t come from the US. You’re here because you’re the best in music, sports, drama, dance and art. It makes me happy to stick you all in one class together, because we got a very talented bunch here. I’m just your music teacher since there’s another teacher that going to teach the other class. So all my focus is on you guys,” he explained. I looked around the class, “so if you’re from England stand to the left side,” he tells us. I got up and walked over to the left side. I was joined by Liam, Perrie, Louis, Harry, Zayn, Jade, Leigh and Jesy. Then Mr Roth tells the Australians to go to the right side. So Ashton, Luke, Calum and Michael went to the right side, “now the two left in the middle must be my Irish students,” Mr Roth smiled. Niall and Laura nodded, “now do any you know each other before coming here. If you do stand next to them,” Mr Roth instructed. Louis, Liam, Perrie and I stand together as well as the Australians. Everyone else stands alone, “wow two groups that a first normally no one knows each other. Same schools if I remember,” Mr Roth says. We nodded, “we also best friends,” Perrie tells him. The Australians agreed, “that amazing guys, but don’t forget to include the rest. Because you’re all stuck here together,” Mr Roth smiled.

“We won’t, because we are all far away from home,” Luke smiled. Mr Roth laughed a little bit, “good, because the group you were in today. You’re stuck with them for five weeks,” he tells us. I looked at Niall then at Ashton, “so I want another song next lesson,” he added. I looked down as Mr Roth told us that we could go. I walked out, “princess wait up!” Niall shouted. I stopped and turned around to face him, “I booked in a practice room for tomorrow night a six for us,” he tells me. I nodded, “do you want me to bring anything?” I asked. He shakes his head, “just wear something comfy please,” he smiled. I nodded again as he left, “so you and Niall getting along well,” Perrie smirked. I nodded as I smiled, “well we are in the same music group,” I say.

Perrie and I decided to go back to our dorm before dinner, so we could talk about today without the boys there. I throw myself on my bed, “ok let’s get this straight out of the way. Do you like Niall?” Perrie asked. I shake my head, “he is attractive guy and nice too, but I don’t like him like that,” I admitted. Perrie looked disappointed, “how was it working in your group?” I asked her. Perrie lays down next to me, “Laura is a very smart girl,” she replied. I looked at her, “and what about Zayn?” I questioned. Perrie smiled, “he’s good,” she says. I poked her, “dose my Perrie like Zayn?” I teased. She nodded her head, “he is very hot and he can sing. He also really down to earth and loves art,” Perrie rumbled. I smiled at her, “remember slow,” I tell her. She nodded, “it alright I don’t think he’s interested in me anyway. He seems to keep to himself unless you start talking about art. Then you can’t shut him up,” she smiled.

We talked about everyone in music as we changed for dinner. I went with simple black jeans and white t-shirt. I grabbed my black leather jacket as I put on my black leather boots. I put my hair in a braid as I keep the same make-up on. I grabbed my purse and phone before Perrie and I left.


We met the boys down stairs, “where to for dinner?” Louis asked. I smiled “pizza?” I suggested. Everyone agreed as we started walking to find one, “so what it like in your music groups?” I asked the boys. They smiled at me, “well Jade a funny girl and Luke knows what he is doing,” Liam tells me. I poked Louis, “well my group is fantastic, but Jesy called Calum Asian and his not. His,” Louis started.

“His mum a New Zealander,” I interrupted. Louis smiled, “yep. That what he told Jesy too,” Louis says. I nodded, “Ashton told Niall and I,” I tell them. Then Louis pushed me a little bit, “what about you Milly?” Louis smirked. I looked at Perrie, “I said nothing to him. I know you don’t like Niall like that,” she says. Louis started laughing, “I was talking about Ashton, because I thought you were into drummers,” Louis says. I shake my head, “you know I don’t have a type,” I tell him.

We found a pizza place about fifteen minutes away from college. We sat down after ordering our pizzas, “found my favourite place to eat,” Louis smiled. Perrie shakes her head, “you haven’t even tasted the pizza yet,” Perrie pointed out. Then Louis and Perrie got into an slight argument over it. I just looked at Liam, “I heard Niall talking to you about practising tomorrow night,” Liam smirked.

“Yep. He really loves his music,” I tell him. Liam shakes his head, “why dose he call you princess?” he wondered. I shrugged my shoulders, “I don’t know. He just started calling me it,” I admitted. Liam laughed, “I think he likes you, but you don’t like him back. That going to break his heart,” Liam smiled. I shake my head, “means you can have him,” I joked. Liam glared at me, “your gay jokes are getting old,” he snapped. I looked down at the table as the pizza came.

We ate are pizza with just small talk, “you know we are not far from a park and it has a skate park too,” Louis tells us. We looked at him, “can we go have a look?” I asked. Perrie and Louis shake their heads, “I got to call home tonight,” Perrie says. Louis agreed with her, “we can still go if you want?” Liam wondered. I nodded my head as I smiled, “thank you,” I tell him. Liam smiled back, “well we see you two when we get back,” he tells Louis and Perrie.

We said goodbye before we left them to go to the park. The walk there was silent for some reason. The park was huge it had a pound, a skate park, playground and walk ways. I smiled, “this is a nice place,” I say. Liam didn’t say anything as he walked over to a bridge near the pound. I followed him, “Liam have I done something wrong?” I asked him. He looked down at his shoes, “it the gay jokes right?” I questioned. He shrugged his shoulders as he puts his hands on the railing, “I just think it been a long day,” he says. I put my hands next to his on the railing, “we only been here for three days and the first night we stayed at my aunty’s house,” I say. Liam turned around, “and we spent most of it sleeping. I just don’t know about are school. I thought in music we be stuck with people from this place, but they stuck all us foreigners in the one class. I don’t think the rest of the school is going to like that,” Liam admitted.

“I like it since were the only ones. It makes it feel like home a bit more,” I tell him. Liam turned me around as he pulled me to his side. He left his arm around my waist, “why aren’t you calling home?” he wondered. I rest my head against his shoulder, “dad on another business trip and mum gone with him. Alex probably hanging out with his friends, so the last thing he needs is his little sister to call him,” I replied. Liam lent his head against mine, “why aren’t you calling home?” I questioned.

“The family gone on a holiday somewhere,” he tells me. I nodded as he kissed the top of my head, “but at least we still have each other,” he smiled. I smiled, “do you think we will make new friends?” I wondered. Liam starts moving his thumb up and down on my waist, “you already have,” he pointed out.

“Well Niall does likes how I wear odd shoes,” I tell him. Liam laughed, “he thinks different suits me,” I added. Liam shakes his head, “I told you that,” he laughed. I wrapped my arm around him, “I know,” I say. He moves from next to me and grabbed my hand, “how about we see this place?” he suggested. I nodded as I started walking.

We got back at my dorm past midnight since Liam and I went on the playground. I had fun with him, “so we got no lessons together tomorrow,” Liam says. I nodded, “and you have practices with Niall and Ashton tomorrow night,” he added. I nodded again, “and you mean today,” I smiled. He pushed me a little, “it not the next day until I go to sleep and the sun comes up,” he tells me. I laughed a little, “well goodnight,” I say. I kissed Liam cheek and he kissed my forehead, “goodnight and sweet dreams about Niall,” he winked. I shake my head as I stuck my middle finger at him. He blows me a kiss as I went into my dorm room. Perrie was fast asleep with her laptop next to her. I closed it and put it on her desk before I got changed in to my PJ’s.

The next morning Perrie woke me up early again to get ready. I threw my pillow at her, “what time did you came back last night?” she wondered. I pull the blanket over my head, “past midnight,” I mumbled. I felt her on top of me, “what did you two do?” she questioned. She started poking me, “we looked around the park and played on the playground,” I replied. She poked my belly, “and it was Liam idea,” I added. Perrie pulled the blanket away, “maybe next time you should come back early,” Perrie tells me.

“Aw did you want to play too?” I teased. Perrie nodded her head, “next time,” I smiled. She smiled back, “can I pick your outfit for today?” she smirked. I nodded my head, “thank you,” she squealed as she kissed my cheek. I shake my head as she went into my wardrobe, “no heels,” I tell her.


Perrie made me wear a black singlet with a blue flowery kimono over the top. She also made me wear a black skirt and polka dot stockings with flat shoes. I did simple make-up with a messy bun. I shake my head as I looked at myself in the mirror, “you look like a girl today,” she joked. I pushed her a little bit, “that because I am a girl,” I laughed. She just smiled big at me, “ready to eat? They boys want to go to the café again,” she tells me. I nodded as I grabbed my bag and phone.

We met the boys at the café and they already ordered for us. The boys looked shocked at me, “is that a skirt Milly?” Louis teased. I ignored him as I sat down next to Liam, “I’m guessing Perrie dressed you this morning,” Liam says. I nodded, “but I can dress myself tho,” I say. Liam laughed a little bit as I picked up my cup of tea, “Milly your boyfriend here,” Louis tells me.

“What one?” I smiled. Louis laughed, “already getting around are we,” Louis smirked. I saw Niall go order something, “Niall do you want to join us for breakfast?” Perrie asked him. Niall turned around to us and walked over, “sure,” he smiled. He sat down next to me, “so come here often?” he says. We all started laughing, “it the only place on campus that close,” Louis tells him. Niall smiled as someone brought him his order. He starts eating, “so what lesson do you have?” I asked him. Niall swallowed his food, “geography,” he replied.

“Louis and I have that too,” Liam smiled. Niall smiled back, “what do you ladies have?” Niall asked Perrie and I. I looked at Perrie to go first, “I have design,” she tells him. Niall nodded, “you have that with Zayn,” he tells her. I saw Perrie smile as she looked down, “what about you Milly?” Niall questioned.

“Creative writing,” I smiled. Niall smiled again as he started eating again. I poked my muffin, “so you’re stuck with Louis and me all day since I remember health in your minor,” Liam smiled. Niall nodded his head, “so what else do you girls have today?” he wondered. I thought it was nice of Niall as he kept asking what Perrie and I have, “we have dance,” Perrie replied. Niall raised an eyebrow, “what type of dance?” he questioned. I shrugged my shoulders, “I heard it mixed,” I tell him. I started to eat bits of my muffin, “so how your dorm?” I asked Niall.

“I have a big one since I share with Zayn and Harry. I really do think there trying to keep us away from the others, because I heard the girls share and the Australians do too,” Niall tells us. I nodded, “why didn’t they just stick us in a house together?” Louis joked. Niall looked at him, “that would have been better. Don’t have to walk to this café to get breakfast,” Niall says.

We finished eating and started to head off to our lessons, “are you wearing a skirt? Because you told me you hardly wear them yesterday,” Niall teased. I shake my head, “Perrie chose my clothes this morning,” I tell him. He looked at Perrie, “she scrubs up nicely,” he smiled. I pushed him a little, “trust me when we go to our first party you won’t recognize her,” she tells him. I shake my head, “well I’m going to my lesson now. See you guys later,” I smiled as I walked away from them.

When I got to my creative writing class I saw Laura from music sitting at a desk. I sat next to her and she looks at me. She had these pretty blue eyes, “Laura right?” I questioned. She smiled as she nodded, “Amelia?” she questioned back in her Irish accent. I smiled, “yep, but call me Milly,” I tell her. She gave me a small nod, “so what’s your major?” I wondered.

“Creative writing and my minor is music,” she tells me. I smiled as she pointed to me, “drama and my minor is creative writing,” I tell her. She smiled, “do you do dance?” she wondered. I nodded, “so does Perrie,” I tell her.

“She the blonde girl that in my music group?” she questioned. I nodded again, “you’ll like her,” I say. She looked me up and down, “um yesterday you dressed completely different,” she says. I laughed a little bit, “Perrie chose my clothes today,” I admitted. She laughed a little bit, “ladies,” I heard Ashton say. I turn around to see him, “I must be a lucky boy,” he smiled.

“Good to see you too Ashton,” I smiled. He sits down next to me, “you’ll see me later hunny,” he smirked. He looked at Laura, “I’m Laura,” she smiled. He smiled at her, “I know,” he says. He looks between us, “so I’m guessing you girls like to write,” he says. We both nodded, “I’m guessing you do too,” Laura pointed out. Ashton shrugged his shoulders, “maybe, but it a good class to meet girls,” he tells us. We laughed a little bit, “home ec is a place to me girls,” Laura tells him. Ashton laughed a little bit, “so I’m in the wrong class,” he whined. He pretended to cry, “and you get to eat in that class too. So it would have been a win win situation,” he added. I rubbed his back, “it going to be all right,” I cooed. He looked at me, “I know it will be since I love to write,” he smiled.

The teacher came in and told us that we got to keep a journal for the year and we get a task for the week. Our first task was a short story about our lives and where we come from. I get out my note book and start writing notes about my life. I saw Ashton and Laura do them same, “what do I leave out?” Laura asked herself.

We all started writing our short story about ourselves by the end of the class. Ashton ran off to go to his next lesson after he told me that he see me later. I looked Laura, “so what you got now?” I asked her.

“Nothing until dance this afternoon,” she replied. I pulled down my singlet a little bit, “do you want to go get a drink with me?” I wondered. She nodded her head, “that be nice,” she smiled. I picked my bag up and so did Laura, “where would you like to go?” I asked her. She put her bag on, “the school café,” she suggested.

We went to the college café after I messaged Perrie and the boys. When we got there everyone from music was there except Ashton, Harry and Calum they were in psychology. I sat down next to Liam, “how was creative writing?” he asked me. I smiled at him, “good. Laura and Ashton are in my class,” I tell him. He smiled back at me, “so how was geography?” I asked back.

“Great. The teacher kept asking us guys what it is like back home. So most of the time it was on us and we really didn’t learn anything today,” he tells me. I rubbed his back, “you loved it,” I teased. Liam nodded his head a little, “so what did you do in your lesson?” he wondered.

“Well we got to keep a journal for the year. Also this week we got to write a short story about ourselves,” I say. I looked at Laura and she was talking to Luke, “look it the poms and the bush pigs,” I heard a girl hiss. I rolled my eyes before I looked at her. She was the typical school bitch with her blonde hair and blue eyes. She also looked like none of her clothes cost under a hundred dollars. I saw her followers behind her, “what can I do for you skank?” I spat as I smiled. She looked straight at me, “I didn’t understand you bitch maybe you should learn how to speak English,” she snarled. Everyone started laughing, “I do speak English since I am from England. Dumb bitch,” I laughed.

“What going on here?” I heard a guy say in this thick American country accent. I saw a guy with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes stand next to her. Truth be told he was really cute, “just putting the bitches in place,” the girl tells him. He looked at all of us, “just go away Heather,” he snapped at her. She walked away stomping her feet, “sorry about her she,” the guy started.

“A bitch,” I interrupted. He smiled as he nodded, “my name is Hunter,” he introduced himself. He kept his eyes on me, “Amelia, but please call me Milly,” I smiled. Hunter smiled back at me, “Liam,” he tells him. Hunter looked at him and gave him a small nod.

Everyone introduced themselves to him, but Hunter kept looking at me. He told us that he had to go, but he see us around. The girls looked at me, “he wants you,” Jade teased. I shake my head as I felt my cheeks go red, “he kept looking at you while the rest of us where talking to him. I think he likes you,” she added. I hid my face into my hands, “someone got a crush on my Milly,” Perrie sang. I glared at her and she just smiled at me. I felt really hot as everyone was looking at me, so I took off my kimono. Then I noticed everyone eyes travel to the scar on my collarbone, “that a nice scar,” Luke says.

“I know my brother gave it to me,” I tell him. Everyone looked confused at me, “he pushed me out of a tree,” I added. They still looking at me funny, “um we were playing and he gave me a light push and I lost my balance,” I kept going. Liam put his hand on my shoulder, “I think they get it,” he tells me. I looked at everyone, “but how did you get the scar?” Michael wondered. I looked at it, “I fell on top of one of my mum’s garden ornaments,” I explained. They all nodded, “hope that in you short story,” Laura says.

After our time in the college café us girls decided to go get ready for dance class. As Perrie and I got into our dorm she grabbed my hand, “so Hunter,” she smirked. I knew she was going to interrogate me, “what do you think of him?” she questioned. I smiled at her, “he cute,” I replied. There was no point to lying to Perrie about this sort of stuff. She knows when I’m lying to her, “I noticed that you were undressing him with your eyes and he was doing the same,” she smiled. I raised an eyebrow at her, “I was not,” I tell her.

“Well he was,” she pointed out. I shake my head as I went into my wardrobe, “don’t forget I’m a pom,” I say. I saw Perrie shake her head, “I knew there was going to be a school bitch. I bet she in one of those sorority houses,” Perrie rambled. I just smiled as I got my dance clothes out, “but when you fought back. I thought me, Louis and Liam were going to have a heart attack. Where did this girl come from?” Perrie wondered.

“I really don’t know,” I admitted. I grabbed out my maroon fifty four top and my black short shorts. I also got out a pair of maroon over the knee high socks with my high top sneakers. Perrie looked over my clothes choice, “I like it,” she says as she went into her wardrobe.


I got changed and left my hair and make-up the way it is. I looked at Perrie and she was dressed to go to the gym. She smiled at me, “where going to dance not the gym,” I smiled. She shrugged her shoulders, “dance is a work out,” she tells me. I grabbed out my dance bag and made sure it had a towel and my drink bottle in it.

As Perrie and I were walking to our dance class we filled up drink bottles, “Milly. Hunter over there looking at you as he bites his bottom lip. I think he really wants you,” Perrie teased. I looked were she was looking and Hunter looked straight at me and smiled. I smiled back, “oh my god. You like him,” Perrie whispered. I started to walk away from her, “don’t walk away from me when I’m right,” she called out. I ignored her as I kept walking, “Milly why are you ignoring Perrie?” I heard Jesy ask. I looked at her, “because I can,” I replied. Jesy stopped me and Perrie caught up, “thank you,” Perrie smiled at Jesy.

“No problem. Now why was she ignoring you?” Jesy wondered. I glared at them, “because she likes Hunter back. I just saw him looking at her and biting his lip,” Perrie explained to her. I felt my cheeks go red, “I knew he liked her,” Jesy says. Perrie and Jesy started talking about Hunter and I, so I walked away. I bumped into Laura, Jade and Leigh, “hey can you lovely girls save me from Perrie and Jesy please,” I begged. Jade hugged me, “why what did they do?” Laura wondered. I noticed Hunter walking passed us, “hello beautiful ladies,” he smiled as he kept walking. I found myself watching him, “girl you got it bad with him,” Leigh says. I started laughing a little bit, “you just sounded like you were in a teen movie,” I smiled. She smiled back, “don’t changed the subject,” she tells me. I looked at Laura for help, “is this why we need to save you from Perrie and Jesy?” Jade questioned. I nodded my head, “there she is,” I heard Perrie say. I looked down, “you just missed Hunter again,” Leigh tells them.

“Really? What happened?” Jesy questioned. I worked out that I couldn’t run away from these girls and their questions. I felt a pair of arms grab me from behind, “I’ll save you,” I heard Louis say. I started to laugh, “Louis William Tomlinson you bring her back now,” Perrie demanded. Louis and I ran away from them, “thanks,” I say as we stopped away from them. Louis patted me on the back, “I just had too. Perrie looked like she was going to pin you on the floor until you told her whatever you were trying to hide from her,” Louis smiled. I hugged him, “she was,” I admitted.

“Is this about that Hunter guy?” Louis wondered. I nodded my head, “he so like you,” Louis says as he acted like a girl. I started to laugh, “that what they keep telling me,” I say. Louis wrapped his arms around me, “you know I think he does like you,” Louis tells me. I looked at him, “I know the look he gave you. Which made me want to punch him,” Louis admitted. I gave him a funny look, “he was thinking of doing naughty things with you,” he added. I shake my head, “you got that from one look?” I questioned.

“Yep, because I do the look sometimes,” he tells me. I looked down, “what about bitting the bottom lip?” I wondered. I looked back up at Louis, “oh he definitely wants to get into your pants,” Louis smirked. I pushed him, “Louis, Milly,” I heard Liam say. I ran up to him and hugged him tight, “ok what’s wrong?” Liam asked as he hugged me back.

“People ask too many questions,” I pouted. Liam left his arm around me as he looked at Louis, “what did you do?” he asked him. Louis smiled, “I saved her from the girls,” he tells him. Liam looked at me, “they asking her about Hunter,” Louis added. Liam shakes his head, “what about him?” Liam asked.

“That he wants to get into her pants,” Louis replied. Liam laughed a little bit, “who want to get into whose pants?” I heard Niall ask. I saw that he was with Ashton, Calum and Michael, “that Hunter guy want to get into Milly’s pants,” Louis tells them. They look at me, “and I bet she wants to get into his pants,” Michael winked at me.

“If you want to talk about me and Hunter. The girls are that way,” I tell them as I pointed over to the girls. They look at them, “ladies!” Ashton shouted. They look at him as he waved them over. They all come over to us, “so let’s talk about how Hunter wants to get into Milly’s pants,” Ashton smirked. I hid my face into Liam chest as he rubbed my back, “so we all can see it?” Jesy wondered.

“Guys I think we should drop it now,” Liam tells them. I smiled, “for now,” I heard Perrie say. I looked at her, “I won’t be back until late tonight,” I smiled. She pouted, “I have music practiced with Niall and Ashton tonight,” I reminded her. She smiled at me, “and if they ask me questions. I will kill them,” I added. Ashton and Niall smiled at me, “no tonight is all about the music princess,” Niall smiled. I was glad Niall was smiling since Perrie told me that she thinks he likes me.

We finally got to dance class together without the girls bringing Hunter back up. As I walked in I noticed that bitch from earlier at the café. She had all her followers around her and she glared at me, “I really think that she don’t like us,” Jade says. I smiled at her, “I think she just hates everyone,” I tell her. Jade laughed a little bit as we put our bags down together. The teacher came in, “now everyone welcome to dance,” she started. I noticed there were a lot of girls in this class, “maybe Ashton should have join dance to meet girls,” I tell Laura. She laughed a little bit, “my name is Miss. Mary Meyer, but please call me Mary,” she introduced herself. We all nodded, “now in my class we be learning all types of dance, since if you want to be a dancer you need to know all types. You all are here because you’re the best, because I only take the best. You may not be the best in some types of dance, but that why I am here. So today I want you to get into groups and I don’t care how many there is in your group. I want a dance routine that shows us your talents. Now get started,” Mary informed us. Perrie and Laura grabbed me at the same time and I couldn’t help, but laugh a little. They turn me around to the other girls, “lets show them what us poms can do,” Jesy smiled.

We sat down on the floor and talked about what type of dance we can do. Laura did ballet, Jesy and Leigh did hip-hop and Perrie, Jade and I did a mixture of dance. I also did gymnastics too, so I knew how to do flips and the splits. The girls except Perrie where shocked to learn that I was a gymnast. I had to give it up since I didn’t have the motivation or the body for it.

After we found out what we could do we started to plan our routine and the music. We worked out that our solos would be up to us to work out. I noticed that Laura went into her bag to get out her ballet sleepers out. She put them on, “how long have you been doing ballet for?” I wondered. She smiled at me, “since I was a little girl,” she replied. I smiled back, “how long have you been doing gymnastics for?” she asked me.

“Since I was little, but I gave it up when I was fifteen. I didn’t have the motivation or the body for it,” I admitted. She gave me a small nod, “my ballet teacher told me the same, but I told her that I do it for fun,” she tells me. I helped Laura warm up, “you know I bet Hunter would like to know that you’re flexible,” Laura winked at me. I glared at her, “I’m sorry I just had to get that in,” she laughed. I shake my head, “can I ask why you don’t want to talk about it?” she wondered. I sighed, “I got nothing against it, but Perrie can take it too far sometimes. I love her tho,” I tell her.

“I had one of those friends,” Laura admitted. Laura started to help me warm up, “had?” I wondered. She nodded, “she took it way to far one day,” Laura says. I’m guessing she doesn’t want to talk about it with me, “even Niall found about what happened and he lives nowhere near my school,” Laura blurted out. Shock goes over her, “hey it alright. It’s in the past now,” I cooed. I could tell that she was remembering what happened to her.

We join the rest of the girls after we warmed up to start practising our routine together. We decided to go see if the gym was free since the dance classroom was packed. To our luck there were just a couple people playing basketball and they said we could share the gym with them.

We got stuck straight into practice with our dance routine. We were going threw it for the fourth time when the boy’s health class came in, “girls this is not the dance classroom,” Michael joked. Jesy pushed him a little, “it a bit packed in there so we came to use the gym,” Jade tells them. Liam looked at me, “three?” Liam questioned. Liam and I had a code for my tricks, “no two,” I tell him. Liam puts his bag down on the floor as he squatted down a little bit. He links his fingers in front of him, “ready?” he asked.

“Yep,” I replied. I started to run up to him, but stopped since Louis walked a cross my path. I go back and tried again, “Louis William Tomlinson!” I shouted at him as he did it again. He smiled at me as Perrie grabbed him. I went back again and before I started running this time I made sure Louis didn’t move. I got to Liam this time as I put my foot into his hands. He gives me a boost as I did three sixty backflip and landed perfectly. I smiled as I looked at Liam, but then I heard the whole gym clapping. I looked around and everyone was looking at me including the people that were playing basketball. I just kept smiling, “that was amazing,” I heard Ashton say. I shake my head as I went back over to the girls and Perrie wrapped her arm around me, “did you forget everyone was here?” she asked.

“Yep, but it was fun tho,” I tell her. Everyone was still looking at me until the boy’s health teacher called them over. Perrie points out Hunter, “I bet he liked the show,” she teased. I pushed her away as I walked over to the rest of the girls. The girls decided that we should head back to the dance classroom since we had our routine down pat.

We got back in time for the other groups to start performing there routines. The groups before Heather’s and her follower were great. Heather and her group did a slutly routine and the main dancer was her. Mary called our group up since we were the last ones, “I hope you stuff up,” I heard Heather hiss. I smiled at her as we got into our places, “ready girls?” Jesy wondered.

“Yep,” we all replied. The music started and we started our routine. We all had our solos and I did some flips to spice things up. When we were done the whole class cheered and clapped. I noticed Heather glaring at us, “that was great girls. I haven’t seen a routine like this for a long time. I liked how you all showed us why I picked you,” Mary boasted. She wrapped her arm around Jade, “now this is how to work together,” she added.

“That all because they don’t come from here. So they got to work together,” Heather says. Mary looked at her, “no. They always worked hard in a group. I saw there dance tapes and the only two that have worked together before is Amelia and Perrie. They got into this college, because they are the best from where there from. I don’t take second best,” Mary tells her sternly. Heather just rolled her eyes as everyone was still looking at us.

The teacher dismissed us and Heather and her follower were the first ones out. I shake my head as I got my drink bottle out of my bag. I noticed Laura, Jade and Leigh run out of the class, “they got another lesson. So they got to go shower and grab their stuff for their next lesson,” Jesy explained to me. I gave her a small nod as she started to go through her bag, “fuck,” she sighed.

“What wrong?” I asked her. She looked at me, “I left my water bottle in my dorm,” she replied. I threw her my water bottle, “you don’t have cooties right?” I joked. She laughed a little, “how old are you?” she smiled. She took a drink from my water bottle, “thanks,” she says as she threw my bottle back. I catch it and put it in my bag, “can I ask you something?” Jesy wondered. I nodded my head, “I know we’re making a big deal about Hunter, but do you like him?” she asked.

“He is cute and I can’t help but look at him,” I confessed. She smiled at me, “you know he was in the health class right,” she wondered. I nodded my head, “Perrie told me,” I tell her. She comes closer to me, “don’t rush into anything with him yet. I know I sound paranoid, but I still don’t trust people from here yet,” she admitted.

“Why?” I questioned. She looked around, “because I feel like there up to something especially that Heather,” she tells me. I gave her a small nod since she could be right about them. Perrie comes over to us, “I think a shower and a nice relaxing afternoon is order,” Perrie says. I laughed a little bit, “yep then I’m off with Niall and Ashton to find a new song for Friday,” I smiled.

“Calum booked me and Louis for Thursday night, but we got to pick a song by tomorrow morning,” Jesy tells us. I looked at Perrie, “I don’t know what we are doing,” she admitted. I wrapped my arm around her, “maybe you should talk to Laura and Zayn about it,” I suggested. Perrie blush and the mention of Zayn name, “Perrie why are you blushing?” Jesy wondered. Perrie turned her head and I mouthed ‘Zayn’ to Jesy. She started laughing, “I thought she did and she makes a big deal about you and Hunter. When she like the art boy,” Jesy teased her. Perrie pushed me, “not nice is it,” I smiled.

Perrie, Jesy and I went to have a shower and to hang out in Perrie and I dorm. I got dressed into some shorts and a singlet. Jesy sat on Perrie’s bed, “I like what you done with you dorm. I share with Leigh and our dorm still not set up,” she tells us. I smiled as I sat at my desk and got my laptop out. I started to look for songs to perform on Friday, “I think you should find a rock song,” Jesy suggested. I nodded at her as I started to look up rock songs, “and I think Perrie should find a love song to sing with Zayn,” she added.

“Don’t forget I have Laura in my group and she can sing too,” Perrie tells her. Jesy smiled, “still think a love song,” Jesy smirked. I downloaded some rock songs music sheets, “what about your group?” I asked Jesy. She smiled, “Calum said he might have the perfect song for us already, but still wants us to find some” she replied. I got my school bag out and took my books out of it, “so you going to trust him. What if he chose a rap song or something?” I questioned. Perrie laughed, “I hope so. I always wanted to see Louis rap,” she smiled.

“I don’t think so. Calum said that the song great for all of our voices,” Jesy tells us. I put my books on my desk, “well good luck,” I say. She smiled, “so what it like working with Ashton and Niall?” Jesy asked me. I put my laptop in my bag with it charger, “good. Niall loves his music,” I replied. I put my highlighters in my bag, “what about Ashton?” she questioned. I put my iPod with my earphones in my bag, “he loves his drums,” I tell her.

“Do you think Niall likes Milly?” Perrie asked Jesy. I shake my head, “I can’t have all the guys at this school like me,” I tell her. Perrie just smiled at me before she looked a Jesy, “I think he likes her as a friend,” Jesy tells her. I smiled, “told you,” I boasted.

I got changed before meeting up with Niall and Ashton. I put on a white singlet and black track pants. I grabbed out my black and white striped hoddie jumper and put that on. I just put my hair up in a simple pony tail and put no makeup on. I put on my black Vans, “no I don’t know what I time I’ll be home tonight. So don’t wait up,” I tell Perrie as I kissed her cheek. I grabbed my bag as I headed out the door.


I met Niall and Ashton in the music practice room, “you’re late,” Ashton tells me. I looked at the time, “five minutes,” I tell him. He smiled at me, “plus I had Jesy over this afternoon,” I added. Ashton laughed a little, “did you talk about Hunter?” Ashton teased.

“No we talked about you two, Calum and Zayn,” I tell him. I noticed Niall raised an eyebrow, “what about us?” he wondered. I put my bag down, “just what we’re doing in music,” I replied. Niall smiled, “so nothing about how hot we look?” he questioned. I shook my head and they looked disappointed. I sat down on the floor, “I thought we were here to practice music. Not talk about what the girls think of you,” I say.

“We are,” Niall tells me. He sits down next to me, “but still anything else about us?” Niall wondered. I shake my head, “but Perrie did go on about Zayn,” I tell him. Ashton joined us, “and Zayn goes on about her,” Ashton smiled. I looked at him, “really?” I questioned. He nodded his head, “guys we’re not here to gossip. We’re here to do music,” Niall tells us. Ashton and I looked at him, “Jesy suggested that we do a rock song,” I tell them. They boys seem happy with that as I got out my laptop. I showed them the rock songs that I found, “I like when we stand together by Nickelback,” Ashton say. Niall agreed with him, “we just need back up music to fill in what we don’t play,” Niall says.

“Well I can play the guitar. Just not an electric guitar,” I tell him. Niall nodded, “I can play the electric guitar. Ashton got the drums. We just need the bass back up,” Niall says. Ashton and I agreed with him before he ran off with my laptop to go print the music sheets. I looked at Ashton, “I know what I’ll be doing all day tomorrow,” Ashton smiled.

“And what that?” I questioned. He smiled bigger, “practicing the drums. I have no lessons tomorrow,” he beamed. I pouted, “I have drama and Maths tomorrow,” I sighed. Ashton laughed a little bit, “I have no free days,” I added. He hugged me tight which surprised me, “it be all right. I tell you how great it is to have free days,” Ashton cooed. I laughed a bit, “that be mean,” I tell him as I tried to get away from him. Ashton kept me close to him, “no. You need cuddles. Your upset,” he laughed. I shake my head, “and that because of you,” I playfully snapped. I tried again to get away from him, but he held me tight. So I gave up and decided to get comfy on him as we waited for Niall to come back.

When Niall came back he looked shocked to see me and Ashton, “I leave for ten minutes and you two are all over each other,” Niall says. I looked at Ashton, “he won’t let me go,” I pouted. Niall raised an eyebrow, “she upset and need cuddles,” Ashton tells Niall. I shake my head, “why are you upset? Did Hunter say no,” Niall asked. I shake my head again, “no. Ashton has no lessons tomorrow,” I replied. Niall looked at Ashton as he sat down near us, “bastard,” Niall mumbled. Niall pulled me away from Ashton, “ok guys I’m not a rag doll,” I tell them. I sit away from them as I heard my phone go off. I pulled it out of my bag to see I had a message from Liam:


How music going?

Niall and Ashton looked at me, “no phones in class,” Ashton said strictly. I just looked at him as I messaged Liam back:

Good. Already got a song and the boys tell me no phones. So I’ll talk to you later xoxo

I put my phone back in my bag as Niall handed out the music sheets. I quickly looked over mine, “I might need help learning the cords. It been awhile,” I tell them. Niall nodded as he grabbed a guitar, “I’ll tech you,” he smiled. He handed me the guitar and I made sure it was tuned up.

We left the music practise room about eleven, “see you tomorrow,” the boys tell me. I nodded as I said my goodbyes to them. I slowly started walking back to my dorm, “hey Milly,” I heard someone say. I turned around to see Hunter, “hey,” I say as he stood next to me. He smiled at me, “I heard you guys in one of the music rooms. You sounded pretty good,” he tells me. I felt my cheeks go red, “um thanks,” I mumbled. He looked me up and down, “so what are you doing out so late?” I asked.

“I was just in another music room with my group practising,” he replied. I smiled a little, “so you’re in the other music class. Away from us foreigners,” I point out. He nodded his head, “which sucks, because most of the people in this school paid their way in and they think there top shit. So we have a lot of people think there better than everyone else. So there a lot of fighting,” he tells me. I laughed a little, “I’m guessing that Heather girl in your class,” I say. He nodded, “her family owns a hotel franchise that all over the world. So she practically swimming in money. She not like us that had to earn their way in,” he explained. I felt awkward just standing there, “um how about I walk you back to your dorm?” Hunter wondered. I nodded as I started walking with Hunter next to me.

We talked about music until we got to my dorm, “so I’ll see you around,” he smiled. I smiled back, “yep,” I say. As I was about to turn around to open my door. Hunter kissed my cheek before walking off. I was surprised as I went into my dorm room to see Perrie already asleep. I quickly got changed and jumped into bed. I stayed awake for a while thinking about Hunter.

The next day I got up early to go have a shower and to avoid Perrie. I put on my black t-shirt and my denim shorts with lace on them before heading back to my dorm. Perrie was half way getting ready as she noticed me, “did you have fun last night?” she smiled. I nodded my head as I put my clothes in the hamper, “what time did you get back?” she wondered. I put on my over the knee stockings on, “after eleven. Um Hunter walked me back,” I admitted. Perrie quickly looks at me, “really? What did you guys talk about?” she questioned as she came closer to me.

“Music,” I tell her. I looked away from her stare, “Milly what happened?” she asked as she turned my head to face her. She held my face, “he kissed my cheek,” I whispered. Perrie screamed like a little kid as she danced around the room, “he likes you,” she sang. I shake my head as I grabbed my vans from last night, “ok calm down,” I tell her. She grabbed my hands, “I will only calm down if you let me do your hair and make-up,” she smiled. I nodded as she let go of my hands, so I could put my shoes on. Perrie grabbed my make-up and gave me smoky gold eyes and clear shinny lip gloss. She tied my hair up to the side, “he going to love it,” she beamed.


We met up with everyone part from Laura, Ashton, Michael and Leigh for breakfast. Perrie told everyone that Hunter kissed my cheek after he walked me to my dorm. Niall look worried for some reason, “is that why you didn’t message me last night. Already got someone better than me,” Liam fake cried. I wrapped my arm around him as I lent my head on his shoulder, “you always be my number one,” I tell him. Liam smiled as he kissed my forehead, “so you’re saying she can’t have a love life, because of you,” Perrie snapped. I sat back up, “hang on. Who said I like him?” I questioned. Perrie looked at me, “don’t start you two,” Louis interrupted. I shake my head, “Perrie just let her be. She don’t need you to tell her who she likes,” Liam snapped. I noticed everyone was looking at us, “guys just shut the fuck up before I do it for you,” Louis warned. I noticed Louis was still tired, “fine,” Liam and Perrie said at the same time. I noticed Niall and Jesy talking about something and she was agreeing with him. I felt Liam hand on my back as I saw Hunter walk in. He smiled as he noticed me, “hey,” he says to me. I noticed Niall and Jesy staring at him, “hey,” I say back. I really wanted to crawl under a rock and hide right now. Perrie was giving me one of her I told you so looks, “how can we help you?” Harry asked. Hunter looked at him, “just saying hi,” he replied.

“Well Milly and I where just leaving,” Harry tells him. Everyone looked confused at Harry as we got up, “well I see you around than Milly,” Hunter tells me as he looked confused as well. I walked out with Harry, “thank you,” I tell him. He smiled at me as we started walking, “I could see that you needed the help,” he says. I nodded my head, “and I’m sorry about Perrie and me this morning,” I apologized.

“It alright. We all had one of those friends in our lives,” he tells me. Harry played with his bottom lip, “um so do you like him?” he wondered. I shrugged my shoulders, “it only day three. I don’t fall that fast,” I replied. Harry smiled, “dam there goes my chance asking you out,” he joked. I laughed a little bit, “I probably said yes to you. It just people here keep looking at us funny, because we didn’t come from here. So it makes me worried that there up to something and I’m not the only one,” I confessed. Harry nodded as we stopped at the courtyard, “be more cautious when they find out who your dad is,” Harry tells me. I looked at him in shock, “how do you know who my dad is?” I questioned.

“I take business studies,” he tells me. I nodded, “it ok I won’t tell people that you heir to one of the biggest companies of the world. I’m just wondering why you’re normal tho?” he asked. I smiled, “to go against my mother. My dad normal. He just likes his cars,” I admitted. Harry laughed a little bit, “is that why he got his own formula one team?” he wondered. I smiled, “um technically that’s my team. It mine and my dad thing,” I tell him. Harry looked shocked, “really it your team? Rich bitch,” Harry mumbled.

“Well if you really want to know something. My dad the reason you’re here,” I confessed. Harry looked confused, “he my sponsor?” he asked. I nodded my head, “the school was not going to let any of us in on scholarships. So my dad paid for everyone after he saw their application forms,” I explained. Harry looked around, “um wow and thanks. Just don’t tell anyone. I think some of them might get the shits with you and your family. Most of us worked really hard to get here,” Harry warned me.

“That why my dad chose you guys. He saw it when I put in my application form in. He didn’t want to pay for someone that was going to throw it away. He saw in the forms that you all tried really hard to get in here,” I tell Harry. He smiled at me, “he wanted to give us little people a shot,” he says. I nodded my head, “I may have been born into the riches, but my dad hasn’t. That why he sent me to public schools. He didn’t want me to come one of those bitches that wanted everything. I never really asked for anything,” I confessed. Harry nodded, “says the one that got a formula one team,” he teased. I smiled a little bit, “dad got it for Christmas one year,” I smiled.

Harry walked me to drama before going off to business studies. I saw Perrie and Louis talking, “hey,” I smiled. They smiled back, “what did you and Harry get up to?” Louis smirked. I shake my head, “we just talked about my dad,” I tell them. They smiled, “is he ok with it?” Perrie wondered. I nodded as Luke and Calum came over to us, “so Harry takes you away and were left with an awkward Hunter wonder what going on. Thanks,” Calum smiled.

“Really?” I asked. They all nodded, “he asked if Harry was your boyfriend. We told him that we don’t know. Then he left us,” Luke tells me. I smiled, “um thanks,” I say. They all laughed as Perrie walked over to Jesy and Jade. I looked at Louis, “she still not happy about breakfast,” Louis tells me. I sighed as Zayn came over to us, “um Milly. Hunter in this class and he noticed you, but I think he wondering why your hanging out with the boys and not the girls,” Zayn tells me. I noticed Hunter standing with a group of people, “can life give me a break. I want to go home,” I mumbled. Louis put his arm around me, “it be alright. You have me your drama buddy,” Louis smiled.

“I know, but Perrie keeps giving me her I told you so look,” I tell him. Everyone looked over at Perrie, “yep she doing it,” Calum says. I shake my head as the teacher walked in, “welcome to drama,” he started. I zoned out as he was explaining what we will be doing for the year. Don’t get me wrong I love Perrie, but sometime she can rush into things. I don’t even know if I really like Hunter myself. He is attractive, but I need more than that to be with someone. I snapped out of my thoughts when Louis picked me up and spun me around. He put me back down, “ok I know you weren’t listing. We need to get into pairs and present a short piece,” Louis tells me. I nodded, “and I have chosen you to be my partner,” he added.

Louis and I sat down as we decided to do a piece from our last high school play. Which was easy since Louis and I had the main roles. We went over it a couple of times to refresh our memoires as we watched everyone else. I noticed that Perrie was paired with Zayn, “are you and Pez going to be alright?” Louis wondered. I slowly nodded my head, “only if she doesn’t bring up Hunter for a while,” I replied. Louis nodded, “can I ask what is so special about Hunter liking me?” I asked him. Louis shrugged his shoulders, “I think she wants you to be a girly girl and have the boyfriends like her. You and Perrie are opposite to each other. I think maybe you two need to think about spending time with other people,” Louis tells me.

After drama I decided to see if Ashton was in a music practice room. I found him in the same music practice room from last night on the drums. He looked like he was concentrated so hard as he played. I watched him for a while before he noticed me, “hey,” he smiled. I smiled back at him, “having fun?” I teased. He started laughing, “yep and how can I help you?” He wondered. I moved in closer to him, “just wanted to see ya,” I replied. He looked at me sideways, “or you wanted to hide from Hunter or Perrie. I heard about this morning from Luke,” Ashton tells me. I looked down, “ok I'm hiding from Hunter and Perrie,” I admitted. Ashton gave me a small nod, “so I thought that I practice until my next lesson,” I tell him.

I practices with Ashton until I had to go to maths. I sat between Niall and Liam as Calum and Michael sat next to Niall. They all looked at me, “where did you go after drama? You like ran out of there when the teacher said we could go” Calum wondered.

“I went to see Ashton in the music practice room,” I replied. Both Liam and Niall looked surprised, “we practice before I came here,” I added. They all nodded as the teacher came in to start the lesson.

The teacher just told us to continue with chapter one and if we were done to start chapter two. When I got my pen out and I automatically handed Liam one, “thanks,” he smiled. I smiled as I opened my textbook, “how far are you?” Liam asked. I showed him that I nearly finished the chapter, “cool and since you’re that far can you help me a little bit?” he wondered. I nodded as I started to help him.

After maths I decided to go back to my dorm to work on my creative writing assignment. When I got there Perrie was there sitting on her bed reading. She looked at me as I walked in, “hey,” she says. I smiled back at her, “hey,” I say back. She put her book down as I sat down at my desk, “we need to talk about what happened today,” she started I nodded for her to continue, “I’m sorry if I’m making a big deal about Hunter and you. It just that you don’t normally see if someone likes you. I’m just going to stop with the whole Hunter thing,” she apologized. I hugged her, “thanks” I smiled. I poked her nose, “but I did find something about Zayn last night from Ashton,” I tell her.

“And what that?” Perrie wondered. I shake my head before she started to tickle me, “ok stop. I tell you!” I screamed. Perrie stopped, “I told Ashton that you talk about Zayn and he told me Zayn talks about you,” I tell her after I caught my breath. Perrie looked shocked, “do you know what about?” she questioned.

“Nope. Niall wouldn’t let Ashton continue, but I know it nothing bad,” I replied. I moved back to my desk and opened my laptop. Perrie got up and went over to her wardrobe, “I’m going out,” she tells me. I looked at her, “and where are you going?” I wondered. She threw a dress onto her bed, “to hang out with Jade as we watch Harry and Zayn practice football,” she tells me. I shake my head as I started to work on my assignment.

Perrie left after she finished getting dressed up for Zayn. I looked around my dorm since I needed a break from my assignment. I grabbed my phone out and messaged Liam:

What you doing?


Nothing. Why?

I looked at the clock and noticed it was six:

Wanna get some dinner? Perrie with Jade to go watch Harry and Zayn practise xo


Sure. Louis gone with them too xo

I got up and left my dorm after I grabbed my phone and purse:

Cool met you in five xoxo

When I got downstairs of the dorms Liam was already there, “wow your fast,” I joked. Liam laughed a little bit, “I was out already getting dinner,” he tells me as he held up a brown paper bag. I smiled, “I hope you wanted Chinese,” he smiled. I nodded my head, “so where do you want to go?” I wondered.

“What if we go back up to yours or we could go to mine,” he suggested. I shrugged my shoulders as we went back into the dorm building.

We decided to go back to mine after Perrie messaged me about getting dinner with Jade. We sat on my bed as we ate our dinner, “so I Harry told me that he knows who your dad is and that he paid for all of us to come here. He seems alright about it, but he kept going on about how you own a formula one team,” Liam tells me.

“It came up after got me out of the café. He just worried that people here might treat me different if they find out who he is,” I admitted. Liam kissed the side of my head, “on that note. Can you dad get me a new car?” Liam joked. I shake my head, “dad sent me a message today actually about sending us two cars. He said we need to get around somehow, but we still got to go for our licence since our UK one don’t work here,” I tell him. Liam smiled a little, “why don’t we do that tomorrow?” he asked. I nodded my head, “I love my dad, but why does he have to keep doing stuff like this?” I wondered. Liam put an arm around me, “because he wants to give you what he never had. I know you don’t ask him for it, but he thinks you need it,” Liam tells me. I smiled at him as he kiss my forehead.


The next day went quick with lessons and Liam and I getting our USA licences. Even morning class on Friday went quick after I handed assignment for creative writing. I was heading to music with Perrie and Luke, “so did you guys get any practise in for music?” I asked them. They both nodded, “Liam chose our song. He has good taste in music,” Luke tells me. I smiled as I nodded, “Zayn picked ours and making Laura sing this time,” Perrie tells me. I nodded my head again, “girls have you replaced me already with this hot blonde Australian?” I heard Louis say. I turned around to face him, “no one can replace you since you’re the annoying one,” I teased. Louis sticks his middle finger up at me and I do the same, “you think I’m hot?” Luke questioned. Perrie and I looked at Luke and he looked like he was really thinking about what Louis said about him, “well you’re the stereotype Australian with the blonde hair and the blue eyes,” Louis says.

“Oh,” Luke whispered. I looked at Perrie, “well we better be going. Don’t want to be late for music,” Perrie says to change the subject.

When we got to music everyone was already there, “about time,” Liam smiled. I hugged him, “sorry something happened,” I whispered. Liam started rubbing my back, “Hunter?” he questioned. I shake my head, “um I think Luke likes Louis and I’m not talking about friends,” I confessed. Liam steps back, “are you serious?” he wondered. I nodded my head, “Louis called him hot and he really thought about it and asked. Then he seemed disappointed that Louis called him the stereotype Australian,” I explained. Liam looked over at Luke, “but we are the only ones that know Louis is gay,” Liam says. Ashton came up to us and picked me up, “you’re late again,” he says.

“She always late mate,” Liam tells him. Ashton puts me down, “really?” Ashton laughed. Liam nodded his head, “um Ashton what I’m about to ask you don’t have to tell us, but is Luke gay?” I wondered. I noticed Ashton looking at Luke, “why do you ask that?” he wondered.

“It just when we were walking here Louis called him hot, because he was joking about something. But Luke seemed disappointed when he found out that it was a joke,” I explained. Ashton looks down, “um he unsure, but he attracted to Louis. Just don’t say anything to him or he will get mad,” Ashton admitted. Liam and I both nodded our heads, “but are you guys against it?” Ashton asked.

“No. Louis gay,” Liam tells him. I nodded, “he open about it when you ask him, but he does hid it from people,” I added. Ashton smiled, “do you think he could talk to Luke about it? But then again we only known you guys for about a week. Luke might not want to talk to him about it yet,” Ashton rambled. I smiled a little, “I can tell Louis about it and see when he thinks Luke will open up to him about it,” I suggested. Ashton nodded, “it might help him,” he says.

We all got into our groups to do one last practice before we showed everyone. After we all performed Mr Roth split us up into two groups. I had Liam, Ashton, Jade, Michael, Laura and Harry in my group. Mr Roth wanted us to start writing a song together, “ok I think we lucky since Ashton, Laura and Milly do creative writing,” Michael says. Everyone looked at us, “you might have a point there,” Harry smiled. We all got out our notebooks, “so what do you want to make the song about?” I wondered. They all started thinking, “I don’t want a cheesy song. I want a song that means something to us,” Ashton tells us. We all nodded as we all started to write down ideas.

After we had a list of ideas each and discussed it. We decided to write a song about home and how we don’t want to go back anytime soon. Ashton and Michael started to write it together with everyone input. Mr Roth told us it not due for three weeks and that we got to present it to the class. He also wants our small groups to present another song next Friday, however the song he wants us to present is song that out of our comfort zone.

When class was over the boys rushed out to get ready for football try outs in an hour. I noticed Laura looking at me like she wanted to ask me something. I smiled at her, “what do you want?” I asked her. She looked down, “I sighed up with the school’s newspaper yesterday and they want me to cover the boy’s football try outs. But I need someone take photos, so I was wondering if you know how to use a camera?” she wondered. I nodded my head, “I met you in about thirty minutes with my camera?” I questioned. She smiled big, “thank you so much,” she beamed. The other girls came up to us, “we’re going to go out to town for dinner. We were wondering if you two are in?” Jesy asked. We both shook our heads no, “got school newspaper thing and Milly helping me. Unless you want to go with them?” Laura asked me. I shake my head no, “I still help ya,” I tell her.

Perrie and I get to our dorm, “maybe you should join the school newspaper,” Perrie tells me. I get my camera out, “as a photographer,” she added. I smiled as I nodded my head, “that be fun and I get to take pictures,” I smiled. I decided that I was going to change my clothes since it was getting cold outside and I spilt coffee on my jeans. I put on my grey jeans with my pink singlet that said dance nerd on it. I put on a grey jumper with little hearts on it. As I was putting my white high top convers on I noticed Perrie was thinking about something, “hunny what’s on your mind?” I wondered. She played with her lips, “just Louis and Luke today,” she replied.

“About what happened on the way to music?” I asked. She kept playing with her lips, “that and in music. Luke was so into Louis,” she tells me. I smiled, “Ashton told me that Luke is unsure about himself, but he attracted to Louis,” I tell her. Perrie smiled a little, “I think Louis likes him too, because I think Louis called him hot on purpose,” Perrie points out. I agreed with her, “well I better get going. Don’t want to be late,” I tell Perrie. I kissed her before I grabbed my camera and my phone.


I met Laura at the football pitch as the boys where warming up, “long time no see,” I smiled. She started laughing, “you know that was lame right?” she says. I nodded my head as I stood next to her, “ok so what do you want me to take pictures of?” I asked. She explained that she at least wanted a shot of everyone that was trying out and the current team. I nodded as I noticed Hunter coming onto the field. He smiled as he noticed me, “don’t take this wrong, but is he stalking you?” Laura wondered.

“I’m starting to get that feeling, but why is he trying so hard?” I wondered back. Laura shrugged her shoulder, “maybe he sick of American pussy and wants some British pussy,” she joked. I laughed, “would you fuck him? Sorry my Irish is coming out,” she smiled.

“That alright. Personal I wonder how good he is in bed,” I admitted. Laura raised her eyebrows at me, “so I’m guessing you’re not a virgin. I’m not either,” Laura tells me. I nodded my head, “ok why we wait for the boys to start. Who would you fuck out of the Australians?” she asked. I looked over at them and noticed Michael was not there, “I’m going to have to say Ashton. Have you seen those muscles when he plays the drums,” I tell her. She smiled as I pointed to her, “I going to have to say Calum. There just something about him,” she started. I laughed again as she was running her hands down her body, “ok now the rest of the boys?” she questioned. I looked over them, “I’m leaving my friends out, so I chose Harry,” I replied.

“I chose Niall. Have you seen his blue eyes? Wait of course you have,” she rambled. I smiled at her, “they were one of the first things I noticed on him,” I tell her. I liked how I was getting along with Laura. She seemed to be a bit like me, “what are you girls talking about?” I heard Niall asked. Both me and Laura turned red, “stuff while we wait,” she tells him. Niall gives us a funny look, “anyway what can we do for you Niall?” I asked him.

“Just letting you know Hunter here and do you want me get rid of him?” Niall wondered. I raised an eyebrow at him, “you can’t get rid of him. He apart of the team,” I tell him. Niall smirked, “I was more thinking about him leave you alone,” Niall says. I started to get confused, “how?” I wondered. Niall didn’t replay he just kissed me and I kissed him back. He smiled as he pulled back, “like that,” he says before running off. I looked at Laura, “did that just happen?” I asked. She nodded her head, “and I think it worked. Hunter looks pissed and upset at the same time,” she tells me.

“At least it going to work for a while. Which means I don’t have to worry about it,” I smiled. Laura laughed a little bit, “no more stalker,” I added. She laughed harder before she calmed down, “so how was it kissing Niall?” she wondered.

“Not bad, but I think he would been better if it wasn’t to get rid of Hunter,” I replied. Laura nodded as she smiled a little, “you have a crush on Niall,” I pointed out. She smiled bigger as she nodded her head again, “I saw Niall a couple of times before coming here. I used to watch him play football against my school,” she admitted. I wrapped my arm around her, “it be ok. I won’t tell anyone,” I promised her.

The boys started there try outs and I started taking photos. Louis, Harry and Calum all tried out to be a defender. While Zayn, Ashton and Luke tired out for midfielder and Niall for striker. Liam tried out for goalkeeper which I knew he was going to get. They all did pretty well part from Hunter trying to injure Niall all he time. Hunter even got mad at Liam from catching the ball before it went into the net. I knew Niall kissing me put Hunter in a bad mood, “ok the coach normally puts up the teams on Wednesday. So I need to get this article done for Monday,” Laura tells me.

“Well I go through them tonight and give you my best ones,” I tell her. She smiled, “can you be my photographer? I really don’t want to go find someone else,” she begged. I smiled at her, “I would love to,” I tell her. She hugged me, “thank you,” she beamed. I hugged her back, “already moved on from me babe,” I heard Niall say. I turned around to see him and the rest of the boys, “yep. I don’t like dick,” I joked.

“Oh my god really?” Zayn questioned. I started laughing, “don’t get your hopes up about her and Perrie doing something naughty together. I know Milly likes dick,” Louis tells Zayn. I nodded, “but I have seen her and Perrie make out before at a party,” Liam added. The boys looked at me then at Laura, “no,” both Laura and I say at the same time. They looked disappointed, “well I’m going back to my dorm and then I’m going to have a shower. Your girls are welcome to join me,” Calum flirted.

“That sounds fun,” Ashton added. I shake my head, “it sounds like a bad porno,” I say. They smiled, “no it be a great porno since we be in it,” Calum winked. I shake my head again, “hey guys this is my girlfriend now, so I get in first,” Niall tells them. Ashton and Calum high five him, “me and Laura are going now, so you can day dream,” I tell him.

I walked Laura to her dorm so she could give me a flash drive for the photos. On my way back to my dorm I got a message:


I’m crashing at Jesy. Love ya xoxoxoxoxox

I laughed at how many hugs and kisses she put on the message which meant she had something to drink. I get into my dorm and take my shoes and jeans off. I sat on my bed and started writing in my journal for creative writing.

About an hour later there was a knock on my door. I got up and slowly opened it to see Liam. I let him in, “Milly where your pants?” Liam questioned. I quickly looked down, “there,” I say as I pointed to them. Liam smiled, “Liam you have seen me in less. I am wearing knickers,” I added. He shrugged his shoulders as I sat back down on my bed. He sat next to me, “how can I help you,” I wondered.

“Nothing really. Just wanted to hang out,” he tells me. I nodded, “Perrie sleeping at Jesy tonight,” I tell him. Liam put an arm around me, “and I still got to go through the photos for Laura,” I added as I just remembered. I get up and sit down at my desk, “that fine. I’ll just sit here. I might join the underwear party you’re having,” Liam says. I noticed in the corner of my eye Liam was taking his clothes off. I opened my laptop up and put my camera card in it, “did you get lots of photos of you new boyfriend Niall?” Liam teased.

“He got the same as everyone and Niall not my boyfriend. He kissed me to stop Hunter from following me around. I didn’t know he was going to kiss me until he kissed me,” I explain to Liam. He smiled, “so that all we had to do to get rid of Hunter. I would done it ages ago,” Liam joked. I laughed a little bit as I started to go through the photos.

Liam helped me chose some to give to Laura for the schools newspaper. And since he helped me I got it done quicker, “how about we watch a movie?” Liam wondered. I nodded my head as I brought my laptop over to my bed. Liam takes my laptop off of me as he got comfy against my headboard. I sat next to him as I lean into him, “you can pick the movie,” I tell him. He smiled as he chose Iron Man to watch, “we watched this a hundred times,” I complained.

“And we are going to watch it hundred and one times now,” he tells me. I smiled as I shook my head, “don’t bitch if I fall asleep,” I tell him. He kissed the side of my head, “I won’t,” he says.

About half way through the movie I started to get tired, “can we get under the blankets?” I asked. Liam nodded his head as he paused the movie. I take my jumper off and get under the blankets as Liam does the same. Liam put my laptop back on his lap as I laid on his chest. Not long after that I fell asleep with Liam still next to me.


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